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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why You Need a Pampered Chef Scoop and Not Just Any Old Scoop

Friends, I need to do a follow-up post about scoops because I didn’t realize a little something about my scoops until now. My sister-in-law Cora said that I needed to do a follow-up!

medium and large scoops web

Three years ago I wrote a post about how you absolutely need a scoop (or two) in your kitchen. I still firmly stand by that advice. HOWEVER…I learned this summer that there is a second bit of advice that I should have also included that I didn’t know was important. Not only do you need a scoop (or two), you need a Pampered Chef scoop.

Here’s the deal. When I went to New Jersey this summer I made cookies at my mom’s house. When I went to make the cookie dough balls, I got out the scoop that I had given her last year, a scoop that I had purchased at Michael’s and was not cheap, by the way. As I pulled it out of the drawer, my sister-in-law said, “Ugh, I’ve gone through three scoops since you wrote that post about scoops. They always break on me!” I was stunned to hear this.

And then I started scooping dough and the scoop kept getting jammed and the little swivel thingy kept getting pulled into the wrong place. It was basically the biggest pain ever. Cora was aboslutely right. The scoop could not handle a batch of cookie dough. It kinda blew my mind.

I have NEVER had any issues whatsoever with my Pampered Chef scoops. They are in the exact same condition as the day I got them, they never get jammed, they have never broken and I can make a billion cookie dough balls with no issues. Cora and I realized that my advice to “Get a scoop” really should have been “Get a Pampered Chef scoop.” I had no idea that it made such a difference!

Pampered Chef sells three sizes of scoops:

  • Large Scoop (~3 tablespoons): perfect for making pancakes and filling muffin tins.
  • Medium Scoop (~2 tablespoons): perfect for standard-sized cookies
  • Small Scoop (~1 tablespoon): also good for cookies, just smaller ones

If you’re only going to get one scoop, go with the medium, especially if you’re getting it specifically for making cookies. It’s a great size.

This post is in no way sponsored by Pampered Chef. I just needed to tell you how much better their scoops are! And also apologize if you, like Cora, have been feeling frustrated the the scoop you may have gotten based on my advice.

Also, as usual, I love your feedback! If you have another brand of scoop that is equally as awesome as my Pampered Chef scoops, please share it with us!


  1. 1
    Rachel U

    oooo I do need one of these!

    • Mykala Minges

      Rachel!!! I am a Pampered Chef! Can I order you one or some if you haven’t already?! They really are this great!!! If so give me a call at 303-946-1910 And sorry for the post if this isn’t allowed on your page!

  2. 2

    I have all three and use them all the time for anything I can. Love them!

  3. So funny! My mom gave me a Pampered Chef scoop as a gift a few years ago and it is amazing! But it also is all I’ve ever known when it comes to scoops. Now I know to never stray!

  4. I love the Pampered Chef scoops, too!!

  5. 5

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been wanting a cookie scoop for a long time too, and once I saw that you liked Pampered Chef, I went for it, as I’ve been happy with all of their other items. Thanks!

  6. 6

    Great post! The small scoop is also the perfect size for mini muffins or mini cupcakes. And if you round up the dough on the scoop it will still make a decent size cookie. Enjoy!

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