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Friday, December 22, 2017

Netflix Downloads is the BEST

Hi everyone! Happy Holidays!

Netflix Downloads is the BEST! From @janemaynard

We are leaving in about an hour to catch a plane. We will be on that plane for what will feel like 3,145 hours. Normally such a trip requires Nate and I spending hours the night before getting movies and shows added to the iPads, stressing about storage space and who gets what shows. No longer…

Enter Netflix Downloads!

I am so excited about this new feature from Netflix that I am stopping my packing to spend 5 minutes telling you about it so those of you traveling can also partake. It is that awesome.

So, what is this download feature? Basically there are a bunch of titles on Netflix that you can download to your device to watch offline. Just make sure you have your Netflix app updated, then click on the navigation menu on the left of the screen. You’ll see two magic sections: “My Downloads” and “Available to Download.” Just click to see what is available, download the titles you want, then come back when the device is offline to watch! My kids are all busily choosing things to watch while I pack. It’s so much easier than Nate and I messing with the iPads for hours. Sweet relief! Also, the file sizes are about a quarter of the size of movies and shows that we normally store on the iPad through the regular “TV” app. Which means we’re not filling the devices in 2 seconds and the kids have more to choose from. This plane ride just got a lot shorter. 😉

Thank you, Netflix. Now, back to packing!


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    I am so missing the weekly menus….did I miss a post that you are going to stop doing them?

    • awwww, angela, thank you! quite frankly the end of the year kicked my butt. I dropped so many balls, including my weekly menu. I am working this week on getting things up and running in life again, including the blog and the weekly menu. so stay tuned! and thank you!

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    Benjamin Evans

    Thanks for the info

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