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Friday, June 26, 2009


Today it’s all about kiwifruit. I had the opportunity to attend a really fantastic lunch this week…more on that another day. One of the companies at the lunch was Zespri. Zespri represents all of the kiwifruit growers in New Zealand. They had samples of kiwifruit on hand and every course of our lunch had kiwifruit incorporated…and it was delicious!

I learned a lot about kiwifruit.  Here are a few of my favorite facts:

  • Kiwifruit is SUPER healthy.  Tons of potassium, vitamin C and fiber. 
  • There are two varieties, green and gold.  I’ve had green many times, but I’d never even heard of gold. I LOVED the gold variety. It’s sweeter than green and is harvested ripe, so it’s always ready to eat. Sadly, gold kiwis are harder to find in stores.  Asian food markets are more likely to carry gold kiwis, but you could also put a request in at your supermarket if they don’t carry it.   
  • Green kiwis contain an enzyme that tenderizes meat (and curdles dairy, if you ever need to do that!). If you leave a couple of slices of green kiwi on your meat for about 30 minutes before cooking, it will tenderize the meat!

The moral of the story?  Go track down some gold kiwis. You’ll thank me.

Zespri’s website is a great resource, with lots of recipes. 


  1. Huzzah for this entry! I stumbled across your site from Marie’s Make and Takes and was so excited to find the Kiwi info. Serendipitous I tell you!

    Last week’s ‘winder farms organic produce box’ came with organic kiwis and I’ve actually been wondering what to do with them. Zespri’s has a great recipe for salsa that I think I’ll try out (complete with fresh mint from my back yard.)

    great timing and thanks!

  2. 2
    Jane Maynard

    you’re welcome! I really was surprised all the great ways they used kiwi! have fun experimenting! (the kiwi salsa we had at the lunch was delicious, btw)

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