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Monday, May 24, 2010

I’ve LOST it!

I’ve officially LOST it, folks. Yesterday afternoon the frog outside my window sounded like the smoke monster. This morning the garbage truck sounded like the smoke monster. All of my dreams last night were about LOST. The show has taken over my brain! And, truth be told, I’m not fighting it. I’m loving every minute!

lost photo(photo from ABC)

Since those of you who don’t care about LOST are going to stop reading right about now, let me say this: I really think this is the best TV show out there, it’s unbelievably well done with amazing character development. It literally makes you laugh, makes you cry, and has lots of good action, mystery and suspense. If you’re going to watch a TV show, this is the one…so get it on your Netflix queue stat!

I try to stick to food on this here blog. But I’m bubbling over with the need to write about the finale. So, that’s what I’m doing. There you go. If you love LOST, keep reading…but be forewarned, there are about a billion spoilers in this post, so if you haven’t seen the finale yet, don’t read this until you have! If you don’t watch LOST, come back tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

How about that finale? I loved it. And this morning, after dreaming about it all night (well, all 5 hours of the night thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s LOST special keeping me up even later than the show would have), I love it even more. As I’ve been thinking more and more about what it all means, the more I realize what a beautiful job Carlton and Damon did writing this show. (Yes, I’m on a first name basis with the executive producers and head writers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof…I don’t know if they know that, but whatever. I love those guys.) I’m just going to bullet off all the things I’ve been thinking about that I need to get out of my system.

  • Here is where I stand on “what it all means.” Everything that happened on the Island was reality, right up until the moment Jack dies in the bamboo forest in the last scene. The flash-sideways world was a holding place or purgatory that the characters created in order to find closure and come to a peaceful place before they moved on to the light/heaven/whatever you want to call it. That said, all the characters that you saw in the flash-sideways world were dead and didn’t know it…until they had their “enlightenment,” of course.
  • Daniel Faraday’s mother didn’t want Daniel to be “enlightened” because she was still seeking peace and closure with him…and I don’t think either one of them were ready yet for him to discover that she was the one who killed him. All in good time. Same with Ben Linus…he didn’t join everyone in the church at the end because, as he said, he still had some things to do…namely reaching closure with Alex and her mother before they could be enlightened themselves. It’s obvious by how happy the characters are when they discover the truth of their situation that this peace (and in many cases forgiveness) is possible…it just takes some of them longer to get there. I mean, look at how easily John Locke forgave Ben for killing him once he knew the truth. I’m going to start crying just thinking about it! 🙂
  • It doesn’t matter when or how all the characters die. When the show ended, I wanted to know so much if the plane really got off the Island, how did all the people on the plane die, how do Desmond/Hurley/Ben die, etc…but then I realized it doesn’t really matter. And I’m okay with that. It really ended up being about the characters coming to terms with their flawed lives and finding closure and, ultimately, happiness.
  • How beautiful and sad were all of the flash-sideways stories when seen through the lens of it being how the characters would have done things differently? Sayid taking care of Nadia but knowing they weren’t meant to be together. Sun and Jin happily in love, but never getting to be with their child, but feeling at peace about it. Sawyer being a police officer, obviously trying to make amends for his outlaw ways during life. Ben Linus just being a good guy and getting to be a party of Alex’s life. John Locke creating a world where he and his father have a good relationship, where his father wasn’t the cause of his paralysis, and then being able to allow Jack to completely heal him. Hurley becoming the luckiest man in the world, with the ability to help whoever he wants at any time. No wonder I liked this flash-sideways life so much! (It’s interesting that Kate’s life actually didn’t change much between reality and the “ideal”…gotta think about that one some more.) These flash-sideways stories tell so much about each character and resolve all of their stories in really beautiful ways.
  • Desmond’s character is so fascinating to me. Remember that episode a while ago where he flashed through time…I love how in the finale, when he was still alive on the Island, he knew what was going to happen and had obviously flashed back and forth between the after life and the Island present. At least that’s what I think happened.
  • I love that the mythology of the Island was real. There really was a smoke monster and a Jacob and the Others and a Dharma initiative and everything else. Makes the story more satisfying and fun, rather than just saying it was all some crazy dream. And they were able to kill the smoke monster and plug up the evil and all of that…it was just so satisfying! And it totally made you realize that all of those people really did need to be drawn to the Island, that they really did have a purpose for being there. Way to save the world from evil and destruction, survivors!
  • I kind of like that we don’t know the origin of Allison Janney’s character (Jacob and the Man-In-Black’s adoptive mother) or where the Others came from. As much as I like having all the mysteries solved, it’s fun still having some lingering questions, leaving some of the mystique to the Island. That’s one of the reasons the show was so great…if there wasn’t any mystery left at the end, I think it might have felt a bit dissatisfying.
  • I love that Hurley ended up being Jack’s replacement as protector of the Island…and that he was able to give to Ben what Ben needed so dearly. (I wonder who became the Island’s protector after Hurley? Another mystery to ponder.)
  • Juliette is still my favorite character.
  • And I’ve finally decided – I pick Jack over Sawyer. It’s taken me 6 years to reach that decision, but I feel good about it.

Yes, I cried. Pretty much every single time one of the characters had their big realization moment. And of course at the end. How could you not? I am actually really sad it’s all over…but I have to say, it was well done and ended at the right moment.

Please pipe in with your own thoughts if you’re a fan of the show! The best part of LOST is how open to interpretation it is…and I’m sure you caught things I missed! Plus, I need to stop writing about it…I could go on all day. I’ll simply end with this. LOST RULES.


  1. xoxoxo I love you Jane!

    The finale was awesome, but I was so emotionally overwhelmed by everything that I haven’t even had the energy to analyze anything and was kind of scared that if I did I’d realize that the whole Island stuff was fake, so I really like your conclusions here. And they make a lot of sense too. We didn’t watch the JKL special, because it was already so late, so I’m hoping I can find it on youtube or hulu or something. I’d like to see those alternate endings.

    Glad you came to your senses and finally chose Jack! 😉 and I’m proud to say that I’ve been pro-Jack since the beginning.

    I didn’t want to cry, so I was fighting back tears THE ENTIRE TIME. I was so happy to finally see the Jack/Kate I love you’s and the kiss and the you haven’t wrecked anything. Be still my shipper hear!

    And I’m going to stop before I take over your blog.

  2. and of course there’s a typo:

    “heart!” not “hear!”

  3. I am still trying to analyze the whole series as well as the finale, but my husband and I are now big fans of V and FlashForward – which both have actors from Lost. So hopefully we will be able to still function without Lost… hopefully.

  4. 4

    Last night was my first Lost episode ever. So I approached it like a movie that was half over when I picked it up. Granted I had heard hallway conversations so I had a general feel of some of the side plots. I also knew who many of the characters were from the ACE of cakes LOST cake episode. Overall, I liked it and came to a very similar conclusion as to the ending as you did. The only other explanation seems to be that both places were a purgatorial type place, but that doesn’t really site well with me. That is more the “it was all a dream” type of ending.

  5. 5

    I feel the brain dump coming on… but when you spend 6 years following it, you can’t help it… 🙂

    I’m still disappointed they made the flash sideways purgatory instead of the present day altered by the events that unfolded on the island.

    They created a very strong connection between the island and the flash sideways – making them seem connected, that the events unfolding on the island affected the outcome in the flash sideways. I loved it when the characters were (apparently) remembering a past that had no longer occurred, their relationships being the only thing to carry through altered time. They were doing a great job of balancing the contradictions of time travel and changing history/future – everything they did on the island was to preserve good and ultimately allow the existence of the alternate future that brought meaning and happiness to their own lives. A gift for sacrificing themselves to save the island was that in the end, they carried each other into a future that couldn’t have otherwise been.

    But then, with only 10 minutes to go, they made them all dead! There was no direct cause-and-effect between the flash sideways and the island scenes. The glaring example of this I haven’t been able to rectify: Jack’s neck bleeds in purgatory while he’s being stabbed by Locke on the island – this screamed, THESE TWO PLACES AFFECT EACH OTHER! Two realities colliding as a by-product of the complications with time travel. And then they didn’t. They were separate, and the flash sideways was all post-death.

    And the island being shown sunk in purgatory? Can’t figure that out. Now, showing the island alive and healthy above the water, with the flash sideways being the present instead of purgatory, THAT would have been a powerful connection between the two times/realities. The island alive and well, as good triumphs and life continues. Their past on the island and their altered lives today can’t exist on the same timeline, but can’t exist without each other either.

    I would have called that one of the most amazing closings to a story ever. But instead, I feel copped-out. Still loved the show, but may have preferred no flash sideways at all (think about it, the show would have ended fine. They save the island, Jack dies, it all comes full circle. Like I said, the flash sideways was completely disconnected from the course of the rest of the story). Of course it’s emotional and happy in the afterlife – that’s assumed! You move on to “a better place” where untold happiness is felt. But to feel that in THIS life, that’s a story to tell. “Oh, they were dead” undercuts all the emotions of that episode.

  6. 6

    I have been a fan the whole time and never missed a show. I don’t think the finale could have been done any better or different. Some things are not meant to be answered, and while my brain struggles to understand flash sideways and time travel, I get it on some level.

    I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see all the couples reunited and with the people they were meant to be with, that was an unexpected surprise.

    I love that each viewer can draw some of their own conclusions based on personal beliefs and life experience.

    Simple amazing acting! I love how in the very beginning in episode one we started with Jack opening his eyes and at the very end we end with him closing his eyes. It all seems to start and end with him…how Jack goes is how the world of Lost goes.

    As for Jack vs. Sawyer, I would like to mix them together in a blender and pick that guy.

    I will miss it. I have never spent so much time thinking about a show between episodes and seasons as I did Lost. I feel like my best friend is gone. But then that is what DVD’s are for.

  7. 7

    Very interesting and entertaining–thanks Jane!!

  8. This may just b your best post ever — had no idea you were a “Lostie.” The show also has taken over my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it. Like you, it even filled my dreams last night!!

  9. 9

    I love the finale. My husband and I BOTH cried our eyes out through the whole show. I was thrilled to get what I was hoping for – the big epic kiss between Jack and Kate and the real deal “I love you”. My favorite funny moment was when Sawyer walked into the hospital room and Jin and Sun smirked at the fact that he was a detective.

  10. 10
    Jane Maynard

    love love love all the comments! 🙂

    hillary…sure am glad I did it since it’s my best post ever 😉

    erin – I love that your husband cried too…Nate remained stalwart..then jokingly would hug me and say “let it all out” which actually made me cry more (and laugh!)

    My favorite funny moment was when Sawyer called MIB/John Locke “Smokey” – so funny.

  11. 11
    Lena K.


  12. 12
    Jane Maynard

    walt grew up way too fast, that’s what happened. too bad!!!

  13. Loved the finale. Loved the show, and now I need to re-watch all the episodes! My biggest questions are:

    – If the Oceanic 6 did get off the island, and returned without Aaron (who was 3 or 4 when Kate left), how did Aaron-the-brand-new-baby get to “move on” with Claire to the light? I get that Claire needed that closure, and to be with Aaron and Charlie, but does that mean 4-year old Aaron died and Claire sees him as she needs him to be?
    – And, if Sun and Jin are together in the sideways world, and happy that their little girl is OK in-utero, then why would they choose to move on before she was born? Is she still alive in the Oceanic 6 (pre-Aljira flight return) world/reality?

    The last we saw of Walt, he was growing up with family in the Oceanic 6-survivor world. And, maybe Walt returned to the island later to gain closure with his dad, Michael, and being “so gifted,” he became the next Jacob/Hurley/island-light protector. I love to think about how Hurley would run the island.

    My husband thinks that Vincent (the dog) is the real protector of the island. :o)

    I loved that the stained-glass window in the church, where Jack and Christian talk had symbols from Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Taoism on it. And, while looking up the difference between Taoist and Buddhist faith, I found this info, which draws a brilliant parallel to LOST:

    Loved the ending, and all the reunions, but yes, it makes my head hurt to try to decipher it all…

    I loved it when Myles said, “I don’t believe in much, but I do believe in duct tape!”

  14. ** I mean “returned without Aaron to the island on the Aljira flight, leaving him with Claire’s mom in LA,” of course, not returned without him the first time. :o)

  15. Oh – THANK-YOU! What a great post – I am so relieved to know I was not alone last night with my crazy LOST dreams and my obsession to read everything I could on the web about the finale. I felt so “LOST” today (yes – pardon the pun) but I am mourning the loss of a great show – 6 years was a big commitment for me!!
    Julliette was my favorite too! When her and Sawyer re-connected over the candy bar – I bawled like a baby!
    I am not ready to let it go – I need to watch it again…and again…

  16. 16
    Susan H

    I frequent your blog for dinner ideas, but Lost is even better.

    “My favorite funny moment was when Sawyer called MIB/John Locke “Smokey” – so funny.”— me too! I cracked up and turned to my husband to see if he caught that one liner. I also loved the duct tape comment.

    My ideas of it were that everyone died in the plane crash. Their whole time on the island and sideways world was their “purgatory”. I personally thought it was a cheap way to end the story, that they were all dead. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lost and enjoyed the finale, just expected more than the everyone is dead ending.

    I too had some unanswered questions:
    1. What happened to the people the other people that died on the island. We saw Boone & his sister (name forgotten), but what about the African Priest? Why was Richard’s wife not with him?
    2. What happened to all the other people that were on Oceanic 815.. the ones that were taken by the others in the first season (the ones on the list)?
    3. Why was Charlotte at the concert? She didn’t become enlightened, did she? Faraday also did not. What about Frank & Miles?

  17. 17
    Jane Maynard

    Katrina…I think the issues surrounding Sun and Jin’s baby and Claire’s baby are just not resolved that well. As touching as the Sun and Jin closure was, I think everyone was thinking “what about their kid?!?”…and the stuff with Aaron is downright confusing. 😉

    Susan…the more I think about it all, the more I’m convinced that what happened on the Island really did happen, that the only dead people were in the flash-sideways world. I think this excerpt from a NY Times article clarifies that nicely:

    “Now let’s get back to the ending of “The End,” in which the big reveal was that Jack Shephard, to all appearances a divorced father and successful surgeon in the sideways universe, was in fact dead. So were all the other Losties who had gathered in the church. The scenario was cleverly constructed to remove the possibility that they had been dead all along (a possibility I erroneously considered, and blogged about, before rewatching the scene), or that any of the events on the island or in the off-island lives of the Oceanic 6 had been other than real.

    As explained by Jack’s (dead) father, and amplified by an exchange between Hurley and Ben, life had continued after Jack died on the island, stabbed by the monster inhabiting Locke’s body. The survivors on the Ajira plane, including Kate, Claire and Sawyer, had presumably made it to safety (Kate for the second time), while Hurley and Ben had remained as the island’s new protectors.

    Now, beyond some future expiration date, they had all died and gathered because, as Christian Shephard told Jack: “This is the place that you all made together so that you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people.” ” (from:

    I think this is the way it has to be and I think there were a few things said that were meant to lead us to this conclusion. If you look at it that way, I think it answers a lot of your questions.

    As for your question number 2…I forgot about the list and the Others taking (and killing) people based on the list…shoot! I really wanted to know more about that! 😉

    For question 3…Charlotte was at the concert because she hadn’t yet become enlightened, she still doesn’t know she’s dead…and neither did Frank, Miles and Faraday…they were all living in deadly bliss. 🙂

    oh goodness….here I go again. so much to talk about!!

  18. 18

    Where to start? After six years(I watched from the very beginning scene as I happened to stumble upon the show while channel surfing) I didn’t want it to end..and I’ve been looking on line for the last 24 hrs to find some explanations/discussions…and low and behold I find it on my favorite food blog!!!
    Jane, you really gave alot of clarity to the story for me. THANK YOU! husband and I were up at 4:45 this morning discussing the meaning!!! I, too, took 6 years to decide “Jack over Sawyer” :)..loved the “I love you” …. finally!
    Jack was my ‘hero’ at the end..and I cried like a fool. What great writing.. that he died in the same place the show began, ..and he wasn’t alone!! Puppy Dog was with him:)
    Love that Ben received what he needed thorugh Hurley, very touching, as were all of the enlightenment moments..!!!!! Lots of tears shed.
    I think it ended just right, satisfying with still some things to work out in my mind. Brilliant writing, actually.The mystery,love stories, humor (Sawyer and Miles were the best) My favorite show ever!!!!!

  19. 19
    Jenny D.

    I am so glad I didn’t see this post until this morning because I couldn’t watch the finale until Monday night and I REALLY need this outlet today!

    -I agree with all of your conclusions and am at peace with the unanswered questions. I like to believe that what happened on the island was real and that the “real life glimpses” were their “purgatory” (even though it feels easier to believe the reverse). It feels wrong to call it a flash-sideways or to see it as time travel because time really has no part in it, it’s “purgatory” (the term purgatory sounds too harsh but I don’t know what else to call it) and it is irrelevant how long they were all there. What I find so interesting is that once Desmond is enlightened, his new purpose is to go around and gather everyone up. Aside from Charlie (and maybe John and Ben), nobody was forced into their enlightenment. Desmond tried to recreate and reunite people and situations that would enable the characters to become enlightened on their own. I want to watch the whole last season again so I can see the “purgatory glimpses” for what there really are.

    -I don’t think Kate’s life changed very much because she committed her crimes to save her mom, she was at peace with that and felt she was innocent. She was willing to have the life of a fugitive to keep that guy from continuing to hurt her mom.

    -I would have to go back and watch, but I don’t think Charlotte and Faraday touched each other. But there was enough of a recollection that it leads us to believe that they will meet again and eventually become enlightened. Faraday’s mom thinks she has control over when he will move on, but she over estimates or doesn’t know about his connection with Charlotte!!!

    -Even though the island needed them, I like to believe that they needed each other even more. The whole season has the underlying question of “why are they there?” and so this is my conclusion:
    They needed the island in order to find out who they were as individuals.
    They needed each other because they needed to care for someone else more than themselves.
    If you think about it, this conclusion helps make sense of other things, such as: the Oceanic 6 had to return to the island not just because it wasn’t done with them yet, but they were done with themselves or each other yet.

    -And it was Jack all along for me! Though I will really miss Sawyer’s nicknames, he was such a great character. Juliet was also my favorite.

    I could go on and on but I will restrain myself.

    Now that LOST has a conclusion I love the whole show even more — I am going to miss it. Maybe my husband will let us start with season 1 since he only watched the last two seasons!

  20. I also had dreams about LOST all night ling. But I don’t think they were actually alive on the island, I thought it turned out theyw ere dead all along. Maybe I’m wrong. I saw a funny tweet yesterday that I have to share: The final message of LOST: dogs are awesome.” Love it! Vincent rocks and that scene with Jack brought me to tears I guess all dog lovers can relate.

  21. 21

    Just got back from vacation last night and had to dvr the finale. We watched it last night from 10:30-12:30. We are still contemplating it all but so loved it! I just read all you wrote and love all you said here too. I’ll have to pipe in more later when it all sinks in a bit more and I have time to digest it. I’m going to miss LOST so much but feel quite satisfied about the ending. More later . . . Thanks so much for such an awesome post about this!

  22. 22

    I’m really pleased that so may people found the finale ‘awesome’ – I however found it hugely disappointing and I wanted the answers to clearly all the things they thought it would be fun to add to the show but not know how to explain. I thought the whole ‘they are dead’ realisation; although rather predictable; a total cop out.

  23. 23

    I might be the only person here not loving Lost 🙂 I watched the first season and was so mad at all the ridiculous plot twists and turns that I decided to stop watching it. But seems like maybe I was wrong….I might give it another try and watch all the seasons one after the other. After all, I have a whole summer of nothing to do 🙂

  24. 24
    andrea p

    I don’t have time for any analyzing, but I will say that I found it interesting and fairly satisfying. I missed seeing a few episodes near the end because of traveling, but the pre-finale show filled in enough of the missed information. I thought it was interesting that some of the characters didn’t have a peaceful time in limbo. Okay, back to potty training.

  25. 25

    Total LOST dreams. I’ve never had so many day dreams about a show too, always trying to work it out in my mind… for 6 years!

    I’m still not sure what to think. I’m sad. I’m sad that they really did have to die on the island. I like everything fluffy and happy and was SOOOOO hoping that the sideways was really their life and the bomb did explode the island! I like things to work out, and it’s not super satisfying that it only worked out in purgatory. I guess that’s reality, it’s not all happy. So yes, it’s good they do find closure with each other in the sideways.

    I DO like your thoughts though, Jane. I like that some of them are getting to know each other in this sideways place, like Ben and Alex, and maybe they’ll not hate him when they are enlightened. As he did STEAL Alex away as a baby on the island. Or Daniel. Maybe he’ll be mad with himself that his bomb idea didn’t work, and ended up killing Juliet.

    I’d love to see the island with Hurley. There’s really no threat anymore. No Dharma, no smokey, no others, he let’s people leave, so I’m sure Desmond gets off to see Penny. I’d LOVE for a Hurley spin-off!

    Hmmmm. I’ll probably still be day dreaming about LOST for another 6 years!

  26. 26
    Andrea Hutchings

    I’ve been thinking about it all week. I too cried when each character “remembered”, but I think they should make a movie to answer more questions about the island. I can’t believe it took the finale for you to pick Jack. Jack has been the one all along. Fun to read your thoughts!

  27. 27

    Lots of discussion with friends and co-workers about the finale and the variety of interpretations is amazing. After much argument, we finally stumbled upon your analysis and I say THANK-YOU!! I totally agree with your take on the whole situation. I’ve been calling the flash-sideways “a parallel universe” for all the characters; in effect, a glimpse into ‘what if?’.

    Anyway, my biggest unanswered questions have to do with Jacob and his brother in black. Why no name ever mentioned for his brother? (Although the mother did not have one picked out for him, still. . .a nickname?) We were meant to infer that the white clothing and black clothing symbolized good and evil? Yet, both Jacob and Brother committed murder, so who was good and who was evil? And was Brother so wrong in wanting to leave the island? Why did he become the smoke monster when he was no better or worse than Jacob? What was Jaacob’s cabin in the woods all about? Any thoughts on the whole thing? Otherwise, thanks for your insights!!

  28. 28

    Jane, I also watched the finale and LOVED it. My husband looked over at one point and said, “are you crying?” like he was suprised I got emotional. Whatever… that’s what having 4 kids does to you… turns you into a total sap!

    I agree with everything you said, and came to most of the same conclusions myself, but I didn’t make the connection with Eloise and Daniel that you did. But I think you were right on the money!

    I’ve been following the Doc Jensen articles on since the beginning of season six and it’s really helped me to understand the meaning and purpose behind a lot of what Damon and Carlton do (and yes, I feel like I’m on a first name basis with them too.)

    I’ve never been devoted to a show like I have been to Lost. It’s a sad day now that it’s over, but I am happy with the finale and the show in general. I can’t wait to go back and watch the whole series, now that we know as much as we are going to know about it.

    I was always a Jack fan… although I love Sawyer for different reasons, but I always saw Jack as the “leader” on the island and I always saw Jack and Kate together.

    Hurley was always one of my favorite characters, so I was beyond thrilled that the island’s guardianship was passed onto him.

    Now onto find some more good TV to get “lost” in… is there anything worthwhile out there?

  29. Ahh. I agree with you. In everything. I never noticed the thing with Kate, that is SO interesting. And I choose Jack too. Always have. LOL
    I LOVE that Sawyer & Juliette end up together. And I think it’s kind of sad that Jack’s son wasn’t even real… That he had to gain that fatherly approval through having a son of his own.
    And you totally helped me accept the fact that the mysteries of the island weren’t solved. The fact is, that people would be disappointed either way. If they had explained everything, people would pick it apart and be upset about it. I think it’s so fitting to leave it like it is– a MYSTERY! That’s the whole point, and the whole FUN of LOST. Thank you so much for helping me get to this point. LOL
    Great review. Thanks again. 🙂

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