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Monday, December 15, 2008

ProFlowers Happy Holiday Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you!

You know I love ProFlowers…and the love affair continues.  Look at this GORGEOUS wreath I just received from ProFlowers.  I seriously love it.  I saw another eucalyptus wreath at the store today and thought, “Bah! Mine is better!”  If you send this wreath to someone, they will love you forever.

It’s the holidays, which means another ProFlowers giveaway on This Week for Dinner!  Yea!  Two randomly-selected TWFD readers will each receive a $100 gift card to use at  Yes, it’s the holidays and you can use your winnings for gifts…but I won’t tell if you order yourself a nice bouquet and some hand-dipped berries (my personal fave). You deserve it!

You know the drill…leave a comment, any comment, by Midnight PT, Friday, December 19.  Only one entry per person, please.  Winners will be announced on Saturday, December 20.

Big thanks to ProFlowersAnd for 15% off your entire order, click here, or on any ‘ProFlowers’ reference in this post…just in time for the holidays!


  1. 1

    I have been dying to win one of these ProFlowers giveaways! They are just perfect. Thanks Jane!

  2. I couldn’t resist this one.

  3. What a gorgeous wreath! I love how simple, yet classic it is.

  4. 4

    yay! This looks great! Thanks!

  5. 5

    Crossing my fingers on this one!
    pick me!

    thanks for a great site!

  6. 7

    Oh, that is a nice wreath! Pick me!

  7. 8

    Maybe this time?

  8. 10
    Jenny Wegner

    What a beautiful wreath! Yay Proflowers!

  9. 11

    come one and………pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me

  10. 12
    Amy Duke

    Hooray for giveaways!

  11. 13

    Nothing says tidings of Christmas joy like fresh floral arrangements, and hand-dipped chocolate goodies. MmmMMmmMMmm. I think I would be totally selfish and use the gift card on goodies for myself. Ok, maybe I’d share it. Maybe.

  12. Would love to win to send flowers to myself. Thanks! 🙂

  13. 15

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I love flowers!

  14. 16

    I want flowers!

  15. 17
    Nicole Beckstrand

    me me me me me!!!!!

  16. 18

    Flowers during the holidays… perfect.

  17. 19
    Lisa M

    Gosh, I would love to win such a prize. I would send this to my grandmother. My grandfather just passed away from Alzheimer’s, so this would certainly brighten her mood.

  18. 20
    Jennifer C

    Would love to win!!

  19. 21
    Julie Pietrantoni

    love the blog (and the wreath is lovely too)

  20. 22
    Mary G.

    Here’s hoping it’s me…

  21. Flowers for the home at Christmas would be so luxe!!

  22. 24

    i would love this. we decided no wreath this year for frugality’s sake, and i miss it dearly. thanks again for the great giveaway!

  23. 25

    Let’s try this again

  24. 26

    Ok, I’m hoping!!!
    I love ProFlowers too.
    I recommend them to all my friends.

  25. 27

    What a cool giveaway!

  26. 28
    Jenny Jolley

    A new wreath would look great on my door after the holidays!!

  27. 29

    Wow that wreath is gorgeous! I would love to win. Thanks

  28. 30

    I’d love it! A new home…a new wreath…

  29. 31

    very pretty.

  30. 32

    fun fun…would love to get this one!

  31. 33

    Hope I can get that wreath in time for Christmas – Pro Flowers rules- their stuff is great

  32. 34

    please oh please

  33. 35

    You can never have too much credit for a great florist!

  34. 36
    Katie B

    Pretty wreath! Thanks!

  35. Pick Me…Pick Me!
    Lindsay Santa

  36. 38

    I love proflowers!

  37. I love ProFlowers and I just realized I lack a Christmas wreath!

  38. 40

    I don’t need another wreath, but the berries sound great.

  39. 41

    ooooh how I love to give flowers! It really can cheer someone up =)

  40. 42

    I love fresh flowers!

  41. 43

    I hope I’m picked!!!

  42. 45

    Is it my turn yet??

  43. 46

    I’d love to win!

  44. 47

    Pick me! Merry Christmas!

  45. 48

    that wreath is just beautiful! and the dipped berries aren’t bad either…..

  46. 49

    Your giveaways are the best! Have a wonderful Christmas friend!

  47. 50

    How beautiful! This would be a wonderful Christmas present to me!

  48. 51

    I would love a beautiful arrangement for my big family Christmas gathering! Pick me!

  49. My mouth waters everytime you have this giveaway!! I’m dying to have some of their strawberries!

  50. 53
    Brooke P

    Wow that wreath is gorgeous! I always love everything you post about from ProFlowers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. 54

    Hooray flowers!

  52. 55

    I need a little holiday cheer around here. Thanks.

  53. I would love that wreath, it’s just gorgeous.

  54. 57

    This would be so fun to win!

  55. 58

    jane. i think it’s my turn to win.

  56. 59

    I would eat the berries myself! (but not the wreath)

  57. 60

    Proflowers is my fav giveaway that you do. Maybe the third time’s a charm.

  58. 61

    What a fun give-away! Thanks!

  59. 62
    Helen Naylor

    It’s not too late to take away my “bah, humbug” attitude with some pretty posies! Christmas has certainly crept up on me by surprise!

  60. 63

    Hard to say how much I love flowers…

  61. Oh to be able to brighten up the house!

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.

  62. 65

    What a neat prize!

  63. 66

    i am drooling over that wreath!! pick me!!! some dipped berries sound lovely too!

  64. 67

    Love the great ideas and fresh flowers too!

  65. 68
    Auntie Deb

    It is always fun to anticipate being the winner!

  66. 69

    Jane, you’re amazing!

  67. I’d love to put away the artificial wreath this year and trade it in for one of these beauties!

  68. 71

    What a great blog Jane. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and the wreath is beautiful too!

  69. 72

    Seriously, my door needs this gorgeous wreath. I can probably pull off not decorating whatsoever if I get this wreath. Really!

  70. 73
    Jen M

    You are awesome! Your wreath is amazing too!

  71. I want it! I want it!!

  72. I’m coveting that beautiful wreath… keeping my fingers crossed!

  73. 76
    Barbara A Baker

    those flowers are gorgeous!

  74. Hooray! What a great give-away! Thanks for the chance, Jane 🙂

  75. That wreath is gorgeous!

  76. 80
    Jacqulyn Barrow

    Merry Christmas to me!

  77. I love winning anything!

  78. 82

    pick me, pick me!

  79. 83

    what a merry christmas.

  80. 84

    some day I’ll win. I say that everytime

  81. 85

    Keep on bloggin’, sista! Go PRO! (Flowers, that is…)

  82. 86

    Beautiful wreath! I would put a ProFlowers gift card to GREAT use!!

  83. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They are even better in the dead of winter to see life, color and fragrance. I would love a floral pick me up!

  84. 88

    I love all your fun giveaways, they would be more fun if I won!!! Did I win?


  85. 89

    Hand-dipped berries I must try!!

  86. 90

    That wreath IS gorgeous! I’ve never been such a huge fan of wreaths, but that one I would hang proudly!

  87. 91
    Dottie LaPierre

    You always have fun things, Jane. Thanks for the help with my Senior moment.

  88. 92

    Super nice! I love flowers!

  89. 93

    I love Proflowers! They do such a beautiful job!

  90. 95

    I recently discovered your site and have it bookmarked with my other “Delicious Food Blogs”. Your sidekick is the best. Some of my best memories are from cooking with my Grand or Mother. Mother deserves flowers for Christmas. Blessings 😉 Deborah

  91. How fun, I need some decor for my door, and those dipped berries wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

  92. 97
    Lori Haun

    That is such a cute wreath, I want one!

  93. 98

    Love this! Fresh flowers are the best!


  94. 99
    emily moore

    What a great give away!

  95. 101

    That wreath is gorgeous! I am crossing my fingers so I can get one too!

  96. 102

    Maybe me?

  97. 103
    Auntie Barb

    I’m thinking positive thoughts!

  98. 104

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  99. 105
    Shauna Worthington

    Jane! I finally took a minute away from work to check out your blog, and I must say, “I am IMpressed!” And who can resist a chance for free flowers?

  100. Ooh, I love getting flowers!

  101. 107
    Sharon Rooney

    Flowers would look wonderful on the dining rom table for Christmas dinner.

  102. 108
    Johannah B

    Flowers are one of my favorite things. And brighten up any holiday! What a great holiday Giveaway.

  103. 109

    I’ve been meaning to tell you Jane that I enjoy your blog very much and that when I get a chance in the immediate future my thank you will be my family’s “Steamed Cranberry Pudding” recipe, its been a around for a few generations. Thanks for all your blogging inspirations.

  104. 111

    Oh who doesnt love flowers? or free stuff? 🙂 Happy Holidays Jane!

  105. 112

    Oh…the flowers or the hand-dipped berries? Maybe a little of each!

  106. 113

    I’d love to win!

  107. These flowers are absolutely gorgeous. It’s cold today in the South where I am, and an ice storm just moved through (although we didn’t get the ice..just the cold)…Looking at these flowers actually warmed me up!!!! I felt a small ball of warmth in my heart when I looked at those flowers. I think you are my favorite blog of the day!!!!

  108. I just love Proflowers! Have had great sucess with them. Would so love to win this! 🙂

  109. 116

    A few months back, I started using Google Reader (a suggestion from Ellen Patton, my co-worker). I put your blog on the list (of course) and was curious when I didn’t see any posts from you for months! I just happened to click on your site the other day and realized, ‘hey, wait a minute…she HAS been posting!” Augh…I guess it was a Google Reader glitch. Anyway, I’m back to reading again and thought, what a perfect opportunity to comment. I would love to win the giveaway!

  110. 117

    Wouldn’t something pretty and festive look nice on my dining room table. I have not done any decorating for Christmas yet! Help! Please consider me for one of these great giveaways!

  111. 118

    Pretty AND Please.

  112. 119

    Love flowers but always feel guilty buying them for my own home!

  113. 120

    What a gorgeous wreath!

  114. 121

    I love that wreath. I could sure use it!! jancd

  115. 122

    I love food and flowers! Pick me!

  116. What a cool giveaway; I hope I win! Everyone can use a few more flowers in their life.

  117. 124
    Kari Follett

    I love that wreath! Thank you for the contest!

  118. 125

    What a great looking wreath. Love it!

  119. 126

    what are the chances? 🙂 it is a beautiful wreath…

  120. 127

    Hooray for ProFlowers!!! I love it!

  121. 128
    Kat Bryan

    There’s nothing like flowers to brighten the day.
    If I’m lucky maybe some will be coming my way.

  122. 129

    just taking a break from studying for finals to say hello and put my entry in! =) hope all is going well. =*

  123. 130

    Number 131 – my lucky number…

  124. 131
    Ruth Mitchell

    I love flowers too.

  125. I love eucalyptus wreaths. And yes, yours is prettier than the cheap one I bought at the grocery store.

  126. 133

    Flowers make for a healthy life and a happy wife!

  127. I love the wreath!

  128. 135
    sarah l.

    so beautiful! i never get flowers!

  129. 136

    Flowers arrangements always add to a nice holiday dinner table, and dipped berries make a yummy dessert. I hope I win!!!

  130. 137

    I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to send flowers to my brother’s family’s home, whose house was recently flooded. Thanks!

  131. 138

    I think I could figure out how to spend that money very easily. you always have such fun things to give away!

  132. 139

    Eucalyptus at the holiday season would smell wonderful next to some pine trees. Yumm

  133. 140

    Thanks for the opportunity to be able to give my loved ones flowers!

  134. 141

    I would love the chance to bright a loved ones day! Thanks,

  135. 142

    New to this– here’s hoping for beginners luck 🙂

  136. 143

    WOW! Great give-away. Obviously, I am comment 144 🙂

  137. 144

    Thank you for offering this giveawsy. Very nice!

  138. 145

    How beautiful! I would love to win this wreath!

  139. 146

    ok. ok. I will bite! Doesn’t everyone love a beautiful thing?

  140. Who doesn’t love a little flower-power for themselves? Thanks Jane for all the Christmas Cheer!

  141. I REALLY want to win this one.

  142. 150
    Linda F

    This would be nice for the holidays! Thanks

  143. 151
    Jenny D.

    Hope I’m lucky!

  144. 152
    Jodi B

    This is a great giveaway! What a spirit lifter!

  145. 153
    Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

    It’s beautiful. They’re such a great company.

  146. 154

    Maybe this time….

  147. 155

    Flowers and berries! I love it!

  148. 156

    nothing better for the holidays than gorgeous flowers!

  149. 157

    Fresh flowers make the winter a little less dreary.

  150. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time 🙂


  151. 159

    WOW! It looks beautiful and I bet it smells nice, too.

  152. Hi. It looks beautiful and I would love to win one!
    Thanks for the chance.

  153. 161

    Please pick me!!!

  154. 162

    I love that wreath, too!

  155. 163

    Oh! How wonderful it would be to pretend my hubby bought me flowers when friends would come to call. No really. I would do that!

  156. 164

    Love proflowers, love your website!

  157. 165

    Love it!!!!!!

  158. 166

    So cute – love the wreath!

  159. 167

    The wreath would look beautiful on my front door!

  160. 168
    Lynn McCowan

    Perfect timing for Christmas!

  161. 169
    Laurel M.

    Oooh, tomorrow is my birthday. If you pick me, I’ll have a happy one…

  162. 170

    Gorgeous wreath..I’m imagining the smells how lovely!

  163. 171

    I love their flowers!

  164. 172

    Could I be so lucky??

  165. 173

    I would love to win this. I absolutely love flowers!

  166. 174

    pick me, pick me!!!

  167. 175

    Flower Power!

  168. 177

    Oh, I’ll have one please!

  169. 178

    Lovely wreath. Lovely giveaway!

  170. 179

    Everyone loves flowers!!!

  171. 180

    Love the wreath!

  172. 181

    Oh gosh! I would love to win this!

  173. 182

    hope you have a great holiday! I’m actually looking for gift ideas — have any?!!

  174. 183

    OOOOoooooo….I love love love flowers! pretty pretty please!

  175. 184
    Jessica F

    Hand-dipped strawberries are my favorite!!!

  176. 185

    It would be so exciting to win this:)

  177. 186

    ProFlowers have such gorgeous creations! I’d love to win the giveaway. So many entries…how will you choose?

  178. 188

    For our French themed Christmas Eve dinner, how charming!

  179. 189
    Jenn MacArthur

    Merry Christmas, Jane!

  180. 190

    I always get the post holiday blues, so a nice fresh bouquet would be great after the holidays! Plus my birthday is the day after Christmas- it would be a great gift.

  181. 191

    I just came across your website while looking for wreaths.

  182. 192

    love your blog and would love to win. I’d gift my mother-in-law who is snow-bound in MI right now. I think she needs some cheering up.

  183. 193

    I love the wreath! How fun.

  184. 194

    Just found your blog today, yeah for menu planning!

  185. 195
    Tammy Blais

    Mmmmm….. I can smell them now..

  186. 196

    Happy Birthday, Christa! I was born on the 26th, too. It’s always been a glorious week for birthdays.

  187. 197

    I love proflowers. I’d love to win

  188. Congratulations! This is the best thing, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.

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