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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kitchen Tips: Cutting Brownies

Cate and I made some chewy brownies together this afternoon, which we both enjoyed thoroughly, of course. (We’ll see if there are any for Nate when he gets home – just kidding – mostly.)

As I was cutting our brownies today, I thought I should share my brownie cutting trick with you: use a plastic knife. Works like a charm. Don’t know why it’s better than any metal knife you might try, but the brownies just don’t stick to the plastic. Granted, if the brownies are piping hot when you cut (which mine were because I can’t wait for them to cool), you’ll still get a little stickage, but not much (see below). Trust me – the plastic knife is AMAZING.

I have a special edition of Fine Cooking called Chocolate. They give the following tips for cutting brownies into neat squares:
1. Line bottom of greased pan with parchment paper – grease the parchment paper.
2. After baking, run a sharp paring knife around the edge of the pan. This helps ease the whole baked brownie out of the pan. (Jane edit – plastic knife would be better…I’m sure of it…dude, I should be writing that magazine)
3. When the pan is cool enough to handle, flip out the whole brownie and then peel off the parchment.
4. Now invert the whole brownie onto a rack and let cool completely before cutting.

I think their method is handy for getting nice, even squares…but they didn’t mention the knife. Go plastic!


  1. 1

    I read about this tip a few months ago, can’t remember where now, but it works so well! I enjoy your blog and am amazed you keep up so great with such a new little baby!

  2. 2

    Hmm, I should have read this yesterday as I tore our brownies to bits with a metal knife.

  3. 3

    Hi—I’m a friend of Kerri’s, and I look on your blog all the time. I love it! I just tried the Rachel sandwiches and they were so good. I loved the cole slaw. Keep them coming.

  4. 4

    Check out this dessert knife at Crate and Barrel–

    It works great for all desserts and doesn’t scratch the pans!

  5. 5

    I just made brownies this weekend and it dawned on me to ‘try the plastic knife…’ you are SO RIGHT! I had perfectly shaped brownies, not the usual ones with hunks of brownie sticking out the sides. 🙂 Thank you for the tip!

  6. 6

    Your plastic knife tip saved the day. Amazing! Thank you so much. You saved me from looking like the totally incompetent baker that I am in front of all the preschool moms and teachers.

  7. you’re welcome everyone!

    kathy – your comment made me laugh – glad I could make you look good! 😉

  8. 8

    I always use plastic it’s the best! My favorite is the Ikea colored ones they sale for the kids.

  9. 9
    Patricia Norman

    How about a cookie cutter? Looking for even sizes…

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