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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Martha’s Entertaining

When one of my contacts from Martha’s Circle recently emailed asking if I’d like a copy of Martha Stewart’s new book Martha’s Entertaining, I of course said YES because, really, who turns down a free book from Martha?

In all honesty, I was expecting just another how-to book with some ideas for various types of parties. Well, the book arrived this week and it is so much more than I was expecting. Should I really be surprised? It’s Martha, after all! Anyway, the biggest reason I love the book is because it is not a how-to book. It’s 6 pounds (yes, 6 pounds…the mailing label said so!) of beautiful photography documenting one year of Martha’s various celebrations held at her various homes. The book is also a journal of sorts where Martha shares details about each event, through short intros and captions to photos. For me this is far more inspiring than a book of templates I’ll never use.

The book is very visual and divides the celebrations by time of day. Each event starts out with a short description from Martha, along with the menu for the event. The last 100 pages contains all the recipes for all the menus in the book.

The book really is beautiful, a feast for the eyes more than anything else. The photography is gorgeous and transports you to a fantastical world of giant chocolate bunnies and lush floral arrangements. And, while I browse through the pages, I find myself thinking one of two things at any given moment. #1: Boy, I wish I had a house like Martha. And, #2: When is Martha going to invite me to one of her parties?

Seriously, this book inspires a good amount of envy in me. I want that table. And the stools of various heights. And those floors. And those dishes…I’ll even take them dirty.


  1. 1

    We have been subscribed to Everyday Food for a few years now and I just love it. I get her direct newsletters also and I really enjoy the different perspectives she has on so many things. Enjoy your new book!

  2. And what about a giveaway for your readers…? 🙂 Seriously, that looks amazing! A fun book to inspire day dreams!

  3. 3

    Wouldn’t we love a giveaway of this fabulous book!

  4. 4

    Everyone needs to get over the envy and just enjoy. As you said, It’s Martha, after all! I did laugh at your wanting her dishes dirty. I’m trying to decide if I need more Martha–all six pounds of her.

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