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Friday, August 14, 2009

“I love subs!” OR “What’s wrong with this sub?” This is a blog post with an identity crisis.

This post was originally going to be all about how much I love subs/hoagies/grinders/ whatever-you-want-to-call-them. How I live in California and getting a decent meatball or steak and cheese sub is IMPOSSIBLE. How, when you’re in the Northeast, no matter how small the town, you can always find a pizza place that serves up delicious sandwiches.  Then I started editing my photo for the post, and my dear mother-in-law (she really is dear, by the way) looked over my shoulder and started to list all the reasons the sub pictured is no good.

She has challenged you all, what’s wrong with this sub? And it’s not just one thing…

Regardless of your personal feelings for this particular sub, I still stand by my original premis…I MISS SUBS. Maybe I need to open a bagel/sub shop in California? Except the last thing in the world I want to do is run a restaurant. Guess I’ll have to settle for once a year.


  1. 1
    Jenn E.

    I would guess that roll is not an Amoroso’s roll, so it’s not a real “sub” or hoagie, as we call them in Philadelphia. Also, the filling doesn’t cover the whole roll. That’s no good either.

  2. Aren’t they usually slopped onto a paper plate?

  3. 3

    There does not seem to be enough of anything in that sub except perhaps cheese. This looks to be an saugsage sub with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. They appear to have only included 2/3rds or a sausage where you would expect two or at least 1 cut in half lengthwise. It looks like they did not put any sauce in the sub at all just what clung to their sausage bites. To some extent this is a good thing as the bread looks to be toasted just light enough to melt the cheese after the sauce was added and so more would have just soaked through the roll. On top of that I hate when subs are in these styrofoam containers instead of wrapped up, they get soggy and the smell of slightly melted styrofoam meets you when you open it up (not to mention the negative environmental ramifications).

  4. I agree with Matt — it needs more of everything! Looks like a lot of bites with nothing but bread and cheese. It’s important to experience each parth of the sandwich with every mouthful!

  5. I miss NJ because of this reason- can’t find a good hero!
    That her needs much more meatballs and more sauce!

    Also never toast the rolls!

  6. 6

    i’m tired of all the west coast food bashing every time you go back east. i’m expecting a post in the near future that details some delicious west coast foods that would be impossible to find back east. it’s only fair. you can start with the perfect dish: the burrito.

  7. you crack me up, aaron. I’m not west coast bashing, I’m just east coast appreciating. 😉

    and you are right on…you definitely won’t see me write about mexican food on the east coast!

    but, seriously, why can’t there be a good greasy sub shop somewhere in california? okay, there’s probably one in berkeley, but that doesn’t count. and quizno’s doesn’t cut it.

  8. 8
    Tammy Blais

    ..needs more sauce and more meatballs for sure.

  9. 9

    OR you could actually move back here!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    I don’t know about Northern California, but there used to be a wonderful Philly Cheese Steak place in Pasadena, CA, in the most unlikely strip mall. It was heaven. But you would never know from looking at it–I thought it was a pathetic Quiznos wannabe by looking at the facade.

    I agree that there is a dearth of great sandwich places in the West, but there certainly are some if you keep looking. When we lived in SoCal, my husband was constantly looking and finding great places (for all kinds of cuisine). Now that we are in Seattle, we are finding new spots, though we have yet to find a great sub shop. But is out there, it must be because subs are just amazing when they are done right.

    And then there is the solution of making your own sandwiches. Sara Moulton had a great show on sandwiches for dinner. She made a fried clam sandwich, a Reuben, and a meatball sandwich. Each had a gourmet spin on them, but we’ve made the Reuben and the meatball, and each was a delicious dinner.

  11. 11
    Jane Maynard

    good job, everybody! it’s a meatball sub…without the meatballs! okay, so there are like two meatballs total, cut in half. my mother-in-law does NOT like it when the meatballs get cut up…although, I don’t mind that, but this is still definitely short on meatball! pretty much needs more of everything…but it was still tasty, regardless! 🙂

    love all your comments – thanks!

  12. 12

    Hey Meg from Seattle-
    Have you been to the HoneyHole on Capitol Hill? I’m a vegetarian, so I haven’t had their meatball sandwich, but they are an all sandwich place. I like them for their large and creative veggie menu.

  13. 13

    If you want the best meatball sandwich in California, you have to go to Filippi’s on India Street in Little Italy in San Diego. The BEST. Plus you get to walk through an Italian grocery store while you wait in line. Did I mention the meatball sub is only $5? Oh, and stop at Yogurtland down the street on your way home for guilt-free dessert.

  14. 14
    Jane Maynard

    wish I knew about that when I lived in sd! I’m going there on my next trip! 🙂

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