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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Learning with Media & PBS Kids

As a contributor with the SV Moms group, I’ve had a lot of fun opportunities come up…like meeting Maria Shriver and Bill Nye! I recently had the chance to attend a discussion with other SV Moms and the creators of Super Why, a children’s television program on PBS.

The discussion centered around children and media and was very interesting. For example, when Fonzie got a library card on Happy Days, teen library card sign-ups increased 500%. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the most important thing I learned that night, but it was a fun fact nonetheless and an interesting commentary on the power of media. Angela Santomero, the producer of Super Why and Blue’s Clues, broke down an episode, explained the purpose of each section, and outlined how an entire episode is developed.

PBS sent us home with supplemental activities to do with our children in conjunction with watching Super Why. Cate and I held our very own “Super Why Week” and she LOVED it. It was really fun tying in what she had watched on TV with activities I could do with her, reinforcing various reading skills. Click here to download the activities yourself, definitely a great summertime activity! Super Why Week also helped me to be more engaged in what Cate was watching, rather than taking that 20 minutes to check email or work. It was good for both Cate and me.

If you are interested in reading more about children and media, this PBS webpage is chock full of great information. Happy learning!


  1. We love PBS! It’s the only tv channel that the kids watch. Super Why is one of their favorites. They also love the new show Martha Speaks. Thanks for the activity link!

  2. Wow, I miss those PBS days … not having to “pre-watch” shows is a big plus…now it’s all Jonas Brothers and The Suite Life!

  3. 3
    Jen Schulte

    Hi – we also love “Super Why” and just watched it this morning! My daughter Grace (almost 4) is also a big fan of Curious George and Clifford. Good wholesome stuff from PBS! Thank you for this.

  4. I have been behind on my blog reading and just saw this post. My boys LOVE SuperWhy. It is 1 of only 3 shows I let them watch. In fact, we have all of the episodes saved on our DVR so they can repeat. I love the show too. It is my favorite. I love that it tells a story, teaches about problem solving, incorporates spelling and letter recognition and reading. So fabulous! I really do love it. Thank you so much for the link to the activities.

  5. 5

    We are IN LOVE with “Super Why” around this house. I love the learning that goes on and the way they incorporate letters and letter sounds throughout the program. I also love how they are solving problems young children also try to solve (sharing, taking turns, telling the truth, etc..) I taught early childhood education for 5 years and definitely give “Super Why” a high five, along with 2 thumbs up!

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