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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Kitchen Tip: Chopping Strawberries

Since we’re chopping cauliflower, how about we chop some strawberries, too? I mean, it is strawberry season after all! Last year I was chopping strawberries for some strawberry shortcake and realized that every time I went to cut up a strawberry, I would do it this way…

Step-by-step photo of the wrong way to cut up strawberries

As you can see from my beautiful Photoshopping, this is the wrong way. I would always quarter the strawberries vertically from stem to tip first and then cut it into smaller pieces. This is no bueno because everything slips and slides, making it so that your pieces are all different sizes. It is also a wee bit dangerous, too.

It’s taken a year, but I’ve broken the habit! I finally have retrained myself to cut strawberries the proper way, with no slipping and sliding to be seen! By cutting the strawberries horizontally (so not stem to tip) to start, you can then place the strawberry on its flat end (where you cut off the stem and leaves) and everything stays put! It’s a subtle difference but one I find that makes chopping strawberries much easier!

Here are step-by-step photos! Tha may not be necessary, but strawberries are pretty so why not? 😉 

Step 1: Cut off the leafy top.

Whole washed strawberries on a black cutting board

Strawberries on a cutting board with tops cut off

Step 2: Cut the strawberries horizontally.

You can cut them in halves or thirds, depending on the size of the strawberry.

Top view of strawberries cut in half horizontally

Step 3: Turn the strawberries up onto their cut-off-stem side, so the tips are pointing up.

Backlit side view of strawberries cut in half horizontally

Step 4: Quarter the strawberries, cutting tip to stem.

Top view of chopped strawberries Side view of chopped strawberries

Step 5: Knock all the strawberries over and eat them!

Chopped strawberries on a cutting board


  1. 1

    What portions of sugar to 24 oz of raspberries cooking without any pectin?

  2. 2

    I have 4 containers of 6oz. Each and no pectin I make rhubarb jam this way but not raspberry. Help

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