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Friday, February 23, 2007

Mid-Week Thoughts: Round Brownies & More

I conducted a Brownie experiment this week. I cooked them in muffin tins (filled the cups about 1/3 full with batter and cooked for a shorter time at a little lower temp). If you like edges, you’ll love ’em this way. They stayed moist and I thought they were good. Not worse, not better than a normal brownie… but it’s a fun shape that would be cute if you were displaying them on a plate. Unfortunately I didn’t take a cute picture of the cute brownies… but here’s the batter, which is the best part anyway.

I made the Lime & Honey Salmon recipe tonight. Delicious. A few notes: I baked the salmon and that worked fine (thanks to Emily for the tip – I didn’t have TWO skillets big enough to cook the salad & the salmon). The recipe made a LOT of salad. Just to warn you. BUT… there was a happy coincidence this week… we are having enchiladas tomorrow and the leftover salad will be an excellent side dish. Love it when that happens! (Yes, I’m mixing up the days a bit, but I’m sticking to the meal plans – promise!)

Lastly, thanks to everyone who is coming to the blog! I’ve received lots of positive feedback and I’m happy everyone is enjoying and using the blog! And thank you to everyone who has shared their menus (Athena – you were the first menu from someone I don’t know – so fun!).


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    Hey Jane! Here is my menu for the coming week…I have been relying on Dream Dinners, Trader Joes, and random bouts of culinary inspiration (when the girlies allow:) Enjoy!

    Pork chops w/sweet ginger and apples
    Fresh whole-wheat rolls
    Green salad

    Dijon & herb marinated prawns
    Steamed veggies

    Chicken w/tomato, lemon and herb sauce
    Roasted potatoes

    Leftover night (Glass bead class!)

    Greek penne w/chicken, lemon and parsley
    Tomato and cucumber salad

    Date Night!

    Red lentil soup w/coconut milk
    Fresh whole wheat bread
    Green salad

    (I like to plan different snaky items each week to keep it interesting-you know, the whole “eat 6 small meals a day” thing…we aren’t cranky when us girls get our snacks!)

    Fresh bread (with a touch of almond butter)
    Crumbly banana muffins (Chloe loves to bake!)
    Fresh fruits and berries
    String cheese
    Dried mango (TJ’s has the best “unsulfered” mango, of course:)
    Broccoli with dip (Chloe has a hankering)
    Cottage cheese and black beans-this is yummy and so good for you too!

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    The McCulloch Family

    I just found your blog and I really like it. I just tried making brownies in muffin cups this weekend so what a surpise to see your post about it last week. My daughter put mini peanut butter cups in the middle of ours before we baked them and it was tasty, if you like peanut butter.

  3. 3
    Jane Maynard

    glad you found the blog! what a coincidence on the muffin tins… the peanut butter cup idea is great! 🙂

  4. 4

    Jane, I tried the honey lime salmon recipe and it was delicious! I really liked it and I’m sure will make it again.

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