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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Best Lemons in the World Are Actually Limes + Why You Need a Lemon Press

Today I have a story to tell. After the story there’s a really good kitchen tip. So, you know, make sure you keep reading to the end. Which of course you would do anyway because I’m such a good storyteller, right?!

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynard | pictured: bearss lime tree

Our house came with a lemon tree in the backyard. A big, beautiful lemon tree that grows the best tasting lemons in the world. There was just one problem – the lemons kept getting this weird brown spot on the bottom.

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynard | pictured: bearss lime tree, overripe fruit

We researched the issue and came up empty. Our gardener thought maybe it was a deficiency of some sort and asked other gardeners about it. Everyone was stumped. Then, one day, Nate noticed a blue tag on the tree. He flipped it over and discovered the tag had words on it and the words were these: Bearss Lime.

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynard | pictured: bearss lime tree

WHAT?!?! Our lemons were limes! Our gardener was like, “Oh man, I love Bearss limes! The way the tree was pruned I just never thought of it!” Now that we knew what kind of tree it was, our research was much more fruitful (pun intended) and we discovered that our yellow limes with brown spots on the bottom were actually just overripe.

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynard | pictured: bearss limes

In our defense, Bearss limes can grow really big and really yellow. I think Bearss limes should be renamed Trick Lemons. I mean, seriously, look how yellow those two overripe limes are in the picture above!

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynard | pictured: bearss limes

The reason our lemons were the best tasting lemons in the world was because they were actually limes. My lemon bars? Lime bars. Our neighbors’ favorite lemon chicken? Lime chicken. The list goes on. Lemon or lime, we love the tree and Nate makes the best lemonade, I mean limeade, you ever did taste.

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynardOwen says, “Hi!”

Story’s over, kitchen tip time! If you don’t have a lemon press, aka citrus squeezer, get one! Seriously, I’ve been wanting a lemon press for years and finally, two weeks ago, I popped onto Amazon, found one that looked good and hit “buy.” I bought the Bellemain lemon squeezer and I love it. It is super sturdy and perfect for lemons and limes. Click here to check it out!

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynard

I now consider my lemon press an indispensable kitchen tool and don’t know how I lived so long without it. Take note: when you start squeezing, go slow or you’ll end up with juice all over your kitchen.

why you need a lemon press from @janemaynard | pictured: squeezed bearss limes

Happy juicing!


  1. 1

    What a funny story. So is this a special type of lime? I got a lemon/lime press about two years ago and it was life changing. And recently I learned that I’ve been using it wrong. I’ve been putting the sliced side up when it’s supposed to be down. I loved it when I was using it incorrectly and love it even more now that it’s more effective!

    • I believe it’s a tahitian lime, as opposed to mexican limes that are much more common. they are larger.

      and, um, I’m putting them in backwards! I can’t wait to go flip it over like you described, might be worthy of another blog post, goodness!

  2. 2
    Nikki CB

    Love the story! And I really love that shot of you guys reflected in the lemon press. 🙂 I have a lime/lemon press which I agree is awesome. The only thing is that mine is quite small, so we really just use it for smallish limes. We originally got it when we were living in Washington Heights in NYC and limes were literally 15 for a dollar sometimes. We drank so much lime fizzy goodness and the lime press made it so easy. But, like I said, it’s small so I may have to move on up to your model!

    • I figured since you could see us in the press, I may as well get owen to smile for the picture! 🙂

      you NEED to get a bigger press – you’ll love it! this bigger one works great on the larger fruit and the small fruit.

  3. 3
    Toby Solomon

    Thank You!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for what’s wrong with my lemons. So many of them get that light brown spot. So my lemons are limes! Love it.

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