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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, This Week for Dinner!

Happy 5th Birthday, This Week for Dinner!

It’s kind of surreal. I really, truly can’t believe I’ve been plugging away at this blog for five years. When I started the blog, I only posted once a week and, quite honestly, I only ever expected my friends Adrianne and Emily to bop on here to tell me what they were cooking for dinner (they were always better planners than me). Little did I know what I was getting myself into! It’s been such a fun ride and has opened up so many amazing opportunities for me. But what I’m most grateful for is all of YOU…for reading, for sharing, and for connecting, with me and with each other. This blog would not be what it is without you. So, happy birthday!

Today I made Julia Child’s Best Ever Brownies to celebrate. And, in true Jane fashion, I undercooked them. I’m always undercooking things when I bake, it’s ridiculous! This morning’s experience reminded me of a comment my sweet husband Nate made when I started the blog: “Jane starting a food blog is like me starting a painting blog.” In case you’re wondering {despite his claims of a Renaissance year in fifth grade} Nate is not artistic, so yes, that made it a sarcastic, snarky comment. And yes, he thinks he’s funny {so do I, actually}. Well, the joke’s on him. I’ve still got a food blog! Neener neener. Although, apparently five years of food blogging has not helped fix my under-baking mental hiccup! But I digress…

To celebrate 5 years, how about a giveaway from KitchenAid? Sounds good to me!

I love KitchenAid. I love my stand mixer. I use it all the time. I love my measuring spoons. I use them all the time. And now…I love my hand blender! I use it…well, I’ve used it twice because I just got it! But it rocked. I’ve always wanted a hand blender and finally I have one! (Thanks, KitchenAid!) My hand blender’s maiden voyage was with cream of mushroom soup. It worked beautifully and the soup had a wonderful texture. And then, this morning as I was whipping up the brownies, I had a hand blender epiphany! The recipe uses a lot of bowls. It’s kind of annoying, actually. There’s a part where I normally beat the eggs in my stand mixer, but I just didn’t feel like getting it out and washing yet another bowl. And I didn’t feel like digging around my utensils for the hand mixer beaters, so I started to whisk by hand. After about 10 seconds, my arm was tired. And then it hit me…the hand blender has a whisk attachment! It was easy to grab from its special storage case, easy to use, and easy to clean. It was quite serendipitous since I was making the brownies for this very post!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you! And now you have a chance to get your own hand blender and have your own blending epiphanies! To celebrate TWFD’s big day, we are giving away  one KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender (retail $129.99)! It’s fancy dancy, complete with chopper attachment, blender attachment, removable pan guard (so you can use it in any pan without damaging the pan), whisk, blade covers, and a storage case. It’s super easy to attach and detach the blades and to clean the various pieces. It’s pretty much just plain old awesome. That’s all.

To enter, just do what you always do! Leave a comment on this post before Midnight PT on Tuesday, February 7. One randomly-selected winner will be announced on February 8.

Good luck! And make sure to eat some chocolate today. The blog wants you to. It is the blog’s birthday after all, you should probably just do it.


  1. 1

    Happy blog birthday! I love your recipes.

  2. 2

    Happy Birthday TWFD!!

  3. I totally want this hand blender! I got a regular blender for Christmas (yes, I asked for it), and my 7yo daughter selected a KitchenAid blender “because it’s mommy’s favorite brand in the kitchen!” 😉

  4. 4

    Happy 5th!

  5. 5

    congrats jane! have enjoyed your blog and have completed my duty in celebration by eating a fistful of chocolate! woohoo!!!

  6. 6
    amy k

    I love gooey brownies

  7. 7

    happy birthday!!! Congrats on building something remarkable, Jane.

  8. 8

    I love your blog! :). Happy Birthday!

  9. 9

    happy, happy, happy…

    and happy to me if i get an amazing KitchenAid magic maker

  10. 10
    Nicole Beckstrand

    Congrats, Jane!! I love reading your blog!! Keep at it!!

  11. 11

    What an impressive feat! Congratulations. That’s a whole lot of menus! I’ve been following your blog for about three years, and I’ll admit that the non-menu posts are my favorites.

  12. 12

    Congrats on 5 great years Jane!! I’ve always loved your blog and remember when it was a wee babe. 🙂 Keep on with what you’ve been doing!

  13. 13
    Sarah L

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!

  14. 14
    Jessica L.

    I’ve been wanting one of these for ages 🙂

  15. 15
    Charlie Ann Comrie

    Congrats on five years! Love your blog!

  16. 16

    Happy 5th blogoversary! I’d love to win this!

  17. 17
    Cherie B

    I would make chocolate chip cookies 🙂

  18. 18
    lindsay taylor

    I would love a hand mixer. I bake and decorate cakes and this would come in handy for the mixes while my stand mixer makes my frosting!! Good luck all!!

  19. 19
    Heather Holston

    A Very Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. 20
    Michele Massie

    Just found your blog from KitchenAid’s fb page! Super excited to look around and see all that’s here! Congratulations on 5 years.

  21. Congrats Jane! It has been fun to follow. Get new ideas and motivation to plan. You do a great job!

  22. Happy Birthday WFDT! And Jane, you are as funny as always…I love the way you say things 😀

  23. 23
    Katie McCaslin

    Happy 5th birthday! <3 this blog!!!!

  24. 24
    Jessica B

    Happy 5th! Would love to win this! I’m a baker at heart 🙂

  25. 25

    happy anniversary! i’ll have some chocolate ice cream after dinner to celebrate 🙂

  26. 26

    Craving a brownie now, and that blender!

  27. 27
    sandy young

    Congratulation!!! Keep on going. Thank you for letting us in on your celebration.

  28. Happy 5th Birthday! Congrats!!

  29. 29
    melissa lavender

    Happy celebrate you day!!!! Keep up the awesome work!

  30. 30

    Congratulations!! Big milestone, Jane! I haven’t even known Mike for five years. (Almost. But not quite.)

  31. 31

    I’ve just started reading this blog yesterday and am now obsessed. It also seems that me and TWFD have the same birthday.. So happy 5th!!

  32. 32
    Janet Miurray

    I would love to win a hand mixer. I have arthritis in my hands and shoulders and it would make baking cakes and cookies for my grandbabies and hubby so much easier for me. Thank you for considering me for this contest.

  33. 33
    Rashawnda Kemerling

    Happy Foody Birthday Jane! Wish you could cyber some of those brownies this way. I know, if you choose me I promise to make some brownies too and send you a picture. Keep on blogging.

  34. 34

    Congratulations Jane and Thank you for the give away,Love to have one.

  35. 35

    Happy blog birthday!!! I have been following for the past year and I love your recipes and the fact that your blog got me into meal planning. I feel my husband and I eat a lot healthier and have a better variety of meals now. Thank you for the inspiration!

  36. 36

    Happy birthday TWFD!!

  37. 38

    Happy 5th Birthday :))))))))))))))))))))))

  38. 39
    Sarah E

    Happy birthday!

  39. Happy 5th Birthday! I would absolutely love to get my hands on Kitchen-Aid’s hand blender.

  40. 41

    Underbaked brownies are the best brownies, in my opinion! You want them a bit chewier and gooier in the middle. Sincerely. I say this not to soften the blow of what is obviously a serious and untreated underbaking condition you have contracted. Happy anniversary! I’m so happy I stumbled on your blog and have already reaped the benefits of your teriyaki chicken that my kids just love (they affectionately call it “the stringy chicken” and ask for it by name).

  41. 42
    Rachel D.

    Happy Birthday TWFD!

  42. 43
    Kim Anderson

    I’m fairly new to the blog and so far, I LOVE IT!! Happy 5th, keep it up and bring on the recipes…oh and the hand mixer too! 😉

  43. 44
    Lindsay Santa


  44. 45

    Happy Blog Birthday! Great job! You have just inspired me to get back to my blog after a long absence.

  45. 46

    Happy birthday!! Love the blog!

  46. 47
    Rebecca O.

    Congrats on 5 years, Jane!

  47. 48

    Congratulations! Happy 5th~

  48. 49
    Mary Kellogg

    Happy Blog Birthday to YOuuuuuuuuu! Love it! I mean, what did we DO before blogs????

  49. 50
    Angela Slitzer

    Love your blog! Congrats on 5 years! Looking forward to more! 🙂

  50. 51

    Happy 5th!!

  51. 52
    Amy Rouse

    Congrats! Your blog doesn’t look a day over 4 years, 364 days. LOL

  52. 53


  53. 54
    Holley Spady

    Good job! Keep it up!

  54. 55

    Happy birthday! I will definitely have some chocolate to celebrate!

  55. 56

    I would LOVE to win so I can try out your puffed oven pancake recipe!

  56. 57
    Tricia Goss

    Would love to give this to my daughter for her birthday!

  57. Happy birthday and congrats!!

  58. 59
    Miss Vannessa

    Totally want this the blender. And Happy birthday!

  59. 60

    Happy 5 years! Congrats that is quite a milestone. 🙂

  60. 61
    Robert Flanagan

    Happy birthday

  61. Happy Blogiversary! What a lovely giveaway, thank you for the chance. Btw, undercooked brownies, don’t seem so bad. I’d just add some ice cream and a spoon, problem solved.

  62. 63

    What a great prize, I could definitely use it.

  63. 64
    Jody W

    I’m newbie here, referred over by KitchenAid on twitter. Love the site so far. Happy birthday and thanks so much for the giveaway.

    PS – I had a piece of chocolate in your honor today. After all, the blog wanted me to.

  64. 65

    Congratulations on five great years. I would love to the blender because I recently decided to go back to school for culinary arts at Rel Maples Institute in Sevierville, Tennessee. A blender would help me complete school projects and learn new cooking techniques. Thank you for considering me.

  65. 66
    Casey B.

    Happy blogiversary!

    This would be fun!

  66. 67

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance…love KitchenAid!

  67. 69

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  68. 70
    Lauren Reynolds

    congrats on 5yrs :):) love all the recipes 🙂

  69. 71
    Lindsay C

    What an amazing tool! I would use it for so many things- first and foremost this blended chickpea soup recipe I’ve had my eye on for a while. Yum!

  70. 72

    Happy birthday to your blog!

  71. 73
    Christina Murray

    nice brownie! Happy birthday.

  72. 74
    Angela Stiner

    Happy Birthday! I love this blog and look forward to following it for the next 5 years and beyond!

  73. 75

    Happy Birthday blog! I used to stress out about planning meals every week for my family before finding this blog ”” now I plan almost three weeks out (of course I modify on the fly) but having a plan helps so incredibly much!
    I love all of my Kitchaid products (most recently we bought a KitchenAid dishwasher ”” pretty great so far). I would LOVE that hand blender.

  74. 76

    Happy 5 yrs! Here’s to another 5 more!!

  75. 77
    milly webb

    I So would LOVE to have this.I am starting cake decorating classes next week and between this and our stand mixer it would help out so much.Thank you for all you do.♥

  76. 78

    Congrats, Jane! I’m so impressed with how far you’ve come with this blog. Here’s to many more years to come.

  77. 79
    Jenny B

    I love you your blog!!!

    and thanks for the giveaway!

  78. 80
    Joann Johnson

    Happy 5th Birthday…..even thought I only found this blog a couple of months ago I love it!!! I tend to plan meals now instead of just doing it Food Network “Chopped” style by opening up the cabinets and seeing what I got!! LOL

  79. 81

    The first thing I would make is sweet potato cream soup, and thanks for the contest!!!

  80. 82

    Happy birthday! I will happily eat chocolate in your honor.

  81. 83

    I also love KitchenAid – my Kitchen is almost all KitchenAid….things I couldn’t do wothout. A 3 yr old standmixer that is used almost every day. A fridge, pots and pans, measuring spoons and utensils. I love my stand mixer so much that as each of our kids get married they get gifts of standmixers and pots and pans to start them out in the right direction. A KitchenAid Hand Blender would sure be an added benefit to my kitchen!

  82. Congratulations on a blog extremely well done!

  83. 85
    Emily Chang

    Happy 5th birthday! Congratulations and wishing you many more years of success in blogging. Now off to eat some chocolate. You don’t need to tell me twice. 🙂

  84. 86

    Happy blirthday!

  85. 87

    Happy 5th birthday 🙂

  86. 88

    Happy 5th birthday!! Glad I’ve found your blog, it’s been homebase for me for lots of recipe/menu tips!!!

  87. 89

    Happy birthday! Here is a chocolate truffle to your special day!

  88. I LOVE anything kitchen aid!!! <3

  89. 91
    Diana Barajas

    I would LOVE to add this blender to my baking/cooking collection. Happy Birthday!

  90. 92
    Zoe P

    Congratulations! Happy 5th!

  91. 93
    Julie Prado

    Happy 5th Birthday and many more to come!!! I love to bake!!!

  92. 94
    Candace S

    Happy birthday! I’ll eat some chocolate just for you!

  93. 95
    Brenda Abrams

    i would makes cakes,cookies,bread,muffins every thing i dont have a electric mixer .i do all the mixing by hand ! Ouch my anking palms /hands/rist’s !! thank you ~n~ bless you !!

  94. 96

    I can’t imagine life without a handblender. This one looks wonderful. Happy Birthday Blog!

  95. 97

    Congratulations on making it 5 years! That’s quite an accomplishment, and it is a great blog.

  96. 98
    Jana Blomquist

    Congrats!! I can’t believe it’s been five years.
    Where does the time go. Happy 5 and best wishes for
    at least 5 more happy years!!

  97. 99
    Tamara B.

    My daughter and I enjoy baking together it gives time to reconnect with each other. Happy 5 Years and here’s to many more happy ones!

  98. I need one of these so BAD! Also, Happy Anniversary 🙂 XOXO

  99. 101

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you post and share on this blog. And on Twitter. 🙂

  100. 102
    Treya Mitchell

    Happy 5th birthday!

  101. 103
    Julie Zarek

    Congratulations! Will bake a cake tonight in celebration!

  102. 104


  103. 105

    Happy 5th Birthday! I love this blog and coook many of your recipes! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  104. 106

    Happy Blog birthday and what a great give away!!

  105. 107

    Wow, happy 5th birthday! =)

  106. 108

    This would match my KitchenAid stand mixer that I got for Christmas just perfectly! I need the chopper attachment really badly!

  107. 109
    Jen Ketcher

    Happy blog birthday!

  108. 110

    Such a great blog, Jane. Happy Birthday!!!!

  109. 111
    DeDe in Guthrie

    Happy Birthday and THANKS for the great giveaway. LOVE LOVE LOVE KitchenAid!

  110. 112

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  111. 113
    Jane L

    Happy Birthday!

  112. 114

    Happy Birthday! I TOTALLY need the blender! My current hand blender is truly bent out of shape and desperate to be replaced! I’ll be crossing my fingers that we will both have a reason to celebrate TWFD’s birthday 🙂

  113. 115

    Awesome giveaway! I would love to win
    Happy Birthday!

  114. 116
    Tracy Thomas

    Happy Birthday!!! Just got my Kitchen aid Stand mixer for Christmas and I am in love!!! I am not sure how I survived all these years without one!

  115. 117
    Marianne F.

    Can’t wait to cook up your Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe this weekend!

    & happy birthday!

  116. 118

    Happy birthday! So very glad I found you 🙂

  117. 119

    Happy Birthday to your Blog. Congrats.

    I have a cheap hand-mixer that I use to whip up waffle mix, mashed potatoes, and cake mixes (just what comes to mind). I have a Kitchen-Aid standup mixer I got for Christmas a couple of years ago and would love a matching hand-mixer.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  118. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love KitchenAid Products. I have the stand mixer (20 years old) and the Food Processor (5 years)…they spoil me rotten with their dependability!!! Would love the hand blender 🙂

  119. 121

    I will for sure eat some chocolate!!! Happy Birthday TWFD! I have barely started my own meal planning blog, so this gives me hope that maybe it can become something big like yours!

  120. 122

    I can’t believe it’s been 5 years!! Congrats!!

  121. 124

    How exciting for you! Congrats! And how exciting for the rest of us to have the opportunity to win a hand blender! I’ve been looking at them for a while now…. looks awesome!!!

  122. 125

    Hiya! I’ve just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading back over your 5 years 🙂 Great prize to boot!

  123. 126
    Kat F

    Happy 5th!! Woot Woot. Oh & yes I will be eating some chocolate!
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  124. 127

    Happy Birthday! I love Kitchen Aid Products, they are the best. Would love to have the hand blender.

  125. 128
    Jen Chocolate Seines

    Happy 5th Birthday Jane!! I would definitely love top take the blender out for a spin!!!

  126. 129

    Happy Birthday !! Wow ! – What a great tool – this will be perfect for Weekend brunches when I cook for my family !

  127. I could use that for making gravy!

  128. 131

    Happy 5th birthday! I just found you today through KitchenAid’s FB page. I too LOVE my stand mixer and have been wanting a hand blender. 🙂

  129. 132

    Congratulations!! Happy 5th year and to many many more!

  130. 133

    I have just received my first KA appliance a few months ago, a tilt back mixer. i am loving it, and will continue to add new KA appliances to my home.

    I would love to win this blender, and use it make fruit smoothies every morning for my fast and healthy breakfast drinks.

    Happy anniversary!!

  131. 134
    Alexandra C. : )

    Happy 5th bday! I would do sooo many things with this! I hope I win! : )

  132. 135
    Haven H

    Happy Birthday, Blog! I would make something decadent. So many choices.

  133. 136

    Happy birthday! Love the mixer.

  134. 137
    Auntie Barb

    Looks like a blender I could like.I have the small one, but sometimes it’s just not enough. I’ll have to keep this one in mind. Happy Birthday!

  135. 138
    Amanda Raney

    hand blender comment! Underbaked is better than dry!

  136. 139

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY To one of my favorite blogs!

  137. 140

    Happy 5th ! Love it ! I would make my daughter chocolate cake because it is almost her 6th !

  138. 141
    Michal Hansen

    5 years – Wow how times flies. Congrats!!!!

  139. 142

    Happy happy Birthday!!!

  140. 143

    Happy birthday!! Have been wanting a KitchenAid hand blender to make soups and smoothies, among other things!! 🙂

  141. 144
    Katie McKeogh-Jones

    Happy birthday! Love my stand mixer, but I have always wanted one of these mixers I can use right in the pot and keep going without dirtying so many dishes. I’m really good at making a mess while cooking, but absolutely despise cleaning up after. Must have tool!

  142. 145

    Looks perfect for soups!!

  143. 146

    Happy bday! I’ll eat some chocolate!

  144. 147

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  145. 148
    Carole Resnick

    Happy Birthday to your blog. Look forward to the 6th and lots of great recipes!

  146. 149

    Happy Birthday!!! I so want to win 🙂

  147. 150


  148. 151

    I would love a new hand blender!

  149. 152

    Happy Blog Birthday! I hope you continue to love to blog for at least 5 more years and then another 5.

  150. 153

    Yay for you, yay for us! Thanks for this awesome give away

  151. 154

    Five years really? Happy Birthday! I really can’t believe it has been that long and you are STILL going strong. I’m so impressed!

    To celebrate, I think it’s only fair that Emily or I wins… you know, since we were there at the beginning and all. Love you Jane!

  152. 155

    5 years of awesomeness! Love the giveaway too…hoping I win!!

  153. 156

    Ohhh! That is fancy dancy – I love it! Kitchenaid products are the best! Congratulations Jane on sticking with your fabulous food blog despite the naysayers (ahem – husbands are supposed to back you up BTW) I would love to win this prize – sadly my Kitchenaid mixer is getting on in years {20 years almost}and starting to make funny noises. I think this hand blender would be awesome for ‘hiding’ those unwanted veggies that the kids don’t like – and for apple butter making day too! Smooth! I whip way to much cream for hot cocoa so this would be super fast and easy with the whisk attachment! If I don’t win, it’s going on my Birthday Wish List!

  154. 157

    happy blog birthday! what a wonderful giveaway – look at all of those awesome attachments!

  155. 158
    Amy Fago

    Happy 5 Years!!! : )

  156. 159

    I would love a hand blender like that! It looks awesome! And way to go on 5 years.

  157. 160
    Whitney Mahlmann

    Congrats. Here’s to 5 more.

  158. 161
    Gabriele Gersch

    Happy 5th Year – Great achievement! Thank you for all that you share.

  159. 162
    lauren skrabski

    Happy birthday!!!! I’m a new reader & I really love this blog!

  160. 163

    Happy 5th Birthday! I’m very grateful to have your blog every week! 😉 And now, I want some brownies, thank you very much! (and the Kitchenaid prize) 🙂

  161. 164
    Kim 2

    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birrrrthhhhdayyyy Dear thisweekfordinner.commmmmmm,
    Happy Birthday to this Awesome, Fabulous Blog!!!!!

    …..and many more! Cha, Cha, Cha.

    Congrats on 5 years!!!

  162. 165

    Happy 1826th Blog day!

  163. 166

    happy birthday!! thanks for this awesome giveaway! also, those brownies look incredibly fudgy and yummy, im going to make some now!! 🙂

  164. 167
    cristina bruno

    Happy 5th year!!! I’m in love with KitchenAid as well!!

  165. 168
    Larissa pavei

    Wow congrats on 5 years!!!

  166. So exciting. Love this blog. Way to go! Rebecca

  167. 170
    Christina H

    Happy 5th birthday

  168. 171

    Happy 5 years! I will be using my KitchenAid goodies to make my son’s 1st birthday cake tomorrow!

  169. 172

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  170. 173
    Michele Menefee

    Happy birthday! Would love to win this. 🙂

  171. 174

    Happy 5th Birthday! Would love to win this….fingers crossed! 🙂

  172. 175

    Happy birthday to your blog. I am sure happy you kept blogging as I have found you not so long ago. You are aspiring and funny.
    Thank you for your efforts!!

  173. 176

    Totally don’t need the calories right now but may have to cave and make brownies. It is a birthday party after all….

  174. 177

    Happy blog birthday!! 🙂

  175. 178

    Congrats on 5 years! And what a wonderful way to celebrate!

  176. 179

    Happy 5th birthday TWFD!!

  177. 180

    Happy birthday! Yummy brownies! Yummy mixer!!

  178. 181
    Nicole H.

    Happy 5th Birthday, “This Week for Dinner!”

    My birthday is tomorrow… but unfortunately I am WAY older than 5!

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! Now I am going to go make these brownies and eat EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them!

  179. 182
    Glenna Byrd

    Love this

  180. Happy Blog Birthday Jane!
    5 years is a tremendous milestone.. Cheers for multitudes of successful years ahead..
    Thoughtful giveaway Jane… Have been wanting to own a hand blender to whip up tasty concoctions for my picky little eater.. Procrastinated long enough to find the right one to purchase.. This seems like the ideal one to have!

  181. 184

    Happy 5th! I would love one of those!

  182. 185

    Love the blog! Congrats on 5 years.

  183. 186
    Li Theng

    Hi there!

    Happy Birthday to your blog and may your web counter escalate to higher hits!

  184. 187

    Oh my goodness! This is AWESOME!!!

  185. 188

    Happy Blogiversary! What a generous way to celebrate with such a great giveaway, I’d love to win this!
    P.S. Brownies are much better underbaked 🙂

  186. 189

    Wow! What a great blog! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  187. 190
    Michele Wang

    Happy Bday!! Congratulations.

  188. 191

    Wow! Congrats! 5 years is a wonderful milestone! So happy to have found your blog 🙂

    That brownie looks amazing…

  189. 192
    Joann hareide

    Happy birthday!!!!

  190. 193

    It goes by so quickly! Happy 5!

  191. 194
    Alison Poirier

    5 years, congratulations!!! I love undercooked brownies, they are always the best!

  192. 195
    Roxann Ellis

    Congratulations on 5 years that is great. I have to say that I have just the opposite of your problem, I either over cook or burn lately. I guess I’m just making sure it’s cooked. This hand blender would really come in handy. Now just to get rid of the burn problem. Great blog, can’t wait to read more.

  193. 196
    Cindy D.

    Congrats on 5 years! That’s awesome. I haven’t been as diligent with my meal planning lately..really need to get back into the routine. By the way, those brownies look delicious. I may be making those this week!


  194. 197
    Connie Whitmarsh

    Happy 5th Birthday, I love your blog.

  195. 198

    Happy Birthday!!

  196. 200

    I remember when you started this blog!! You’ve done such amazing things with it – congratulations. I am totally going to celebrate with some chocolate.

  197. 201

    I’d love to win this!

  198. 202

    Happy Birthday! I love this blender!

  199. 203

    Pick me! Pick Me!

  200. 204

    This would be great for when my almost 5 yo helps me make weekend breakfast

  201. 205
    Colleen Sanders

    Happy Birthday Blog. I love your site. When I just can’t think of what to make for yet another dinner, (do we really need to eat every night?) I come here to get inspiration and always smile in the process. Thank you!

  202. 206

    Happy birthday Jane’s Blog! Congrats on this HUGE accomplishment!

  203. 207

    Happy blog bday!! That’s so great to blog for so long and have such loyal readership. Really enjoy it!

    Ps. My fiance and I registered for this, I was blown away by hoe much it could do! What a great give away. 🙂

  204. 208

    Happy Blog Birthday! That blender looks amazing. I am still using one I got as a wedding present 22 years ago. It can barely stir my chocolate milk!

  205. 209
    Jessica Kaye

    Congrats!! How about another 5 more years!! =]

    I would LOVE to have this since my 2 year old is starting to help me cook. She enjoys it so much!!

  206. Your cousin Morrigan recommended you, and I’m so glad I found this blog – good stuff. Happy birthday!

  207. 211

    Happy 5th, you don’t look a day over 3.

  208. 212
    Marygrace Otterbine

    Happy Birthday loe your blog and following Kitchenaid on facebook.

  209. 213

    Happy Birthday to This Week for Dinner!

  210. 214
    Lisa Deese

    I LOVE my Kitchenaid stand mixer. I would love to have ALL Kitchenaid appliances in my kitchen!

  211. 215
    diane oconnor

    Happy Birthday … and I would make a cake with that great Kitchenaid ….

  212. 216

    A very happy birthday and many more to come!


  213. 217

    Happy Birthday to your blog, Jane! YOu are amazing! And that kitchenaid blender looks amazing. In fact my Braun hand blender is slowly dying and this would make an excellent substitute!!

  214. 218

    Happy 5th blogiversary! Congratulations! Love thisweekfordinner, love the gooey yummy look of those brownies (underbaked=gooey=yummy!), and love the look of that fabulous hand blender! Vx

  215. Happy birthday, TWFD!! And for the record, I prefer my brownies undercooked! 😉

  216. 220

    I would make chocolate chip cookies

  217. 221

    Oh I need one of these REALLY bad! BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  218. 222
    L j

    Happy Birthday, brownies look delish!

  219. 223

    Congrats on 5 years of blogging and being such a tremendous success! 🙂

  220. 224
    Gaye Thorn

    Congratulations on your blog’s birthday! Love me some KitchenAid someday! almost 60 years old and never owned one 🙁

  221. 225
    Erica McElhaney

    Congratulations on 5 years! Your website, even when I don’t have time to read it, reminds me that I should plan, too. Even if I don’t get a whole week done, it helps!

  222. 226

    Happy Birthday, I love Kitchen Aide products.

  223. 227
    Ronna F

    Congratulations on your wonderful blog being 5! BTW….your brownies look delish!

  224. 228

    Happy 5 years! It looks like a fantastic hand blender. Wait…that name sounds strange now.

  225. 229

    Happy Birthday, This Week For Dinner! How exciting! 🙂
    Those brownies look delicious, as does that KitchenAid!

  226. 230
    Angie Harding

    I’m new to your blog. Love it! Happy birthday.

  227. 231
    Genevieve Clancy

    Happy Birthday!! Your brownies look wonderful. I love my stand up Kitchen Aide Mixer and would love to try their hand blender!

  228. 232

    Congratulations on five years! That’s a great accomplishment!!! I love this hand blender…I’ve had my eye on one for several months now…oh the things I could make with it!

  229. 233

    I can feel it! That blender is mine 🙂

  230. 234

    Happy birthday!! Five years is amazing! I love your recipes.

  231. 235

    this is fantastic!

  232. 236
    Kim B

    Love KitchenAid and love reading your blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. 237
    Alexandra (Alex) M.

    Happy blog birthday! I’m a newbie to your blog, but I have to say, it’s amazing! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway…and how can I disappoint the blog on its birthday? I’m looking for some chocolate as we speak :).

  234. 238

    Oh, this sounds like such a nice little tool! I’m gonna go find out how much these things cost. Might have to convince my husband to get me one for Valentine’s Day! (That’s assuming I don’t win, of course.)

  235. 239

    Happy Birthday to you!

  236. 240
    Lynn Alt

    So glad i found your blog! Have gotten some get ideas for meals when i am in a rut.

  237. 241

    Congrats on 5 years! Glad I’m not the only one that under-bakes, think I get too antsy to taste the result to wait!

  238. 242

    Congrats on 5 years of glorious and delicious blogging. I love your blog and would love to win this give away!!

  239. 243

    I love my Kithenaid mixer too. I have never been introduced tithe awesome wonders of a hand blender! Isn’t even know such a gadget existed. Thank you for showing me the light and for giving me a chance to win such a useful tool!

  240. 244

    HaPpY 5th BiRtHdAy!!!!!! Love the mixer:)

  241. 245
    natalie monsen

    so proud of you. great job cuz!

  242. 246
    Jessie C.

    Happy birthday sweet girl!

  243. I would make meringue cookies and try it out to show my kids that it will work for anything. Then who knows, I would find lots of things, cakes drinks you name it. Love Kitchenaid

  244. 248

    Happy, happy birthday! Wow! Congralutions! And the mixer looks awesome!

  245. 249
    Olivia H

    Happy birthday, TWFD! I love reading this blog, and can’t wait to keep reading it for years to come!

  246. 250

    happy fifth birthday and woohoo a kitchenaid mixer. I would loooove it!
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  247. 251

    I can’t bake anymore because my mixer is breaking and so I need a new one!! Oh and Happy Birthday!

  248. Ooh, brownies! Yum! Congrats on five years of blogging! That’s quite an accomplishment!

  249. 253
    Gwen Thomas

    Happy Birthday. Just got my big mixer. Love it. Would love the hand mixer to.

  250. OMG! I just opened your e-mail & noticed the “Happy 5th Birthday”. At first I thought, how did she know it was my son’s 5th birthday? Wow what a coincidence! We are having a huge whoopie pie to celebrate. Chocolate is good… 🙂

  251. 255

    Happy 5th Birthday little lady!!

  252. 256
    Michelle D

    Happy birthday! Love your blog.

  253. 257
    Tiffany Pociecha

    Love your blog. Even though I just found it! Congrats on 5 years! That’s quite an accomplishment. Your brownies still looked fab even if they are under cooked. (that way when you reheat them they don’t get dry!) yummmy

  254. 258

    Happy Birthday!

  255. Happy blogiversary! Thanks for the great contest!

  256. 260
    Molly C.

    Happy birthday! What a cool gadget!

  257. 261
    Naomi S.

    Happy 5th blog birthday! I love your posts!

  258. 262

    That’s blenderiffic! Happy Blogiversary, you continue to inspire my menus weekly!

  259. 263

    Would love this!

  260. 264

    Great giveaway!

  261. 265
    Lana K.

    Happy 5th blog birthday. Officially out of the toddler stage. Kitchen aid blender looks like a necessity.

  262. Happy birthday! I am so jealous of you right now with that mixer! I would love to have one, too!

  263. 267
    Heather m

    Happy 5th birthday. Such a cool giveaway:D

  264. 268

    Happy Happy Birthday Blog to you! I’m in love with this blender!! 🙂

  265. 269
    Jen L

    Love this set! Would love to win it!

  266. 270
    Jodi R.

    Oh my goodness, I couldn’t resist entering your giveaway (since I’m a recent KitchenAid fanatic) and now a new follower of your lovely blog. Happy 5th! I never thought to give my blog a birthday, but now I’m about to plan one thanks to you. Cheers!

  267. 271
    Catrina H

    Happy birthday blog! I’m new here but looking forward to some new recipes to try!

  268. 272

    My wife wants me to try a Kitchen Aid, but I still need to be convinced that it’s the best.

  269. 273
    Ashley P

    Congratulations on your 5-year mark!

    I would love to have a hand blender…I didn’t know about them when I made my wedding registry, or I so would have asked for one! I bet they really simplify cooking and baking, and I am all about that! 🙂

  270. 274

    Happy Bday! I made your pesto chicken salad this weekend….YUM!

  271. 275
    Jenn A

    I’d sure love to give that blender a whirl! Congratulations on 5 years of food blogging!

  272. 276

    I could use one of these! I don’t bake in the quantities I used to.

  273. 277

    Happy Birthday!

  274. 278

    thanks! but my birthday was yesterday… 🙂 happy birthday to you too.
    i had to enter, because i’ve been looking for a hand mixer for a few years. 🙂 and, once again, i didn’t get it for MY birthday. (hint hint hint)
    *just pick me and save my hubby years of grief*

  275. 279

    Congrats on 5 years my friend! Love you and your blog:)

  276. 280
    Martha Z

    Congratulations on 5 years Jane! It seems like you just started it…

  277. 281

    Love kitchenaid, need a blender

  278. 282
    Cynthia Rathunde

    What an awesome addition to a kitchen! Happy birthday. Congrats for 5 years!

  279. 283
    Kim Henderson

    Happy Birthday, love your blog

  280. I love kitchen stuff! And happy blogiversary!!

  281. 285

    Congratulations on 5 years! I look forward Sundays a little more now!

    I’d LOVE to be the lucky winner. College-kid budget doesn’t leave much wiggle room for toys. 😉

  282. 286

    Happy Birthday! I had a chocolate filled chocolate cupcake to celebrate your birthday and some coffee…:-)

  283. 287

    I soooo want one of these blenders!!!

  284. 288
    Cindy H

    Happy 5th birthday This Week for Dinner!

  285. 289
    Yvonne K

    Happy 5~ Birthday
    Thanks for your fun & creative way you look at all the sweet things in life!
    and a chance 😉

  286. 290

    Happy 5th! Tried your carmelized onion, goat cheese pizza last night for dinner. My husband and I both agreed it was one of the best dinners I”ve ever made. THANK YOU for such yummy recipes, time and time again. : )

  287. 291

    Happy Birthday twfd blog – I guess that means I’ve had you on my bookmarks bar for 5 years now! Congrats Jane, you do a wonderful job!

  288. 292
    Sarah T

    Oh my goodness I’m so glad KitchenAid posted about this blog on FB! 🙂 I’m so excited to continue to check it out. I just got a stand mixer for my birthday, and I absolutely love it!! Now to start saving up for that amazingly amazing hand mixer!

  289. 293

    Happy blog birthday! I loooove your site! Its changed the way I plan our meals and run our household!

  290. 294
    Rachel Ream

    Yours is one of 3 blogs I ever check. You’re doing something right. =) Happy Birthday!

  291. 295

    The brownies look yummy. I think brownies are better when a little under done bc it makes them gooey and irresistable!

  292. 296

    Five years – you rock, Jane!! The hand blender giveaway made me chuckle because I’ve been researching hand blenders the last few weeks. Hoping the fact that I haven’t bought one yet means I will win this one!!

  293. 297

    Wow that is quite the blender set! Happy Birthday!

  294. 298
    Diane D

    Happy Birthday!! If I win I won the 1st thing I would make would be some chocolate mousse!YUMMY!!!

  295. 299

    I eat chocolate in some form every day! Congrats on 5 years 🙂

  296. Congrats on 5 great years, Jane!

  297. Happy Blog Birthday! Fingers crossed…I could use this!

  298. 302
    Meagan Macievic

    5 years!!!! What dedication! You are my hero to do this and raise a wonderful family! I am sure gald that you have this blog and I love sharing it!

  299. 303
    tammie betz

    Congrats on 5!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  300. 304

    Congrats to 5 years! Eat some chocolate… You deserve it!

  301. 305

    Happy Birthday! That hand blender looks SWEET!

  302. 306

    Wow. Congrats on 5 years. Love your blog. Blender looks great!

  303. 307
    Wanda K.

    Happy 5th birthday! Thank you for the give away also.

  304. 308

    Happy Bloggerversary! Love the blog and the inspiration!

  305. 309

    Happy Birthday Blog!! 5 years and going strong. I wish you many, many more!!!

  306. 310

    Happy 5th Birthday

  307. 311
    Lisa Paone

    Congratulations and happy 5th birthday! May the years that follow be even better then the first.

  308. 313
    dana e.

    Ooo that blender looks neeeto! I love kitchen gadgets 🙂

  309. 314

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog this whole time! And it’s been really helpful, too! Happy 5th birthday twfd!

  310. 315

    Love your blog, and would love the blender almost as much! Congratulations on 5 years!

  311. 316
    Kathy J.

    Happy 5 years! I love your blog, Jane! Love the Kitchenaid Hand Blender, too!!

  312. 317

    Congratulations! I love your blog (as do a lot of people) so I am not surprised by your success. 🙂

  313. 318

    Congrats to you and I would love to win this!

  314. 319
    Teresa Thomas

    Happy 5th! I love your blog, photos, recipes and, of course, awesome giveaways!

  315. 320

    you are awesome & so inspiring!!!! congrats on 5 wonderful years! i have loved following along, checking in & seeing your fam. i will miss seeing you once we move, but keep the picks, stories & yummy ideas coming! love ya!

  316. 321

    Congrats! Keep up the hard work! I love reading your blog!

  317. 322

    Hippo Birdy two ewe! Love all my Kitchen Aid stuff too…although I stripped the whisk on my immersible blender…Don’t try to whip potatoes with the whisk. LOL

  318. 323

    Happy Birthday and those brownies look so good.

  319. 324

    I love this blog and I love Kitchen Aide !!

  320. 325

    Oh, I’ve so been wanting one of these. Fingers crossed! Happy Birthday!

  321. 326
    Vicky Starwalt

    I love Kitchen Aid. Happy Birthday!

  322. 327

    Happy Birthday!!!

  323. 329

    Thanks for sharing your many great ideas and recipies.

  324. Happy Birthday Jane! Eating chocolate right now, helping you celebrate!

  325. 331
    RobRoy Lee

    I love this blog…. Happy 5th Birthday!

  326. Congratulations! I don’t have a hand mixer,but it would definitely be awesome! thanks for the chance!

  327. 333

    Happy 5 Birthday

    I will make me a birthday cake lol..

  328. 334

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I have been wanting this for, oh, three years now? *sigh* Please, lucky stars!

  329. 335

    Happy Birthday TWFD! Congrats on 5 years!

  330. 336

    Happy Birthday. I love baking and hope I receive your birthday giveaway.

  331. 337

    Love that mixer! Happy birthday!

  332. 338
    Carolyn S.

    Love the blog. Happy Birthday!

  333. 339

    Happy Birthday!! Just ate a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that my 13 year old made to celebrate.

  334. 340
    Teresa R

    Happy Birthday TWFD! I love kitchen appliances!

  335. 341

    Happy 5th Birthday! I love Kitchen Aid!

  336. 342
    Ron Mason

    I love undercooked brownies. Have Nate bring them over to us.

  337. 343

    Happy Birthday to this awesome website! And here’s to hoping for some KitchenAid tools for my kitchen!

  338. 344

    Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate…with chocolate!!

  339. 345

    Happy Blogday! Thanks for sharing, consistency and your genuineness. Of course, I’d love the KitchenAid blender too.

  340. 346

    Happy birthday! Save me a brownie! I share your love for the hand mixer, as ours died recently and I have not yet found a suitable replacement. The one you’re giving away is super fancy and I’m sure it made a great brownie mix. One that you’re saving for me because I love birthday brownies. Right? Well…if you can’t save me a brownie personally – have a sip of milk with a brownie on my behalf and I will sing a fancy version of happy birthday for your hard working blog! Congrats!!

  341. 347
    Wanda Kirkegaard

    Happy Birthday to you KitchenAid and thank you for another great give away. I am sure anyone that wins will be able to use this product. I for one love it. Congratulations on 5 years and may you have many many more.

  342. 348
    J. Pang

    Five is a lucky number!!

  343. 349

    Congrats on 5 years! My hand blender just broke so winning this would be awesome. I used it for everything and am a little lost without it!!

  344. 350
    Nikki CB

    Happy birthday TWFD! Yay!

  345. 351
    Susan H

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! I will be making these brownies and yes undercooked and hot oh so yummy:)

  346. 352
    Kris Angelo

    Kitchen Aid products are the best. I am still using my mom’s KitchenAid 5 quart mixer that was a wedding present to her in 1939! Love your blog Jane, and congratulations on 5 years. Would love to see some gluten free recipes :))

  347. 353
    Megan Flowers

    Happy 5 years! Thank you for your blog. I find so much inspiration from it on a weekly basis. I inherited my Grandma`s red kitchen aid stand mixer 6 years ago. It is very special to me.

  348. 354
    Christi P.

    You should be proud you are celebrating your 5th year! I hope you have many more….

  349. 355
    Trish F.

    I must live under a rock because I had no idea this existed. A hand blender with all those attachments – do want! Just found you via KA’s Facebook post (how timely – I am becoming downright desperate for dinner ideas), and about to go “like” you there too. Happy birthday to your blog!

  350. 356

    Happy Happy Fifth Birthday & Congratulations Jane! I still remember those yummy chicken nachos that we had at your place in Boston way back when!

  351. 357

    Oh I’ve been wanting a hand blender. I love my big Kitchenaid stand mixer but darn that thing is HEAVY to haul out. Would love something that is easy to whip out to beat up an egg white. Cause, really, the manual way just causes whisk elbow!

  352. 358

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

  353. 359

    Congratulations and happy 5 years! Just discovered this blog and I’m excited to learn more and get into meal planning myself 🙂

  354. 360
    Natalee Maynes

    Yay for 5 years!

  355. 361
    Rob Maynes

    Happy Birthday!

  356. Happy 5th Birthday. That is a great accomplishment. I have not used a hand blender but I know there are times I need one. Kitchen Aid is a can’t live without kind of product. I love everything I own that is Kitchen Aid.

  357. 363
    Liz Seto

    Congrats on 5 wonderful yrs!

  358. 364
    Tanya H

    This has reminded me that 1) I’ve been here a few years, too, 2) I simply do NOT own enough kitchen gadgets. I am still trying to justify an honest-to-goodness full blown KitchenAid stand mixer…I’m sure I NEED one. 🙂

    This hand mixer is beautiful.

  359. 365

    I’m glad this is easily cleanable – In that case I might actually use it if I win it.

  360. 366
    Sarah Covert

    Happy birthday!

  361. Happy Birthday. It’s scary how quick time goes by. This little kit would be awesome for making baby food! Fingers crossed….

  362. 368

    I run bake sales for charity at my school, and I usually have to dedicate an entire weekend to baking before any event! A hand mixer would probably make things a lot easier. Then again though, baking can be a surprisingly good workout!

    Happy Birthday!

  363. 369
    Brent call

    love your blog. this mixer would be great since the 5th is my birthday. keep up the great work.

  364. 370
    Maria Pitts

    Five years! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Miss you tremendously in San Diego. Best wishes for another successful 5 years…….and then some!!!!!

  365. 371

    Congratulations on five years!

  366. 372

    Happy Birthday! Wow, 5 years! Congrats Jane. I will continue to eat plenty of chocolate today in honor of you!

  367. 373
    deb mcnabb

    One of these mixers would be so convenient Id love to win it.

  368. 374

    Congrats! Love reading you blog!

  369. 375
    Lisa Granados

    Happy Wonderful 5th Birthday <3 ! I will definitely have some chocolate in your honor! Lol! If i win the mixer I will make from scratch some chocolate cupcakes, chocolate buttercream and ganache to continue the celebration!!!

  370. 376
    Barry Tuomi

    I love KA products. I have been a KA mixer owner for over 20 years and love your products. At Christmas I received a hand blender and am really impressed. If I win the hand mixer I will give it to my youngest daughter, who is off on pregnancy leave and or would be a great pick me up gift. She is a Chef (and a great one at that). So she would get good use of it. Thank you KA for my years of pleasure.

  371. 377
    Patty Kasiewicz

    Love to bake cakes . mixer would be great.

  372. 378

    Ohhhh…….that would be a great new addition to my kitchen. Trying new things and love that I found your blog. Great job!! Congratulations on your 5 years.

  373. 379

    Happy Birthday!!

  374. 380
    Denise O

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging. And slightly undercooked brownies are the best!!

  375. 381

    Congrats! I love your blog so much! Although I am horrible at posting, we always menu plan and often use your blog to get ideas. Awesome and practical concept!

  376. 382
    MommaMary (Mary Cochrane)

    I just found your site, liked you on FB and signed up for emails. Congratulations on 5 years. I would love to win that wonderful KitchenAid hand blender set.

  377. 383

    Time flies when you’re having fun! Congrats and here’s to many more wonderful years!

  378. 384

    Happy, happy, birthday to this week for dinner!!
    Fantastic blender, throw my name on the hat!

  379. 385

    Happy 5th Birthday This Week for Dinner!!! Congratulations Jane! You’ve come a long way baby! Wouldn’t I be happy if I won this awesome gift! I love KitchenAid!! I love your blog!!

  380. 386
    Nicki Burnett

    I would love to give this to me daughter. Congratulations on your 5year celebration.

  381. 387

    Happy Blog Birthday! I’ve been reading since the beginning & I’ve loved it always!

  382. 388
    Rhonda Parker

    Happy Blog Birthday! I so want to win this giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  383. 389

    Way to go on 5 years of blogging! I just recently found your site and think it’s super helpful!

  384. 390
    Lynn BB

    Happy birthday! Love your blog!

  385. 391

    I got my first KitchenAid stand mixer this Christmas, who wouldn’t want anything KitchenAid, to me it is like a John Deere!!! I love my John Deere and anything John Deere is wonderful now I can add Kitchen Aid along side!

  386. 392

    This looks very handy. I love kitchenaid. But unfortunately i have to give up ALL my kitchen equipment because i recently got married and will be moving from Switzerland to the US in 2 months as my husband lives in Georgia. And since shipping costs are astronomical and voltage is different I have to part with many of my beloved kitchen tools.

  387. 393

    Happy Blog Birthday!! Love your recipes!

  388. 394

    Yay for giveaways!

  389. 395

    I would use it when I can tomatoes to help sauce them. Happy Birthday.

  390. 396

    Wow, 5 years! Congrats! I´d love to win that blender!

  391. 397

    Hooray for 5 years!

  392. 398

    Congratulations!!! Thank you for this blog!

  393. 399

    Oh my goodness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    So, we’re moving and in moving I’m packing and packing. Last night I needed to make cupcakes for my kids’ school for today and I took out my hand mixer- which is one of my only appliances left NOT PACKED- and IT DID NOT WORK! 🙁 This is my THIRD hand mixer and, really, I should have just gone with the Kitchen Aid to begin with! This would be a wonderful addition to our new kitchen!!

  394. 400

    Thank you for sharing for 5 years!

  395. 401

    Happy Birthday! I’m a huge fan!

  396. Happy Birthday! And thank you for this blog. My family thanks you too, we have had some delicious dinners (and treats) because of your willingness to share.

  397. 403

    I would love this! Thanks for the opportunity.

  398. 404
    Maria M

    Happy Happy Birthday – hope to eventually get a Kitchenaid mixer. Keep up the good work on the blog.

  399. 405
    Tiffany M. G.

    Happy Birthday!! Congrats!!

  400. 406

    Happy Birthday…I love reading your blog!

  401. 407
    Marissa W

    Happy Birthday!! This hand blender looks AMAZING!

  402. 408

    happy birthday to the blog! I love checking in and getting ideas and recipes… thank you!

  403. 409

    Congrats Jane! You’re amazing!

  404. 410

    Happy Birthday, Blog :)! Thanks, Jane for the amazing recipes and tips you’ve shared thought all these years!

  405. 411

    Happy birthday, blog!! I hope for many more birthdays!

  406. 412
    Stephanie P.

    Congrats Jane! Happy Birthday TWFD!

    I totally love the new KA appliances including this and the new Food Processor that has different slicing sizes right on the machine, locking blade, and all sorts of other cool features. The pan guard on this immersion blender is pretty smart!

  407. 413

    I just found this wonderful blog a few weeks ago and it’s saved me a few times at dinner time already! Thank you!!! Happy Birthday too 🙂 Also, I LOVE kitchen aid brand! They make great stuff!

  408. 414
    Ada Reid-Watson

    Yes, please.

  409. 415

    Congratulations on 5 years Jane and happy 5th birthday This Week for Dinner! I thoroughly enjoy your blog, it’s a favorite I go to every day. Many thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes, life experiences and for staying on it for 5 years. Kitchen Aid has always been my favorite brand and this is a fabulous opportunity. Thanks!

  410. Hi, Jane,

    A very happy, happy anniversary. The blog is terrific, and I always enjoy reading it (and working with you, of course)!

    Best of luck,

  411. 417
    Julie Jones

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I’d like to celebrate with you !!!

  412. 418
    Meissa W

    Congrats on 5 years!! I’ve loved all the recipes I have tried!!

  413. 419
    Malisa S

    Happy Happy Birthday TWFD!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this website!!!!

  414. 420
    Nicole Brenner

    Congratulations …. just started following your blog! I have a lot of catching up to do!

  415. 421
    J.V. Agnew

    Thanks for 5 years of help where I need it the most!

  416. 422
    Angie .

    It cracks me up that on your regular weekly menu posts, you usually get about 50-60 comments with other sharing their menus. BUT… when you’re giving such a great item away, you get over 400 comments! lol….

    I have had this item on my “wish list” for over a year now, but I’m just one of those people that would rather buy gifts for others rather getting what I like. This would make a PERFECT addition to my kitchen and many of my recipes!

  417. 423


  418. 424
    Kim in AZ

    Just saw your birthday post on pinterest – congrats on five years! And, I think the brownies still look amazing (and not undercooked at all via photo). 🙂

  419. 425
    Jenny H.

    Happy 5th! Thanks for all the good ideas!

  420. 426

    I love undercooked brownies. I think gooey0ness makes them better. I’d love this hand mixer.

  421. 427
    Nancy from Mass

    Mmmm, Chocolate.

    Happy 5th!

  422. 428

    Wow! That’s a lot of posts! Thanks for the dinner help over the past few years!
    Holy cow – that’s a lot of comments too, but I hope I’m lucky enough to have my name selected for the blender!!!

  423. 429
    Kim D.

    Congrats and Happy 5th!!!

  424. 430
    Janna M

    I’m a serial under-cooker as well. Which I think is better than burning everything! Happy 5th Birthday!

  425. 431

    I think I just may have to eat some chocolate today, if you insist. Happy Birthday!

  426. 432

    Happy blogging birthday!

  427. 433

    Happy Birthday Blog!!
    Wow that looks like an amazing hand blender!
    Congrats to whoever gets it!

  428. 434

    Love your blog. This immersion blender looks fantastic!

  429. 435

    Happy birthday to my all-time favorite blog! You’ve really done amazing things with your corner of the interwebs, Jane. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished with TWFD.

  430. 436
    Julie Mitchell

    Pick me! Pick me! I would use the new hand blender to make lots and lots of birthday cakes (and brownies, cookies, etc.)! Happy Blog Birthday!

  431. Happy Birthday! Today (Feb 1.) is my birthday! Congrats to you! Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  432. 438

    Congrats! 5 years!

  433. 439
    Andrea Lay

    Happy Blog Birthday! Love this Blog.

  434. 440

    Happy Birhday!

    Just saw a Cuisinart on ‘The Talk’ yesterday. I’d much rather have a Kitchenaid!

  435. 441

    Happy Happy Birthday Blog! Yes, thank you, I would love this item…

  436. 442

    first time on your site… love it!
    would love to win!

  437. 443
    Heather m.

    How exciting! Thanks

  438. 445

    Would love to win this!!

  439. 446
    Lori H

    Happy 5th Birthday!!!! I discovered your blog about 6 months ago and love it!

  440. 447

    Congrats & Happy Birthday!!!

  441. 448
    Jill Firch

    Yahoo! Love your site, happy 5th!

  442. 449
    Jen Heisey

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    Sarah S.

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    I’d love to win to make some cakes and cupcakes.

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    Dawn Onuffer

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    Heather Doyle

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    I’d loveee to use those fancy tools of the trade!

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    Kassie B

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    So very happy to find your blog amongst many others on the MS site… Very nice!
    Love the way it looks and happy to be inspired in my efforts to have a weekly menu!!!
    Not to mention the ironic fact that I desperately need an immersion blender!
    Happy 5th Birthday TWFD! If you pick me I promise to think of you every time I use it!

  469. Congrats on 5 years! And I truly believe a good brownie is an under-baked brownie. 🙂

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    Heather K Miller

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    Thanks for giving us a chance to win the KitchenAide Mixer.

    Now I will be following your bglog

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    Becki W

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  500. 509
    angela cook

    Happy Birthday! I would so love to have this. Wanted one for Christmas but my husbasays it cost to much 🙁 hopefully I will win one day.

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    Many thanks,

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    (And undercooked brownies are the best.)

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    That Mixer would be so handy!

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    Craig A

    I would love to win this for my wife to use in our kitchen! Congrats on 5th blog birthday!

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    killer giveaway!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot) com

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    Carolina Townsned

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  556. Happy Birthday TWFD! I have been wanting a hand blender! I keep running into situations where I think one would be really handy. Like making baby food for instance. Also, it’s my birthday on the 9th and I can’t think of a better present! 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  557. 567
    April V

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    and yeah, love the hand blender 🙂

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  562. Happy Blog Birthday! I took a big break from mine to have a baby, and now I’m back in the loop and looking for inspiration. Glad to have food TWFD!

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    NEAT! First time visiting your site! I was stumped on what I should do for dinner this week and yours popped up on my google search! Like what I’m reading so far! Keep up the great work!

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    sara bridges

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    What a fabulous gift to us on your special day! Thank you for sharing your love for good family food with us!

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    Happy Blog Birthday Jane!!!!

  573. Happy Birthday Girlfriend! Rx

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