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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RedEnvelope $100 Giftcard Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you!

‘Tis the season for giveaways! Today’s giveaway is a $100 gift certificate to RedEnvelope! This giveaway is perfectly timed since RedEnvelope is all about gifts. Although, if you do win, I won’t tell if you spend the $100 on yourself. πŸ˜‰

mini wish ornament set web

In conjunction with the giveaway, RedEnvelope sent me this Mini Wish Ornament set. I love it. And I’ve decided we’re starting a new family tradition. Every year in December each family member will put their most precious Christmas wish inside one of the ornaments and hang them on the tree, ready for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Back to the giveaway! Same old story…leave a comment on this post by Midnight PT on Monday, December 14. One random winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 15.

I really do love RedEnvelope. I’ve purchased several items from them and have always been happy: the cutest baby quilts for shower gifts, a red lacquer jewelry box (for myself!), a jewelry roll for my sister, a bamboo hooded towel for Anna…the list goes on! Red Envelope is also where I first discovered Envirosax, my favorite reusable grocery bags. (Okay, I’m looking a little like a shopoholic…these purchases did not happen all at once, I promise!)

If you’re ready to do some shopping NOW…click on any of the RedEnvelope links in this post and you will automatically receive a 15% discount on your order!

Good luck with the giveaway! And Happy Shopping!


  1. 1

    Well maybe I should win since I am first to comment:) I really love browsing through their magazines but have yet to buy anything, hopefully this will be my chance!

  2. I love red envelope, too! Ooo, hope I win!

  3. Please oh please! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Envelope XOXO

  4. I am a long-time Red Envelope customer (9+ years), and would love a gift card. I love the jewelry, wine gifts and personalized kid stuff!

    – LTV Mom

  5. 5

    Here’s hoping!

  6. 6

    the ruts are on a roll…

  7. 7

    I was not familiar with RedEnvelope, so checked it out. Some things caught my eye. Winning would be great.

  8. I love the jewelry trees on Red Envelope right now. They always have great stuff! We’ve been customers for yrs. They have a list of all our giftee addresses so when I need to send something to my inlaws, grandparents etc, I just click. Great company!

  9. 9

    I’d love to win!!

  10. 10

    I love that idea for the new Christmas tradition. Pick me so I can get some cute ornaments.

  11. 11
    Michelle Garff

    Please let it be me! Its my one Christmas wish πŸ™‚ I actually do love Red Envelope, they have something for everyone!

  12. 12

    Nifty, nifty!

  13. 13
    Angela Williams

    Love Red Envelope too. I love when i get their catalog. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  14. 14

    I never win…but I keep trying! Thanks Jane!

  15. 15

    ooo ooo ooo. i need to end this year with a win!

  16. 17

    I love Red Envelope! Here’s to hoping.

  17. 18
    Jen Schulte

    I love Red Envelope ……… would like to buy myself something from there!

  18. 19
    Auntie Barb

    Oooh! That’s a fun site!

  19. 20
    Nikki CB

    looks nice!

  20. 21

    Hope I win!

  21. 22

    RedEnvelope always has lovely items. Did you see their fleece travel set and best wishes tea light holders?! I LOVE things like that!

    In it to win it! (^__^)

  22. 23
    Sharon Allen

    Thanks for doing this. I’m feeling lucky!

  23. 24

    C’mon, big money, big money!

  24. 26

    Love it! Pick me!

  25. 27

    I love those ornaments. And the idea of starting a new tradition is a wonderful thing!

  26. 28

    Love. Love. Love Red Envelope.

  27. I would love to win that since RED is my favorite color. πŸ™‚

  28. 30
    Lindsay Santa

    Merry Christmas Everyone! I love Red Envelope! That would help me finish my Christmas shopping this weekend..

  29. Thanks for the chance to win! I love Red envelope!!!! πŸ˜‰

  30. 32

    Sick of never winning. Come on number 29!

  31. 33

    Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas

  32. 34

    Love the new tradition idea!

    One of my favorite necklaces was a gift from Red Envelope!

  33. 35

    My best friend bought me a gorgeous pea in a pod necklace from Red Envelope for my first Mother’s Day. I love their stuff!

  34. 36
    Brenda Wheat

    Pick Me! Looks great!

  35. 37
    Jenn E.

    I think I’d be tempted to spend it all on myself. But I’d try to squeeze in a purchase for someone else, too!

  36. 38

    Yippee! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. 39
    Heidi Ho

    Ooooh crossing my fingers~would be fun for the holiday season!

  38. 41

    Crossing fingers… πŸ™‚

  39. 42
    jen m

    oooh, i LOVE LOVE LOVE red envelope. hope i win!!

  40. 43
    Lori H

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love to win a RedEnvelope gift certificate!

  41. 44

    Red Envelope is a great website. I just got my best friend these cute pearl earring from there for her 30th birthday! She loved them:)

  42. 45
    Cindy S.

    I love Red Envelope!! πŸ™‚

  43. 46

    What an awesome prize!

  44. 47
    April Bean

    I’ve never even heard of them before, but wow, do they have some great stuff! I hope I can win!

  45. 48
    Sara T.

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m feeling lucky! THANKS!!

  46. 49

    I LOVE their website…. and would LOVE to win!!

  47. 50

    I’d love to win!

  48. 51
    Amy S

    Wow! Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  49. 52
    Jennie T

    I love Red Envelope! What a fabulous giveaway!

  50. Red Envelope is my faaavorite. I told my husband I wanted the whole catalog for Christmas….

  51. 54

    love their things!!

  52. 55

    I love Red Envelope too. Have you seen the cute family tree they have?

  53. 56

    I’d love to win! Thank you πŸ™‚

  54. 57
    pat pegg

    Great company…I ordered two sets of the mini wish ornaments two years ago and everyone made a wish for the coming year…all adults and they were all just like kids…last Christmas several reminded me not to forget the wishing ornaments and had such fun reading what they had written. I actually cut larger pieces of paper so family and friends could write whatever they wanted. This year Christmas will be at my sister in laws house and I am going to take them up there and hang on here tree for everyone to open again.
    Such a fun tradition….thank you Red Envelope…love the stars for this year…thinking of purchasing another set for the new little grandchildren…there are 4 now.

  55. My most precious Christmas wish, would be for snow to come piling down on western new york and give us a white christmas!

  56. 59

    Those ornaments are awesome. Fingers crossed!

  57. 60

    Red Envelope has tons of cute things! I have a beautiful candle from them on my fireplace mantle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. 61

    I’m in.

  59. 63

    Going to visit that site as soon as I leave this one!

  60. Excellent! I could put this to good use.

  61. 66

    Here’s hoping!

  62. You’re really had some fantastic giveaways lately. RedEnvelope is fantastic. Love them!

  63. 69

    I love red envelope… Who couldn’t put that to great use (i know i can!)

  64. Red Envelope is great. They always have the perfect gifts for those “what the heck do I get you?” friends. They sell things you would never even think existed!

  65. 71

    i would love to win this! thanks!

  66. 72

    Oh….I love Red Envelope!!! What a fun giveaway!

  67. 73
    Lori Haun

    This would come in handy.

  68. 74

    I would love this for family members. Christmas is tight this year!

  69. Crossing my fingers to be the second-ever man to be picked!

  70. 77

    Looks fabulous. I’m in!

  71. 78
    Rebecca Otten

    pick me! pick me!

  72. 79
    Beth G

    I would love to win this!!

    And I love my Envirosax too!!

  73. 80

    Here’s goes nothing.

  74. 81

    One of my favorite places to get gifts for my MIL. Great stuff!! I hope I win.:)

  75. 82

    All I want for Christmas is to win this giveaway!

  76. 83

    Just got their lovely catalog in the mail yesterday! What a great giveaway!

  77. 84
    Amy S

    Oh c’mon! Let it be me!!!

  78. 85

    Love Red Envelope!! I just placed a big order with them for Christmas and I could use this to get myself something from the long list of what I liked for me!!!

  79. Red Envelope is definitely worth posting a comment for. They have so many beautiful things!

  80. 87
    Cheri W

    There is a first time for everything, and this is my first time entering a giveaway! Good luck everyone! :)-

  81. 88
    Colleen Sanders

    WOW! This is a great one. Merry Christmas.

  82. 89

    I would love to win. Thanks!

  83. 91

    I LOVE Red Envelope for giving and receiving. I have my eye on a few things, but would probably use the gift on my hubby. Here’s hoping Lady Luck is on my side!!

  84. never shop there before, but I will start when i can my $100 gift card. =)

  85. 93

    This would be so great to win…pick me! πŸ™‚

  86. 94

    Fun! Just in time for Christmas πŸ™‚

  87. 95

    please. be . me

  88. 96

    It’s about time I win something πŸ™‚ This would be a fun one! Merry Christmas Jane, to you and your family.

  89. 97
    Leah Parker

    So fun! I also LOVE Red Envelope!

  90. 98

    they have such cute stuff!

  91. 99

    I found Red Envelope years ago and have always been impressed with their unique and high quality products.

  92. 100
    Liz Van Holstyn

    those envirosax look great!

  93. 101
    Lauren Sheehan

    Love me some Red Envelope!

  94. 103
    Emily M

    I wish! I wish! Thank you for the giveaway

  95. 104

    Oooh, I love Red Envelope! I’ve love to win!

  96. 105

    This would be so great!

  97. 106
    Adrianne Campbell

    me! me! me!

  98. 107

    So many possibilities! This would be such a treat!

  99. 108

    I love the enviro bags they are great. A girl can always have one more.

  100. 109
    Kelly Wright

    I like the other guy’s idea… here’s my COMMENT!

  101. 110

    This would be perfect since I still have to finish my holiday shopping.

  102. 111

    I LOVE red envelope! What a treat!

  103. 112

    Here’s wishing I win something for once–now I’ll go hang that wish on my tree. =)

  104. 113
    Barbara Ann Baker

    what fun!! that would be a great present!!

    Merry Christmas, Jane

  105. 114
    Jess Green

    Pick me, Pick me!!!!

  106. 115
    andrea p

    fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  107. Hooray! I hope it’s me!

  108. 117

    oooh!! I am ooberliciously excited!

  109. 119

    This would be awesome!

  110. 120

    great giveaway! thanks!

  111. 121

    I love RedEnvelope!

  112. 122

    This would be so FUN!!

  113. 124
    Amy Skinner

    I would be really happy about winning this one.

  114. 125

    Would love to win! Pick me!

  115. 126

    oooooh, please pick me πŸ™‚

  116. 127
    Anne Evans

    red envelope! almost as amazing as a fresh cantaloupe…i tried to rhyme:)

  117. 129

    I’m a huge Red Envelope fan, too. What a great giveaway — thanks!

  118. 130

    Wow! What great products!

  119. 131

    Perfect for Christmas!

  120. 132

    I love Red Envelope. I buy many gifts for others there. Maybe it is time to buy something for myself.

  121. 133

    Please pick me and happy holidays!

  122. 134

    I love Red Envelope! They have the best gifts!

  123. 135

    Oooh fun! I love Red Envelope!!

  124. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m making tortilla soup tonight! πŸ™‚

  125. 137

    I love Red Envelope! Thanks!

  126. 138

    I’m crossing my fingers I win!!

  127. 139

    Pick Me!! Pick Me!! Pretty Please!!

  128. Oh! How gorgeous! I want to win!

  129. 141
    Ranger KT

    Nice! With the craziness of this holiday season, I would definitely spend it on myself πŸ™‚

  130. 142

    RedEnvelope is amazing πŸ™‚ Good luck to everyone!

  131. 143

    I’ve never heard of Red Envelope, but the mini wish ornaments are precious!

  132. 144

    Ooh,i have been eyeballing some picture frames through there…

  133. 145

    I love Red Envelope and would love to win! Those wish ornaments are too cute but I can only imagine what my 3 and 5 yr old children would put inside. But then again, I bet they would surprise me and put something very meaningful in it. πŸ™‚

  134. 146

    love the wish ornaments!

  135. 147

    Oh, I’m totally entering for my sister. Families in grad school always need gift cards!

  136. 148

    Here’s my Christmas wish…pick me, pick me!!:)

  137. 149

    I’ve never shopped at Red Envelope: now would be a delightful time to start!

  138. 150

    I love everything about RedEnvelope. Pick me, pick me!!!!!

  139. 151

    I love Red envelope! Pick me!

  140. 152

    I’ve only window (screen?) shopped Red Envelope. They do have great items!

  141. 153
    Corinne Bos

    Tis the season for red envelope!!!

  142. 154

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway

  143. 155

    Cool! Those ornaments look lovely!

  144. 156
    Tiffany D.

    I’d love to win!

  145. 157
    Maria Hartnett

    Looks great – love it!

  146. 158

    Dec. 15 is my birthday! it would be a great gift πŸ™‚

  147. 159

    Pick me, pick me! I would love to win!! (who wouldn’t!)

  148. Cool giveaway! and the 14th’s my hubby’s b-day so maybe that’ll bring me some extra luch;)

  149. 161

    I love Red Envelope!

  150. 162

    cute ornaments and a nice idea.
    trying again for a winner.
    great blog, Jane

  151. 163
    Debbie Ward

    I’ve been eyeballing this multi-picture frame holder that hangs on the wall for well over a year now and it’s $99…hmmm, could I be so lucky?

  152. I love the Red Envelope and have gotten several good gifts there in the past!

  153. red envelope how do i love thee? let me count the ways..

  154. 166

    love red envelope’s products! pick me!

  155. 167

    Ooohhh . . . I love Red Envelope! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  156. 168

    “So excited to win!” (my pre-emptive winner’s comment)

  157. 169
    laura loves

    I would spend the whole gift certificate on someone special.

  158. 170

    I love Red envelope, they are my go to every year for gifts!

  159. 171

    Pick me! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  160. 172

    These guys are money.

  161. 173

    I love their stuff – hope I win

  162. 174

    What cute stuff! Thanks!

  163. 175
    Mary Ann Hansen

    I live in the dark ages. I’ve never heard of Red Envelope but now I think I’ll visit the site. Thanks for enlightening me.

  164. 176

    Mmmm – love Red Envelope. Awesome gifts in there! Pick Me!

  165. 177

    I bought one thing from red envelope and was so impressed!!! Gorgeous gifts.

  166. 178
    Andrea MacDonald

    Those Mini Wish Ornaments look fabulous. what a great idea!!

  167. such a great site. I would love to find a fun item for someone in my family. I’m sure they’d love it. πŸ™‚ Nice ornament set you got too.

  168. 180

    I always start here for my gift shopping needs.

  169. 181

    Love Red Envelope! Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. 182

    I’m still here.

  171. 183
    Sara Denoncourt

    Fingers crossed! -SB

  172. 184

    OHHH! I really love red envelope! They have such amazing gifts!

  173. 185

    Have a good one!

  174. 186
    Ellie Fly

    I’d love to win – its been a while since I got lucky!

  175. 187

    Oh what sweet ornaments.

  176. 188
    Michelle Roeder

    Love this ornament. I am always looking for different ornaments for the tree. This will be right up there with the German glass pickle.

  177. 189

    What a great giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance!!! Happy Holidays!

  178. 190

    Happy Holidays to all!

  179. 191
    Michele Albert

    I totally LOVE red envelope!! They have fantastic stuff.

  180. 192
    Nancy Deininger

    I’d really love to win!

  181. 193

    I would love to win this…. LOVE, LOVE Red Envelope.

  182. 194

    Thank you in advance for picking me!!!

  183. 195
    Valerie Gathright

    Love the pics of Cate and Anna. Pick me!!

  184. 196

    I’ll have to check Red Envelope out. I haven’t heard of them before. Thanks!

  185. 197

    Thanks for the chance to win – any help with Christmas [or any other gift-giving] shopping is appreciated!

  186. 198

    ooooh- fantastic give away! Best of luck to ME!!

  187. 199

    Good luck everyone. . . but hopefully a little more to me! πŸ˜‰

  188. I was just perusing the Red Envelope catalog I received in the mail! Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. 201

    I would love it!

  190. 202
    Katie Rivera

    i *heart* red envelope!

  191. 203
    Matty I

    I love Red Envelope. I found RE after my husband purchased me something from there!! I have been a fan ever since.

  192. 204
    Kristi W.

    what a neat ornament set. They have the coolest gifts

  193. 205

    with a brand new baby it would be so fun to win the gift card to get something for her. πŸ™‚

  194. 206

    Happy Holidays, love your website!

  195. 207
    Teresa R

    I think it’s time for me to go shopping.

  196. 208
    Don R

    I think my wife needs to go shopping.

  197. 209
    Julie Lueck

    I think I need to buy my sister a gift.

  198. 210
    Marietta S

    I second that.

  199. 211
    Wendy C

    This is fun, I think my aunt needs a gift.

  200. 212

    What a neat site! Thanks!

  201. 213
    Jessica Hoff

    I would love to win! Red envelope is so fun!

  202. 214
    Sarah B.

    I heart red envelope!!
    Miss you Jane!

  203. 215

    Count me in! πŸ™‚ (I am about 5% done with my Christmas shopping!) Scary! :0

  204. Happy Holidays, and Happy Shopping!

  205. 217

    Oh this is a nice gift. Would love to win!

  206. 218

    Cool giveaway. I’d never been to RedEnvelope before, but that have some pretty neat stuff!

  207. 219

    I love the unique gifts that Red Envelope offers, I had a vespa key chain personalized for my hubby, it was so cute! I hope I win so I can try more cool things from them!

  208. 220

    thanks, i had fun checking out red envelope. hope i win!

  209. 221

    A great giveaway! Thanks!

  210. 222
    Jenny D

    I’ve bought quite a few gifts from there over the years, I love their stuff! Hope I win so I can get more! πŸ˜‰

  211. 223
    Teressa Harrington

    I will check them out, I have not looked at their website in a long time. Thanks for the reminder.

  212. 224

    I LOVE Red Envelope. Thanks for the giveaway!

  213. 225

    red envelope rocks πŸ™‚

  214. 226
    Angie Bidnick

    Hey Jane – cool website! Sarah forwarded this to me. Looks like you’re doing well!


  215. ohhh I’m sure the gift certificate would go very quickly at redenvelope πŸ™‚

    lovemeknotcreations@gmail dot com

  216. 228

    what a great site to shop at thanks for the link!

  217. 229

    I love Red Envelope. I am trying so hard to to freeze our spending that it would be my Christmas miracle if I could shop there with a gift card! Love your writing!

  218. 230
    Sarah A.

    I love Red Envelope. They have some really unique gift ideas.

  219. 231
    Jenny Tadehara

    What?!!! I have always la la loved RedEnvelope!! I have always wanted to buy their Family History items and just haven’t…this would be a perfect opportunity!!! Thanks!

  220. I don’t know, Jane. If I were you, I would have negotiated for the beer holster. I think the Jones drinks would look great attached to my leg. Cool stuff!

  221. Wow they have a lot of awesome things on that site. I’ve never heard of it before now!

  222. 235

    I’d love to win and am heading over to check out their site now!

  223. 236

    okay, so i haven’t won yet, and i think it’s because i’m destined for this one! hehe…

  224. 237

    We received one of our best baby gifts from Red Envelope when my oldest was born. I’d love to win this raffle!

  225. 238

    I hadn’t heard of Red Envelope until just now, thanks Jane! I think I’m gonna head over there and see if I can find some ideas and get some people crossed off of my shopping list!

  226. I’ve never purchased anything from their, but I look at their site all the time and love so many things.

  227. 241

    I’ve been drooling after their jewelry boxes.

  228. 242

    I’ve gotten great gifts from them in the past–would love to pick out my own this time!

  229. 243

    would be perfect for the last few gifts I need!

  230. 244

    I’m a huge fan of Red Envelope – thanks for another great give away!

  231. 245

    Love love love Red Envelope. Send it to me!

  232. 246

    Lots of our Christmas gifts are from Red Envelope. They have amazing things!

  233. 247

    I love Red Envelope but have never had the money to buy it all up.

  234. 248
    Ruth Mitchell

    I really need a couple of those enviro bags.

  235. 249

    ohh, i love those ornaments! would love to win.

  236. 250

    i have never even heard of red envelope but it looks like they have some great gift ideas. i will have to check them out…

  237. 251
    Sara P.

    I’d love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  238. 252

    I’ll try!

  239. 253

    fingers are crossed!

  240. 254

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  241. 255

    never won a giveaway… ever.

  242. Oh how ADORABLE! I would LOVE to win!

  243. 257
    Heather Pingel

    I am huge Red Envelope fan – I would love to win this prize!!!

  244. 258

    I really like your site alot! Merry Christmas!!!

  245. 259

    I love the ornaments. And what a great idea to put a wish in them!

  246. 260

    Love the Ornaments.. Merry Christmas

  247. 261

    I love Red Envelope – they have so many choices!

  248. 262
    Peg C

    Merry Christmas and can’t we all use some last minute help!

  249. 263
    Melissa Grogan

    Didn’t know what Red Envelope was… now I do.. another place to drool over fun stuff! Pick me ‘kay?

  250. 264

    I was just looking at their catalog, I want it all! ;)I’d love to go on a little spree. :)The ornament idea is really cute too:)

  251. 266
    Tammy Blais

    It’s my turn to win…I hope πŸ˜‰

  252. this would be a fantastic gift!

  253. Cute stuff there. Enter me too!

  254. 269

    Oh I love their stuff!!

  255. 270

    I’ve been away from here for so long but now I’m getting back into menu planning and finding that I need help!

    You have rescued me more than once!!

    So glad to be back!!

  256. I love Red Envelope too, so many great things to choose from!

  257. 272
    New Girl

    Oh, man, what a great giveaway just before Christmas!

  258. 274

    it would be nice to win this prize. my husband has 2 nieces who are pregnant at the same time.

  259. 275

    Very cool. Thanks for the giveaway.

  260. 276

    I love this store. It’s great for gift ideas.

  261. 277
    Leah Pagala


    hope we get it!

  262. I love Red Envelope too; it’s my husband and my go to place for nice gifts for each other. Please pick me!

  263. 279

    Go red envelope!

  264. 280

    I love Red Envelope! Thanks for offering another giveaway!

  265. 281

    Red Envelope is lovely! Hope I win!

  266. 282

    Red Envelope is so fun. Thank you for sharing!

  267. 283

    Ahhhhh, making my wish list!!! πŸ™‚

  268. 284

    Wow! How wonderful. I love Red Envelope.

  269. 286

    Ohhh, there is a Necklace that I REALLY want from Red Envelope. I’d LOVE to win..pick me, pick me!!!

  270. 287

    some of my favorite gift ideas came from Red Envelop!

  271. 288

    What a Beautiful Tradition. Please Pick me I would LOVE to start this one!

  272. 289

    I love shopping at Red Envelope!

  273. 290

    I love the wish ornament set. That is so clever. I love ornaments, period. Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. 291

    I love that tradition, I might have to borrow it.

  275. 292

    OK, what are my chances here? I’d love some free gift funds…:) Thanks

  276. 293

    Wow, what a wonderful give away! I just visited Red Envelope and what a great place.

  277. 294

    I have my fingers crossed!! I love Red Envelope and have been a customer of theirs for about 3 years now. What a treat if I win!! Thanks!

  278. 295
    Angela S

    I have never shopped at red envelope (will my first time be lucky with a gift cert??) but I love the concept of the wishing ornaments! Thanks for sharing.

  279. 296

    I would love to win so I could get some things for my kids. Please pick me……

  280. 297
    Tami W

    Fingers are crossed!!
    Tami W

  281. 298

    maybe this time!! Thanks Jane

  282. 299
    Amy Hayes

    Oh, I love Red Envelope and your ornament idea is great!!

  283. 300

    Red Envelope things are so nice! I have only received gifts from them, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to be an actual customer!

  284. 301

    Those ornaments are such a wonderful keepsake-and such a great family tradition you’ve created! Ah, I love it!

  285. 302

    Red Envelope has some great gifts! I really like the personalized Christmas stockings.

  286. keeping my fingers crossed for this one!!

  287. 304
    Erin S

    I hope that I win this!!!

  288. 305

    I love that site. Got my mom a really nice family tree necklace last year.

  289. 306
    Jennifer Pinkasavage

    Red Envelope has the coolest stuff! Crossing my fingers!

  290. 307

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love Red Envelope– always something that would make a great gift (and always something I want too!)

  291. 308

    This is a neat tradition. Red Envelop is the best.

  292. 309

    It’s my first time entering…. looks like a great giveaway. Love your website by the way

  293. 310

    So great! thanks

  294. 311
    K. Rock

    Thanks for the chance!

  295. 312

    Fingers crossed!

  296. 313

    Wow, what a treat! 15% off and a chance at a gift certificate? I am in! I hope that I win!

  297. “What the What ” As my three year old emma says. I love red envelope!

  298. 315
    Shauna W.

    How do you always know about the latest and greatest cool things? You continue to impress me.

  299. 316
    Amy W.

    Merry Christmas!!

  300. I like so many things on their site. I think I’d order ahead for Valentine’s Day for my husband.

  301. 318

    What a great giveaway… and just before Christmas!

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