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Friday, March 9, 2018

‘Ugly Delicious’ is as great as you’ve heard

Just a quick Show and Tell for you today. Have you heard the buzz around David Chang’s new series Ugly Delicious on Netflix? Think the buzz sounds like hyperbole? It’s not. We love the show. Go and watch.

Ugly Delicious on Netflix is AWESOMEImage credit: Netflix

That said, let me warn you that if you happen to fall asleep while watching the show, you will probably have a dream (nightmare?) where you finally decide to try crawfish and halfway through eating said crawfish you look at your plate where you have set down the crawfish you were just eating and you see it lying on its back on your plate and then you notice that its little legs and claws are slightly moving. Because it’s alive. You are eating a crawfish that is still alive.

The show, however, is worth the risk of having this dream. I promise. Enjoy! (The yakitori scene in episode 5 almost made me cry!)

*Note for parents: there is some spicy language peppered throughout the show, so probably best viewed without the little around.


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    So, I’ve been off the planning bandwagon, but trying to hop back on. Since the last time I was regularly visiting, we’ve even added another little person to our family! So, I’m putting my menu on right now while I’m thinking about it. Also, I think of you every time I make raspberry jam with our berries from our garden (trust me, plant some thornless Joan J raspberry plants from Burpee! We are in So. Cal and they grew so well!)
    Mon. Hearty Potato Soup
    Tues. Chicken pot pie
    Wed. pressed Cubano with bacon
    Thursday turkey tacos
    Fri. Cuban rice and beans (seriously just noticed I have two Cuban dishes this week and I don’t think I’ve ever made a Cuban dish before…here’s to trying new things!)
    Sat. out
    Sun. seared pork tenderloin with apple ginger pan sauce

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    P.S. I just tried subscribing and when it tries to confirm my humanity, it says “captcha failed.” I’m not sure what that means, but I am human and I would like to get email notices.

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