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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lunchtime: Boursin Turkey Baguette

YEARS ago my friend Jami had me over for lunch and threw together the most delicious sandwich… I don’t know if it’s a regular of hers, but I have made it ever since. It’s easy and delectable. You simply can’t go wrong when Boursin cheese is involved. Given my previous post, I guess I should be saying to use whole wheat baguettes… okay, yeah, sure. Seriously, a regular old white baguette tastes so good. Sorry, whole grains.

Boursin Turkey Baguette Sandwich
Toast a baguette. Spread Boursin cheese on both sides. Top with turkey and romaine lettuce. Sometimes I use spinach instead to make it “healthier,” but the romaine is nice for the texture – take your pick. Enjoy!

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