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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Roadtrip! Orange Rolls

The Provo Bakery provides one of the yummiest baked treats in Utah…Orange Rolls. I seriously made myself sick eating these. It was worth it.


  1. 1
    Adriana Velez

    Dying of envy over here — yum!

  2. 2

    Oh….orange rolls are my favorite!!!

    I made myself sick over them last spring when I was pregnant with my little guy. I can’t believe I have NEVER been to the Provo Bakery.

    What else is there? I’m heading there when we go to UT this summer.

  3. 3
    Shane and Becca

    Hello Jane, I’m Becca Lloyd, Liz Findlay’s sister-in-law. She told me about your blog, and I think it is great! I’m hooked! About the Provo bakery–I lived a block away from this bakery and it was dangerous. Thank goodness they have kind of weird hours, and most the time when the craving hit, they were closed. Enjoy the orange rolls!

  4. 4

    I just live a couple miles north of the Provo Bakery!! The other place you need to try is Shirley’s – in Provo – they also have raspberry rolls that are to die for!

  5. 5

    Dangit! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at orange rolls soon. Thanks to your pics I would do it this weekend, except I forgot the recipe at work. D’oh.

  6. 6

    I worked two blocks from the Provo bakery and got fat on orange donuts and orange rolls. I can still smell that place.

  7. 7
    Tuesday Girl

    I have never heard of them, they are orange flavored instead of cinnamon?

    I need a recipe for them quick!

  8. 8
    Jane Maynard

    thanks for all your comments! when I finish up the trip I’ll make a list of my Utah must-eats for those who make it out. Just wait for this summer when I go our East… YUM!

    deborah – so funny you mentioned Shirley’s as we JUST picked up a few chocolate eclairs there tonight! Forgot to take a picture…we ate them too quickly.

    the orange rolls are a lot like cinnamon rolls – the filling inside is orange-y – probably some kind of filling with orange zest and juice…topped with regular glaze. I have a good recipe somewhere that I will track down and post!

  9. 9

    So i work at the Provo Bakery mentioned. It’s a busy place to work at, but very fun as well. People had questions about the orange rolls? They’re a butterflake dough with orange bits where the cinnamon would go and an orange string-ice frosting. It’s hard not to eat them everyday at work. 🙂 (they also come in raspberry and when the bakers are adventurous, banana!)
    The buttermilk bars are to die for. They try to make them everyday and usually we sell out by noon.

  10. lillybird – love your comment!!!! and I am so jealous of your job. 😉

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