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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sick of Lunch

Hello everyone! Hope all your meal planning is going well! I think I may actually be able to cook a few of my items on the menu this week – yippee! This medicine I’m on has been a lifesaver.

The most annoying part of morning sickness is that you can never let yourself get hungry or you’ll get sick, but you absolutely don’t feel like eating ANYTHING. So all you do is think about food, which you would rather not do. So fun. My current quandary is lunch. Technically I’m not supposed to eat lunch meats (risk of listeria), tuna (high mercury) or peanut butter (I have a medium peanut allergy so not supposed to eat them when pregnant). Okay, so without those three options tell me, what am I supposed to have for lunch?!?! As if thinking of things to eat wasn’t hard enough. Bagels and cream cheese have been the lunch favorite lately, although I think I might get SICK of it soon. Not to mention I’m eating enough cream cheese to keep the cream cheese industry in business, which may be good for their pockets but probably not for my love handles.

(ps – please post your comments and menus… for some reason comments were disabled today, but they’re back!)


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    I friend just introduced me to your blog and I feel like I’m sneaking glimpes and hope not to impose. I wanted to let you know this is right up my alley and I think it is a great idea. I am pregnant right now too and have the issues with lunch minus the PB but really that does get old. I have gained too many lbs from the cream cheese but vary up my lunches with quesadillas, grilled cheese, cheese sandwiches sans lunch meat, chicken and egg salad sandwiches. Good luck. I’m also a fan of mini meals–cottage cheese with fresh tomatoes, hummus and pitas and olives. Thanks for letting me be inspired by your weekly menus and hang in there.

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    One of my favorite lunches is chicken salad sandwiches…they have a great one at costco, but you can make your own. just cook some chicken, chop it up or shred it, let it cool before adding mayo, & whatever else you like. some of my favorites are dried cranberries, dill, a splash of lemon juice, walnuts, pecans, or cashews (whatever I have on hand), diced apples, and sliced red grapes. Sometimes I’ll do 1/2 mayo and 1/2 ranch dressing. I love it served on croissants but they’re full of fat, so your favorite bread, or on a bed of lettuce is good too.

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    I suggest cereal, various chicken salad sandwiches, veggie wraps or leftovers. I remember living on (Yuck!) hot dogs (although they were the healthy version), crackers and watermelon for a few weeks when pregnant. I also found that I would eat one thing until I got sick of it and then switch to something else. Finger foods are popular for lunches with my kids around here… crackers with spinach artichoke (or other) dip, string cheese, sliced fruit, string cheese…that sort of thing.

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    I’ve been thinking about making an egg salad with chopped carrot, cucumber, and celery added. That might work for you. Also, maybe different butters like almond or cashew, since the PB isn’t an option.

  5. 5
    Emily Wignall

    hey Jane – here are a few of my favorite non-sandwich lunches – baked potatoes, salad, salad wraps, quesadillas, breakfast (eggs, toast), cheese/crackers, veggies/dip, soup.
    Good luck!

  6. 6

    We eat smoothies for lunch sometimes and they are always a big hit.

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    Henry Parents

    I found your blog through Design Mom and have been reading it a while. It’s been a great way to counteract the brain freeze I get when trying to plan a menu – thank you! Congrats on the baby!! When I was pregnant, I had a lot of plain bagel and plain cream cheese action, I called it my white food phase. And yes, it does get really old. But I thought I would let you know if you microwave the lunch meat about thirty seconds then it kills any potential listeria. Just thought I’d throw that out there as a suggestion. Good luck!

  8. 8

    I was on a bagel kick for a while…I LOVED (lenders?) sesame bagels with cream cheese and tomato slices on top…And the bagel was toasted of course.
    Good luck!

  9. 9
    Jane Maynard

    thanks for all the comments and suggestions, everyone!!! 🙂

  10. 10

    Well I can’t relate to the pregnancy, though I offer my congrats! I can relate to the intense nausea. I have some health issues that cause me to have abdominal migraines, also known by the “lovely” name Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

    Essentially blood stops going to my stomach to digest food, so until I found out what the problem was life really stunk for a couple years, and I’m still nauseous daily. I have since learned about some nausea remedies I thought I’d pass along. Along with anti nausea pills that are a Godsend!

    I know Trader Joe’s sells candied ginger, and I think crystalized ginger as well, they work so so to take care of my nausea. I have also heard that sucking on a fennel seed works, didn’t work for me, but wanted to pass it along, you never know.

    The main thing I had to learn to do was eat small amounts of food all day. Sounds like your already doing this from what you said about not getting hungry.

    Also though I love carbs and always want to gain weight, I often forgo the bread in order to enjoy protein. So I make turkey, chicken, etc. sandwiches in a lettuce wrap. Eat a burger plain and so on.

    My seriously nauseous, but must eat food are soft-boiled eggs on toast with tabasco. I also learned that sugar makes me ill, but that’s more the migraine connection.

    Hope you get through this stage fast! In my quest to gain weight I discovered food blogs, such as yours, to stimulate my appetite and find my love of food again, and become a great cook. Also I’m excited to have finally purchased Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken this week and try that thanks to your blog! Take Care!

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