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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kitchen Tips: Maximizing Dryer Sheets

Okay, today’s kitchen tip about dryer sheets doesn’t have anything to do with the kitchen. BUT…it’s a tip I love, so I’m sharing it anyway. Plus, I store my dryer sheets in the kitchen, so technically it is a kitchen tip in the Maynard household!

Let’s begin with this…I love dryer sheets. Not for the smell, I use fragrance-free dryer sheets. I just love how they keep clothes from getting all crunchy-like and also keep static in control. I never dry clothes without throwing a dryer sheet in with the clothes!

Years ago when I was visiting my Aunt Barbara, I needed to do some laundry at her house. When I popped open her box of dryer sheets, they were all cut into strips. Barb simply said, “You don’t need a whole dryer sheet, a strip will do it!” I believe her because she lives in UTAH…the driest, static-iest place I’ve ever been to!

And you know what? She’s right. You really do not need a whole dryer sheet for one load of laundry. Cut those babies up! Or just rip off a piece, which is what I usually do. I usually use 1/3 or 1/2 of a dryer sheet, while Barbara uses only about 1/4 of a dryer sheet.

And, can I tell you, my boxes of dryer sheets last FOREVER. It’s kind of awesome. Saves money and resources, can’t beat that!



  1. 1
    Amanda Lewis

    My mom always cut ours growing up, and I was just thinking a couple days ago that I need to start doing that. Thanks for the tip/reminder!

  2. 2
    Michelle Machado

    I have been doing this for years after reading about it in a magazine. I just cut them in half when I 1st get them and set them on the dryer. i have never had a problem, and they work just as well as a whole sheet.

  3. It never once occurred to me to use less than a whole sheet. This is great to know! I’ll share a tip I learned when I ran a load of laundry at a friend’s house. I noticed she just drops the cap (from liquid detergent) on into the wash so it’s always clean – not gunked up with excess detergent as mine always was until that day. Fabulous!

    • Erin

      That is fabulous – I used to not buy the ones that stand on their sides because of this… but recently did because it was so cheap! Did this trick last night – WOW!

  4. 4
    Nikki CB

    I never buy dryer sheets, partly b/c i don’t like the fragrances I’ve smelled on the sheets I purchased a couple time. Static can be an issue though! Can you either post a comment, Jane, or just email me to let me know what kind you buy that are fragrance free? Just in case I want to try to be less, er, clingy.

    • Jane Maynard

      the ones I have right now are Bounce – there is NO scent at all, which is great!!! I think All might make fragrance free dryer sheets as well, but last time I went to Safeway I only found the Bounce.

  5. 5
    B. J. Leamon

    Save money purchase dryer balls.

  6. 6

    You can also get around needing dryer sheets by putting 1/2 white vinegar in the rinse cycle of the wash. Clothes come out soft and static free with no added chemicals or smell from using dryer sheets (I promise there is absolutely no vinegar smell, either). Plus, spending $2 for a gallon of vinegar and only using 1/2 cup at a time makes it super inexpensive. =)

    • Jane Maynard

      Vinegar is truly magical! thanks for sharing this tip, I didn’t know this one!

    • My sister recently told me about the vinegar in the wash tip. She has stopped buying dryer sheets as well. She puts it in at the beginning of the cycle so she doesn’t have to worry about catching it at the rinse portion. Swears by it.

    • Also, soaking a pair of your new dark rinse jeans in 1/2 a cup of vinegar before their first wash will seal the dye and they won’t fade as quickly. Be sure to turn them inside out first, soak them for a few minutes, then run them through a regular wash. (Same theory as dying Easter eggs and dipping them in vinegar!)

      {mommy chic} latest post: end of season sales + shopping tips

  7. Another tip for dryer sheets – when you have baked on or stuck on food on a pot or pan, run water in the pan and throw in a dryer sheet – it will loosen the stuck on/baked on food and make the dish very easy to clean.

  8. You can also use dryer sheets more than once. I can usually get two separate loads with one sheet. If they still feel like they have stuff in them after that, I might put two used sheets in with the next load.

    I also like the Bounce unscented ones.

  9. 9

    Weird? Maybe, but I use my used dryer sheets to dust off my bedroom furniture after I’ve folded a batch of clothes (which I do on my bed). They catch dust really well and I might as well use them for something else on my way to the trash can.

  10. 10

    ALSO! Put already used sheets in your jacket pocket in the winter and it keeps your car from shocking you when you get out!
    I use the Bounce Dryer Bar and I really like it. I’m out right now and I can feel a BIG difference in the soft snuggliness of my clothes 🙁

  11. 11

    Don’t forget to clean the lint filter with water, detergent and a brush every couple of weeks as dryer sheets will create a residue on the filter that will not allow air to pass through the filter. Test your filter under running water. If water does not pass straight down, you need to clean the filter. When clean, water will not lay on the filter, but will pass straight down. A clean filter will dry your clothes much faster with less electricity. I also love the unscented dryer sheets!!

    • Mawa

      WOW – what a great tip!

    • Jane Maynard

      I just heard about this from Nate’s aunt…very cool! will have to do that! thank you for the explanation of how to clean it. so helpful!

  12. 12

    I love that you learned this from your Aunt Barbara… Your mom has always done this, yes all throughout your childhood…. Guess that identifies who did the laundry when you were growing up and what a poor job your mom did sharing her secrets with you!!! 🙂

  13. 13

    This cute boy I’m marrying loves wearing shoes with no socks. It creates quite an unpleasant odor….but sticking a dryer sheet in the shoes TOTALLY takes care of the problem. Talk about multi-purpose! (A scented sheet is helpful however…)

  14. 14

    Dryer sheets are good for removing baked on food from pots and pans. I save them after they go through the dryer. Then use them to sake away baked on food from pots,pans, baking sheets ect. Really works

  15. 15

    Here’s another money saving softener tip: Never soften towels. The softener interferes with their main function, which is to absorb water from your skin or dishes. And softening sheets and underwear is also a waste as well as exposing skin for long periods to the chemicals in the sheets. Softeners inhibit moisture wicking away from the body. The same waxy build-up in the lint filter builds up on any fiber. Not a good thing.

  16. 16

    I buy the cheapest available ……at the 99 cents store

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