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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh là là, Bonne Maman!

This giveaway is now closed, but keep reading to learn more about Bonne Maman and to see the winner!

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Nate lived in France for a few years and I took French in high school and college. Nate and I had the chance to visit Paris together in 2008 and we both love all things French, especially the food. Whenever I see Bonne Maman products at the store, it takes me right back to our visit to Paris. The little gingham lids make me so happy! (Side note: When I opened the photos up for this post in Photoshop, I had a bunch of pictures we took in Paris already open. We’re trying to decide which one to blow up and hang over our couch. Kind of a fun coincidence when writing this post!)

gifts & giveaways: bonne maman gift idea and giveaway from @janemaynard

I’m pretty picky about my jams and generally only eat homemade jam. But there is a short list of jam that we are willing to buy in our house and Bonne Maman is on that list. The jam is delicious and I love the variety of flavors, something our family doesn’t get from my supply of freezer jam. I’ll love Bonne Maman even more when they finally carry confiture de lait in the U.S. (Yes, I’ve passed on my request and am really hoping they’ll listen!)

Oh, and did I mention how wonderfully re-useable the jars are? When you’re done with the jam, just pop the jar and lid in the dishwasher. The label falls off in one piece during the wash and the jar is high quality.

gifts & giveaways: bonne maman gift idea and giveaway from @janemaynard

Of course Bonne Maman is part of my Gifts & Giveaways series! Bonne Maman makes for a great holiday gift. The jars are already so cute, all you have to do is tie a pretty ribbon around it and you’re done! You can also readily find Bonne Maman in many grocery stores and markets across the U.S.

gifts & giveaways: bonne maman gift idea and giveaway from @janemaynard

In addition to being a great holiday gift idea, Bonne Maman also makes for a lovely blog giveaway, don’t you think? One of you lucky people will win a collection of four Bonne Maman products!

Here is how to enter the giveaway! (Comments must be posted by Midnight PT on Tuesday, 12/10. Prize must be shipped to a U.S. address.)

  • Simply leave a comment, any comment, on this post! That’s it! Although if you want to share your favorite flavor of jam, that would be fun!
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Bonne chance!

The randomly-selected winner of this giveaway was Comment #125 Nikki CB, who said, “Raspberry is so delicious.  I don’t believe I’ve ever tasted Bonne Maman – that would be great!” Congratulations, Nikki! Now you’ll get a lot of tastes of Bonne Maman!

Thank you to Bonne Maman for providing me with some well-loved samples and sponsoring this giveaway. As always, opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. 1

    I use the apricot and peach one all the time! always in my house. They sell this at my whole foods. good stuff. can’t wait to make thumbprint cookies this yeat with them 🙂

  2. 2

    I love the idea of reusing the jars once the jam’s been enjoyed- great tip!

  3. 3

    I follow you on FB!

  4. 4

    Never tried this brand so I look forward to finding some and giving it a try. In general I like raspberry jam.

  5. 5

    I haven’t tried this brand but the fig preserves look delicious 🙂

  6. 6

    My favorite jam is definitely raspberry!

  7. 7

    I follow on facebook

  8. 8

    I follow on pinterest

  9. I love those jams– my favorite flavors are any berry ones and fig jam.

  10. I follow This Week for Dinner on Facebook.

  11. 13

    my favorite flavor is strawberry.

  12. 14

    I don’t often eat jam, but when I do, it’s Bonne Maman 🙂

  13. 15

    I follow on twitter

  14. 16

    i follow on pinterest

  15. 17

    i like this week for dinner on facebook

  16. 18
    Christin Attebury

    I’m a strawberry kind of girl.

  17. 19

    I started my kids on Bon Maman a few years ago and now they won’t eat any other jam. My husband is always (jokingly) giving me crap for making the kids such jam snobs 🙂 I have a cabinet full of their jars, LOVE THEM!

  18. 20

    I follow you on FB!

  19. 21

    I follow you in pinterest!

  20. 22

    This jam sounds wonderful! I love all flavors, but especially strawberry.

  21. 23

    i’ve never bought these, but always thought the packaging was so darling. i’m a raspberry jam girl, but the raspberry apricot is enticing too!

  22. 24

    My favorite flavors are a tie between apricot and raspberry!

  23. 25

    I’m a good old-fashioned strawberry fan!

  24. 26

    I like you on FB 🙂

  25. 27

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  26. 28

    And I follow you on Twitter too!

  27. 29

    I’ve never tried this brand of jam before, but I would love to! The wild blueberry jam looks yummy.

  28. I adore the Bonne Maman jams. The cherry one is fantastic paired with Brie or prosciutto!

  29. 31

    strawberry is my fav!

  30. 32
    Barbara H

    My favorite is strawberry, and I love to reuse the jars!!

  31. I’m a fan of Bonne Maman! Especially strawberry. 🙂

  32. 34
    barbara n

    My favorite flavor of jam is strawberry

  33. 35

    I love strawberry jam.

  34. 36
    Susan D

    My favorites are my homeade fig jam, a good quality red raspberry…and sometimes cherry.

  35. 37
    Susan D

    I follow TWFD on Pinterest!

  36. 38
    Susan D

    I follow TWFD on Facebook….AND Instagram!

  37. 39

    I love blueberry jam, it’s delicious!

  38. 40

    I follow on FB!

  39. 41

    I also follow you on Pinterest!

  40. 42

    I’ve never tried this brand but would LOVE to! Love me some jam!

  41. 43

    Follow on Facebook too!

  42. 44

    I love jam on egg cheese sandwiches

  43. 45

    I like you on facebook

  44. 46

    Love these and I love to reuse the jars!

  45. 47
    Samantha Y

    I appreciate strawberry jam a lot!

  46. 48
    Samantha Y

    I follow you on Facebook.

  47. 49

    I love a toasted English muffin with some cream cheese and some jam. I have been using leftover cranberry sauce this week on my english muffin.

  48. 50

    I follow This Week for Dinner on facebook.

  49. 51

    I follow This Week for Dinner on Pinterest.

  50. 53

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  51. 54
    Lindsay R

    I hope they have pear jam. It’s fabulous.

  52. 55

    I have never tried thes… but I would love too! Apricot or Blueberry would be awesome!

  53. 56
    Lindsay R

    I follow you on facebook Jane. Give me another shot at some pear jam.

  54. 57

    I followu on This Week for Dinner (facebook)

  55. 58

    ohhhh…pear jam! I follow you on Pinterest too!

  56. 59

    Strawberry is my favorite flavor of jam

  57. 60

    Raspberry is my fave!! 🙂

  58. 61

    I like raspberry and apricot jams. Also, I follow you on Pinterest. Thanks!

  59. 62

    Mmmm…Jam!! Jam means bread and I love bread and Jam. Never tried this brand, but raspberry is my current favorite flavor 🙂

  60. 63

    Yum – I love homemade strawberry jam!

  61. 64

    I love all of their jams! I am in the process of replacing all my jam jars with these to put my own jam in every year when I do my canning. 🙂

  62. 65

    Follow on facebook

  63. 66
    Gina Guthrie

    I love raspberry and strawberry jams the best.

  64. 67

    Follow on twitter

  65. 68
    Gina Guthrie

    I like you on FB

  66. 69
    Gina Guthrie

    I follow on pinterest.

  67. 70

    Follow on pinterest

  68. 71
    laura in San Diego

    Blueberry is the best!

  69. 72

    I just found your site after a brown butter cookie search and I can’t wait to try your recipe! I was thrilled to see the Bonne Maman giveaway. We love to reuse their jars too!

  70. 73

    I love these jams, apricot is my favorite.

  71. 74

    follow pinterest @saramama

  72. 75

    follow on twitter @saramama

  73. 76

    follow on FB
    sara peterson davis

  74. Oh yummy strawberry jam on warm,buttered toast.

  75. We love “Grandma Jam” at our house. I feel so guilty when we run out and I have to buy jam from a store. Perhaps, this could be a happy medium.

  76. 79

    My two all time favorites: Mayhaw and Fig

  77. 80

    I follow you via Twitter @sowingstitches

  78. 81

    Raspberry jam is my favorite, but I’m always willing to try a different flavor.

  79. 82

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  80. 83

    Jane, I follow you everywhere!

  81. 84
    Linda Moyer

    I follow on Pinterest

  82. 85
    Linda Moyer

    I liked your page on Face Book

  83. 86
    Linda Moyer

    I like strawberry or grape jam – thanks.

  84. 87
    Lori H

    Blackberry jam is my favorite!

  85. 88

    Rasberry jam is the best. With tofutti cream cheese on some type of gluten free anything WHABAM that is deliciousness. The apricot is fine too. I also like to use the fig – just put a spoonful on some prosciutto, a dab of goat cheese, then wrap that up!!!!

  86. 89
    Sarah P.

    Cute jars! I just did a search and found retailers in my area so I’m going to give them a try!

  87. 90
    Erin Leckey

    These jams always make me think of my grandmother because she loves the raspberry flavor and so do I!

  88. 91

    I follow you on Facebook

  89. 92

    Apricot is my favorite!

  90. 93

    I follow you on FB.

  91. 94

    I adore their golden plum mirabelle preserves. I haven’t tried the fig yet, though, so that is now on my list.

  92. blueberry is my favorite of their jams

  93. 97

    I took French in high school too. If I was as smart as I think I am, I would have taken Spanish.

  94. 98

    Strawberry or Plum:)

  95. 99

    Following via FB

  96. 100

    Following via Twitter @ABCDDiariesMom

  97. Oh I just LOVE strawberry jam and red and white check so cute!

  98. 102
    Ashley P

    I love cherry jelly and jam. So good on a peanut butter sandwich!

  99. 103
    Ashley P

    I like you on Facebook.

  100. 104
    Ashley P

    I follow you on Twitter.

  101. 105
    Ashley P

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  102. 106
    Rachel R

    Strawberry rhubarb, all the way!

  103. 107

    Im craving jam now

  104. 108

    Every year I make strawberry rhubarb jam.

  105. 109
    Lynn BB

    I’m a raspberry girl!

  106. 110
    Amy Jo Drown

    Blackberry I love it and usually get it all to myself no one else in my house likes it too much.

  107. 111
    Amy Jo Drown

    I like you on FB

  108. 112
    Amy Jo Drown

    I follow you on pinterest

  109. 113
    Amy Jo Drown

    I am following you on twitter

  110. 114

    I especially love strawberry jam!

  111. 115

    I like you on Facebook.

  112. 116
    Stephanie P.

    Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite type of jam, what a SWEET giveaway–wink, wink! 😉

  113. 117
    Lindsey R

    We have plenty of empty Bonne Maman jars in our cupboard, they’re great little cups! The strawberry preserve is my favorite flavor but I’d love to try the Fig preserves!

  114. 118
    Lindsey R

    I already follow you on pinterest.

  115. 119
    Lindsey R

    …And I already follow you on twitter!

  116. 120

    I absolutely love Fig preserves!

  117. 121

    I follow on twitter @cmchambe13

  118. 122

    I always reuse these jars when I make jam. My favorite jam is blueberry!

  119. 123

    I reuse these jars all the time, my favorite flavor has always been raspberry, 2 of my kids like the blueberry & the other 2 like the strawberry

  120. 124
    Dina L

    Strawberry! We gave away mini jars at my daughter’s wedding – it was a big hit!!!

  121. 125
    Nikki CB

    Raspberry is so delicious. I don’t believe I’ve ever tasted Bonne Maman – that would be great!

  122. 126
    Nikki CB

    I have already liked you on facebook!

  123. 127
    Nikki CB

    I follow you on twitter.

  124. 128
    Nikki CB

    I follow you on pinterest. Thanks!

  125. 130
    Kelly H.

    My favorite jam is strawberry!

  126. 131
    Kelly H.

    I followed you on Facebook!

  127. 132
    Kelly H.

    I followed you on Twitter!

  128. 133
    Kelly H.

    I followed you on Pinterest!

  129. I love every flavor of Bonne Maman. Favorite jam ever. But if I had to choose…I think I would say cherry.

  130. 138
    Susan Christy

    Orange Marmalade is my favorite

  131. 139
    Susan Christy

    Follow you on Pinterest

  132. 140

    My fav is sour cherry! Also love apricot.

  133. 141
    Meghan Finley

    I’m partial to their mandarin but I’ll never refuse anything out of that delightful little jar!

  134. 142
    Meghan Finley

    I Follow This Week for Dinner on Facebook

  135. 143
    Meghan Finley

    I follow you on pinterest-immortalb4

  136. 144

    Homemade strawberry freezer jam will always be my favorite!

  137. 145

    I follow on Pinterest.

  138. 146
    Jessica w

    i have made pies in jars as christmas gifts,but I haven’t tried jams yet

  139. 147
    Jessica w

    I Follow This Week for Dinner on Facebook

  140. 148
    Jessica w

    I Follow you on Pinterest

  141. 149
    Jessica w

    I Follow you on Twitter

  142. 150

    My daughter recently asked for a jar of strawberry jam for her 5th birthday. I’m not sure why. We buy jam all the time so it’s not like it’s a special treat!

  143. 153
    Kim Parrott

    I love peach preserves

  144. 154
    Kim Parrott

    I follow you on Pinterest

  145. 155
    Kim Parrott

    I follow you on Facebook

  146. 156
    Kim Parrott

    I follow you on twitter

  147. 157

    Blueberry or Raspberry are my favorite flavors of jam!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  148. 158

    I like you on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson

  149. 159

    I follow you on Pinterest as cezovski9

  150. 160

    I follow you on Twitter as @Cezovski9

  151. 162

    Love their jams, especially the peach. One of the very few we can find that is made with real sugar instead of HFCS.

  152. 163
    Victoria will

    Apricot jam and peanut butter sandwiches got me through my first pregnancy. I also love the blackberry!

  153. 164
    Katie M

    Bonne Maman blueberry preserves are the best!

  154. 165

    Love me some cherry! Just saw a cute gift set of mini jams today…

  155. 166
    Barbara Baker

    yes, jam!!

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