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Friday, November 6, 2009

Meet the new hottie in my life…Cayenne Pepper

I have fallen in love with cayenne pepper.

cayenne pepper web

I must inform you all that until a few months ago I was a total wimp when it came to spicy (as in hot) food. I always bought mild or medium salsa. If I saw the little pepper symbol on a Chinese food menu, I wouldn’t even consider the dish as an option.

That is until we discovered Back-A-Yard, the Caribbean restaurant I told you about a few months ago. Their jerk chicken is pretty spicy, but of course I had to try it, it’s their thing. Boy am I glad I did. Since that day my tolerance for spicy food has increased 10 fold. I’m not scared anymore! I embrace the spice! In fact, at the BlogHer Food after party, there were these chicken kabobs that everyone was saying were too spicy…and they didn’t even phase me. I have officially numbed my taste buds and boy am I proud. I’m not your typical gringo anymore!

Which is why I’m in love with cayenne pepper. It’s such a great spice for kicking up the flavor. And it’s really so beautiful. I just love opening the lid to find this:

cayenne 2 web

As always, if you have any favorite spicy recipes to share, please do! We’re looking for some HEAT today!


  1. Yes!
    I’m glad you found the light!

  2. Love spicy. Everything I have made lately is “Sweet and Spicy”
    I can’t wait to see more spicy recipes from you!

  3. 3

    I love cayenne. I remember my friends who grew up in New Orleans saying they always had three shakers on the table; salt, pepper and cayenne. I recently bought a blend at Penzey’s you might like. Black and Red Spice is a blend of Ground Tellicherry Pepper and Cayenne.

  4. 4
    Jane Maynard

    coolboy – I have! 🙂

    sarah – those recipes look great – thank you!!

    amy – I have a penzey’s right down the street from me that I still haven’t visited. I know, it’s a crime. perhaps this spice will propel me on a five minute walk to go explore! thank you for letting us know about it!

  5. 5

    If you’re going to Penzey’s, also try Northwoods Fire for tons of flavor with your heat! we love it in EVERYthing, wimpy kids included, but for real wimps they have a plain Northwoods without the cayenne.

    Be sure to pick up a catalog and get your free poultry seasoning while you’re there! If you can’t find a coupon, do sign up for their mailing list; there’s always a coupon for something free on the front.

  6. My husband is completely obsessed with Cayenne. It doesn’t matter what I make, he douses it with pepper before eating.

  7. 7

    Cayenne is a staple in the house. We have two of the Costco giant size shakers…obsessed, indeed.

    Cayenne goes into virtually everything we cook. Scrambled eggs, you betcha! Breading for fish, chicken, pork ribs, you betcha! Spaghetti sauce, you betcha! We add a little to fondue, soups, mac & cheese, whatever. If I’m throwing together something and the flavoring seems to need a little something, cayenne is typically what it needs – well, that and a little extra dash of salt.

    Oh, and when we do a seafood boil, you should see how much cayenne gets poured into the pot of water. Want to cook up some yummy peal and eat shrimp for an appetizer – grab yourself some crab boil (bag or liquid), toss in a few onions, lemons cut in half, whole garlic bulbs, hot peppers (jalapeno, habanero, serano), salt and a GENEROUS pour of cayenne pepper, boil those little shrimp up and you’ve got yourself a tasty appetizer (or dinner add some potatoes and sausage to the mix and add dinner rolls).

    We use cayenne so often, I can’t think of specific recipes just for it. LOL.

  8. So glad you posted this. I’m so scared of cayenne! I’ll have to give it a try now! Thanks!

  9. I just added it to a chocolate recipe I’m making as I type. Did you try that chocolate thing (what was that?) at the after party with the cayenne added? Oh it was yum.

  10. 10

    Looks like that Bare Minerals stuff.

  11. 11

    Have you ever had smoked paprika? It is delicious with many things, if you’re interested email me and I’ll give you a few recipes. 😉

  12. 12

    A friend of mine is from Peru, and she makes this amazing potato and egg dish with a creamy white cheese sauce and cayenne – Papas a la Huancaina. Haven’t tried my hand at it yet, but plan to soon!

  13. 13
    Jane Maynard

    let me know how it goes! and if you have a recipe, would love to get it from you! 🙂

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