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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I {heart} my rolling pin. For real.

Want to know why I love my rolling pin?

Two reasons:
– I love the handles with ball bearings.  Yes, I know lots of people like french style rolling pins, but I love my rolling handles.

– The finish of the wood is, well, not so finished.  I had two rolling pins at one point. One with a shiny, polished finish.  One with a rougher, non-shiny finish.  I always used the shiny one because I thought it was nicer and seemed more “non-stick.”  One day I gave old scruffy a chance to show his stuff.  Oh my goodness, night and day difference.  I don’t care if you get a rolling pin with our without handles or what shape it is…you HAVE to have one that is NOT shiny and smooth.  Stuff just doesn’t stick to the rougher finish (floured, of course).  Granted, I have not used silicone or marble rolling pins…but my non-shiny, wood rolling pin works AWESOME.

And that is why I love my rolling pin.

Oh…and how cute is that little rolling pin I found for Cate at Target?  It even has the right finish! I can’t wait to make cookies with her again.

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    I got my very own marble rolling pin when I was a freshman in college and it’s possibly the ONLY thing from that era that remains with me. I cannot live without it! (Not only is it indispensible in the kitchen, if can be used in self-defense in a pinch.)

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