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Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Black Friday!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! I will be back on Sunday with a weekly menu…until then, please post your favorite Thanksgiving recipes & traditions (click to link). Those ideas will certainly come in handy for Christmas!

If you’re brave/crazy enough to go shopping today…try not to get killed or anything.

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    Black Friday in NYC was perfect. No traffic when you walk everywhere and it was quiet and everything there is so different than the blah malls of NH. Just enough people and Christmas music to make it fun! Kate’s Paperie and Giggles! Even Grampa had a good time- really. And to go to the movies with Valentino made it one of those NY moments. Of course, we just thought he was some overcologned, overfashioned ( easy to overfashion people from NH) old guy till NY daughter Hannah pointed him out! Fun in the big city! Hope Cate will like her citified gifts this year. Mimi

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