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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I just love Halloween!  I’ve got all kinds of movies lined up, candy ready to go, cookies ready to bake, pumpkins ready to be carved.  Oh my, this is going to be tiring, but oh so fun!

I hope your day is as exciting as ours…complete with glittery, spider-filled hair and bags filled with treats!

How cute is this idea? Use cookie cutters when making French Toast!  Just cut your bread before you cook.  Yeah, you’ll have wasted bread around the edges, but who cares.  It’s Halloween!  And you could do it for other holidays as well.  Cate’s gonna love it.  (Idea and photo from

Looking for a SCARY movie?  Try The Skeleton Key.  Nate and I had never heard of it when we saw it and had zero expectations.  We ended up really liking it and were definitely scared in the process!  BOO!

If our Halloween cookies come out, I’ll be sure to share them with you later today…as if you won’t already have enough treats!

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  1. My girls love any new shape to their bread…we don’t mind being wasteful if it’s for a cute cause. Thanks for the movie tip!

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