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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello from the Land of Boxes

Hey there! Can you hear me? Not sure if you could because I am literally buried in boxes right now (Ann Perkins!). I can barely move and am pretty sure my voice must be muffled by all the paper that is burying me alive.

Since I am not cooking and I can’t download photos from my good camera anyway because heaven only knows where my cord is, thought I would just pop in and say hi real quick. I have a post about change brewing in my head, but it’s taking too long to get on paper and, right now, I really just need to unpack, unpack, unpack.

So, we made it to San Diego. Barely. Four of the five members of our little family got the stomach flu this weekend…yes, the very weekend we were driving to San Diego. And, I may or may not have mentioned this (my brain is so fried I can’t remember), but the girls and I all had lice the week before that. (I paid a pretty penny to get rid of it, but it was worth every dime. P.S. Nitxies in Redwood City is AWESOME.) Anyway, my weeks of single parenthood are over, I am SO grateful that Nate’s company paid for movers, and we are in beautiful San Diego safe and sound. I wasn’t entirely sure it would actually happen, but it did! And, this morning at the park, we could smell the ocean. We are lucky people. (Shout out to all the single parents out there…you are amazing.)

A long time ago I told you about Howard’s Piccalilli Relish, which I have only ever found in New England. I kind of love it. So, every time we go east, I buy a couple bottles and carry them home in my suitcase. Today, as I was unpacking, I found EIGHT JARS OF RELISH. If you combine a little bit of obsession with forgetfulness, you end up with EIGHT JARS OF RELISH.

Wonder what else I’m going to find the next few days…


  1. happy you made it safe and sound. Sorry to hear about the stomach flu, can’t imagine having that and on the road, YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can’t wait to hear about the change that is brewing!

  2. 2

    I’m so jealous. It’s 9 degrees where I am, and it’s been snowing non-stop for 2 days. I could use a little San Diego. Enjoy settling in and feeling better.

  3. Sorry about the sickness, that makes everything so much more difficult. I bet you felt like you hit the lottery when you found that relish!

  4. 4

    Oh…so jealous , all I smell is the bayou!

  5. We moved last September and were still living with boxes up until this month! It just plain takes time to get everything sorted. But it’s a good way to find out what you don’t “need” – if it stayed in the box that long, chances are it can go for good! Good luck and hope everyone stays healthy.

  6. 6
    Michelle Machado

    Welcome back to San Diego. How did you like our beautiful weather, for a couple days anyway.Now it’s all rainy and cold. But soon you and the kids can run along the beach warm and free. What part of San Diego did you end up in?

  7. 7
    Nikki CB

    Wow. You are awesome! I’m sorry to hear about the flu…

  8. You totally deserve the sun right now. And a Mom of the year award or something. Solo? Lice? Flu? Oy. You rock. Hope you can relish the relish. And can’t wait to see what you dig out of the boxes. Maybe a horde of pickle jars? LOL.

  9. 9

    Lice? Flu? Moving? Alone?

    You need alcohol and take-away Chinese. 😀

  10. I need to find that relish!

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