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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Kitchen Loves

I have a few new kitchen loves. Like, I’m really loving these things so I have to share them!

With this move we are finally living in a house. It’s short term until we find something more permanent, and it’s nothing fancy, but it’s a house. With a yard. And space for a family of five. It’s heavenly and I am feeling very grateful and blessed.

Included with the house is a kitchen, as is often the case. 😉 Again, nothing fancy, but it is definitely a step up from my previous kitchen, which served me well but was TEENY TINY. As in, I had one drawer and one plug and next to no counter space. Yeah, not missing that kitchen so much.

Our new kitchen isn’t huge, the cabinets are chipped, there is tile everywhere the eye can see (tile makes me nervous since it’s so easy to break things and I hate cleaning the grout, but I can deal), and the dishwasher doesn’t clean worth a darn. BUT, I have a full-sized oven! There’s a gas stove! There’s more counter space! There is TONS of light, perfect for a food blogger who photographs everything she eats! Here are my three most favorite features after one week in the new kitchen. You’ll see I’m pretty easy to please.

1. Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Spray. I hate dirty sinks. The pull-out spray on the faucet indulges my OCD to the max. It’s just so quick and easy to wash everything down the drain! It’s much easier cleaning off Owen’s high chair tray and comes in quite handy when washing dishes. I love that the spray hose is built into the faucet rather than having it off to the side, making it super convenient.

2. Clear drawers in the fridge. Okay, seriously, having clear drawers in the fridge is a revelation!

3. Pantry space. I filled the pantry shelves NO PROBLEM. So happy to have a dedicated place to store our food! Woohoo!

I also did a Trader Joe’s run the other night and found two new-to-me items that are pretty darn cool.

1. Baking soda in a baking powder can. Three cheers for easy baking soda measuring!

2. Small boxes of shelf-stable whipping cream. Talk about handy! I will definitely be keeping these stocked in my new pantry. 😉

On a related note…it’s so nice to be cooking more regularly again. House is still a mess…but life is starting to feel a bit more normal!



  1. Congrats and I have a faucet just like that and yes it is awesome to pull out and clean things. 🙂

    Love your pantry cabinets 🙂

    that can would be nice to have for baking powder. Don’t like our trader joes it is 3 aisles and 45 mins away. But the guys who started Trader Joes also own Aldi’s and that is closer wonder if they have it there??? Hmmmm….

    • Jane Maynard

      only 3 aisles? I hope they expand for you! I’ve had one just a few minutes away the last few years and was totally spoiled…it’s a little farther now, so I need to plan ahead before going and stock up! you should definitely check aldi’s to see if they have it!

    • i am sad to say that my aldi’s does not have baking soda in the can. it’s just in a regular box. but it’s only 52 cents so that’s something good! 🙂

    • yep 3 aisles I was so sad when I went there. They won’t expand they were pretty tight with the 3 they had 🙁

      going to aldi’s friday so I will check. I’ve found a few things you and other food bloggers have posted as getting at traders joes at aldi’s so fingers crossed.

  2. 2
    megan flowers

    I’ve seen that baking soda at Trader Joes and never realized until now that it is baking soda and not powder! The can totally threw me off! Yay for a larger kitchen in a house! We are currently in an apartment with a small but nice kitchen. We have been looking for a house for almost 7 months now! It will be so nice to get out of this apartment and have a yard!

  3. So glad you’re getting all acclimated to your new digs!! Looking forward to seeing you around town soon. 🙂

  4. Your Trader Joe’s yogurt tubes, I must say, are in the wrong part of your new fridge. Put them in the freezer! The kids think they are a super treat (“yogurt pops”) and they are so much less messy to eat that way, which should make your OCD happy! If Owen wants a small one, you can even cut one in half.

    • Jane Maynard

      it’s funny, I put some of the yogurts in the freezer for cate’s lunch, thinking they would be defrosted by the time she ate them…never thought of just serving them frozen! I am TOTALLY going to try that because, you’re right, my OCD side is always nervous when they eat those things! 😉 thanks for the suggestion – so helpful!

  5. 5

    Wow – that whipping cream is so smart. That’s one thing that I always have to run to the store for – Trader Joe’s saves the day!

    • Jane Maynard

      me too, I always have to run to the store for it, so there are many recipes I end up not doing in a pinch b/c there’s no cream. so excited about it!

  6. 6
    Kim from PA

    Hmmmmmmm………I am now pondering if I should take a road trip to my closest Trader Joe’s. It’s about 30-35 miles away.

    Your new kitchen is terrific :-)!

  7. 7

    Yay for more kitchen & storage space! I am very intrigued by the shelf-stable whipping cream ..

  8. I’ve been getting the TJs shelf stable coconut milk and using it to bake with, in smoothies, etc. It’s nice to have it in the pantry!

    So jealous of your pantry! We have a lot of cabinets in our kitchen, but none that are meant for storing food. We keep a lot of our pantry goods in the garage, but last week I found some mouse droppings and the little bugger had chewed through some packages. Going to need to figure out how to store my food without fear of rodents!

    As a side not, our Costco has $50 in Einsteins cards for $39…noticing that cream cheese 🙂

  9. 9

    Shelf stable whipping cream? *THUD* Genius! Love my sprayer faucet too. 😀

  10. 10
    Jenn W

    Yeah Jane!! What a great reminder (for me) to appreciate some of the things I always take for granted! Welcome back to SD!

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