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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kitchen Disasters Galore…and a Pampered Chef Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. BUT…I highly recommend you keep reading. There are some good kitchen disaster stories in these comments! And feel free to leave more great stories. I will do a follow-up post soon announcing the winner and highlighting some of the messiest/scariest/hilariousest stories you shared!

Kitchen disasters. We all have them. My most memorable disaster involves a microwave, a bag of popcorn and a phone call. Oh. My. Goodness. Who knew microwave popcorn could catch fire AND create such a great amount of smoke? I was pretty sure I had written about this experience, so I went digging around on the blog and, sure enough, I had. I had forgotten so many of the details of that day I was glad I had written it down. All I really remembered was black popcorn, more smoke than any one bag of popcorn should be allowed to produce, and feeling like a complete dummy.Β I had forgotten that it was a wicked hot day. And that we were planning a fun day at the movies with our girls, which never happened. And the reason I started a popcorn fire was because I was chatting on the phone. I guess that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise!Β Our house was SO STINKY for SO LONG…and, it was SO HOT that day. Opening the windows was the last thing we wanted to do. But we had to. Either that or suffocate. We opted for heat, but it was a tough decision. πŸ˜‰

I’ll never forget one of my mom’s “disasters.” She used to make this yummy chicken cooked in a tomato sauce for fajitas. Well, one evening, the family sat down to dinner and started to dig in. As we took our first bites we knew something was wrong. But we just kept eating. Not one of us mentioned that the fajitas tasted beyond strange, in fact, kinda gross. We didn’t want to hurt Mom’s feelings. When my mom finally sat down and started eating, she immediately asked us why we were all eating this awful food?!?! She knew immediately what she had done…cinnamon instead of cumin! She saved us all from being nice and promptly cleared the table. It’s actually quite a fond memory and still makes me laugh.

Today it’s all about kitchen disasters. It’s time to spill the beans! Please share your worst kitchen disaster. Or your mom’s worst kitchen disaster. Or your best friend’s. If it’s a kitchen disaster, we want to hear about it!

There are four other food bloggers writing similar “Spill It” posts on their blogs today. Whichever blogger gets the most comments wins a big old Pampered Chef shopping spree. There are so many Pampered Chef items that I would just love to get my hands on, so I’m really hoping we can pull this off! And just think what wonderful posts I could write for you if I had all those wonderful cooking tools! πŸ˜‰ Β Plus, I’m willing to share the spoils…

The Pampered Chef folks told me if I don’t win, they’ll still give me this totally cool Easy Brie-zy Pizza Set. But, I’ve decided I’m going to give it to one of you instead. That’s right, I’ll randomly select one of the commenters on this post to win the pizza set! And, if we can get lots of comments on here and I actually do win the shopping spree, I’ll use part of my winnings to get the pizza set for the winner…as well as something else special! See, you DO want me to win that shopping spree!

To enter the giveaway for a chance at the pizza set (and maybe more!), help me win a shopping spree AND share your great kitchen disasters (come on, I know you’re dying to “Spill It”), get commenting! Comments must be made by 12:00 pm CT this Friday, April 15. (Must have continental U.S. shipping address to ship the prize to.)

You can also “like” The Pampered Chef on Facebook (and why wouldn’t you, they’re great!) and share your disaster stories on their wall as well! Β AND…if you click on the “Contests” tab over on the left of their Facebook page, you can enter to win the same grand prize that I’m trying to win myself! It’s big…$3500 for The Pampered Chef and $125 to Spa Finder.

I can’t wait to read all your comments…this is going to be fun!


  1. 1

    25 years later, my family still teases my mom about “tripping” and spilling too much chili powder in her chili.

  2. 2

    We were BBQing in September and I still have no idea what I did. But I managed to burn all of the bangs and part of my eyebrows off. I am so glad I was wearing my glasses and my eyes weren’t burnt! Thank goodness, my husband took over so our burgers weren’t burnt too!

  3. 3

    Mine seem to involve my kiddos! I walked away from a cookie batter bowl and 3 of my kids decided to eat away. I know.. freaked even though I used to do the same thing when I was little.

    To “make up” for the batter being half gone they cracked several eggs, dumped loads of sugar and a few bread pieces for measure into the bowl.

    They got no cookies that night mainly because there tummies were turning.

    I now resort to Nestle cookie mix which is hidden deep in the fridge!

    Thanks for the chance!

  4. 4

    my biggest disaster has to be when I was 13 years old. I was babysitting my siblings with a friend of mine. We decided to make popcorn the good old fashioned way – Oil in a pan on the stove. Needless to say we set the oil and pan on fire. Thankfully we had our heads together and put the lid back on and turned off the flame. No damage (except for smoke smell) to the house. I was not allowed to babysit with a friend after that day.

  5. My worst kitchen mishap was when I was trying to recreate this awesome pasta dish I had while traveling.

    I’m a newlywed, and our resources are limited and unfortunately one of my improvizations went HORRIBLY wrong!

    The pasta calls for tomato sauce and cream equally as a pink sauce. Other than that, the pasta dish is very simple, cheese, peppers, onions, garlic, chicken.

    I didn’t have cream, but I did have Hazelnut creamer. I thought, eh, it won’t be too strong of a taste! WRONG. Imagine sickly-sweet hazelnut flavored tomatoes… or sickly-sweet hazelnut flavored chicken.

    It was beyond gross, but my poor husband just went ahead and ate it because he was so hungry and we didn’t have anything else.

    Aah the newlywed life!

  6. 6

    I think my parents consider this a kitchen disaster, but I consider it a masterpiece. When I was little (too little to actually remember this), I climbed up on the counter and decided to make an amazing concoction. I pulled out all of my mom’s spices from her cupboard and dumped them all into one big pile and mixed them around a bit. My parents saved those spices and said they would give them to me as a wedding gift.

  7. 7

    Mine was burnt microwave food. Not popcorn, but fish, I had come home for lunch one day and popped some salmon in the microwave to heat up for lunch. While it was running, I took the dog outside and forgot that i had the salmon going, needless to say when I came back in………..NOT A GREAT SMELL! πŸ™‚ I hope you win!

  8. 8

    I honestly think I block out many of my kitchen disasters πŸ™‚ But I DID have the very same popcorn disaster when I was a kid, making my after school snack while my parents were still at work. I ruined the microwave and made the house smell completely horrible for a week straight.

    Also? My aunt once made a chocolate olive oil cake with garlic olive oil. She didn’t realize it until my cousin came into the kitchen and said “ooh it smells garlic-y in here!” My aunt is known for being a bit “thrifty” and attempted to serve the cake anyway! It didn’t go over well…

  9. 9

    My claim to kitchen disaster fame…burning no bake cookies. Go figure.

  10. 10

    I was pregnant with my second baby and my baby brain was in FULL FORCE! I had gone food shopping and was putting away all of my purchases. I would take things out of the bag and put them in the fridge or cabinet and occasionally if I couldn’t fit something I’d put it on top of the fridge or counter to put it away later. WELL, I took out the ground beef I had purchased and put it on the fridge so that I could squeeze it into my freezer. Turns out I completely forgot about it. For WEEKS I was trying to figure what smelled so bad in my kitchen. I googled remedies for getting rid of household smells, I cleaned out my fridge, I even moved my fridge and scrubbed everything.
    Three weeks later, I found the DISGUSTING meat on top of my fridge in a supermarket bag. The cause of the smell.

    • Jane Maynard

      okay, seriously, this story is amazingly, disgustingly awesome. I’m glad we had this post just so I could read it! πŸ™‚

    • Barbara

      Similar dissaster…but imagine the pkg of meat sliding out of the grocery bag during transport home from the store and under a seat in the van. Also didn’t find it for several days. Did I mention it was Texas in July!? Ppppeeeeeeeeewwwwww! Traded that van in not long after! lol.

    • Jane Maynard

      oh barbara, that is AWFUL!!!! of course it made me cringe…and laugh! πŸ™‚

  11. One of my favorite fast and tasty party appetizers is warm bree cheese with raspberry and slivered almonds (recipe: slice your bree wedge horizontally in the middle, put a layer of raspberry jam and slivered almonds, warm in the oven at 350, serve with thin sliced baguette or crackers). It takes maybe ten minutes to soften the bree but it needs to be done fresh, while guests are at the house so it doesn’t get cold and rubbery too fast. TWICE now I’ve stuck my bree in the oven and got distracted being a hostess only to find the kitchen filled with that stinking smell of burnt cheese. Grrr! Now I set a timer to make sure I check on it. You’d think I would have figured that out after the first time.

  12. 12

    When I was about 7 my Mom let me graduate from the Easy Bake Oven to a real oven. I decided to make a cake and my Mom let me do everything. I made a mistake and switched the measurements for the Salt and the Sugar! So one cup of salt and one teaspoon of sugar went into the mix!

  13. 13
    Amy Duke

    I left a bag of tortilla chips in our usually-unused oven because there wasn’t enough room in the cupboard. I forgot about it until I turned on the oven to preheat and it caught on fire. Pretty much a disaster! It took a LONG time for the smell and smoke to clear out. I felt pretty stupid πŸ™‚

  14. 14

    I tried making mac n cheese in the toaster when I was about 10 years old. I put the mac n cheese in a plastic bowl and then put it in the toaster. You can imagine the melted plastic mess with cheese everywhere. I ws so scared to tell my parents, but when they did they just laughed at me.

    Anyways – I would love to win! Good luck to you, Jane – even if I don’t win!

  15. 15

    Last year, I set my toaster over on fire as I was reheating some kale chips. Apparently this does not work in the toaster oven at all. My husband singed his eyebrows and eyelashes trying to put it out. Thankfully, we were safe in the end and no further damage was done, other than to the toaster – but we went out the next day and bought a kitchen fire extinguisher.

  16. 16

    One of my most memorable disasters wasn’t necessarily with the food but the skillet. I was in college and using one of my ROOMMATE’S skillet. I had burned whatever I had cooked (like usual). To help alleviate the smell in the apartment, I took the pan outside to cool off, setting it just outside our apartment door. The catch, it sat on carpet, not cement or wood. I actually remember thinking, “I don’t need a pot holder since it’s on carpet.” I went to pick up the pan a couple of hours later, and it would not budge. The carpet had melted and adhered to the skillet! I had to take a kitchen knife and cut if off, leaving a HUGE hole in the carpet next to our front door and leaving carpet residue on the pan. The pan was ruined and my roommate was furious.

  17. 17

    I’m not nearly adventutrous enough to have any major disasters. I cannot for the life of me cook a pot roast without it coming out like a brick though. Crock pot, oven, seared, unseared, extra liquid or not. Go figure.
    I do remember when I was a newlywed and heading to the first family function since the wedding on my hubby’s side. Since we were “grown-ups” now we were assigned a few things to bring. One of them was dessert/snack so I made a pumpkin bread. After I had mixed it all up and was rechecking things I realized I had switched the amounts of baking powder and baking soda. I called my mom in a panic. She told me to just double the recipe but I was out of pumpkin (and time!). She then suggested I taste the batter and told me I would be able to tell if it off. If tasted okay so I baked it and crossed my fingers. Nobody said anything, so I guess it was okay or they were just lovely nice people πŸ™‚

  18. I had just inherited a bunch of food from an old roommate (who had just gotten married) right around when Chris & I started dating. I decided to burn through her freezer foods & among those was a string bean casserole. Normally I’m not a fan of them but I thought, what the heck?! Maybe it’ll be good. So I made that for Chris & me.

    OH MY the thing was disgusting! Chris was a sport & took some bites (as did I) and after about 3 or 4 bites we both looked at each other, dropped our forks & headed straight for the peanut butter & jelly. Almost 6 years later, we still laugh about it.

  19. 19

    I used to catch our kitchen on fire with just about every meal when I was young. I used to start some oil to make chicken strips then would go downstairs and watch my soaps only to hear the smoke alarm going off because my oil caught on fire. It is no wonder I never caught our house on fire. My mom would have killed me!!

  20. 20
    Kelly P

    Not mine, but most memorable one in our family was my brother 12-ish year old brother making a snack on the stove in a frying pan. He slipped and dropped the hot frying pan onto the linoleum (it was the 80s). For the next 5 years–until my parents renovated the kitchen–that frying pan-shaped ring was a constant reminder of the damage an innocent 12 year old can do!

  21. 21

    I tried to make this super easy (supposedly) fettucine alfredo recipe. Instead of a nice smooth sauce I ended up with clumps of parmesan cheese and noodles. It was bad, but my guests insisted it was great. Haven’t tried to make it again…time to get back on the horse!

  22. 22

    My now-husband and I were invited to dinner with some friends and offered to bring the dessert. I found the recipe for a local famous cake… Four hours later, we were late for dinner and my kitchen was covered in crumbs, frosting and flour. We still don’t really know what went wrong (too many cooks in the kitchen?), but we ended up with a completely inedible something that faintly resembled a cake. We picked a Publix cake up on the way to dinner. πŸ™‚

  23. Long story short: I put chili on the stove (obviously got distracted) and drove from BOSTON to MAINE for the afternoon with some new friends. Thank goodness it didn’t burn the house down (or ruin the pan for that matter). After that I put a little note by my front door reminding me to turn off the stove!

  24. 24

    when i was in high school i had invited over a bunch of friends for pizza. as i was taking the pizza out of the oven it started to slip and landed cheese side down on the kitchen floor. my mom tried to save the pizza by flipping it back over…needless to say, it was a disaster. pizza everywhere. and of course, being giggly high school girls, we were on the floor ourselves laughing uncontrollably.

  25. 25

    When I was first learning to bake as a teenager, I had a hard time keeping Tablespoons and teaspoons straight, as well as baking powder and baking soda, so I ended up with a lot of VERY salty tasting cookies for awhile.

    More recently, I learned the hard was that you really shouldn’t put hot liquids into a blender. Let’s just say I’m still finding soup splatters around the kitchen (not to mention that the little burn marks on my arms didn’t feel so good–luckily I didn’t get much in the face!)

    (So if I win, and you win, could you get an immersion blender from Pampered Chef?)

  26. It’s a total toss up between two, one definitely a kitchen disaster, the other maybe not so much.

    The first was when I dropped a pot of spaghetti sauce in our kitchen and the sauce flew EVERYWHERE! I mean, everywhere – all over the floor, cabinets, appliances, and yes, the kitchen ceiling. However, I was so distracted by the mess everywhere, that I didn’t notice the ceiling for a few weeks…and by the time I tried to clean it up, the ivory colored paint was stained. It was like that until we finally got the kitchen remodel painting completed shortly before we sold that house.

    The second was when my son got into a box of cornstarch we had in his bedroom. He of course got into it and shook the box in a manner that I can only imagine to be violently based upon the disbursement of cornstarch ALL OVER his room – in every nook and cranny. Adding insult to injury, this happened just as we were loading up the car to leave on a family vacation. In my harried mental state – all I was trying to do was figure out on God’s great earth I was going to clean this up as fast as possible so we could leave. My not so intelligent brain decided that the quickest way to clean it up would be to mop it up. So, I grab the mop and start cleaning … and we all know what cornstarch and water makes = A BIGGER MESS. Soon I was kicking myself thinking why the heck didn’t I grab the vacuum. Needless to say a huge mess turned into a bigger mess that took much longer than it should have to clean up. And we were finding cornstarch and dried paste for years afterwards.

  27. I added baking soda to maple syrup on the stove and it was a huge chemical reaction and flowed out of the pan and all over the stove. One of my burners still won’t light properly now πŸ™

  28. 28

    When I was about 12, my mom asked me to make some puffed wheat squares. I was using her hand written recipe and all it has was the ingredients. I put them all in a bowl, mixed them up and then tried to bake them! They went black and rock hard. I could not figure out what I had done wrong! It took my mom days to figure out that I had never made a sauce and baked them. Still something we laugh about in our house and I have never made them since!

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I love your blog!

  29. 29

    My dad and I baked this beautiful artisan loaf of bread. We tasted it and realized we forgot the salt. Big bummer!

  30. 30

    I don’t consider it a kitchen disaster, but my seafood-fearing husband certainly does.

    I accidentally left some belacan (Malaysia fermented shrimp paste) toasting in the oven (that’s how you bring out the flavor) and our house smelled like….welll….fermented shrimp for 2 days.

  31. 31
    Rachel J

    1st year married- fried rice- grabed the worchestershire sauce instead of soy sauce. I kept adding more to see why it tasted so off. Gross (and salty)- but my husband still ate it. Didn’t do that twice.

  32. 32

    I made macaroni and cheese, and somehow, all of the noodles disentigrated into the cheese, and it just turned into cheesy mush. Gross.

  33. I’m lucky I didn’t burn the house down! I put a pot of rice on to boil and then went to check email. A VERY VERY long time later, I smelled…well…popcorn. “How odd. Who could be making popcorn?” The water had all boiled away and the rice had burned onto the pot. The house smelled like burnt popcorn for weeks. Now, I ALWAYS set a timer if I leave the kitchen (one that doesn’t stop beeping loudly until it gets turned off).

  34. 34

    Not sure if this counts, but when grilling outdoors with my bbq, I left the bbq a little too close to my vinyl siding. It was at a really high heat. Come to find out after the dinner was cooked and the bbq was cooling down, did I notice that I melted my vinyl siding. Yes! I’ve learned my lesson to PULL IT AWAY from the house before I turn it one. Good grief!

  35. 35
    Auntie Barb

    Oh…SO many to choose from! Last summer I put hummingbird food on the stove “just long enough to dissolve the sugar, ran down to my office for just one minute later. When my husband came home over an hour later…BIG BIG problem. I’m just lucky I didn’t catch my house on fire. Needless to say, we learned that the smoke detectors didn’t work in our new house! We locked ourselves in our bedroom that night where the smoke had not gotten, but knew the next day we would have to leave our home. The Disaster Clean Up company wanted $550 to come in with an ozone machine for the weekend. But we found one we could rent for $50. We spent a delayed celebration of our anniversary in the lovely hotel, went out to dinner yada yada. The house still smelled, mostly of the ozone machine, some of the smoke for days, especially in the corners of our home, but it all worked out and we got the smoke detectors fixed!

  36. 36

    I love popcorn. I eat popcorn every night…at 8:00 pm on the dot. If I don’t get my popcorn, I feel like something is wrong with my day. I have an air-popper and think it tastes so much better than from a bag. One night when I was getting my “fix”, I dropped the popper in the sink which was full of water. I cried. Ridiculous, yes. I had to order another popper from because there weren’t any local stores that sold the same kind I had. I bought microwaveable bags to hold me over for a week until my new popper arrived, and I burned every single bag. Every.Single.Night. I was a mess-and our poor condo smelled so bad!! My husband makes fun of me for my addiction, but hey, it could be worse!!

  37. 37

    We made mini bundt cakes and sprayed the pan well, but they came out in crumbles. It still tasted good though.

  38. 38

    One Thanksgiving we took this beautiful homemade pie out of the oven, and left it to cool on the stove top only to hear a huge pop a few minutes later while setting the table. The burner was on, and made the glass pie plate explode all over all the food in our small kitchen. What few dishes remained after clean-up everyone ate very carefully.

  39. 39

    I burnt my husband’s birthday cake one year. Oops!

  40. 40

    My husband and I signed up to bring mashed potatoes to a church function. We lived in a tiny apartment with a tiny kitchen. I asked him to peel the potatoes and I would do the rest. He happily agreed and stuffed all of the peels down the sink as he went. It of course, was too much for the disposal and clogged the sink. It was a disaster trying to clean up the mess and dig out all of the peels.

  41. 41

    I thought I turned on the crockpot, but didnt. We had to have sandwiches instead.

  42. 42

    Not a specific disaster, because burning is a regular occurrence not a disaster, but a favorite comment my grandma said regarding my cooking was, “well, a little carcinogens never killed anyone” and then ate my black, crunchy fish.

  43. 43
    Rachel Ream

    Left a chicken in the oven at my boy friend’s house once – put it in while he was at work to surprise him. 10 hours later, after we had both left work early, gone for a hike, then OUT to dinner and visited with friends, I remembered the chicken. We were an hour away, so we had the neighbor break a window and get the burning chicken out of the house. You can’t get that smell out of carpet. We broke up later that year. =)

  44. 44
    Jana Blomquist

    I’m famous for always melting the butter when I try to soften it. I’ve had many food items explode in the Microwave while trying to warm them.
    I love my pampered chef items and would love to have more.

  45. Not me! I have NEVER had a kitchen disaster! Hehe. But, soon after we moved into our house 8 years ago, we came home to sirens and a fire truck at our next door neighbor’s house. She was going through a rough breakup and had stuck a frozen pizza into the oven and promptly left to grab a pint of ice cream at the corner store. (You know you’ve been there.) Unfortunately, she had left the cardboard on the bottom of the frozen pizza pie and poof, her kitchen went up in flames. Yes, we had her over for drinks that night!

  46. 46

    Brand new bottle of Brianna’s blush wine vinegrette. Took the lid off and then decided to shake it–unfortunately the little plastic tab top didn’t hold the dressing and our kitchen was covered in oil and vinegar. It was EVERYWHERE and the kitchen smelled like dressing for days. πŸ™‚

  47. 47

    How ’bout not properly washing your CSA veggies and giving everyone in your family gastrointestinal misery for a week? Does that count as a kitchen disaster?

  48. How about going to the trouble of making the best ever recipe for sweet rolls, taking them out of the oven, putting frosting on them and then finding out the dough is still raw?

    That would be this morning.

    (I hope you win!!!)

  49. 49

    Oh, there are so many!! There’s the time I put Tupperware in the cold oven to hide my dirty dishes from guests. Then I forgot to empty the oven for dinner the next night. Melting red Tupperware smell…mmm.

    Then there’s the time, back when I was very young, that I didn’t know the difference between a clove of garlic and a head of garlic. Wound up chopping four HEADS when the recipe called for six cloves. My hand was tired, so I stopped at four.

    And just today, with two crying kids waiting for their breakfast, I pulled a doozy. Normally, I put the eggs on a plastic cutting board to cool off before serving them. But today, for some reason, I put that cutting board on the burner I had just turned off. I now have a lovely burner-shaped carving on the backside of my cutting board!

  50. 50
    Lauren G

    I had never had bread pudding, but found a recipe that looked fun, so I decided to make it. My husband invited a friend over. I was so excited.
    and it turned out terrible. Soupy. Melty. Bad.
    We ended up burying it in the yard.

    Also, I was making waffles, and I used chili powder instead of cinnamon. That was a bad day.

  51. 51

    I was making cookies with a friend at her aunt’s house whose kitchen we had never been in and we mistakenly put salt instead of sugar in the batter. We didn’t realize our mistake until we took a huge bite of the batter once it was all made and spit it out immediately.

  52. Hmmm, which of the many to choose? At 12 years old, home with just my younger brothers after school, I had the brilliant idea to make jelly doughnuts. But the oil did not get nearly hot enough (thank goodness, in hindsight) so the result was greasy little grey globs stuffed messily with jelly via the turkey baster. Needless to say, when my mother got home, she was not pleased. Fast forward to the late 1990s when I owned a restaurant and was roasting whole ducks for Valentine’s Day, I didn’t know you have to pour off the fat as you go ”¦ the flames from the resulting fire were literally wrapped around the oven and by the time it was extinguished, all the food out in the kitchen was ruined (but thankfully no one was hurt).

  53. 53

    Oh geeze. I started cooking when I was about 10 years old, so I’ll have to just hit the highlights here. haha I have:

    -scorched green beans
    -turned on the burner with a burner cover on it
    -broken a pampered chef stone
    -melted my favorite plastic tupperware container to my stove burner

    This list could go on and on!

  54. 54

    My first kitchen disaster came at age six when I put a bottle of blue food coloring into frosting. Still can’t take anything “blue” in food unless it starts with blueberries!

  55. 55

    Just last month I exploded an eggplant in the oven. Very dramatic. It turns out that it actually is important to prick the skin before roasting it!

  56. 56

    My mom set our kitchen on fire trying to fry chicken! The house was saved but the kitchen had to be re-done. Of course, she has never lived it down and this was in 1994!!!!

  57. 57

    My sister once discovered that chocolate chip cookies don’t taste as good if you put in one cup of baking soda instead of 1 teaspoon . . .

  58. 58
    Barbara Ann Baker

    Hi, Jane,
    One experience that has created a family memory is when I was following a recipe to make the yummy topping for New York-style weiners. The recipe called for three cloves of garlic. I didn’t know what a “clove” meant. I thought it meant 3 garlic bunches. Naturally ,I followed what I thought was correct and added 3 whole garlics. Oh, yes, that was “tasty”!

    Pampered Chef has the best products.

    • Hehehe! One of my relatives was confused about the whole clove vs. bunch thing a while back, and asked the room at a holiday party what a “clove” really was. She was astounded to realize how much garlic she’d been adding to her recipes!

  59. 59

    I cooked a coq au vin in our new microwave when I was 18 and it was so undercooked, yuk! But my boyfriend at the time ate it, and wasn’t sick! Rx

  60. 60

    A few years ago I was making homemade carrot cake for a friends bday, for some reason I moved the cooled layers to get ready to frost and they fell on te floor! In tears I picked up the pieces and tried to pat them into a shape so I could frost the parts that didn’t touch the floor. I called my then boyfriend (now husband) crying that I ruined the cake.

    Later at the party he surprised me with bringing extra cake, he rushed home to make it, then with frosting wrote ” extra cake”. At out wedding he surprised me with his own “extra cake” that we cut at the ceremony, such a great memory from my own kitchen disaster.

  61. The most recent one I can think of is when my husband and I made an apple pie for my birthday. The pie came out of the oven looking great, and we waited a little while, and put some candles in for me to blow out. Well… we didn’t wait nearly long enough for the pie to cool, and it melted the candles inside the pie. And not just a little – I let them sit in there for a few minutes while I tried to get the perfect picture. Lol, at least I didn’t put all 25 candles in there, just 6. πŸ™‚

  62. 62

    My biggest kitchen disaster involves baking a paper-bag-apple-pie in a gas oven. Turns out you can only make those pies in an electric oven! One very large oven fire later, I decided it was best to file that recipe away under “flammable”. Sometimes we learn best by experience!

  63. 63

    My sweet mother-in-law had her kitchen remodeled and for a while just couldn’t stand to have anything out on her new granite counter tops… so when she made some rice krispy treats, she naturally stored the pan in the oven instead of the counter. Of course, she forgot they were in there next time she needed to pre-heat the oven. Those rice krispy treats were hard as rocks πŸ˜‰ Good luck to you, Jane!

  64. When my older kids were young, I would put a pot roast in the crock pot along with Lipton Onion Soup mix and Cream of Mushroom soup. Made for a super easy, yummy Sunday dinner. But my younger kids don’t like the mushrooms and substituting it with Cream of Chicken (like I do in other recipes) just seems wrong, so I started leaving out the canned soup entirely and when the roast was done, I would add water with cornstarch (well blended) and a little cream to the hot liquid right before serving…it usually thickens up nicely.

    One time, I was cooking for company, but this time my un-measured recipe bombed. I ended up with lumpy, overly thick gravy. It tasted okay, but looked suspicious. At least I had made fresh, homemade mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, garlic green beans and the pot roast was yummy so I somewhat redeemed my reputation as a good cook, but I’m still just a little crockpot gravy-shy.

  65. 65

    I just dropped a pie in the crack of my oven a few weeks back. Talk about a mess.

  66. We set an oil fire RIGHT after we got married. Were making dinner for friends and turned one burner to high instead of the other one. It filled our apartment with smoke, ruined a brand-new pan, and still makes us laugh a whole lot.

  67. 67

    Ha! These are great! Thinking about it, all of mine involve fire! Yikes! The worst would have to be when I was in college, though. I was getting ready for class and I stuck a pop tart (I know!) in the toaster to take with me on my way out the door. I went back into the bedroom to get dressed, when I smelled something burning. Sure enough, flames were shooting out the top of my toaster. I quickly unplugged it and took it outside onto my concrete steps, where I poured a glass of water over the whole thing. Not my finest moment, but at least I didn’t burn the place down!

  68. I’m actually famous for adding blood and body parts to my dishes. Yep, I’m a cutter. One time I was halving sun-dried tomatoes, and sliced my thumb so badly I ended up on the ER getting stitches. I’ve also grated my knuckle into some mozzarella. Good thing the end product is usually worth the pain! πŸ˜‰

  69. 69

    Since you took the kitchen disaster I was going to write about Jane I will just leave you with this:

    When you get ‘old’ and your kids are ‘gone’ and you don’t ‘cook’ much anymore – EVERYTHING is a disaster. Just as your dad!

    By the way – you told my story much better than I could have! Ahhh cinnamon – not so good in Mexican food…

  70. 70

    Cinnamon toast is one of the most MARVELOUS things on a Saturday morning…unless you accidentally add Old Bay Seasoning.

    Yikes. Did I finish eating it? Yes. I’m not proud.

  71. 71
    carrie hellewell

    My kitchen disaster also involves popcorn. I was recently married and we had received a popcorn popper as a wedding gift. I wanted to make caramel popcorn and so I excitedly got out our new popper. I hadn’t used a popcorn popper since I was a kid so I had no idea that they had come out with a oil-less popcorn popper. I poured oil into the popper and turned it on. It started smoking and making very odd noises. Once I turned it off, it wouldn’t turn back on. The house was all smokey and I had lost a perfectly good popper. AND I had no caramel popcorn!

  72. I attempted to make my own mustard once.
    And hey!
    They call it mustard gas for a REASON!

    (I “mustarded” out my whole apartment building.)

  73. 73
    Daija H.

    I put butter in the microwave to soften it and forgot to add it to the cookie dough. I did the same thing with brown sugar a few months later. butter and brown sugar are definitely important ingredients in cookies. πŸ™‚

  74. 74
    Erin Garner

    I like you had a popcorn microwave disaster. I was 14 years old and babysitting for a family that i never had before. They had a really old microwave and the kids said that it took forever to cook things. So I asked how long it usually took to cook popcorn they told me and we went in the other room to wait. A few mins later smoke was billowing out of the microwave and i could see some flames. There was so much smoke I thought the entire kitchen had to be on fire. Needless to say I kinda freaked out and all the fire prevention emergency stuff you learn in school can rushing to my head. It was crazy, I felt awful, and I guess I took care of the situation well enough cuz I did actually baby sit for them again. But I certainly learned my lesson. Never listen to children about cooking something new and then leave. Read the directions and stay with the food to make sure everything is cooking the way it should.

  75. 75

    My worst kitchen disaster was when I tried to make apple crisp from scratch. The apples were delish but the sugar/cinnamon combo was not. I put way way way too much on there. πŸ™ I nearly sent my diabetic mother-in-law-to-be into shock!

  76. 76

    I once tried to make an Oreo cookie piecrust in our (not very good) blender, because we didn’t have a food processor. When it wouldn’t blend correctly, I kept adding more butter. Needless to say, it was a soggy mess at the end and was thrown away. Even though I have a food processor now, I haven’t tried making an Oreo cookie piecrust again!

  77. My very first memory of my sister & I being allowed to cook without adult supervision – we made brownies. The kind from the box. Pretty simple, huh? Nope, we forgot to put the eggs in and they came out flat and hard as a rock!

  78. 78

    Not many have trouble with the crock pot but I used tomato paste instead of tomato sauce and my jambalaya was all kinds of bad. Bad as in burnt. I didn’t read the recipe closely enough.

  79. 79

    Hard to pick just one….but my ultimate string of “success” always came in concoting babbler food – (random food compiled from the kitchen to feed to your siblings.) The time I combined mashed potatoes/hasbrowns/pickles/rice/chocolate/tortilla/ketchup/and a host of other things I can’t mention – not only did my sister throw up after eating it, but even the dog threw up. Mmm….tasty.

  80. 80

    After having a splendid brunch at a fancy little restaurant in Manitou Springs, I decided to pull together a copycat batch of their Multigrain Sunflower Pancakes. There were a slew of problems with this idea. For starters, I was feeling particularly creative with the Vitamix and whopped together a batch of my own wild-rice flour. Then, then hubby came to the dinner table starved to pieces. Then, we’d run out of butter AND real syrup so I was frantically flipping over-burned, nappy tasting pancakes while trying to stir together a random batch of homemade vanilla syrup. Breakfast was not pretty that day. I made 22 pancakes and watch a single bite be eaten by my most food-daring child who then pushed the plate away and declared herself unhungry. If she wasn’t willing to eat those suckers, no one was. The kids pulled out cold cereal and ate it by the handfuls…because as it turns out…we were also out of…milk.

  81. 81

    Let me say that I don’t get home from work until almost 6pm (or later if the traffic is bad) so most nights I am in a hurry to put things together. I was making some baked mac & cheese which calls for flour for the roux. When I got out the flour canister I thought that it looked particularly extra white, but I the lighting was bad and I was in a hurry so I just whipped up the recipe without checking anything. My boyfriend and his brother were going on and on about the flavor being out of the ordinary, but good. I sat down to eat and at first bite I KNEW that it was powdered sugar!!! I couldn’t believe that I would make such a mistake. I should have trusted my instinct and tested it, but I was in such a hurry. Lesson learned!

  82. 82

    When my wife and I were first dating, I had only cooked for her a few times but as usual all had turned out well. One day I went to the fish market and asked the guy behind the counter what was good. He referred me to the salmon sausages. I had never cooked them before but he gave me quick instructions on what to do and I thought nothing of it and grabbed them and a good amount of mussels to cook as a side dish.

    As my wife started eating the sausages she amazingly said nothing. I took one bite and couldn’t even swallow it. I can only imagine the fish monger was pushing them because they were past their prime because the sausages were rancid and clearly inedible. My poor wife hadn’t had enough of my cooking to be sure at that point how I would take it and had actually eaten two bites. Fortunately we had the mussels because that was dinner that night. She still to this day uses this as the gold standard of how no matter how badly I cook something it will never be worse than the salmon sausages.

  83. 83
    Rebecca O.

    This was about 20 years ago. A friend and I were preparing a Mexican meal to share with the family I was living with in Spain. We were using the blender…which was knocked over and the contents spilled down the side of the stove. Yuck!

  84. My friends like to give me a hard time whenever I make anything less than perfect (since I write a food blog!). Once I was making bread for an ex that just did not rise. No idea why. I did everything the same as I always do but it just stayed sad and flat. Luckily I had bought a loaf of french bread for something else so we had that but he never let me live it down!

  85. 85

    It’s nice to know others have the same problems in the kitchen!

  86. 86

    Baking cupcakes, 8 year old daughter helping me, added salt, then added more salt, then just a pinch more for good measure. The cupcakes were flat and …salty:)

  87. 87

    One year I was visiting my sister and we were having Thanksgiving dinner with three or four different families. It was the first time she’d made a turkey and it looked beautiful, until we cut it and it was still raw on the inside πŸ™‚

  88. 88

    I was cooking for my boyfriend at the time (now hubby) a special dinner of pork chops with a recipe I hadn’t tried before. It called for honey & orange juice in the pan. The only honey I had was a purple colored honey that I had picked up recently when visiting parents in Oregon. Guess what color orange & purple mixed together make.

    GREEN. The pork chops were GREEN. Tasted yummy but it was actually really hard for both of us to really enjoy it just because it looked so WRONG! I was tempted to make them the same way again for his parents once we got engaged, just to “prove” my cooking skills – hahhaha. Never went through with it, though.

    Fun post!

  89. 89

    When I was like 12 I decided I was going to make chocolate chip cookies for my family. I preheated the oven and started making the dough. A little while later my mom comes into the kitchen because it’s really smoking and stinking (I’m totally oblivious as I crack my eggs one at a time) and the bowl of rising bread dough that was in the oven (oops!) before I turned it on was covered by a plastic lid that is now on fire.

    Every time I preheat and oven I check it for flaming plastic lids. I’m still traumatized.

  90. When I was 12, I baked my first ever apple pie. Come to find out later…the flour I used had little bugs all in it. I guess I thought it was some sort of whole wheat flour…

  91. When we were first married I made a batch of cookies with no baking soda or baking powder. They were flat as bricks but my husband ate them anyway.

  92. I love Pampered Chef’s bamboo spoons.

  93. 93

    I wanted to be the perfect wife when I first got married to my childrens father. I had just been to a RS meeting and we learned how to make home made bread. I thought”easy I can do this”. The next day I made my bread, following the recipe to the tee. When it came out of the oven golden brown,I turned the pan over and heard a
    thud as the bread hit the counter. It
    was as hard as the counter top. I
    broke it up in BIG pieces and threw
    it in the yard. Didn’t think another
    thing about it until the next day
    when the landlords kids came to the
    door and asked if I made bread.
    They said it was the best gernades,
    Ever. My response was “bread?,
    what bread.? “P.S. The poor birds couldn’t even eat it.

  94. I have way too many kitchen disasters to name! The most notorious was setting off the smoke alarm while secretly cooking hash browns – I ruined the hashbrowns, the pan I was using, and my mom’s only day to sleep in. Yikes!

  95. 95
    Jen Schulte

    Most recently I had an incident with attempting to puree soup in the food processor … needless to say I loaded it up with way too much and turned it on, it created soup bits and hot liquid like a volcanic eruption all over the place! Yuck!

  96. 96

    Such a fun giveaway thanks! I don’t cook often because I always make a disaster..ha!

  97. 97

    Worst cooking disaster? I was dating my now-husband and wanted to show off by making him a yummy smoothy. After a good 20 minutes I excitedly brought him a big brimming cup of homemade smoothy. He started drinking and politely asked what the crunchy stuff was. I confidently said it was ice that didn’t fully grind. When I grabbed my glass and started drinking I noticed the crunchy stuff didn’t taste like ice. I snuck back into the kitchen and looked around. Only then did I notice my wooden spoon no longer had a spoon end, just a handle! I had used it to smash the fruit and ice down into the blender, but didn’t notice it was getting blended up too. Due to my excitement, I didn’t notice I was missing half of it when I tossed the dirty dishes in the sink.
    It’s been over ten years and I think I’ve finally convinced my husband I can cook and know my way around a kitchen.

  98. 98
    Nikki CB

    Oh man….

    When my (now) husband and I were dating, we visited my folks up in Bar Harbor, ME. He and I decided to make falafel together. For whatever reason, the batch was too soft and when we deep fried some balls of the chickpea mixture they totally dissolved into an oily mush, throughout the pan of hot oil.

    So, we decided to figure out a way to firm up the falafel mixture. We decided to try adding a bit of (wheat) flour. It helped keep the balls together very nicely. We added a bunch of the falafel balls to a fresh pan of hot oil. This time they started deep frying perfectly. Or so it seemed. Within a minute or so, balls of hot oily falafel started bursting (exploding!) and flying up into the air, out of the pan! The first one hit me on my forehead!! We quickly cleared out, and just had to watch (laughing) as the rest of the balls exploded out of the pan. What the!?

    We have made deep fried falafel from scratch one more time since then and they were great. And didn’t explode.

    I had no permanent scarring from my first experience. πŸ™‚

  99. 99

    Twice I’ve gone off to a church meeting and left the oven on – once with bread in the oven and once with a pie.
    My neighbors have been kind enough to accommodate me and rushed in (after I’d remembered) and saved the day.
    the best messes are when I forget and am still in the house!
    brownie briquets anyone?
    Once my sister caught butter on fire and almost took out my mom’s new kitchen by fire!

  100. 100

    not noticing that my daughter had switched out the salt in my salt pig with sugar. It took me forever to figure out exactly why all my food was coming out horribly, horribly wrong that day.

  101. 101

    it was a new cheesy potato recipe. The recipe called for 1 1/2 cups of oil ??? you would have thought that would raisesd a red flag, I shrugged it off-afterall, the recipe called for it. I continued on and served this oily slop to my family. One bite is all it took. I excused everyone from the table, tossed it, and we had cereal for dinner.

  102. 102

    I had made a gorgeous pizza, and was about to put it in the oven. I then realized I had forgotten to flour my surface. There was no way I could get the pizza off the counter! I ended up scraping it up in pieces and throwing the whole thing in the trash because I was so upset!

  103. 103
    Sara Denoncourt

    I do enjoy pizza

  104. 104

    In my most expensive cooking disaster, I had heated something in a ceramic bowl in the microwave. The bowl was extremely hot, but I didn’t realize this as I grabbed it with both hands and pulled it out of the microwave. In the two seconds that it took for my hands to just clear the microwave door, the pain set in and I dropped the bowl–onto my ceramic cooktop stove. The bowl shattered, and so did the ceramic cooktop. It would have cost as much to replace the cooktop as to get a whole new range, so I had to throw away a perfectly good oven and buy a new range.

  105. 105

    I have one of these weekly. Here are a few:

    I recently burned crock pot chicken two weeks in a row–the smell returning from 3 hours of church is not cool.

    Oh once I put way too much salt into asparagus soup that I had spent hours making, peeling the asparagus by hand and everything! I had gallons of inedible brine to show for my efforts.

    When i was quite a bit younger I did not realize that when making ground beef spaghetti you have to brown the meat first, so I had a pot full of uncooked meat in delicious tomato sauce. Gross!

    Good luck.

  106. I once volunteered to cook dinner for a guy I had recently met. I was living 1,000 miles away from home and desperate for some one to hang out with. He came over and we decided to go for a hike. I had cooked pork tenderloin, which was expenseive for me, an intern at the time making pennies a month. Since we were going for a hike, I decided to leave the meat in the oven, but turn the oven off. The meat would keep warm long enough for us to be gone and come back to eat. While I thought I had turned the oven off, I actually had not and when we got back, the meat was burned all the way through. A complete disaster. In the end, the guy was a complete disaster too! Oh well – can’t win ’em all.

  107. 107

    When I was 16 we moved into a new house and the first night celebrated by getting pizza. For some reason I put the leftovers in, the box, in the oven (I think the fridge wasn’t installed yet- but really that doesn’t explain what I was thinking). The next morning I went to make popovers and preheated the oven. A few minutes later we all smelled smoke… that’s right, pizza box on fire.

  108. 108

    I kept smelling something stinky in our kitchen-took out the trash, still stinky, scrubbed the trash can and cupboard, still stinky. Ran some lemons down the garbage disposal and cleaned the oven…still stinky. Decided to make some roasted potatoes for supper-grabbed the bag of potatoes and discovered they had liquefied and dripped putrid potato goo all over my carpet. Soooooo gross!

  109. 109

    I was 11 years old and wanted to make cookies all by myself. I was doing GREAT until I mistook TSP for CUPS with the SALT. ..1/2 cup of salt…gross! I noticed it before I baked the cookies due to the reflex-like dough taste tests. I thought about just starting over but then felt sooo bad for wasting so much ingredients that I tried to ‘fix it’ by throwing in more flour, sugar, vanilla and baking soda. More, and more and more and more… until finally, in tears, I gave up and confessed to my mom who thankfully laughed at me and told me to just throw it out next time. I was so grossed out by tasting so much salty dough and throwing away an ENORMOUS bowl of beautiful looking dough, I didn’t end up starting new batch right then or making cookies by myself for a long time.

  110. 110
    Erin Quinn Robison

    A few months ago I was making a roast chicken in my pyrex baking dish. After about 30 minutes I realized that the drippings were drying up so I proceeded to open the oven and pour a glass of water into the GLASS PAN……EXPLOSION! I had glass bits everywhere. We ordered pizza that night and I had a glass of wine to calm my nerves.

  111. I have had numerous kitchen disasters. One actually involved the fire department and me waiting at my neighbors while my husband rushed home!
    My husband and I still still joke about a time when we were first married and I cooked a horrible dinner. It was a creamy saucy chicken dish seasoned with rosemary but somehow (and I have never figured out what I did wrong) it just tasted so bizarre! The only way we could both describe it was “hairy”. It gave us the feeling of having hair on our tongue or something like that – in other words, not good and totally inedible! We scrapped dinner and went out to eat, I think!

  112. 112

    It was our honeymoon and we were staying in a cabin near Yellowstone. We had gotten a frozen pizza to cook and I popped it into the oven. We went outside for bit, but when we came back in, there was an awful burnt smell. I opened the oven and the pizza was smoking and black. It was the first meal I cooked for my husband after our wedding, and it was completely inedible!

    In my defense, I’m pretty sure there was something wrong with the oven. I had it set to 375, but it was MUCH hotter in there.

  113. 113
    Lindsey P

    OO, my kitchen disaster happened just the other day! We were having a bunch of friends over for a cribbage tournament and I wanted to make some yummy goods. I found this great recipe for a spin on Rice Crispy Bars that used almond butter and brown rice syrup instead of karo syrup. The recipe called for dark chocolate for the topping so I went to the store and spent $4 each for 2 really expensive dark chocolate bars. I melted them down as the recipe called for and spread them all over my packed brown rice crispy bars. I was just about to pop them in the fridge when my boyfriend yells, “Eugh! what is this?” I turned around and saw that he had just “finger-tasted” the melted chocolate from the bowl and had the most disgusted look on his face. I immediately went to the garbage can and pulled the chocolate bar wrappers and saw plain as day, “Unsweetened Dark Chocolate.” Eugh was right…

    All was not lost, however, as we made the losing team of the cribbage tournament eat a whole bar!

  114. 114

    When I was a college student I had a job at a cute little sandwich shop. I worked the morning shift, which worked out great until they started serving oatmeal. While creating a wonderful bowl of oatmeal for a costumer I added what I thought was an extra helping of sugar. Turns out I can’t tell the difference between sugar and SALT! Oh, boy that was bad.

  115. 115

    It was on a Sunday when I was around 6 or 7. My mom put a pot of artichokes on the range, but forgot about them. We went to church. Three hours later we came home. I can’t remember if there were fire trucks at the house when we got home, but I do remember the front door had been kicked in by the firemen. There was a big black boot mark on the door. The house was clearing of smoke and there was a severely charred pot of artichokes on the range.

    I always remembered the incident every time I came home and saw the boot mark that was still on the front door.

  116. 116

    I think I read Tbsp instead of tsp for salt in a chicken Tikka Masala recipe. Even in tsps it would have been too much – and I like salt. very difficult to eat. I even had guests over who were very cordial about it.

  117. 117

    I left the eggs out of my cookies before.

  118. 118

    How about the time our youngest threw a bean bag in a beautiful arc into a bowl of soup. We all laughed as we wiped the soup from our faces.

  119. 119

    I so need a stone for our weekly pizza nights. My biggest kitchen disaster has to do with the dishwasher, not actual cooking. But I distinctly recall a time when I was much younger and learning to do the dishes and putting regular dish soap in the dishwasher instead of detergent. The kitchen flooded and had about a foot of suds.

  120. 120

    I am not sure what went wrong but my kids were distracting me while I was making soda bread ? baking powder
    Lets say the bread weighed about 50 pounds after baking it. But the birds loved it!

  121. 121

    not sure if this is considered a disaster but… I hated mac and cheese until my cousin watched me make it one day for my little sister. It turns out you are supposed to drain the water. I had thought you just added the cheese packet and that was it. I can`t say I like it any much better but its not as bad as I thought it was.

  122. 122

    I have so, so many kitchen disasters.

    Like the time I may have forgotten one of the wax pieces of paper separating the phyllo dough when I was making a spanikopita. My guests had an extra thick layer to chew through, and no amount of brushed melted butter will help that.

  123. 123

    Oh man burned pop corn is awful! one time my oh-so-sweet boyfriend decided to cook tuna helper for dinner and realized we didnt have any milk so he used sweetened condensed milk…not knowing that there was a difference. OH MY GOSH was it DISGUSTING! I tried loading it with hot sauce but i just couldnt do it. i believe that night we ate frozen dinners LOL

  124. 124

    My worst was making your yummy tomato soup a couple of years ago. I had no idea you couldn’t put hot liquids in a blender. It exploded all over my kitchen, burned my hand, and melted/broke the lid to the blender. I think I may have shed some tears but the soup is fantastic and one of our favorite winter meals πŸ™‚

  125. 125

    When I was a young teenager, I was crazy about the idea of making a lemon meringue pie. The first time I made one, I read the instructions for making a meringue – beat for such an amount of time. So I got a fork and started mixing. I didn’t know what stiff peaks were so I stopped mixing when my egg mixture was bubbly and frothy and then poured it on top of my pie. I couldn’t imagine why it never fluffed up when I pulled it from the oven.

    Not long after, I tried again. This time I nailed the meringue. However, when I poured in the lemon juice, I neglected to notice the texture of it. (Plus I had a cold and couldn’t smell it.) When it was baked, cooled and presented for dessert, the family was really confused why my lemon meringue pie tasted like pineapple. (My mother had put leftover pineapple juice in a lemon juice bottle…oops!)

    Amazing how I turned out to be an okay cook after all!

  126. 126

    The (now) hubs and I were hanging out one afternoon after school and I decided to make easy mac. I was so distracted by him and trying to impress him I stuck the noodles in the microwave without and water. Ha!

  127. 127

    When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time watching my mom cook. One thing I noticed is that she always used high heat when she put pots on the stove. When they got hot enough, then she’d turn them down to low. I figured that was just the way it was supposed to be done.

    So when I started cooking, I did the same thing. I’d toss a pan on the stove, turn the burner on high and let it get nice and toasty before I turned it way down. It drove my husband nuts – and I can’t tell you how many pans I ruined.

    My husband mentioned it to my mother one day and she cleared up the confusion. The only reason she cooked the way she did was because the big burner on her cook top was broken.

  128. 128

    I there was a ‘like’ button for these comments..they are cracking my up tonight!

    Growing up my mom always cooked everything from scratch. Her mom, my nana, was the same way. So of course everyone assumed I would be an instant success in the kitchen.


    The first 11 times I made from-scratch biscuits my family dubbed them ‘hockey pucks’ and used them as flying missiles across the dining room.

  129. 129

    Well there was the time I set the oven on fire by trying to bake bacon. Or the time I put a pizza on a very thick circular cast-iron baking pan. It never got cooked but it did stand up on its side. Petrified. Or the time I used salt instead of sugar. Or the time I ……

  130. 130

    Every time my wife tries to use yeast it’s a disaster.

  131. 131

    When I was younger I loved making cookies, well I still do… My mother kept flour, sugar and powdered milk in large buckets in the kitchen. I made chocolate chip cookies with powdered milk instead of flour! Yuk! They were hard as a rock and not very tasty!

  132. 132

    I’d love to say there is never a disaster, just a first try, but who am I kidding!? To tell you the truth, I usually do fine with recipes from scratch but somehow always manage to screw up boxed cake mix, microwaving leftovers, that sort of thing! When it should be simple, it gets complicated!

  133. 133

    This isn’t exactly a cooking disaster but it qualifies as a kitchen disaster. It was the olden days when you had to boil the baby bottle nipples to sterilize them. As I was happily boiling away, a friend stopped by, we talked, she invited me to see her garden, we ended up walking around the neighborhood. When I returned home we could smell it before we hit the smoke. Then .. ding dong… 2 young handsome missionaries arrived for dinner. We ended up sitting at our small dining room table with a fan blowing on high and had to yell our conversations across the table. In 3 or 4 days- the house smelled fine again. So glad the baby bottles were for emergencies only.

  134. 134
    Anna Mckeown

    fun, fun, fun~ I love your blog and pampered chef looks really cool.

  135. 135

    We were newly married and I was excited to make my husband pancakes. I was also new to cooking so this was an exciting adventure for me. Being the sweet man that he is, he ate the pancakes despite the fact that they were totally raw and runny in the middle. Hard to imagine screwing up pancakes, but I certainly did.

  136. 136

    I worked very hard to make my hubby’s very favorite roast chicken (Emeril’s recipe…so good!). I put the thermometer in and roasted it for the suggested time, but the juices were not running clear. My husband entered the kitchen, peered over my shoulder, and notified me that I was roasting the chicken UPSIDE DOWN! It took quite a while to get it cooked through, but the breast was nice and moist!

  137. 137

    In college, my best friend had just moved into her first apartment by herself. She had washed her dishes and put one of the casserole dishes with plastic lid in the drawer under the oven. Not too long later, the apartment building was evacuated because of all of the smoke and alarms coming from her apartment. The drawer under the oven was actually the heating element and it melted the plastic lid. The fire department showed up and she was so mortified.

  138. We recently moved into a new house. The smoke detectors in this place must be some of the most sensitive types ever made. Needless to say, I have sent them off too many times to count. We have gotten to the point where we all have designated positions and jobs to begin immediately as soon as the rinig starts. One person opens and closes the front door repeatedly, another opens all available windows and my job is to flap a kitchen towel back and forth under whichever Alan is sounding. It doesn’t even seem to faze us anymore and we have started to say the meal sn’t worth eating if we don’t set off the alarms.

  139. 139

    When I was pregnant with my first child there was this funky smell in the kitchen. We couldn’t figure it out! Turns out I steamed some brocolli, and somehow decided to put the pot back in the cupboard, brocolli uneaten, and left for at least a couple days until the stench was so bad we could hunt it down. EEEWWW. Yay for prego-head!

  140. 140

    I’m pretty comfortable in the kitchen, but my microwave and I don’t always get along. I have burnt many a bag of popcorn in my day (no flames, but there was definitely smoke, and my husband HATES the smell of burnt popcorn!!!). My biggest mishap came from me trying to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Sounds silly now, but I was all gung-ho to try it years ago. Needless to say, it was a disaster and was one of the very few things I’ve cooked that my husband refused to even try. And I can’t blame him. They were huge, rubbery, and kind of greenish in color. I don’t recommend you try it!!

  141. 141

    My mom was making macaroni and cheese one time and realized she didn’t have any flour for the sauce. She decided to improvise with a box of bread machine mix and didn’t realize it was for cinnamon raisin bread. She served it anyway hoping we wouldn’t notice the odd flavor or the raisins floating around. Nice try mom!

  142. 142

    What an appropriate topic…just tonight, I was making refried beans. I thought I had turned my burner off, but I had actually just turned it to its lowest setting. I fell asleep on the couch for about 30 minutes and when I woke up, I could smell a nasty smell. Sure enough, the beans were totally dried up with a black char at the bottom of the pan and the smoke filled my kitchen when I lifted the lid. I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, so I guess I can attribute it to “baby brain”. πŸ™‚

  143. 143

    oh my goodness. i baked cookies on a pan with the protective coating still on. the apartment smelled rank, and the cookies were beyond hope!

  144. 144

    I made chicken piccata for the first time a little while ago, but dropped the pyrex pan with the chicken in it on the tile floor. I rinsed the chicken off and thought it would be fine. But as we started eating we noticed a little extra crunch in our food, so we had to throw the whole dinner away and eat mac and cheese instead.

  145. 145

    When I was a kid the salt and sugar holders looked pretty similar. When we had a dinner party it was my job to make peoples coffee…sadly I used salt rather then sugar and it was beyond terrible! Hope you win!

  146. I was working really long hours at work AND I was pregnant. So I decided to pick up a frozen pizza at the store for dinner. When I took it out of the oven I had a really hard time cutting it into pieces. I started saying every swear word and swear word combination I could think of. My husband came into the kitchen wondering what happened. I told him “Something is wrong with this cheap ass pizza!” Curious, he saidm, “Let me try…” which, I don’t know why, it pissed me off even more… like as a woman I couldn’t cut my own friggin’ pizza!! I finally surrendered the pizza roller and my husband discovered I had cooked the pizza with the cardboard still under it! I was so embarrassed and tried very hard to maintain my seriousness — why, I don’t know. My husband hysterically laughed at me and his infectious laughter eventually made me laugh. We actually giggled all evening. Great memory. BTW, the pizza tasted fine. πŸ˜‰

  147. 147

    I was trying to make my famous chocolate cake for a fundraiser auction… left out the flour and the cake overflowed ALL OVER the oven. It would be bad enough if that was the end of the story, but I cleaned out the oven, started over and did the exact same thing again! Third time was a charm.. I figured it out. Hope you win the shopping spree!

  148. 148
    Kristen Merrill

    I have many but one my family still reminds me of is very actually similar to yours. I was 12 and had a couple of girl friends over. We decided to make popcorn but were too lazy to read the directions on the package. I think we put it in for 10 or so minutes…haha I still think that microwave smells like popcorn smoke!

  149. 149

    When I was about 10, a friend and I tried to make orange-julius type drinks. Half-way through the recipe we realized we only had mint-chip ice cream and no vanilla. We decided to give it a shot, and let me tell you, even to a 10 year old that was one foul smoothie.

  150. 150
    Kim in AZ

    My 12 year old son was making one of those ‘fancy’ Ramen noodles where you add the dried veggies and water to the noodles and microwave for several minutes, then mix in the seasoning. Well, we were in the house and suddenly something started to smell burnt. I looked in the oven, nothing. Nothing burnt on the stove. Finally opened the microwave and saw black smoke pouring out. Turns out that he somehow forgot to put water in the noodles before nuking them. They were crispy black and the whole house smelled so bad. We even had the smoke alarm going off before we could get things aired out. The poor boy – I still ask him if he remembered water every time he tries to put anything in the microwave. πŸ™‚

  151. 151

    Mine invovled turning on the wrong burner and starting the library book on fire!

  152. 152

    My mom set the kitchen on fire making popcorn. She was making the old fashioned kind (ha) on the stove with oil. She had put the oil on to heat up and then went to the bathroom. My little brother who was in bed at the time saw the reflection of the flames from his bed and yelled “fire”! Luckily we had a little extinguisher and there was nothing other than smoke damage. The best part is my dad, after giving my mom such a hard time, did the same thing like month later! It was not as bad and much easier to hide so he said he’d pay us kids each $10 to never tell!

  153. 153

    It was my first year of college and I was still a very spoiled and pampered girl whose grandma had cooked for her whole life. Needless to say, my mom sent me a care package with several Easy Mac cups that you prepare in the microwave. I came back to my dorm one afternoon after studying all night and taking a particularly brutal exam (Chemistry, YIKES!) and simply picked up one of the Easy Mac cups and stuck it in one of the communal floor microwaves and went back to my room after planning on coming back in the 2 minutes it says to cook it for the first time. After about a minute, the fire alarms went off and when I ran out of my room after having remembered I had left the cup unattended, I saw a huge amount of smoke coming from the area where the microwave I had just stuck my Easy Mac in. The entire building had to be evacuated and I never told my RA that I made the entire building stand outside for half an hour in 15 degree weather because I had forgotten to put water in my Easy Mac. Oops!

  154. My mother wanted to impress my father on their first Thanksgiving during the Great Depression. She scrimped and saved up the money for a turkey, stuffed it and then realized she didn’t have anything to truss it. So she thought of the most clever idea — she’d tie the legs together with a rubber band! Well you can imagine what happened when that rubber band started to roast — my father came home to an apartment filled with the smoke of burning rubber. They ended up eating spaghetti with the Italians in the apartment below!

  155. 155
    Lynda Clark

    My biggest disaster was when I was 9 years old. I wanted to surprise my mother for her birthday by baking her a birthday cake. I used a recipe from a Betty Crocker cookbook for kids. The recipe called for a decoration of peach halves being placed on top of the frosted cake and a sugar cube soaked in vanilla extract was placed in each peach half. Then, the sugar cubes were lighted and the cake would be presented with the peach halves flaming. I was so proud that everything had turned out perfectly, that is until I struck the match and lit the first sugar cube. I had carelessly dribbled extract on the table and floor of the kitchen and a row of flames immediately went across the kitchen. My mother had to run in and put the fire out. Needless to say, she got much more of a surprise than just a homemade birthday cake. Fortunately, both the kitchen and myself were left unscathed, other than the lecture I received about being more careful when cooking and not using open flames.

  156. The very first meal of Lemon Chicken that I made for my surfer that nearly turned his face inside out it was so sour is definitely my most memorable kitchen disaster πŸ™‚

  157. 157

    One time in college I really wanted some scrambled eggs for dinner. I put the eggs in the pan, but then a boy came to the door and I got totally side tracked and forgot…..15 minutes, a lot of smoke and stink later I was jarred back to remembering about those charred eggs on the stove top. Needless to say I didn’t woo him with my cooking skills that evening, but he was nice enough to help me air out the apartment.

  158. 158

    I invited a bunch of friends over for a sushi-making soiree. I couldn’t get the rice to come out right and so 30 minutes before the 20 guests were to arrive, I went to a Chinese Food restaurant to buy rice to use for the sushi rolls. Chinese-Japanese all the same right? UGH – no – we ordered in pizza.
    After 3 hours of pre-prep I was so bummed. Saki and pizza aren’t a good combo either. So please pity me – pamper me – Pampered Chef and Jane!

  159. 159

    Harvesting honey is a huge time commitment. My mom just finished harvesting honey and was separating out the honey from the wax using a little heat on the stove. She got sidetracked, forgot about it and went to run and errand. When she found it there was over 2 quarts of honey all over the cupboard, the stove and the kitchen floor along with a house full of smoke. All the wax from the pot had burnt away and somehow the lid stuck shut, causing the flames to go out. Honey, she was lucky the whole house didn’t go.

  160. 160
    Jenny Worthington

    One time we caught the oven on fire while making bongo bars. A few choice words were used as smoke billowed out the back door and more than one or two neighbors were concerned that the house was on fire. We reassured them that “nope, Linda’s just baking again.”

  161. 161

    When I was about 8-10 years old, I had about an hour alone in the house after school, and I decided I’d make some fudge. I wasn’t allowed to use the stove by myself, but I was sure that once my mom tasted the delicious fudge, she’d realize she had nothing to be upset about.

    The only problem was that we were missing a key ingredient. But that was okay — I knew that if you were out of something, you could substitute a similar ingredient. And while we didn’t have any corn syrup, we did have corn oil, so I substituted that. Everything seemed fine, except that the mixture, with zero sugar content, never reached the soft-ball stage. But at some point, I decided I’d cooked it enough, and I put it into a pan to cool.

    The result was a bitter, slimy mess. And even though I’m pretty good at making almost any other type of candy, traditional fudge recipes still intimidate me.

  162. 162

    When I first graduated from college, I was learning to cook. My roomate and I decided to make Fettucine Alfredo. The recipe said reduce by half, so what did we do???? I kept pouring out half of the liquid wondering what I was going to do with so very little sauce. πŸ˜‰ Boy…I’ve come along way.

  163. 163

    I’m pretty forgetful, so I have quite a few “I forgot eggs/edamame/peanut brittle on the stove for an hour” stories, but my favorite has to do with gravy.

    I was taking a cooking class at church near my university and we were making gravy. I remember my mom putting flour and a liquid in a Tupperware to make the roux. Well we’d already heated things up so I took some of the hot gravy and flour, and shook. It was only a few seconds before it exploded all over me, and the kitchen. It turns out my mom always used cold water. Opps. It was fun to see a practical application for all my physics classes though.

    I’ve loved reading these stories. Hehehe.

  164. 164

    When I was about 6 or 7 I had my Easy Bake Oven. I made a lovely cherry cake for my family. Smart that they were, they declined so I decided “more for me”. Unfortunately the cake was not cooked all the way through and/or I ate way too much of it and was really sick. 40 years later, the only cherry I eat are fresh cherries!

  165. 165

    Being a self made cook I have had a few disasters, the two that stick out in my mind the most are…

    I put some eggs in a pan to hard boil to make deviled eggs. I went upstairs to take a shower. Well about 35 minutes (or more) later. I smelled something burning. I went downstairs to find my eggs had no water left in the pan and had exploded all over my ceiling. Needless to say, my husband was not happy.

    When my son was young and believed, he was going through the pantry on Christmas Eve day looking for cookies to leave for Santa. I had no cookies in the house nor did I have the makings for them. I did however, have the makings for brownies. So I made fudgy brownies. Upon taking them out of the oven, I dropped the whole pan on the floor. My son started crying. I picked them up and put them on a plate, but they were not that pretty. I told him that Santa loved Brownie Blobs and with milk he would be happy. Well he got up the next moring and they were miraculousy gone. That then started our tradition of leaving brownies for Santa every Christmas.

  166. Lately all my kitchen “disasters” have come from a 1 1/2 year old who has just learned to open EVERYTHING. Cupboards, containers, packages, oh and markers so that he can give my kitchen cupboards a nice green design. It is impossible to cook because I am constantly grabbing things from him. So things have been getting a bit “overcooked” due to major distractions πŸ™‚

  167. 167
    oh amanda

    I had just started cooking dinner–really, I think I just put a pot on the stove when the doorbell rang. It was our neighbors and my kids would not be dissuaded and we had to go outside and play.

    About a half an hour later my neighbor said, “Do you hear a beeping noise?”

    I ran back to my house, opened the door and was greeted by smoke. I had turned the pot on before I left and it boiled over, burnt the pot and filled our house with smoke. We ate sandwiches on the porch for dinner with all the windows and doors open. It took DAYS before the smoke smell was gone.

    Now I barely leave the kitchen if a pot is boiling! πŸ™‚

  168. 168

    Oh, my. I’ve had so many! Maybe the time I was scraping the hair off of a squirrel (you heard me) and I bobbled the knife? It fell point down to the floor, unfortunately going right through my toe. I was left standing there with the knife stuck through my toe and into the linoleum, basically pinning me to the floor until I worked up the courage to pull it out. That left a nice scar. Or maybe the time I got too hot while baking cornbread in my cast iron skillet so I took my shirt off? When I pulled the cornbread out I set it on the front burner, then insanely leaned forward to stir the pot of chili I had going on the back burner. Now I have two sizable burn scars on my tummy. Or the time I broke a drinking glass and it took a minute to realize I was cutting myself on the broken glass? (Stitches are no fun.) Or the time my mom cut her little finger to the bone on a can lid? You can see where I get it from. Nope, I think the all-time winner for my family has to be the time my mother was cooking a chicken in the pressure cooker and it exploded all over the kitchen. I wish I had video of the chicken fat dripping down the walls and down from the ceiling. The mess was inconceivable. I don’t care how many times you clean and paint over that, the grease stains just don’t ever really go away. Spectacular!

  169. 169

    My worst kitchen disaster was the morning of a 40-person sit-down holiday dinner party. We have this beautiful stone backsplash and I was always paranoid that spaghetti sauce or something else would splash up while cooking. And because it was stone, it would soak in. My brilliant husband thought it would be great to keep a large piece of plexiglass behind the range when doing heavy cooking like I was for this dinner party. It actually did the trick and didn’t look bad at all…but we never thought about safety!

    So I was up very early that monring and first task at hand was boiling my potatoes for smoked gouda mashed potatos. As I’m sure many of you can relate I was the ultimate multi-tasker that morning – boiling the potatoes, setting up the rented tables, decorating for the party, making my coffee etc. I stepped out of the room to handle the many other items on my to-do list. When I came back, the potato water had overboiled and the flame had caught the plexiglass, causing it to go up in flames as well. I screamed for my hubby who was still sleeping (as were the kids). He quickly got the fire out but the bigger mess was the melted plexiglass combined with potato starch all over our stainless steel Kitchen Aid range. Although we never did get it all off, and I never have replaced the range trim and grates where most of the damage was, the “scars” actually don’t bother me as much anymore as it reminds me that I am a real home cook who actually uses her appliances. It’s not just a showcase kitchen (which is what i always remind myself when I go in the gorgeous kitchens of my non-cooking friends).

  170. 170

    One time we were cooking collards in the pressure cooker and the top EXPLODED off the pot. I’d seen my hubby’s grandmother do this a lot and THOUGHT i knew what I was doing. There was a hole in the ceiling where the little jiggler thing hit the ceiling and there were collards EVERYWHERE! Frankly, I was glad no one got hurt! Pampered Chef needs to come up with a danger-free pressure cooker…..

  171. 171

    Oh, and burnt popcorn is the WORST SMELL EVER!! I’d rather have a fish smell in my house than a burnt popcorn – the popcorn smell lasts longer.

  172. 172

    Worst kitchen (near) disaster wasn’t mine. It was my mom’s. She accidentally picked up the small can of Raid, instead of the small can of Pam to spray the pan…

    Crisis was adverted in time.

  173. 173

    I was hosting the 5th Annual Christmas at Cristy’s dinner party for Toys for Tots (you bring a toy – I feed you). I couldn’t get a jar open so I thought to use a handheld can opener – you know, the edge that you normally would puncture stuff with – to try to “pop” the lid open. It slipped and I stabbed my finger instead, resulting in deep gross bloody cut. Luckily, mom was there to take over.

  174. 174

    Oh man. I’ve had so many kitchen disasters! The first one that comes to mind was when I was baking like mad for Christmas. I had a whole plan of how to cram a ton of cookie-making into a short period of time. It didn’t work. I mixed up ingredients. I even baked a bunch of drop cookies without mixing in the dry ingredients from the other bowl. It was a disaster!

  175. 175
    Jenn A

    When my husband and I were newlyweds he was a junior high teacher. I decided to surprise him at school with a Valentine’s Day treat and make him a giant heart shaped cookie to share with his students. It was supposed to be a surprise and I was going to take it to his classroom while he was in a meeting. Well, in my haste and inexperience, I overfilled the heart shaped cookie pan. It overflowed while it was baking and caught on fire in the bottom of the oven. I panicked when I opened the oven and found a fire in there. I quickly doused the whole thing with water and put it out, but was left with a smoky, charred, soggy Valentine cookie. I was so disappointed and embarrassed. I threw the whole thing in the trash – pan included. I spent the rest of my morning cleaning up the mess in the oven and getting the smoke smell out of the house. So much for a romantic Valentine surprise!

  176. 176
    Angie .

    Chicken. Good ol’ roasted chicken.

    I’m a fairly good cook, and I really enjoy cooking. So, one day I thought I would make a roasted chicken. I’d never made one before, so I read about 4 different cookbooks to make sure I knew what I was doing – what temp to set the oven, how long it was going to take, making sure to remove the bag of giblets, etc.

    All of the recipes said the chicken should be done in about an hour. So, I pulled the chicken out of the oven after 65 minutes – I would have preferred a little over-done than under-done. I was kinda scared of cooking a whole chicken!

    I took it out of the roasting pan, let it set on a cutting board for 10 minutes (as recommended for any meat), and started carving. And it was raw!! I put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes. Pulled it out – and still raw! Another 30 minutes – still not fully cooked – and I ended up throwing it away. We ended up at a restaurant that night.

    The one thing the books didn’t warn me – make sure the chicken is fully thawed before cooking! Lesson learned! πŸ™‚

  177. 177

    I was saving a list of kitchen disasters for a blog post I was planning, but I eventually gave up on the post and threw it away. One involved cooking a whole chicken for stock and the hubby throwing the stock down the drain. Another involved using pureed persimmon instead of pureed tomato in a sauce (frozen, they look similar). Kitchen disasters are fun, except when other things depend on them!

    Good luck on the contest!

  178. I have some sweet friends who love my cooking. They’ve said, more than once, “We’ve never had anything we didn’t like at your house!” Well, that certainly puts on the pressure! Sure enough, the last time they came over, I served my (super simple and always delicious) cheesy potatoes – which were UNDERCOOKED! Ugh! They doomed me to failure with their sweet comments! πŸ™‚

  179. I planned to serve Mexican Casserole Dip with homemade tortilla chips. But, well, I’m not good at frying; I literally set my kitchen on fire once trying to fry okra. I just didn’t feel up to it today. We were struck by the flour fairy prior to cook time (the Bug can open up the cabinet locks and decided that 10 pound bag of flour needed to be dispersed with flair) so I was a tad exhausted. It took a lot to school my mirthful face into stern mommy look while taking photos for her daddy to enjoy. My mirth dimmed a bit when I saw the flour fairy’s aftermath in the kitchen and her little sister eating fistsful of the fairy dust. Regardless, we went with tostadas instead. Good times.

  180. 180
    Janna M

    I have way too many kitchen disasters to list. They mainly involved me getting distracted by the kids and forgetting my count on measurements or mixing up baking soda with baking powder.

    My favorite was my first time roasting a chicken. I preheated the oven, prepared the chicken, stuck the chicken in the oven and then turned off the oven. I didn’t realize that I had turned off the oven until 30 minutes later when I checked and nothing was happening to the chicken. Dinner was late that night.

    I love Pampered Chef products. That pizza kit looks like something I need to have. πŸ™‚

  181. 181

    I really haven’t had any major kitchen disasters, unless you count the time I spilled both the flour AND sugar containers all over the floor (poor vacuum). Or the time I tried to make cinnamon rolls and they came out so gross/hard our yellow lab at the time wouldn’t even eat them. Seriously. I thought Labs ate EVERYTHING but apparently not haha.

    And <3 <3 <3 Pampered Chef. I could spend way too much money there.

  182. 182

    I have long been the official mashed potatoes maker in my family, a position passed to me from my grandma. Ten years ago, my mom made the potatoes instead of me. We still do not understand what happened to those potatoes but something happened; something bad happened. They turned into glue! We still joke about the mortar mashed potatoes to this day!

  183. 183

    Every late night fire alarm evacuation my freshman year of college started with a burnt bag of microwavable popcorn. I’m still bitter about those winter nights…and I still only cook stove-top popcorn. πŸ™‚

  184. 184

    The story about your mom reminds me of something similar that happened with my grandmother. Every Thanksgiving we all gathered at her home for a traditional dinner, always the same food, same people, except this one year something was different. Grandma had the best recipe for banana bread ever, it was so moist and delicious, you couldn’t wait to get your hands on it. So everyone was digging in, I noticed my dad took a bite of his banana bread and set it on his plate, but he didn’t say anything, tho it was unusual for him not to eat it all at once. A few other people had bitten into theirs as well and they didn’t say anything either. Finally Grandma takes a bite and spits it out, saying a few inappropriate words and then yells at everyone for not saying anything, lol. She had accidently switched the salt and sugar!!! I took a bite just to see how bad it was an it was definitely one of the most digusting things I had ever tasted! haha.

  185. 185

    It was my first Thanksgiving with my husband. I wanted it to be perfect because it was also both his and my first Thanksgiving away from family. I got his mother’s FABULOUS cornbread dressing recipe and it turned out PERFECT. I pulled out the glass dish, covered it and set it on top of the stove to cool. I continued on with the GOBS of baking I had left to do (cherry, apple, and pecan pies, homemade rolls, green been casserole, baked mac n’ cheese, and a 18 lb. turkey – all for just me and my husband!!)
    In the middle of all this baking. I realized their was steam coming off of the cornbread dressing dish even though it had been “cooling” off for 30 minutes or so. I LIGHTLY pressed down on the lid….and BOOM…the entire GLASS casserole dish EXPLODED over the entire stove. Guess someone FORGOT to turn off the burner..OOPS!
    Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck. My WONDERFUL husband cleaned up the mess, went to the store to get more ingredients for the dressing (cause what Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have dressing), and he whipped up a fresh batch. Thanksgiving SAVED!!!

  186. 186

    Gotta love Pampered Chef!

    When I was first married, I was making some stir-fry to take to my husband at work for his evening shift. I was heating oil in the wok and had turned around to cut up the chicken. A minute later, I heard a “whoosh!” and turned around to find a two-foot-high fire going. Luckily, I knew not to spray water at it. I wish I would have just covered it, but I went for the fire extinguisher instead. We were still sweeping it out of crevices two years later when we moved. Luckily, our apartment was pretty ugly to begin with, so they never asked why the side of the fridge was yellow and warped!

  187. 187

    My favorite kitchen disaster happened when I was little. It was like 5 in the morning and my mom was baking banana bread for me to take to school with me for the class. She was wearing her bathrobe and I was standing in the kitchen watching her, and somehow, the sleeve of her robe caught on fire! She was okay, but it was pretty terrifying for a 6 year old.

  188. 188
    Lori Marshall

    I decided to bbq burgers one night while my husband was gone. Sent my 13 year old son and his friend out to turn on the grill (how hard can that be???) They came running back in – the grill was on fire! Got it pulled away from the house – and had to call 911 – Firemen had to come put it out. There was a faulty valve on the grill – never grilled on that grill again!

  189. I have two kitchen disaster stories, one from my Gran and the other from when I was little.

    The first one I didn’t experience first hand but has been passed down through the family. My Gran was a great cook and always made a proper Sunday roast with dessert for the family. Unfortunately one Sunday she got confused between the cheese sauce she’d made for the cauliflower cheese and the sweet custard she’d made for dessert. When everyone came to eat she immediately realised her mistake and got so upset that everyone pretended they really loved the combination and wanted her to make it again just to make her feel better!

    The second happened when I was younger, maybe 13 or so, and had been tasked with feeding myself and my little sister while my mum was out at evening college. She’d left us pizza bases and all the toppings so that we could make our own pizzas. When I opened the bag of ready grated mozzarella cheese I saw that there were some blue bits, i.e. mouldy bits, but being 13 I just thought they were bits of “blue cheese”. I knew that me and my sister didn’t like the blue cheese our parents ate so I just picked the blue bits out and used the rest of the cheese. When my mum got in I told her what had happened, she found it hilarious. Luckily neither of us got ill!

  190. 190

    my son had the popcorn accident. ours was so bad the glass turntable broke. It took forever to get the smell out. It was a brand new microwave so I didnt want to replace it.

  191. I’ve had more kitchen mishaps than my brain is comfortable remembering! One silly rookie mistake: I was having trouble uncorking a bottle of red wine so I thought, “why not just push the cork in?”. That was the day I learned about the phenomenon known as “displacement”. It was also a lesson in how far wine can travel throughout the kitchen.

  192. 192
    Teresa R

    “Spilling it” is about what really happened. My best friend was newly married and one evening she called me and invited me over for dinner, she had mentioned that her husband had decided to cook that evening, that should have been my warning. While he was making some sort of chicken soup concoction, instead of sprinkling a pinch of pepper he accidentally poured it into the pot. No matter how much water, noddles, or other ingredient he put in- it didn’t help. I don’t think any of us finished that meal. I think about it every time I open a bottle of spices and need to add it to my meal. I have learned never to pour over the pot.

  193. 193

    I missed the cake pan when I was pouring in the batter! Not my best day.

  194. 194

    I burnt my toast and it smelled up the entire house. Great giveaway thanks!

  195. 195

    I enjoy reading your site. Thanks for the giveaway. I dropped my wife’s favorite platter and it shattered.

  196. 196

    I’ve had too many kitchen disasters to mention in my 78 years. I would have to say a little issue with our kitchen torch might be the biggest one!

  197. 197

    When I was little, I was in my highchair and pushed my older sister away from me when she was trying to take my plate. She fell backwards and landed in our open dishwasher, right onto a sharp knife. She had a sharp knife in her buns until she got to the Emergency Room and they took it out!

  198. 198

    We had a dinner party with some fairly distinguished guests. I was making cedar plank salmon. All of a sudden, the fire alarm started going off and we look in the oven to see flames. The plank had caught on fire. Quite embarrassing, but it made for a memorable night!

  199. My biggest kitchen failure is the time I thought it would be a great idea to make homemade baked beans. While in the end they did turn out delicious my oven took quite a beating. I left them on low and came home to a big smokey mess. Apparently they bubbled over and it created large black burnt spots all over the bottom of the oven. It took days for the burnt smell to get out of the house and even longer to scrub all that gross black stuff off the bottom of the oven.

  200. 200

    Vinegar Meatloaf.

    I was a newlywed and inexperienced cook so thought I would make BBQ meatloaf with a recipe I found in a church cookbook. It was AWFUL! I thought I made a mistake in the amount of vinegar I used to make the BBQ sauce, so I tried it again the very next night. There was a misprint in the recipe. I still have the cookbook, but BBQ Meatloaf has a huge X through it.

  201. 201
    Anne L

    Blenders are my weapon of choice when it comes to kitchen disasters. I have had quite a few blender mishaps. One that comes to mind was when I was blending a hot chocolate and I stuck the lid on tight and turned on the blender and the next thing I knew I was covered in hot chocolate and so was my kitchen.

  202. I think I have more disasters than anyone because I’m probably old enough to be your mother! And I’m a good cook BUT… talking on the phone and various and sundr multi-tasking has resulted in many blackened recipes. I’m the queen of blackened and we’re not talking the flavorful kind. I still get teased about leaving the paper in the frozen pie shell when I made quiche once. **Rollofeyes**

  203. 203
    Sandra Fabian

    My then 2 yr. old son liked to help me in the kitchen while I made dinner (mostly bang pots & pans). One day I had prepared a lasagna and placed it in the oven to cook. I layed my son down for a nap so he could be refreshed for dinner. I put him in his bed and he went right to sleep. I went back downstairs to clean. I took out all the items to toss a nice salad. Took the lasagna out of the oven then decided to shower and change before dinnertime. When I got out of the shower I went downstairs and found him in the middle of the floor with salad items EVERYWHERE! Lettuce coming out his diaper and tomatoes smeared all over his face. He was happy so happy to see me and with a BIG SMILE handed me a half bowl of tossed salad he picked up from the floor where he tossed everything together! He was soo happy he helped his momma with dinner!! Priceless moment!!!

  204. 204
    Nicole Beckstrand

    I have a good one! I thought I would be all adventurous and tropical and cook up some fried plantains for a Cuban-themed potluck for work. Before I even got through the process of prepping the plantains, my oil overheated and caught fire. I panicked, somehow lifted the pot of boiling oil and dropped it in the sink, where a leaky faucet almost immediately (just enough time for me to run in the other direction)caused water to come in contact with the oil and cause a ginormous explosion that blew out the kitchen window, propelling the screen down the canyon that backed up to our backyard. My roommate was upstairs in her room and recalled how a fireball spewed out toward the canyon and up toward her bedroom window. My dad came to the rescue and helped me repaint and repair all the damage. Looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t lose more than some arm and facial hair!

  205. 205

    I just thought of one more too. In junior high, I was trying to make some bars. I think the base layer had flour, powdered sugar and butter. I forgot the flour and kept adding more powdered sugar and butter. I baked it and it was rock hard. My dad put it out for the bar cats and they wouldn’t even taste it.

  206. 206
    Sarah Darby

    I have to share one of my friends mishaps because it is too good not to share. Home from a long day of work, throw some shrimp in the microwave for dinner and walk away. Got distracted talking to her roommates and completely forgot about her microwave dinner and went out to dinner with them instead. A week later a horrible smell is coming from somewhere in their kitchen. They figure there must be a dead mouse somewhere. They look everywhere; in every cupboard, they pull out the stove to look behind, climb up in the attic to see if something is in there. Nothing to be found. The smell is so bad it makes you want to vomit if you get near the kitchen. Now a week and a half goes by and one roommates goes to heat something up in the microwave and finds the shrimp dish and the entire inside of the microwave swarming with maggots. Aaaahhh! Entire microwave got thrown away. It still makes me gag thinking back on it.

  207. 207

    Worst disaster was a friend of mine who “thought” they could cook. She cooked a batch of brownies and thought they didn’t taste sweet enough. She then smooshed the brownies up, added a new egg, some more sugar and some milk to make it back into “batter” and then cooked them all over again. Needless to say they were very much like rubber and NOBODY would dare eat them. They would have worked perfectly for a display where eating the display was the furthest thing from your mind!

  208. 208

    I tried to make an ice cream cake (dead easy) but did not have time to cool the cake properly before spreading the ice cream. When I got to the party? Cake soup.

  209. 209

    It took me a while to learn that vegetables should not be cooked to death. I was living with my in-laws one summer, and pitching in with dinner preparations. My husband has a brother much younger than him and was an incredibly picky eater. One of the only vegetables he would eat was broccoli. So I put it in a bowl with a little water, covered it with plastic wrap and proceeded to microwave it to death! It came out a sickly green color with the plastic wrap vacuum sealed to the bottom of the bowl. I presented it to little brother who looked disgusted as did my father in-law who is actually a great cook. Later he tactfully taught me a better way to cook veggies.

  210. 210
    Sherri W

    oh… so many to choose from… most recently, I was making my morning protein shake smoothie— it was beautifully layered- ice, raspberries, spinach, protein powder, milk, ground flax seed, and I was walking over to the island to grab a banana! I didn’t notice my son walk over to the blender (which was plugged in, with the lid off- my fault!) and he decided to help by pressing the buttons! Everything flew out of the blender all over the cabinets, counters, floor and my son… He’s 3, he freaked out a bit… it was a mess! I do have to blame myself- seeing how I left the blender full with no lid, plugged in… :p

    I now, keep everything unplugged until the lid is on! πŸ™‚

  211. 211

    My grandmother had us all over for dinner one time. She was making muskacholi (not sure on spelling) she should have used italian season, but instead she had put cinnimon in it. To say the least interesting. lol It is a family joke that when the smoke detector goes off at grandma’s house dinner is ready.

  212. 212

    I put two tablespoons of baking powder in my muffin recipe instead of two teaspoons. They didn’t taste very good.

  213. 213

    I always have disasters so I try to stay out of the kitchen.

  214. We TRIED to get our bag to catch on fire. It started to smoke at the 4 min mark, but I think it all depends on your microwave. The smoke, like yours, was insane! Our house smelled like burnt popcorn for weeks… and nothing is worse than burnt popcorn!

    Sorry about your scorched bag, but thankfully that was the only thing that caught on fire! πŸ™‚

  215. 215

    Once I volunteered to cook hamburgers for a wedding reception. The happy couple had no budget, so we all pitched in. I was confident with grilling and thought cooking the hamburgers for 50 people would be no prob. Boy was I embarrassed when the hamburgers were way undercooked. Won’t make that mistake again.

  216. 216

    Burnt popcorn is the worst!

  217. 217

    Burnt popcorn is pretty bad, but burnt boiled peanuts is nasty. The house smelled like we’d been smoking something bad for a few days. We had strange looks from the UPS man.

  218. 218

    One year we fried a turkey for my in-laws. They had thawed the bird before we got there – or so we thought! It was frozen, rock solid on the interior. Thank goodness for ham.

  219. 219
    Karen Kindle Hartsuyker

    Oh, there are so many cooking disasters, how to choose.
    But perhaps the best was one that involved my husband’s mother. She had five kids, four boys and a girl, and they did not have a lot of money. Luke, the 4th son, had collected iron filings from the California soil into an oregano spice container. My mother-in-law was making marinara sauce and grabbed the oregano container, shook it into the bubbling sauce. A big black blob of powder appeared on the surface….and instantly sunk into the sauce. No amount of trolling with a magnet could remove the offending particles. After struggling with the gritty (though high iron) sauce, they were forced to discard it.

  220. 220

    Years ago, I made some latkes. I caught one of the paper towels I was using to soak up grease on fire in the burner and was sure I would burn the house down and the paper would read “Good Catholic girl burns the house down making latkes!”

  221. 221
    Whitney L.

    i can’t think of a good kitchen disaster but the one I am thinking of is from my mom — her first dinner party she cooked a turkey and for some reason it was still raw after the long cooking period. She tried everything to speed it up and ending up serving her guests at 11 pm. Makes me smile everytime I think about it.

    • Jane Maynard

      that makes me smile, too…knowing such a great party hostess has had her own disaster! πŸ˜‰

  222. 222

    The heating elements in my mom’s stove top were going out. She is very thrifty and didn’t want to buy anything new. We would pull out the element and reinsert it while it was off, usually to good results. Well, I was babysitting my siblings with my friend and it came time to make dinner (we were about 11). I did the pull out and reinsert routine, only to not have heat. I tried it about three times. I finally got frustrated and put my hand on the element. The problem was that it finally got hot and I put my hand down on a BLAZING hot element. Yep, third degree burns on the hand hurt but what felt worse was worrying that my mom would no longer trust me to be home and babysit.

  223. 223
    Elza B.

    Using baking soda instead of baking powder. I guess we all knew what happened…

  224. 224
    Adrienne Jones

    30+ years ago when my dad first started dating my mom she invited him over for dinner. My dad was only in town visiting her for a couple of days so she decided she would attempt to cook. She made clam chowder for him but had been really sick that day so she wasn’t eating dinner with him. The recipe called for 2T of sugar. She added 2 cups. I guess he got over the cooking skills because the have been married for over 30 years!

  225. 225

    i was making tomato soup from scratch and didn’t secure the lid properly on the blender. yup. ALL over the WHITE kitchen. on top of that, the plastic knob fell INTO the blender and so i had to pick out plastic pieces. trauma.

    hope you win! i love pampered chef!

  226. 226

    I don’t have a great disaster story, I just burn everything I cook. I’m a terrible cook. I would love to win this Pampered Chef prize.

  227. 227
    allie teller

    one of my first times babysitting when i was young, the kids wanted a capri sun. they were frozen so i figured i would just defrost them in the microwave….didn’t realize they were made out of aluminum and sparks started to fly….

    Jane, I’m Anne’s friend, my name is Allie. Good luck with this! Hope you win!

  228. 228
    Robin M

    I don’t have a a big story….it’s more embarassing than anything. Along time ago, in a galaxay far, far away (high school) I forgot to drain the macaroni when making a box of mac n cheese. It was macaroni soup and my brother refused to eat it.

  229. 229

    Not entirely cooking, but I nearly burnt my house down last year toasting a bagel in the toaster. I popped it in, walked away to do my daughters hair for school , came back, and there were 2 foot flames going! I couldn’t be in our house for 2 days! The smell was horrific!! I sometimes still have the thought that I should have let the house burn. That would be one way to get out from underneath it in this market!

  230. 230

    My worst kitchen disaster? Chocolate. Blender. Smoke.

    Broken blender πŸ™

  231. 231

    As a graduate student, I lived in a lovely house in Santa Barbara with three other graduate students, a dog and two cats. We would always have thanksgiving potluck dinners at our house, and invite other student orphans and friends as we were all far from home. One year, there were two turkeys – one that we cooked, and one that my housemate’s boyfriend brought later in the evening. Strangely, although his had been cooking for a while, it didn’t brown, so we put it in our oven to keep cooking. However, we all got full and and decided just to turn the oven down to low and go to bed for the night. The next morning, we carved it up, ate some, and saved the rest as leftovers – great for lunches! Unfortunately, that evening, the two bathrooms were in non-stop use – and all of the pets had their share of the leftovers, leaving pet vomit on the floor as well.

  232. 232

    ah so many to chose from…the time we sent cousin Pete downstairs to the store room to bring up more sugar for the kool-aid and he got in the wrong bin and brought salt instead…the time my roommate tried making jello without reading the instructions and ended up destroying a microwave and a blender in the process, honestly destroyed, kaput, unuseable…the time the downstairs neighbor passed out (possibly assisted by some recreational drugs) while boiling cabbage and didn’t wake up until the whole building had been evacuated and the firefighters hacked down his door. I’m gonna say that burnt boiled cabbage smoke rivals burnt popcorn smoke.

  233. 233
    Jessica Z

    Your kitchen mishap is similar to mine…except substitute rice for popcorn. I was a recent high school graduate trying to prove that I could cook for myself before leaving off to college. I put the rice cooker in the microwave, set the timer for what I thought was the right amount of time, and went about my business. A bit later I started smelling smoke…and burnt plastic. That’s right, I melted the rice cooker. It was a plastic-ey mess on my mom’s brand-new microwave. But what did I do before I cleaned it up?! I took a picture of course! 10 years later…I’m still not sure she sees the humor!

  234. 234

    I usually put butter stick still wrapped in the microwave to soften. Once I had gotten a different kind of butter- the one that comes wrapped in aluminum like paper – and put it in the microwave without removing the wrap and walked away. My 3-y old came into the kitchen and said, “Is that fire? (pointing to the microwave). Scary!

  235. 235

    I was making a traditional Irish dinner for St. Patty’s Day and decided at the last minute that I would go ahead and make some Irish soda bread. That would have been a good idea if there was someone other than my one year old home, and if I hadn’t tried to save myself some dished by kneading the dough in the bowl. My hands were a sticky mess and the bag of flour was cinched down so I couldn’t get it open without getting the dough from my hands all over it. While all this was happening my son was standing on the table eating the dough out of the bowl, and I couldn’t get him down thanks to my “sticky” situation. The bread actually turned out ok despite all the craziness of the bread-making process πŸ™‚

  236. 236
    Amber L.

    My disaster was right after my husband and I moved into our first house. I decided to have both my family and his over for a New Year’s Day dinner and I was going to make a turkey and all of the fixins that you normally have on Thanksgiving. Well I had never made a turkey before and when everyone sat down to eat we got the turkey out of the oven. It was not done and my mom asked if I had added an hour to the recommended cooking time because of our elevation. Of course I had no idea and everyone had to wait while the turkey cooked for another hour. I was mortified!!

  237. 237

    I’ve actually recently posted about my top 5 kitchen fails when it came to food prep, flavours and techniques. In terms of fire in the kitchen type stories, I was recently reheating waffles in the toaster and accidentally shut the pantry door. Then I forgot about the waffles too. When I opened the pantry door, black smoke was bellowing from the toaster and the shelf was covered with soot!

  238. 238

    Pizza in the oven cooking and I totally forgot about turning the timer on. I went outside and came back in to a house full of smoke. Burnt pizza is almost as bad as burnt popcorn!

  239. 239

    I’ve done the same as you and have burnt popcorn really, really bad. It is impossible to get the smell out of your kitchen and I felt like everything in the house took on that burnt popcorn smell! Ugh.

  240. 240

    I have so many disasters over the years that I could not name them all. Most involve not reading the instructions completely like starting a recipe only to read it needs to set overnight and I was planning on serving it in an hour. Some involve undercooked food. I never trust the the times listed when cooking a ham after an Easter ham took hours longer to cook than I read. A few involve burnt food because I got distracted, forgot to lower the oven on recipes that call for 10 minutes on high heat than the other 20 on a lower heat. And of course, I have burnt more popcorn than I care to admit. I loved reading everyone’s disasters to remind me that I am not alone in my many mistakes.

  241. 241
    Whitney Schmale

    My worst disaster was a veggie lasagne that I spent an enourmous amount of time making. Once we tasted it though I was horrified! My husband, who was my fiancee at the time, was so kind, “Honey, it’s not THAT bad…” I threw it all in the trash and we ordered pizza!

  242. 242

    Hi Jane, I’m Anne’s good friend Laura. One time in college I had a Take-5 candy bar that had been frozen. I reeeeeally wanted it, so I decided to stick it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it up. Little did I know, the tiny strip of gold in the wrapper would cause terrifying sparks to fly and the whole thing exploded! The horrific smell lingered for days. I didn’t use the microwave for a month.

  243. 243
    Liz Brown

    Just a few weeks ago I was making dinner for my family and a friend’s family who just had their sixth baby. I decided to make Chicken Picata because it was easily tripled or quadrulpled. Anyway, everything looked and smelled wonderful, I dropped the meal off at their home, and drove home to consume our dinner. It was seriously bitter! I couldn’t believe it! The lemons were fresh but they were not just sour they were downright bitter, and I hadn’t tasted it before packaging everything up. I was soooo embarassed and just hoped that they ate lots of rice with the chicken to help alleviate the bitter lemon sauce. So the moral of the story is always, always taste your sauce!!! You’d think I would have learned that after watching Top Chef!

  244. 244

    My sister made us macaroni and cheese (from a box) one night, but started it without realizing we were out of milk. She intrepidly decided to use chocolate milk instead. Worst meal ever.

  245. 245
    Lisa Pelletier

    My first Thanksgiving away for home I really wanted to recreate my mom’s dinner. I bought all the fixings and tried to go about the task. I began cooking away and about 2 hours in I wondered why I didn’t have that great smell of my moms kitchen….. I forgot to turn on the stove!! So hours later when it was finally cooked and I went to carve it I realized I had not pulled out the bag in the cavity with all the ( gross stuff) so needless to say It wasn’t my moms Thanksgiving!! but a good attempt

  246. 246

    As an Air Force bride 40 some years ago, living by the Sea of Japan I wanted to empress my husband that I could cook something other than sandwiches. Armed with numerous wedding cookbooks I would try many delicious recipes but not having all the ingredients available I would substitute something “similar”. Most of the time that didn’t work. I had numerous disasters. Being very patient, my sweetheart would say thats ok and we would go eat out somewhere. Oh I hated not being a good cook like his mom. Many times I would try something, taste it before he got home and found out it was awful. All these failures were just dumped in the ocean by our front door. That same time frame the Japanese Government pass the No Dumping Law. We just laughed and said my cooking was what changed the law.

  247. 247
    Erin B

    One of the most traumatic experiences for my brother was as a child when my mom made “apple pie”. Apparently, she was not paying close attention when she used a FULL CUP of SALT rather than sugar as the recipe called for…well, my excited brother took a huge piece and crammed it into his mouth and within 30 seconds there was pie all over the table. The most unfortunate part is the man still can’t eat apple pie or really any pie in general!!!

  248. 248
    Liz Brown

    Hopefully my husband won’t mind me sharing a cooking disastor of his. Early in our marriage he wanted to make lemon bars (he loves lemon desserts). So he called his mom, got the recipe and started making the lemon bars. When they were done he proceeded to sprinkle powdered sugar all over the top. Unfortunately, it wasn’t powdered sugar that he used but corn starch! He was so mad that he wanted to throw the entire pan away! Needless to say, I convinced him to just scrape it off and sprinkle the real powdered sugar over the top, and it was fine. I mentioned this to him recently, and he didn’t even remember that once traumatic baking experience.

  249. 249

    Oh boy, so many to choose from! I guess the worst was when the chicken I was frying lit on fire. I did remember my fire safety (baking soda, no water, put the lid on fast!) so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. But it was literally 15 years before I fried chicken again! Good luck with your contest!!

  250. 250

    My cooking disaster occurred last night when I attempted to make berry muffins for breakfast. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but the muffins were crispy (burnt) on the outside and uncooked on the inside. Yummy! I do appreciate that my husband and daughter tried to sample it.

  251. 251

    I had just gotten home from the gym and was too lazy to make dinner. I had a Rico’s breakfast burrito in the freezer I decided to heat up. Lack of microwave means conventional oven is the only way to go (not always good for my forgetful personality). I threw the burrito in and started watching Real Housewives of New York in the family room. A friend called with something fun to do and I jumped up, threw on some shoes and left the house. 8 hours later, walking into a smelly house, my roommate had placed my 6 hr cooked burrito on my desk…

  252. 252

    My cooking disaster was a baking disaster. I was taking a cake decorating class (yeah–the class that all new mom’s take so they can make beautiful birthday cakes for their children ;-)) and for the final “project” we were to bring a prepared 2-layer cake already iced (I forget what that first layer is called). We would be decorating the cake in class. We also had a new puppy at this time and had gates throughout the house to keep the puppy on the hardwood floors and off the carpet. Purse over shoulder, cake decorating case in one hand, cake in both, I hurried to get out of the house. However, I had one small hurdled (literally) to get over–a doggy gate! My foot caught on the gate as I attempted to step up and over it and the cake went flying out of my hands. It hit the wall next to the door and slid to the floor. Through my tears, my husband helped me scoop it up and back onto the plate and sent me out the door to my class. I got to class and the instructor said, there is nothing that frosting won’t fix!

  253. 253

    My biggest disaster turned into a really huge mess. I was making homemade chocolate fudge sauce while also cooking/preparing some other things. I had been watching the sauce, but then I focused too much attention on something else for a few minutes. The sauce boiled over and got all over my stove top. It literally took an hour, with the help of my amazing husband, to get it all cleaned up.

  254. 254

    Hi Jane. I love all of PC products. I used to sell it for a couple of years. My worst one that comes to mind is when I served chicken that wasn’t cooked. UGH. Not fun, back in the oven it went. I wrote about it in my book!

  255. 255

    And of course I “like” on FB, too. πŸ™‚

  256. I hope you win πŸ™‚ I had fun reading your kitchen disaster, LOL. We all have some right? My worst one was once that I had to bake a tall cake and I forgot to remove one of the oven’s rack, so I removed it once the oven was hot and since it was burning my hand even with the glove, i placed it on the floor…..I have carpet…..ugh! I can’t tell you enough messes in a kitchen with carpet. I don’t know what the previous ouner was thinking! Or may be not cooking πŸ˜‰
    Good luck!

  257. Wow… I can’t even begin to count my kitchen disasters. Oh well… they are fun too, huh? πŸ™‚

  258. 258
    Nicole Esser

    Worst disaster! I was in my teens and babysitting the daughter of a couple who had gone out on a date for their anniversary. The little girl and I decided to attempt to make cake and homemade frosting for them as an anniversary surprise. There is a reason they say, “stir continuously until liquid comes to a boil.” Trying to multi-task, I walked away from the stove and the “frosting” turned rock-solid in the pot. Not only was the frosting destroyed…I think that I ruined their good cookwear! When the parents arrived home, the little girl and I locked them out of the house until we could repair the kitchen! They thought we were having a party but were pleasantly surprised to see what we were trying to accomplish. What makes this story extra special to me…not so many years later, the mom passed away from cancer. But…dad, daughter and babysitter all have fond memories of the “anniversary treat!” Good luck and I hope you win!

  259. 259

    I love reading all of the comments. SO many fun stories. Thanks for a great giveaway! I forgot to grease the muffin tins one time and had a mess!

  260. 260

    I put too much salt in our chicken noodle soup one time. It was ruined.

  261. 261

    Here’s my biggest kitchen disaster…well my husbands really. My husband, then boyfriend, and I had just moved in to our first apartment. We were having my parents over for dinner for the first time,on the menu was spaghetti. I hoped in the shower and left my husband in charge of cooking the pasta not realizing he hadn’t cooked pasta before. I guess he figured that timing wasn’t an issue as he cooked the pasta a good 30+ minutes. The pasta was so over cooked you had to scoop if out of the pan like you would mashed potatoes. My parents and I still laugh about this today.

  262. 262

    Great comments. I forgot to set the timer and burnt a batch of cookies.

  263. 263

    I remember spilling orange juice all over my breakfast plate when I was little.

  264. 264

    When I was about 10, my cousin and I were visiting my grandmother and decided to get up early and make her breakfast in bed. We got at the waffle iron and plugged it in, busy mixing the ingredients and prepping the rest of breakfast. Unfortunately, we had the waffle iron on the edge of the counter, and of course, we knocked it off the edge. Both of us were softball players, so our normal reaction was to try to catch it… not a good idea with a hot waffle iron! We both wound up with burns on our hands (fortunately not serious enough to require a hospital visit!) But at that point our surprise was ruined and I think we all just enjoyed cereal that morning.

  265. 265

    I was running late this xmas eve for making food I’d promised to bring the next morning to Christmas… so, at 10:30pm-ish, I was whipping up a batch of gingerbread crepe batter to put in the fridge. Naturally, I hit the shelf with the bowl and the bowl dropped out of my hands landing on the floor. The bowl landed right side up, but when something full of a liquid substance drops, it sort of splashes up. Got all over our kitchen runner, the fridge (and inside, as the door was open), the counters, under every lip of counter/cabinet/fridge/etc. SUCH a mess, and worse that it had molasses in the batter due to the gingerbread! Ugh. Worst disaster ever!!

    Good luck with the contest.

  266. Hey Jane! I had no idea who else was in this! I think you may have it in the bag πŸ™‚

    Burnt popcorn is the WORST. ugh! πŸ™‚ Good luck, honey!

  267. 267

    I recently dropped a HUGE Sam’s size bag of rice off the side of my island. It was everywhere and a month later, I am still finding rice!

  268. 268
    Big Al

    Just this morning, I was cooking up some scrambled eggs to throw into a breakfast burrito. As I was doing this, I tossed a corn tortilla into our toaster oven and left the kitchen to check out thisweekfordinner for some lunch ideas… I foolishly consider myself a multitasker.

    I walked back into the kitchen with a couple great ideas in store only to find the room filling with smoke. i quickly pulled the eggs off the stove, scratching my head as to why they’d be smoking so. a few seconds later, sensing a warming heat to my back, I spun around to find flames lapping from the toaster. thinking fast, i threw open the door and start blowing on the flaming tortilla… further stoking the fire.

    my eggs were overcooked, the toaster was melted, the walls were stained walls, and my last tortilla was a charred mess… a kitchen distaster of the highest caliber!

    you must admit, i certainly deserve a slice of the pizza-kit pie!

  269. 269

    I copied a recipe from a co-worker when I first starting cooking…put tbsp instead of tsp and didn’t realize the consequences!! It was pepper in a pot of steak soup!! :o)


  270. 270

    I once tried following my grandma’s recipe for homemade biscuits. They were so heavy and dense they could have been used for hockey pucks! Now I just get Bisquick and save myself the hassle. LOL

  271. 271

    Just the other day, my daughter pulled down the box of Minute Rice and it spilled all over the floor. All over… everywhere. Have you ever tried to clean up a zillion little pieces of rice? Not fun.

  272. 272
    Lisa :)

    Loved this post!
    My disaster involved mixing up the baking powder for the baking soda (crap, or was it vice versa?) in a cake I baked for my parents (I thought I was doing something nice….).
    I was a young teen at the time, I think, and didn’t realize the powder/soda difference. Oops.
    Parentals, who thought it was funny, pretended to eat more cake and blew bubbles. Funny.
    Me? Scarred for life.
    Okay, not really. πŸ˜‰ But now I triple make sure that I don’t mistake the two.

  273. 273

    Mine would be when I was still young. I loved making cookies and one time I switched the amount of salt for something else (I can’t remember now) needless to say it was one time nobody wanted my cookies πŸ™‚

  274. 274

    When I was first married, I made a lemon meringue pie. I didn’t know to beat the egg whites so I stirred them by hand and poured them onto the pie. I figured they would rise to make meringue in the oven. Not the best pie!

  275. 275

    My disaster still brings comments from my husband. Don’t attempt to blacken fish inside the house without a huge ventilation fan! I had some crazy idea that because blackened foods do cook so quickly, it would be a ‘quick meal’ to fix before the entire Indian Princess tribe and their dads came over for the monthly meeting. Not only did I end up filling the entire house with smoke, but after I carried the smoking cast iron skillet outside, I opened as many windows and doors as I could (January – not conducive to open windows), and started running around waving a wet dishtowel to absorb smoke and chase bad odors. Yeah, that didn’t go so well either. We now do all blackening on the grill outside!

  276. 276

    Oh, to pick just one kitchen disaster. The first Thanksgiving dinner my husband I were together. So surprisingly, pre-kids. We left the gizzards in the turkey and cooked it. I’m sure many people do that, right? Well, that wasn’t the only problem. Apparently, we cooked the turkey for too long because the pop-up thermometer in the turkey broke and leaked mercury inside the turkey. Turkey ruined. But look, even 13 years later, I will never forget that Thanksgiving.

  277. 277

    I wanted to make the perfect meal for my boyfriend as I had never cooked for him before. I managed to burn the rice (rice cookers are amazing!), and I baked the bacon till they were carbon. arg.

  278. 278

    When I was dating my now husband I wanted to impress him with a homemade meal. I did not eat meat but thought it can’t be that hard to cook. Boy, was I wrong! I tried fried chicken and the chicken skin fried so I thought it was done. Thankfully I cut into the chicken before we ate it because the inside was RAW! We had take out that night. πŸ™‚

  279. 279
    Shauna W.

    Ask my mom sometime about the d— sh– pizza. πŸ™‚

  280. 280

    I prepared dinner for a date many years ago — a yeast-dough-enveloped-Italian meatloaf. It looked like roadkill and fell apart. I couldn’t bring myself to serve it and learned the valuable lesson that you should never try out a new recipe on guests!

  281. 281

    I was making an easy fudge recipe for Christmas — I am not sure what happened but it was liquid and would not harden – my family still reminds me that I could not master the “simple fudge”

  282. 282

    Love reading all the disaster stories! Brings me back to my first apartment (sloping floors, orange paintjob, get the picture?) I had my mom over for dinner and made a wonderful roast in the oven. When I opened the door and pulled out the rack to check it, the roast fell out of the oven and rolled across the floor. We put it back in the oven and ate it anyway, but sure did make me feel not quite as grown up as before!

  283. 283

    My crockpot sparked and broke when I was in the middle of cooking soup. I freaked out, called Mesa maintenance, and ran across the lawn to borrow Isa’s. Jen later bought me one and brought it over with dinner when I had Alyssa, so a sweet ending!

  284. 284

    When I was in high school we had several families over and my mom made pizza for everyone. I was supposed to make the sauce. I made it. People ate it and were too polite to say anything but one guy, a southern californian who loved spicy food said it was the best pizza he’d had in a long time and loved the spicy sauce. I had used my mom’s homemade chili sauce instead of tomatoes (both in quart jars) in the sauce. It was pizza that bit you back!

  285. 285

    I wanted to surprise my husband with a cookie pizza for his birthday. I lovingly mixed the dough, formed it on the pizza stone (Pampered Chef, of course) and baked it. After the cookie cooled I decorated it and added candles then hid it in the now cool oven. Later in the evening, as I was starting dinner, I noticed a peculiar smell and saw a little smoke coming from the oven. I had turned on the oven to preheat for dinner, completely forgetting the decorated birthday cookie! My Pampered Chef testimonial: Every bit of burned cookie and melted wax was easily scraped off the stone after it had cooled a little.

  286. 286
    Emily Dumler

    When I was in college, I was trying to make fajitas (I think), and I put some oil in a hot skillet. In the meantime I was chopping up some vegetables to put in the oil. It was taking me so long to cut them up that the oil caught fire. I panicked! All I remember was standing there trying to figure out if I should try to put out what seemed like a massive fire before it burned down my whole apartment or should I just get myself out of the apartment before it burned me down. Needless to say, me and my apartment both survived.

  287. 287

    Well I thought I was being pretty smart… I needed soft bananas for a recipe so I pulled out my brown bananas from the freezer and put them in the microwave. Great idea!… until the bananas caught on fire inside the microwave!! Oops… who knew banana peels were flammable??

  288. 288

    I’ll tell a story on my hubby – years ago while helping a youth group raise money for summer camp we held a bake sale. He has a great recipe for sugar cookies, so he got a few of the ‘youth’ together to make them for the sale. The problem was these boys had little kitchen experience and instead of putting one teaspoon of salt in the recipe, they put in one TABLESPOON! The cookies looked beautiful and sold like, well, like cookies and no one realized that our generous neighbors and purchased something virtually inedible until it was too late! We assuaged our guilt by telling ourselves that they didn’t intend to really eat the cookies, they just wanted to donate to our cause! Bless their hearts!

  289. 289

    Thank you for the wonderful advice. I am an amateur cook and am grateful for the expert tips. Keep up the awesome posts!

  290. 290

    Mine was the first time I made nachos in the oven, set it to broil and didn’t realize how fast broil cooks something! I was only 10 at the time! Don’t worry, I learned quickly.

  291. 291

    How about a right outside the kitchen disaster? My husband came inside while he was grilling steaks with a marinade on them. All of a sudden we look outside and see flames shooting up into the air towards our house. Luckily we were paying attention because otherwise it would have caught our house on fire!

  292. 292

    How about using a whole garlic instead of the cloves in a salsa recipe? It called for 6 cloves of garlic and I used 6 bulbs – had no idea what a clove was!

  293. 293

    A few months after purchasing my first ever shiny, new, expensive stove that I had extensively researched and debated over buying for weeks and weeks I dropped the Easter ham as I pulled it from the oven. The glaze spilled all over the inside door of the oven, leaking into the interior. Because there is no way to clean the glass between the interior and exterior of the oven door, I then had a shiny, new, expensive, well-researched purchase through which I now can not see the baking food. *sigh* Can’t wait for the day it quits working so I can replace it again. Of course, I’m sure my well-researched purchase will last so long I may die first.

  294. I was probably about eleven and I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, except this time I wanted a to make a bar cookie, something I had never done before. I set to work adding the eggs, the vanilla, the sugars…the flour. The bar went into the oven and I eagerly awaited the wonderful smell of baking cookies.

    The timer dinged and I pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven. …That doesn’t look right. It was light brown, but solid as a rock, it had to be chiseled. An entire sheet of rock hard, brown, *stuff* dotted with chocolate chips. The tears came and I got my mother and we tried to figure out what went wrong.

    I had used powdered sugar instead of flour. To this day I taste my flour before adding it, just to make sure!

  295. 295

    We hope you win, Jane! I’m browsing the market for a few gadgets myself…like a pizza stone! Pampered Chef is wonderful.

    Time to give everyone a boost of confidence! I’ve been partway through culinary school and I work as a cook, and I still have some issues! UA great chef I used to work for gave me this advice, “When in the kitchen continually ask yourself: What am I forgetting? What am I burning?” You won’t leave your veggies next to the steamer, or burn the chicken in the oven while worrying over something else!

    By far my WORST kitchen disaster…
    On Christmas Eve this past year, at work, I slipped and fell in some spilled oil. I hit my head on a steel table that was bolted to the floor, passed out, and hit the other side of my head on the cement floor! A coworker woke me up, and I was rushed off to the hospital…for 9 hours I was in a neck brace waiting for x-rays and an MRI to make sure I didn’t have bleeding in my brain or a broken neck. I did have a some temporary cognitive issues from the severe concussion, but ended up alright in the end! And thankfully, Workers Compensation helped me through the whole ordeal. Whew!

  296. 296

    I can remember clear as day when I pushed “blend” on a beautiful orange-chipotle BBQ sauce that was warm and steamy under the lid, and then proceeded to violently explored all over my kitchen – a 15 foot diameter of rusty-orange splash. The good news is that the recipe, despite the disaster and lengthy clean up, was deee-lish, and became a summertime staple.

  297. 297
    Jen Chocolate Seines

    Have loved every gadget from Pampered Chef over the years. Hope you win!!! : )

    The first time I made brownies by myself, I was about 9 or 10 and forgot to use a pot holder when I pulled them out of the oven.
    Needless to say, I have NEVER forgotten to use oven mitts since. : )

  298. 298

    Kitchen disaster? Hmmm. What can I say? Not too many of those unless you count EVERY LAST BATCH of cookies I have ever baked. I don’t like to use a timer, you see. I prefer to use my nose to tell when something is done. Well, apparently, when I have spooned out the last batch of cookies, my attention span for baking is done for the day and my nose can’t distinguish perfectly baked cookies from the last hour to the perfectly baked cookies currently in the oven. It is especially bad now that I know how to get at least 20 cookies onto a baking sheet at once.

  299. 299

    This one was a kitchen disaster that ended up in the emergency room. My sisters and I were in the kitchen making Sunday dinner. My sister, Amy, was in charge of making the Jell-o that day. She had the Jell-o powder in a glass bowl and had just pulled the hot water off the stove. She poured the water into the bowl and within seconds, the bowl shattered, dousing my sister in boiling, red, Jell-o water. She ended up in the emergency room with some pretty serious burns on her stomach and hands. — As a side note, Amy is now the reigning Jell-o making queen. She makes it layered, filled, shaped, you name it, she can do it with Jell-o.

  300. 300
    Angie B

    So many disasters, so little time.

    The most recent disaster: I warmed up the Rotisserie Chicken from Andronicos that comes in the plastic (heat safe – I thought) container. I turned on the oven, and 10 minutes later had a chicken tightly sealed in plastic. The container had turned into a shrinky dink in the shape of my chicken. Oops!

  301. 301

    When I was a kid I was in a 4-H cooking club. Each club in the county had a cute name like “The Happy Homemakers” or “The Kitchen Cuties” but we called ourselves “The Cooking Catastrophies”. I’ve wondered over the years if that hasn’t been a self fullfilling prophecy.

  302. 302

    When I was 8 years old I couldn’t quite read one of my mom’s dogeared and well worn brownie recipes, I thought it said to put 1 & 1/3 cups of oil (instead of 1/3 cup). They were an obvious disaster. I still remember my mom saying “How could you not know that that was too much oil?” I didn’t know how to respond at the time, but I do now. “Um, Mom, I’m eight years old how WOULD I know that?”

  303. 303

    hmmm too many..really.

    how bout when beckham hit GO on my vita mix before i put the lid on..

    mango smoothie…EVERYWHERE. inside cupboards..inside the hinges..there was not a cupboard door or dish not splashed.
    everything that was IN the sprayed..three years still finding dried mango in secret crevices..

  304. 304

    My husband and I were making paella and left a pan of oil on the burner on high. It was smoking pretty badly and we had sleeping children and we didn’t want the fire alarms to go off so we took the pan outside. It was covered but as soon as we took the lid off it burst into flames. We tried throwing flour on it but it turned into a oozing volcanic mess. We live right across from the fire dept in student housing and called and asked if they could come but not turn their sirens on cause that’d be a bit embarrassing. They said they’d have to turn their sirens on. So we called back and said forget it. Luckily a friend had a fire pit that we were able to put over it and it stopped the fire eventually. The paella was a hit but not quite as exciting as almost having the firefighters show up and put out our grease fire!

  305. 305

    How about the time we had a kitchen incident involving some really strong smelling fish a day or 2 before Thanksgiving. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at someone elses place, but had some friends over in the evening for our annual Pie Party. Nate was the first guest in the door and he exclaimed, “Did you have fish for Thanksgiving?” After baking at least 6 pies, the stench was still that strong. I really know how to create a lovely ambiance, no? I hope you guys forgot about that one.

  306. 306

    Loving all these stories!
    Here’s another one: My daughter had a school project and she was making muffins to take as part of her demo at school. As she was putting the pan in the oven, she got scared of the heat and dropped the pan. Apple cinnamon muffin batter lined the oven door, and it oozed into the drawer beneath the oven. It was everywhere! She felt terrible, and frankly, so did I!

  307. 307

    We have so many disasters…my sister tried to carry a homeade batch of scalloped potatoes w/o a hot pad, and it went crashing to the floor. We all started at the delicious smelling mess, wondering if it was still safe to eat. I managed to light a bag of popcorn on fire at a friends house…wasn’t even overcooked, just burst into flames for no reason. She teased me about that for ages. My other big one was leaving a leftover pot of matsoh ball soup on the stove. The kids were alone, which meant eating whatever we wanted and watching TV…I forgot about the soup and had burned a hole in the pot by the time I remembered. Another wasted meal.

    Good luck to you!!

  308. When I was younger I tried making fettuccine with butter sauce, which is really easy, but I didn’t realize the recipe said 2T FRESH basil, and I added 2 T dried. It was inedible πŸ™ but my family was really nice about it. I’ve had a chocolate cream pie disaster where my crust came out of the pan and the filling curdled and so I ended up using chocolate pudding cups and whipped cream and a store-bought crust. Fun times πŸ™‚

  309. 309

    I was cooking on our ancient electric stove recently when the metal coil started glowing bright red and literally melted off of itself and onto the pan I was cooking with… it immediately started an enormous electrical fire, there were huge sparks and flames everywhere… it was really scary! I started screaming and turned off the stove. Luckily that took care of the problem. Our landlord promptly replaced the stove, good call!

  310. 310

    My biggest kitchen disaster does not involve food, but my kitchen and a disaster. I was just moving in a few years ago and had been unpacking boxes. It was late and I thought a cup of herbal tee would be nice, so I put my kettle on. Something told me to move my Peugot pepper mill away from the hotplate, but I didn’t listen. I promptly forgot about the kettle, which had a non-functioning whistle and fell asleep. The next morning, I found my pepper mill in a melted blob under the hotplate and the kitchen and dining room were covered with ash! Needless to say, I now have a new kettle that whistles and a new pepper mill that is located far from a hotplate!

  311. 311
    Amy Duke

    Good luck, Jane!

  312. I wish so much I had a kitchen disaster, I have disasters in so many other areas, but I can’t think of one. At least one that is worth writing down. I’ve loved all of these comments though!

  313. 313

    Age 12 at Katie Cantlons house.
    Baking snickersoodles.
    Put them in.
    A mean game of dollies ensued…..
    Result — Rock solid Charcoal saucers, house full of smoke, fire engines & severe discipline.

  314. 314
    Amy S.

    on more then one occasion i have taken a recipe i am perfectly happy with and felt the need to ‘improve’ it because i want to impress the people i am cooking for. it never turns out well… yet for some reason i never learned my lesson.
    ex: adding liquid smoke to a stir fry dish- don’t do this, it is disgusting.
    ex: adding salt to homemade coleslaw- it brings the water out of the cabbage and turns it into slop.

    there are more.

  315. 315
    Ludwiga Covert

    I made a beautiful cream and fruit gateau for my 19th birthday. To keep it cool, I placed it on a low table in our hallway. The doorbell rang – one last check in the mirror. As I backed up to answer the door I tripped and sat smack on top of the gateau. No cake that day, but a memory that lasted a life time!

  316. 316
    Rachel Black

    I can think of three really funny disasters off-hand. A couple of Thanksgivings ago I was at my in-laws for our traditional pie making day–the day before Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law prides herself on her pies and literally has a ratio of more than one pie per person (that’s a LOT of pie). Well when we were getting close to the last batch I happened to glance at my sister-in-law who was heaping a large mound of cinnamon into her bowl of spices (her part of the job) and instinctively grabbed her hand before she dumped yet another Tablespoon into the mix. I asked her to check the recipe again to see if she was measuring in the right amount. Nope, she had 4 T. of cinnamon instead of 1 T…needless to say there were a lot of desperate glances and fear of what mom would say to having all her pies less than prize winning. Somehow we made it through the holiday, but Lori isn’t in charge of the cinnamon anymore. πŸ™‚

    Another was the time I put 8 teaspoons of pepper into my meatloaf instead of 1/8 t. That was due to an error in writing down the recipe over the phone. I still remember thinking as I put it in, “boy that’s a lot of pepper, but if that’s what the recipe says…”. We had to soak every bite in ketchup and our stomachs kinda felt like they were on fire… πŸ™‚

    Last, but not least, was the time my newly married sister called and wanted to know how exactly her soup would turn out. She was making clam chowder and put all the ingredients on the recipe card into the pot at once…that includes the flour, butter, milk, veggies etc. Apparently she didn’t realize you’ve got to make the white sauce separately first, etc. I felt so sorry for her and her new husband…I wonder if he was still in that stage of marriage where you eat it anyway! πŸ˜€ bon apetit!

  317. 317
    mary t

    My mom has been known to throw birhday cakes out the door if they don’t rise properly, so dang funny!

  318. 318


  319. I tried to bake a commercial size cake (in a commercial size pan) in a conventional oven. Not my greatest idea.

  320. 320

    My grandpa was lost when it came to cooking and when my grandma was out of town one time, he boiled a frozen corn dog. Classic. Good luck, I hope you win!

  321. 321

    So my aunt was helping to throw a bridal shower for my cousin…she was in charge of the salad…we are talking the prettiest salad I have ever seen. Salads are not cheap to make. She grabbed the olive oil and drizzles it over the top of the salad. We all took our forks and took a bite…bubbles started coming out of our mouths. She thought the beautiful glass bottle with the nozzle was olive oil…it turns out that Dawn Soap doesn’t really make a great dressing after all.

  322. 322

    I didn’t defrost the chicken, tried to fry it frozen. It wasn’t a success.

  323. 323

    I was preheating the oven to make my boyfriend a birthday cake in college and little did I know his mom had bought a cake and hid it in the oven. It was in a huge plastic container so by time I smelled something strange I had RUINED their oven and melted plastic everywhere! I cried the whole day!!

  324. 324

    During college, I was staying with friends for the holidays and wanted to bake some cookies to say ‘thank you.’ Snickerdoodles are my trademark and as I was rolling the dough balls in the cinnamon and sugar mixture, but the smell just wasn’t right. I yelled up to the owner of the house and asked if different cinnamon brands smelled differently. Her reply was simple, which shelf did you get it from. I told her, we looked at the bottle and it was cumin. Thank goodness I had only rolled 4 dough balls, or it would have been an awful batch of cookies. But, from then on–these cookies were known as cumindoodles.

  325. 325

    well… there have been alot… but maybe all the times as a little girl I put salt in cookies instead of sugar!

  326. 326
    Sara D

    We never needed a call that dinner was ready- we just knew it was dinner time when the smoke alarm went off. Daily disaster.

  327. 327
    Linda Lee

    I burned a pan of hummingbird food so badly – the pan warped!

  328. 328

    Mine involves a a lid to a can, a cut on my finger, and blood squirting across the counter top. I skipped dinner and went to get stiches after that.

  329. 329
    kelley towle

    My most recent and embarassing story was this Christmas. I had done alot of baking and some had spilled over in the oven. My new boyfriends kids were coming for a visit so I was trying to clean up and set the oven on the clean cycle. A little while later, smoke started filling the house, and our security system smoke detectors went off which automatically alerts the fire dept.. His children show up to a house filled with smoke, alarms going off, fire dept. in route and me pretty embarrassed!

  330. 330

    Have you ever burned beans….OMG, let me tell you. We had to toss the pot it was in and the house smelled so bad…Pinto beans need to be watched and more water added as they cook. Well someone forgot to add more water. So bad.

    The popcorn thing happned at our office….the poor microwave. I tossed in a bunch of wet paper towels to steam off the residue. I think the bag had a lil hole in it and the oil came out and then started the fire?? My offical guess. I hope you win!!

  331. 331

    I was chopping vegetables and accidentally chopped my finger instead.

  332. 332

    I was at a birthday party and my Aunt was carrying the giant, beautiful cake all ready to be lit with candles to the birthday girl and she tripped and the cake splattered right on the ground!! It was funny, and we were able to laugh about it, and someone ran to the store and got a replacement—not as good, but it made do!! and it’s a great story….

  333. 333

    I can’t recall any disasters of my own (must have blocked them)- but I do remember when my mom was making candied almonds and accidentally used SALT instead of sugar! Gross!

  334. 334

    I was trying to use a toaster oven to crisp up some homemade potato chips (leftovers, I didn’t make them). I set my boyfriend’s house on fire. Ooops.

  335. 335
    Auntie Barb

    This really isn’t a disaster, but it’s funny. I used to work for a family as a personal assistant. As well as office work I did a lot of the shopping and some of the cooking. They came to realize that I could actually cook. One year they decided to they were going to “cook” Thanksgiving dinner. When I came into work my boss told me she had ordered a turkey. She didn’t want to risk the quality of her first Thanksgiving meal so they bought the $129 turkey rather than the $69 turkey. They didn’t want to seem “cheap” but “isn’t $129 kind of expensive?” they asked. I’d have starved to death years before were the cost of poultry over $10 a pound, so I called the store where they ordered their turkey. Come to find out their turkey was one twenty nine…a pound! They asked me how I prepare my turkey. I told them I like to cook mine in a cooking bag. On Thanksgiving day they called me as they were headed to the store to buy more cooking bags. The first three were all shredded up from the 6 and 1/2″ slits. I laughed and lauged as I explained that they were to cut six, half inch slits in the bag. I think they’ve gone out for turkey dinner ever since!

  336. 336

    I wanted to make crispy hash browns one Sunday morning so I filled a pot halfway with vegetable oil, got it really hot, and then dropped in the packaged FROZEN potatoes. BIG mistake!! The oil spilled over caught fire and I freaked out. I turned off the stove and while panicking trying to decide what to do, it did die down on it’s own. Still nervous to cook with hot oil!!

  337. 337
    Megan S.

    When I was first married I was just getting into figuring out how to make our regular meals healthier with more whole grains. One meal I was very excited about was blueberry pancakes that used whole wheat flour and oats. sadly there wasn’t any blueberries fresh or frozen at the store so I decided that blackberries were close enough. I made the pancakes and encouraged my husband to eat them even though I wasn’t done cooking them all so I could eat too. He didn’t say a word and by the time I sat down and took my first bite he had ate 2 already. They were gross… like nasty cardboard that had weird sour cold bursts. I still laugh to think my husband ate so many, but he said he didn’t want to burst my bubble because I was so excited about them and he figured there wasn’t going to be anything else to eat so he might as well eat what he can.

  338. 338

    The canned macaroni and cheese will forever remain the worst mishap….

  339. 339

    My biggest mistake was talking on the phone and not paying attention, causing me to use salt instead of sugar in a birthday cake recipe.

  340. 340

    When I was in college, I had a roommate who swore by drying some of the hard to dry dishes is the still warm oven. So, one evening after turning on the oven to pre-heat, I noticed a funny smell. I opened the oven to discover our cheese grater, with it’s plastic handle totally melted! On a similar note, last year my single brother-in-law was living with us. I woke up extra early on the 4th of July to make cinnamon rolls to take to a breakfast gathering we were having with friends. In order to speed things up, I put the cinnamon rolls (covered in plastic wrap) in the slightly warm oven, and went back to sleep. Well, good old brother-in-law, who must have forgotten we were going to a party for breakfast, got up and decided to make his “famous” biscuits for breakfast. Cinnamon rolls were ruined! You’d think I would have learned my lesson about putting things in a warm oven!

  341. 341

    This one happened just recently, unfortunately. It was a bright, sunny morning. I had made cupcakes the night before and I sent my husband off to work with a hot oatmeal breakfast in his belly, and I felt good. I bustled about, doing chores and feeling generally pleased with myself for being such a super wife. My cupcakes from the night before, in their handy dandy plastic cupcake keeper, were sitting on the washing machine in our kitchen – we don’t have an awful lot of counter space – and I moved them onto the gas stovetop so I could do laundry. Of course, the stove was off at this point – I had made hubby’s hot breakfast on it that morning, but that was a couple hours ago so it was fine. I threw in a load of laundry and went into our bedroom to get ready to mop the floor.

    That’s when the cat came in, meowing urgently. I didn’t want her step into my pile of floor sweepings, so I kind of lurched at her to block her from coming in, and she gave me this very wounded look and ran off. I felt bad, and followed her out to the living room, trying to make up with her. I had to go through the kitchen to get there, and I must’ve noticed a strange smell or something, because for some reason I looked over at the stove.

    My cupcake carrier was on FIRE! It was filled with black smoke and there were flames shooting out from underneath and the room was filling up with foul smoke. I darted over and my mind was racing, HOW WAS THE STOVE ON?! This was craziness!! DID IT TURN ITSELF ON?!? I kind of sputtered helplessly for a second, then turned off the burner, removed the cupcake carrier to the floor, and beat out the flames with my favorite pot holder. There was molten plastic everywhere – a huge section of the bottom of the cupcake carrier was completely gone, all over the stove top. The little circle thing where the gas comes out was just buried. I opened all the windows in the house, turned on the ceiling fans to move the air out, and called my husband. Of course, once the crisis was over and everything was actually fine, this is when I start crying. But everything was fine, and I cleaned up the stove all afternoon, and thew out the cupcake carrier along with all those cupcakes.

    We realized later why I never saw a flame to show me that the burner was on – it was such a bright sunny day, and the stove was on low – it’s almost invisible under those conditions! Anyway, LESSON LEARNED. The stove top is NOT extra counter top space!

  342. 342
    Britton Olson

    Tapioca pudding and I used the entire box instead of 3 Tablespoons. It looked like weird play-dough. The worst part was that I still ate it.

  343. 343

    I bought those readymade cookie dough thingys (first and last time) and as the oven was preheating I put the cookie dough on the baking sheet (so far so good, yes?). I wanted to put the packaging instructions somewhere closeby so I could reference them. Decided to just put the packaging on top of the oven. Why did the instructions melt onto the burners? Oh that’s right…the oven is hot and the plastic will cause it to melt. Geez oh Pete…

  344. 344

    I have loved experimenting in my cooking from a young age. My early stuff was a mixed bag of good and bad. One thing I tried was putting cinnamon in macaroni and cheese! YUCK! πŸ˜‰

  345. 345

    My sister in law babysat my infant and took the breastmilk I had arduously pumped and frozen and, instead of heating in a pan of warm water, put into the microwave. The metal twist tie caused a fire. I was glad she didn’t burn the house down, but sad that a whole bottle full of precious breast milk was lost!

  346. 346
    just marilyn

    I have not had any kitchen disasters that I can think of but I have to share one of daughter’s since it’s so similar to yours. When my daughter was a teenager she decided to make some microwavable mac n cheese. I was in another part of the house and smelled smoke. Thinking the house was on fire I ran to find the kids; as I ran into the kitchen I could see black smoke billowing out of the microwave vent. I turned it off immediately and asked what was in there. Apparently she forgot to add the water to the macaroni which was blackened and just to the point of igniting. The smell was awful and because the a/c was on it was drawn throughout the whole house. We have not let her forget that incident!!

  347. 347

    not exactly a disaster, but definitely demoralizing: have you ever made salt kool-aid? turns out salt looks like sugar in an unlabeled jar. my 10 year old self made this mistake. i guess the recipe was a bit complicated for me at the time–sugar, water, flavor packet. it’s a disappointing shock when you’re expecting the liquid candy that is kool-aid, and get red-strawberry saltwater.

  348. 348
    Maria H

    I’ll never forget when my teenage older sister made a “fancy” meal for her then-boyfriend and my younger sister and me. This fancy meal consisted of chicken, pasta, and a pre-made sauce advertised to jazz up any meal, called “Chicken Tonight.” We all started eating the “Chicken Tonight” and each slowly realized it was literally inedible, but my sister’s boyfriend was desperately trying to choke it down for her sake. When my sister finally took a bite, she immediately spat it out, we all started laughing, and promptly renamed the dish “Garbage tonight.”

  349. 349
    Natalee Maynes

    I was boiling eggs while simultaneously bathing my daughter. Forgot about the eggs. The next thing I know there is an explosion. The water had boiled off and the eggs had literally exploded all over my kitchen. awesome!

  350. 350

    My sister switched the salt and sugar one April Fools’ Day…and completely forgot when she went to make vanilla pudding later. Totally inedible.

  351. 351

    I tried a new method for making dulce de leche that involved microwaving sweetened condensed milk, just stirring it with a spatula every minute or so. When the caramel reached the right color, I happened to notice the spatula. It was gone. Melted right into the dulce de leche (which was weirdly plastic-ky looking.)

  352. 352
    Anna Mckeown

    Candied Yams with marshmallows on top. Burned the first marshmallows. Out of white marshmallows. Put the only ones I had, yucky tropical marshmallows on top. Barely burned them, but we still ate it. It was Thanksgiving after all!

  353. 353

    I was so hyped up to make MoneySavingMom’s bread machine cinnamon rolls. I made the dough in advance and put them in the fridge overnight like the directions said. The kids were so excited to eat them in the morning since they are a rare treat for us! They never rose and basically came out like disgusting rocks. Still new at using my breadmachine and I screwed something up BIG TIME. The look on my kids faces were so sad πŸ™ Note to self: Next time, keep some Pilsbury on hand just in case.

  354. 354
    Donna King

    Other than the microwave which caught on fire while re-heating a burger, and having one firetruck, an ambulance and police car rushing our neighborhood, while the emergency person on the phone told me to keep talking, though I thought it prudent to leave the house, for heavens’ sake to save my family….
    my worst disaster was dessert for a Thanksgiving dinner with friends! I had prepared everything well beforehand and was feeling pretty in control of the event. However,it became apparent as our number of guests rose, that I should make three more pumpkin pies. knowing the recipe by heart, I ever so competently added and mixed the ingredients for the filling in record time,poured the fillings and baked the custards! Removing the three grand pies, I tasted a bit of leftover filling and to my amazement knew something was amiss! It took less than a minute to realize I had forgotten to add the sugar… Yikes! I cannot remember what we had instead, but the guests were most accomomdating. My daughter who was young at the time has never forgotten this either!

  355. 355

    I was at my friends house and she was throwing an awesome party. She was in the other room and as I walked into the kitchen I realized her cookbook was on the electric oven range slowly starting to catch fire. Luckily we caught it in time!

  356. 356

    I once made a cookie cake for a surprise party…not realizing that I needed to allow for spreading…I still have burnt cookie dough stuck to the bottom of the oven.

  357. 357

    Probably when I forgot to put the sugar in the cookie dough. They tasted horrible.

  358. 358

    when i was younger i made snicker doodles, but couldn’t find the cream of tartar for the recipe. baked them up. they tasted nasty. so metallic and awful. so i wrapped them up and doorbell ditched my neighbors with them. i should also add that i hate snicker doodles.

  359. 359

    One time I made a pie and took it out to cool; looked and smelled wonderful. I put it on the edge of the table and turned around. My beautiful apple pie landed upside down on the floor. πŸ™

  360. Oh wait, oh wait, I just thought of my kitchen disaster. I was quite young (maybe 12), so I hope it still counts, but once I was making snickerdoodles and I misread the recipe. It said 1 teaspoon baking soda and I read it wrong. I put in one cup. Holy frijoles it was unreal how disgusting they tasted. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  361. 361

    I cooked and served a bad pork roast once years ago, to this day my husband has to check to make sure it smells ok before eating pork.

  362. 362
    Amanda Lewis

    I have a sister in law who once made cake using powdered milk instead of flour (granted she WAS something like 10 years old!).

  363. 363

    I cooked and served a bad pork roast years ago, to this day my husband has to check to make sure it smells ok before eating pork.

  364. 364

    smoked up the whole house by leaving a plastic container in the oven and not checking before I turned it on

  365. 365

    I like pampered chef on facebook. I love pampered chef

  366. 366

    one year we got up from thanksgiving table, and didn’t feel like clearing the table just yet, when we returned to the dinning room a while later then dog had gotten up on the table and finished off the entire turkey

  367. 367

    My mom has a double oven with a tiny oven on top, not thinking she put marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes and placed them in the top tiny oven. with in minutes the smoke alarm was going off and the marshmallows were on fire.

  368. 368

    Wanting to heat up her own lunch my son put some chicken in the microwave to cook and accidentally put in 11:00 instead of 1:00 and caught the microwave on fire

  369. 369

    Pretty much every time I set foot in the the kitchen it’s a disaster. I burn toast, can’t boil water, needless to say never much success

  370. 370

    I once left a teakettle on my stove with the burner on and left the house.

    My stove top is STILL a huge mess. I am just glad that it wasn’t worse.

    I just loved your story.

  371. 371

    So yeah, I burned macaroni and cheese the first time I made it. Dude, burnt cheese smells so freakin bad.

  372. 372

    Just came across your blog and I love it. How have I never been here before? Your story really made me giggle.

    I have burnt popcorn also. It isn’t pretty is it?

  373. 373
    Glenna Bauman

    Goodness you have a lot of comments here!! I bet you will win for sure.

    When my daughter was younger, we had our fair share of kitchen disasters while teaching her to cook. Who knew that a girl could have so many problems just cooking rice? I had to throw the pan out and bless her heart she felt just awful.

  374. 374

    The one time I remember happened after the cooking. My wife likes to use candles to decorate the table. During a holiday dinner, all fancy and stuff, I wasn’t paying attention and caught a napkin on fire at the table. It was an exciting meal.

  375. 375
    sharie diaz

    not too long ago, i spilled an entire bottle of vegetable oil on my kitchen floor. my husband couldn’t even understand what I was saying when i called him at work in tears. tons of rags, hot water, and kitty litter later,my floor is still slippery

    thank you for sharing your disaster. its nice to know that all you bloggers aren’t perfect

  376. 376

    The first time I tried to make chocolate chip cookies, I didn’t have a clue about what salt does. I put in 1/2 cup of salt instead of 1/2 tablespoon. They turned up to have a texture more like Christmas tree ornaments than cookies.

    Ugh. Gross. πŸ™‚ Good think I’ve learned since then! πŸ™‚ Hmmm . . I should have thought to doorbell ditch them like Adrianne!

  377. 377

    Mixing up baking soda and baking powder . . . more than once!

  378. 378
    Lynn BB

    The most noticible was when I was carrying my son’s birthday cake out on the deck and dropped it. I caught it, but one whole side was smashed.

    Cooking wise, my husband will generally eat anything I make, but one beef/spinach casserole had him pushing his plate away after the first bite!

  379. 379

    I made a beautiful many layered jello in a pyrex 9×13 pan and took it to a friend’s house and then dropped it on her kitchen floor- shards of glass and jello everywhere!!!

  380. 380
    Jane Maynard

    oh my goodness, I feel like I could comment on every single comment. I’m refraining. but I am keeping notes for a great follow-up post tomorrow. thanks for all the great stories, everyone – keep it coming! πŸ™‚

  381. When I was in middle school, I wanted to make a birthday cake for my mom from scratch. The only thing was, I had NO idea what I was doing. I knew the basics of what went know, eggs, flour, water,sugar…but didn’t bother to use a recipe. The cake was like rubber, but my mom (and my entire extended family!)ate it with a smile. Toward the end of dessert my great aunt said “this tastes like bubble gum” hahaha Nothing like honesty. I hope I’ve gotten better since then πŸ˜‰

  382. 382

    My grandma and I used to bake together. One summer she made a regular sized apple pie and she let me make a baby pie. Put mine in the oven and it lit the whole oven on fire. Ooops.

  383. 383

    For my wedding I received a pizza pan that has little holes in it (to make pretty markings on the bottom of your pizza). One day I REALLY wanted to make a cookie pizza. So I made up the batter, but realized there were holes in my pizza pan. I had never seen one like that before, so out of shear foolishness I thought, “Hey, I’ll just put the batter on the pizza pan. Maybe it’s designed some fancy way to prevent the batter from leaking…and if not, they cookie will harden as it bakes and all will be well”. Well, all was not well. The batter dripped of course all over the oven and left little burnt droppings all over the bottom of my oven. To make matters worse, I didn’t clean it up for about 6 months. The Idiot Award and Laziness Award goes to ME!

  384. 384
    Rachel Ream

    Growing up in Idaho we would cool our pies outside on the patio in winter time. It only took a few minutes, which allowed us to gorge sooner…we lived for a cherry pie made from summer’s frozen fruit from our tree. Our cooling process worked beautifully until one day our outside cats ate the pie before we did. Sad. I still get nervous when I cool a cherry pie.

  385. 385
    Rachel Ream

    Oh, and my brother forgot to add eggs and baking powder to his cake once…my dad choked, the Heimlich was performed, my 6 sisters started screaming and my mother cried, “You killed your father.” Dad was fine, but my brother has not baked a cake from scratch since…

  386. 386

    I’ve cooked chickens in paper bags for years without incident, but a few weeks ago the bag caught fire in the oven. Turned out ok, though. I rinsed the ashes off the chicken, put it in another bag, and cooked it again with delicious results.

  387. 387

    Microwaving chocolate in a plastic container – not only did the chocolate burn and turn waxy, but it actually burned a hole straight through the plastic! Nasty smell, too…

  388. 388

    One year during college my roommates and I were attempting to make a smoothie (yes it took all 4 of us- we were freshman) and when we had our concoction just about finished we decided it needed a little more honey and it would be complete. Well, one of my roommates proceeded to press the button to blend in the newly added honey BUT she forgot to put the lid back on. So the apartment and all 4 of us girls were showered with icy cold smoothie. The end.

  389. 389

    Years ago, after making some chocolate chip cookies for my sister-in-law, who just had her first child, and was in the hospital, I realized, that in one of those cookies somewhere was the broken end of one of my fake fingernails. Ugggg.

  390. 390
    Lindsay R

    i once baked a graham cracker crust that i needed to chill before adding the rest of the stuff. i was taking it down to our garage fridge and placed it on the top step of the stairs while i went back in the house to grab some other things. i opened the door to the garage with an armload of stuff and stepped right onto the burning hot crust with my bare foot. i felt pretty silly with a cooking injury on the bottom of my foot.

  391. 391

    So Wednesday night, I got home from work….. We had leftover lasagna in the fridge that I was planning on heating up for dinner. It was still in the casserole dish so I pulled it out and decided to throw the whole thing in the oven to warm up. I tossed the pan in the oven, started the oven up and walked away to get out of my work clothes…. 20 minutes later, I came back to check on the heating of the meal and when I opened the oven, it was still cold- We have double ovens and I had turned on the wrong oven! Thank goodness for microwaves- but did I sure feel silly! Probably not my worst cooking adventure, but definitely the most recent!

  392. I just recently had a pie “explode” all over the bottom of my oven floor. Guess who forgot to put a cookie sheet underneath?!?!

  393. 393

    Um, how about the first time I made spaghetti and the noodles all stuck together?

  394. 394

    Does ruining a dinner at your father’s 60th birthday party count? Because I totally did that….with all of his friends standing in the kitchen WATCHING!

  395. 395

    OK Everyone – I was up at 2:30 AM reading all of these stories and laughing my head off! Trying really hard not to wake my sleeping husband…

    Don’t ask why I was awake at 2:30 AM – but it wasn’t because of a kitchen disaster.

  396. 396

    My biggest was when I thought my fridge went out. Ruined EVERYTHING in it. Repair guy came, my six year old had turned it off…

  397. 397
    Eleanor Egge

    The first time I baked chocolate chip cookies for my husband, they came out so hard, we couldn’t even bite into them and he promptly dropped one of the cookies onto the floor and used it as a hockey puck!

  398. 398

    Oh my, I have tons of kitchen disasters – spend any amount of time there and you’re bound to have a few. Just recently I made caramel corn and left the corn syrup out somehow – It wasn’t pretty. That is just the most recent – I’m always burning something – I regularly overcook fish, and I have horrible luck with overcooking meat in a crock pot – I know it is supposed to be fool proof, but it doesn’t work for me.
    Good luck in the contest.

  399. the first chocolate chip cookies i ever made were so hard, they broke a garbage disposal . . . i think that qualifies as a kitchen disaster, right?

  400. 400

    My story is more about my daughter than me. I made Chili for dinner – but unfortunately didn’t have the sour cream that my daughter loves to add. I suggested she put some yogurt in it – would taste the same. What I didn’t realize is I had plain yogurt AND vanilla yogurt in the frig. She put 2 heaping spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt in her chili. She ate several bites and said it didn’t taste so good! I had a good laugh and then let her start over with the right stuff!

  401. 401
    Nancy from Mass

    6 years ago I was making Coconut Custard Pies to bring to Thanksgiving dinner the day before Thanksgiving. As I put one of the 2 pies in the oven, I spilled some of the custard onto the bottom of my electric oven. No worries, I thought, I’ll just clean it up later. I finished baking the pies and decided to throw in a small pizza for my lunch. I turned the heat up to 425 and started cleaning my kitchen. Suddenly, I heard “Poof”. I continued to clean with my back to the oven thinking “why did my pizza make a poofing sound?” I decided to turn around and look at my oven only to see flames inside the oven and smoke starting to pour out! The custard had caught on fire when I turned the heat up. I grabbed the baking soda, tore the top off, opened the door and tossed all the soda in the oven to put it out. Cleaning that oven totally s**ked! I am more careful now when I bake!

    • Nancy from Mass

      Oh and as I left my house to get my son from school, I was driving down a side road…kids were playing in their front yard with their cat…who decided to run out in front of my car. There was no way I could stop my car in time. The cat did not make it.

  402. 402


    Your blog is so appealing. I love you humor.

  403. 403

    first time I ever used dried chickpeas, I didn’t realize you needed to soak them before cooking . . . ended up going out for dinner that night

  404. 404

    My first year of marriage, I tried making enchiladas with canned tuna – and as you can imagine, it was really, really awful!!!

  405. 405

    I have a recipe that I call a ‘slushy salad’ using bananas, pineapple and gingerale that is frozen in a bowl, then thawed just enough to run a fork thru it to make it somewhat slushy; it’s then served in small cups. One time I was up very late and pulled a bowl out of my cabinet, mixed all the ingredients, tossed into the freezer and went to bed. The next day, I took that salad to a potluck and when it was time to ‘slush’ the mixture, there was a hard ball of ice in the center that would not ‘slush’ – after wrestling with it for a few minutes, I discovered that there were 3 plastic lids that had been in the bowl I used – all of which had frozen right into the salad! We now call that salad the ‘3-Lid Salad!’

  406. 406

    This one is short and sweet. One day I toasted a croissant in the oven without using a cookie sheet. The croissant broke and a bit fell on the heating coil. Fire happened (small and easily put out) and I said a word I shouldn’t have just in time for my just-beginning-to-speak-parrots-everything-I-say daughter to hear me and then repeat it loudly. Totally felt like a super hero.

  407. 407

    I made a Cookie Monster (cookie pizza) on a pizza pan that had little holes on the bottom of the pan for design. I thought the batter would hold together enough in the oven until it hardened, but instead the heat made the batter get gooey and leak through the pan and I had burnt cookie batter droppings on the bottom on my oven. And to make it worse I didn’t clean it for a long time.

  408. 408

    We participate in a super club through my husband’s work and had been assigned a dish for the main course; the dish was supposed to be ‘easy’ but by the time it was all said and done, that dish took 6hrs of actual cooking time and used literally, 15 pots and pans – everything and I mean everything, was covered in grease AND the smoke detector went off – the house was filled with smoke. The dish was fabulous but man, I probably won’t make it again!

  409. When I first started cooking and baking in college, I had VERY little equipment to do so, so one Christmastime, I used the handle of my Swiffer sweeper as a rolling pin to roll out my gingerbread cookie dough, and on the only available large surface I had – a squishy card table. Not a disaster per se, but funny!

  410. 410

    Soo making a chicken dish and it called for Paprika… Well I love me some paprika so I was generous with it. Cooked it, plated it and hubs ate it and spit it out.. turns out I used cayan pepper by mistake! Umm yeah it was a bad night.

  411. 411

    I had a disaster when my husband and I were having my parents over at our place for the first time. I messed up on cooking RICE! Plain and simple rice! It was bad but I’m glad my family was in the mood for pizza.

  412. Yeah one time my friends and I didn’t add enough flour to chocolate chip cookies and set the oven on fire. Her brother had to come “save” us by blowing out the fire. The foreign exchange student that was helping us from there on out called her brother “tornado breath” Hahaa.

  413. 413

    My husband wanted chili, but we were living in Alaska and if you don’t think ahead to get it, you have to wait a while. He decided to use a can of baked beans and modify it from there. He kept adding things here and there and in the end it was so nasty I don’t think even a starving dog would have eaten it!
    I love pampered chef and would love to win this, but the story about the wooden spoon in the smoothy made me laugh so hard, she deserves it!

  414. 414
    Wendy Shriber

    There’s too many to select from, but I decided one time to spice up my typical college meal of pasta and marinara sauce by adding some microwaveable meatballs. Long story short, as I was getting ready to serve the meal to friends, someone noticed a burning smell. Sure enough when I opened up the microwave, the paper towel I used to cover up the meatballs was caught on fire. Should’ve known that paper towel+grease from meatballs+microwave= fire hazard!

  415. 415

    Shall we talk about the time I tried to spice up ground beef and sour cream with curry powder? No. Let’s not.

  416. 416

    I made a skillet apple pie and it looked GORGEOUS. Perfectly golden crust, drippy tart apples, until I bit into it. I’d added lemon juice–to a cast iron pan. The beautiful pie tasted like metallic awful.

  417. 417

    Last night’s disaster: The good ol’ mistaking sugar for salt trick… Makes for some nasty pumpkin muffins πŸ™

  418. 418

    My worst kitchen disaster actually involved a Pampered Chef knife. I was washing dishes at Church after a Young Women activity. Most of the kitchen utensils we sued were second hand. Someone left a knife to be washed and I immersed it in the soapy water without giving it a second thought. Shortly afterward another leader came into the kitchen and asked if I had seen her knife. I looked down and the soapy water was red! I learned the hard way the quality of Pampered Chef knives!

  419. 419
    diane caso

    When I was little, my sister tried making my Dad’s favorite fudge recipe…umm instead of 1/4 TEASPOON of salt, she used 1/4 CUP…BLAH! Funny, the fudge never did set right!

  420. 420
    diane caso

    When I was newly married, I decided to try my hand at making an omlette. Didn’t have much on hand for filling, so I figured-hey, give grape jelly (homemade) a try! Yuck-eggs turned green-my husband still brings up my grape jelly omlette disaster! Thanks Dan!

  421. 421

    There have been many mishaps, but the worst was when we not gone grocery shopping yet. I pulled together every last thing I could find and made a nice little vegetable soup- then promptly poured the ENTIRE salt shaker into it.

  422. 422

    My kitchen disaster hurt me SO much more than it did the kitchen. I was about 6 years old and was decided I wanted to reheat some leftovers in the microwave. My darling parents taught me to set the right time and cover the bowl, but they did not mention to NEVER put metal bowls in the microwave. Not only did I destroy the microwave, I reached in and grabbed the bowl with my bare hands. The bowl was so hot, the skin on my fingers melted and stuck to it. Even though we had to get a new microwave, my parents couldn’t be mad when they saw how pitiful I was with my bandaged, mummy-like hands.

    • Jane Maynard

      you win the award for the SADDEST kitchen disaster story – oh goodness! I want to give your 6-yo self a big hug! πŸ™‚

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