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Friday, December 19, 2008

Kitchen Tip: Cake Strips

Lindsay, my amazing friend who cooks amazing food, shared today’s Kitchen Tip with me months ago.  I finally used it for the first time last night with great success!  I’m so excited to share!

Lindsay cut these towel strips for me (from here on out called “cake strips”) and gave them to me as a little gift.  Here’s how to use them: wet with water, wrap around cake pans and attach with safety pin.

Why would you want to dress your cake pans in a pretty pink towel?  Well the cakes stay moist around the edges AND, as you can see from my picture, they stay flat!  No big dome in the center of the cake.  I am SO HAPPY to have learned this little trick.

You can buy cake strips (just Google ‘cake strips’)…but why spend money when you can just cut up an old towel and use a safety pin?

On a related note….I have pictures of the finished product on my camera.  More on that later…

PS – Neither Lindsay or I have ever had a cake strip catch on fire.  They ARE dry by the end, but have never had issues.  I guess what I’m saying is it seems pretty safe…but if your cake strips light up, well, consider this my statement of “This Week for Dinner is not liable for cake strip fires.” Honestly, you should be FINE. How’s that for a disclaimer? My attorney would be so proud.


  1. 1

    Once again, I LOVE THIS BLOG.

  2. Genius! I have tons of old towel scraps, too.

  3. 3

    How did I not know about this idea! Love it. Jane, you are fabulous! And your Christmas card is so cute! Thanks friend!

  4. 4

    That is an awsume idea and I love to back

  5. Hi lindsay

    I was reading a book on wedding cake making and they use cake
    strips and cake cores this is the first time I heard this
    process in the cake strips you use towels what a good idea I
    will try how about cake core do you have any ideas ….

    if you need any question answers I work in chocolate making..

    have a nice day

  6. 6

    Our home essentials expert – Linn Allen – recommended this tip to the 5000moms network. I LOVED it. Thanks!

  7. 7

    so they wont burn right?

    • Jane Maynard

      nope – they’ve never burned on me, and I am pretty sure this was the first question I asked lindsay – if they would catch on fire! 🙂 we’ve all used the method time and time again without incident! 🙂

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