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Friday, March 19, 2010

It May Not Be Easy Being Green…but it’s Fun!

Our green feast was so FUN on St. Patrick’s Day. Cate was in heaven and has decided green is her favorite color. Can I say, chicken piccata is GENIUS for turning green?

green piccata web

Mashed potatoes and lemon bars also lend themselves well to crazy food coloring.

green lemon bars web

While I have your attention, look at this!

split pit avocado web

When I cut this avocado open to find a split pit, I didn’t have anyone around to say, “Look at this!” to…so I’m saying it to you. Aren’t you so glad?

Happy Friday!


  1. 1

    Your green dinner idea is so fun. …btw, curious about what you’re making with that yummy avocado…

  2. 2

    Looks like you had a very festive St. Patty’s day! I love Avacado, I may have to go make so Avacado salsa now!

  3. 3

    Also anyone interested in a yummy mango, avocado and arugula salad… look no more!


    6 cups arugula leaves

    1 mango, peeled and cut into long slices

    1 avocado, peeled and sliced

    ½ red onion, sliced

    1 tbs lime juice

    Spicy orange vinaigrette

    1 tbs champagne vinegar

    4 tbs orange juice, about ½ orange

    2 tbs lime juice, about ½ lime

    4 tbs olive oil

    ½ tsp cumin

    2 tbs finely chopped cilantro

    1 red chili or hot pepper, sliced

    Salt and pepper


    Combine all the ingredients for the salad dressing in a jar, close it tight and shake until the ingredients are well mixed.

    Soak the onion slices in warm water with a dash of salt and 1 tbs lime juice for about 10 minutes.

    Rinse and drain the onions slices.

    Toss the arugula leaves with half of the vinaigrette.

    Add the avocado slices, mango slices and onion slices to the arugula mix, drizzle the remaining vinaigrette on top.
    Serve immediately

  4. 4

    Ugh..not sure how I feel about that plate of food. Definitely a fun idea, though. 🙂 I did Green Eggs and Ham once to similar effect!

  5. 5
    Jane Maynard

    sarah – the avocado is to top chicken tortilla soup’s-chicken-tortilla-soup-extravaganza/ mmmmmmmmm 🙂

    roxanne – THANK YOU for sharing that recipe – looks fabulous!!!

    kidkopf – that’s funny. if you close your eyes, you don’t even know! 🙂

  6. 6

    Yeah, I’m not so sure about that plate of food either. Presentation is very important to me. I did make green cupcakes for my husband though! 🙂

  7. you doubters out there are cracking me up. we had friends over that night and they LOVED the color palette…in fact, they’ve decided they’re going to color their mashed potatoes all the time. 😉 it is a VERY cheesy but fun way to make your food crazy. and, despite the color, the food tasted great, I’m certain you all could handle it! 🙂

  8. 8

    And most importantly kids LOVE it! We do pink for Valentine’s day too. They always race downstairs in the morning to see the pink milk in the fridge. It’s all about building memories. When they are teenagers and too cool for everything little things like this will remind them of good things and make them smile!

  9. 9

    I like that Collette- you are right about the memories. You must be a wise mama!

  10. 10

    Any tips on HOW you got the chicken green??!?!

    • Jane Maynard

      of course!

      just lots of green food coloring! the regular liquid stuff you can get at the grocery store!

      For the chicken, I added the food coloring to the sauce while the chicken was simmering. I’m still amazed at how green it came out. Pretty awesome.

      hope that’s helpful! 🙂

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