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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My New Favorite Cheese: Ricotta Salata

Just a quick post today to share my new favorite cheese. It’s called ricotta salata and it’s mighty fine.

my new favorite cheese, ricotta salata | from @janemaynard

The kind I buy is from Bel Gioioso. They label the cheese as “The Italian Feta,” which I think is a good description. Salata means “salted,” and that’s basically what this cheese is – ricotta cheese that has been pressed, salted and dried. The texture is very similar to feta, but the flavor is much more mild. Think ricotta with, you guessed it, salt added!

my new favorite cheese, ricotta salata | from @janemaynard

I pretty much put it on every salad I eat now. I can’t get enough. And, unlike feta, my kids are much more likely to eat it sprinkled on their salad, so they can eat the same salad I make for the adults. I’m thinking ricotta salata would be good in other dishes, too, like scrambled eggs or tossed into roasted veggies. Maybe it’s time I start experimenting, but, honestly, I go through enough of the stuff with just salads!

my new favorite cheese, ricotta salata | from @janemaynard


  1. Interesting! Never heard of this cheese… and I feel like I have tried a LOT of cheeses. I like feta in my salads, but not everyone likes such strong flavor… so I’ll keep my eye out for this one!

  2. 2
    Megan Flowers

    You must try this salad then! It is one of my go tos since I discovered it at a restaurant in Venice Beach

  3. 3

    This looks good!! Never heard of it either, but I will look for it. I’ve been on a mozzarella kick lately – I found these mini mozzarella balls soaked in olive oil and spices. I’ve been eating them daily with cherry tomatoes for over a week (like a crazy woman – 40 year old hormones or what???). Anyway, thanks for the suggestion so I can have a new craving 😉

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