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  1. Thursday, February 26, 2015

    Friday Show and Tell + ONE AYA Summit

    Happy Friday! I have a TON of great food links for you today, but before we get to that I wanted to talk about something dear to my heart. Last October I had the chance to attend ONE’s AYA Summit in Washington, D.C. I have yet to write a post about the conference because there is just too much I want to share. I’m planning to do a series of recipes posts to tell the stories, but until then…

    ONE AYA Summit from @janemaynardPictured: Ginny Wolfe (ONE), Patricia Amira (The Oprah of Africa…she was AWESOME.)

    Video from the AYA Summit has been posted on Flipbook. Click here to see the videos (you’ll need to set up a Flipbook account – it’s worth it!). I don’t even know where to tell you to start, but all of it is fascinating/informative/inspiring – that I can promise!

    One of the women we heard from, Marquesha Babers, wrote a post for the ONE website. Please read it. Marquesha is an amazing young woman I was blessed to meet at the summit.

    Girl Rising Panel at the ONE AYA Summit from @janemaynardPictured, left to right: Holly Gordon (Girl Rising), Patricia Amira, Danai Gurira (Playwright and, yes, Michonne on The Walking Dead), Marquesha Babers (Poet)

    If you want to DO something right now to support ONE, click here! One of the reasons I love ONE so much is that they aren’t asking for our money, they are asking for our voice. Right now you can send a letter to your congresspeople urging them to reintroduce the Electrify Africa bill. It’s super easy and will make a difference.

    Okay, on to some delicious food!

    deconstructed chicken club from @janemaynard

    This week on Babble I shared a recipe for a Deconstructed Chicken Club. I’m finding that deconstructing foods is one of the best ways to get my kids to eat it!

    On Parade’s Community Table I have 2 posts this week!

    fast and healthy snacks for nursing moms from @janemaynard

    And, lastly, if you’re pregnant or have just had a baby, be sure to visit the Solly Baby Blog to get ideas for Healthy, EASY Snacks for Nursing Moms.

    Show and Tell time! Please share your own stuff!

  2. Friday, October 21, 2011

    New Sandwich Flavor: Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Cream Cheese

    Today I want to simply share a great flavor combination I recently discovered (just like the apple bacon pizza).

    We’ve all had the classic turkey and cranberry sandwich so you may be thinking I’ve got nothing new for you today. But I do. Bear with me. We’ve been eating at Cafe Borrone fairly regularly lately, and right now tomatoes are in season, which means that I order their amazing basil melt every time I go. But the other day I finally got a little tired of it. (I didn’t think that was possible!)

    One of the “regulars” on their menu is a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, sprouts and cream cheese on a sweet baguette. I was kind of in the mood so I ordered it. And…it’s my new favorite. I really like the addition of sprouts. But what I really love is the cream cheese combined with the turkey and cranberry sauce. SO good.

    So, here’s the “recipe.” And, unlike the basil melt and many other items at Cafe Borrone that I will forever be trying to replicate, this is one you can easily recreate at home!

    New Sandwich Flavor: Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Cream Cheese
    Cafe Borrone knock-off
    Recipe type: Main Dish, Sandwich
    • Baguette (or other bread you like better – I love the baguette)
    • Sliced turkey breast
    • Jellied cranberry sauce, sliced or spread on the sandwich
    • Cream cheese (big ole slices of it, no less)
    • Sprouts
    1. Slap it all together and eat! YUM!


  3. Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Today, I love lunch

    Most days, I hate lunch. Maybe because I’ve subjected myself to too many peanut butter sandwiches.

    Today, however, I love lunch. Tuscan Tomato Soup leftover from last night (please tell me you’ve tried that recipe). Baguette topped with honey goat cheese (of pizza fame). Pure heaven.

  4. Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Pulled Pork and Coleslaw Sandwiches

    The first time  I had a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on top was at Disneyland, near the Pirates of the Caribbean. Nate and I were like “What?” and then we ate it…and understood.  It is a divine combination.  We had this for dinner last night and it was as good as ever.  (Confession: I bought a coleslaw mix that came with the dressing packet…I know, so lazy, but it tasted great and was EASY.)

    My favorite sandwich the Rachel also sports this salad topping.  I guess I just like sandwiches with coleslaw…which is funny considering I would never eat coleslaw alone. Yuck. But I will grant that it makes for one tasty, fresh, crunchy addition to a sandwich. Yum.

    PS…If you were planning on using the Texas Pulled Pork recipe on the Recipes-Main Dishes page…I just added my modified version of this recipe underneath it (you’ll have to scroll down near the bottom).  My version is sweeter, which Nate and I both liked better. But I think it is a matter of taste…if you like a smokier, not-so-sweet flavor, the original recipe is for you.

  5. Friday, April 17, 2009

    Let’s Lunch! (and let’s make it GOOD.)

    I only have three batters in my lunchtime line-up: PB & Honey/Jam, Chicken Salad, and Grilled Cheese. PB & Honey is batting around 1000 right now, which I suppose is good for his career, but I’m kind of sick of him stealing the spotlight.

    Even when I’m not in a PB & Honey rut, I dread lunchtime.  I always have…in college, at work and at home. It’s just hard to come up with something fast and easy but still tasty.  Oh, and I suppose healthy would be good too!

    Do you get in a lunchtime rut?  Or do you have some great lunch ideas?  I need inspiration (and I’m probably not the only one)!  Lunch is three hours away…so get your comments up here stat!

  6. Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Lunchtime: The Rachel Sandwich

    I’m about to share with you my all time favorite sandwich. Let me introduce you to Rachel. Yes, Rachel is Reuben’s sister. Similar, but not as greasy and just so delicious. My friend Jami (mentioned in the last Lunchtime post) also introduced me to this delectable delight. We used to get Rachels at a deli on (I believe) 2nd Street in East Cambridge, MA. Now that I live nowhere near Boston, I have to make it on my own.

    Here’s how to make a Rachel: Get GOOD bread – wheat or white (I don’t love rye but Reuben would be happy if you used it – the deli I mentioned always used white). ‘Schmear’ two slices with Thousand Island dressing. Top with swiss cheese, turkey slices and coleslaw. (Note, I never eat coleslaw on its own, but it is AWESOME on this sandwich.) Next, grill on a skillet with a bit of butter on both sides. Lastly, get ready to thank me for the best lunch you’ve had in a long time. 🙂

    When Cate saw the coleslaw she wanted to eat the “caterpillars.”

  7. Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Lunchtime: Boursin Turkey Baguette

    YEARS ago my friend Jami had me over for lunch and threw together the most delicious sandwich… I don’t know if it’s a regular of hers, but I have made it ever since. It’s easy and delectable. You simply can’t go wrong when Boursin cheese is involved. Given my previous post, I guess I should be saying to use whole wheat baguettes… okay, yeah, sure. Seriously, a regular old white baguette tastes so good. Sorry, whole grains.

    Boursin Turkey Baguette Sandwich
    Toast a baguette. Spread Boursin cheese on both sides. Top with turkey and romaine lettuce. Sometimes I use spinach instead to make it “healthier,” but the romaine is nice for the texture – take your pick. Enjoy!