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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

“Plate to Pixel” Giveaway Winners!

Time to announce randomly-selected winners of the Plate to Pixel giveaway! Drumroll please…go ahead, tap your fingers on your desk…it builds the suspense.

  1. Sara, who said, “I am crossing my fingers really really hard!”
  2. Jennifer, who said, “Pick meee!! :) loveeee her blog! :)
  3. Jenny Dill, who said, “Yet again”¦my fingers are crossed. This looks like a completely awesome giveaway and if Amy wins again I’m going to be ticked! booo Amy winning.” {Side note: Amy is her sister. I guess luck runs in their family! And apparently “booing” other commenters helps with kharma. Who would’ve thought?}
  4. Angie, who said, “This would be FANTASTIC!! I’m trying to create my own cookbook and have it printed for Christmas gifts this year. I tried last year, but didn’t give myself nearly enough time – AND my photos were severely lacking. Thanks for sharing!!”
  5. Kristina, who said, “congrats to helene! the book looks fabulous and I would love a copy!”

Congratulations, everyone! I’m certain you will all love the book!

And if you did not win but still want a copy of Plate to Pixel, hop on over to Amazon and throw it in your cart. It’s money well-spent, trust me. I spent it. And the book was worth every one of my dimes. 🙂



  1. weeee! thank you, Jane – just emailed you!

    I cannot wait to see this book!

  2. 2

    *sigh* Luckies! Guess I’ll be buying it.. 🙂

  3. 3

    Thanksss so much! Just emailed you!! 🙂 I’m so excited for the book!! 🙂

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