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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silk Milk Challenge is on its way!

I’m a few days into the Silk milk challenge and so far so good!

At the start of the week I held a milk tasting with my 4-year-old Anna. She is the primary milk drinker in our family. She’s actually kind of obsessed with the stuff. I figured if anyone should test these new milks out with me it should be her!

I poured us each a glass of the Pure Almond Vanilla and the Soy Vanilla Light milks and we dove right in.

  • Jane’s analysis: Both milks are yummy! I don’t know what I was expecting. Strange Textures? Weird aftertaste? Well, we had none of that. The flavors of both milks were subtle and the sweetness was just right. Thumbs up!
  • Anna’s analysis: “Mmm”¦chocolate milk.” Yes, the milk is actually vanilla and not chocolate, but that reaction means it’s a definite thumbs up from Anna!

Here are a few other ways I’ve been using the milk:

  • I can finally eat my bowl of granola and flakes each morning! I’ve really missed my granola, which isn’t too sweet to begin with, so the sweetness of the Soy Vanilla Light is a perfect combo with the cereal. There are definitely some cereals that would not go well with this milk, but for my granola it works great!
  • Have you ever had almond hot chocolate? Yeah, me neither. Until now. I heated up the Pure Almond Vanilla milk, added some of my best shaved chocolate and it was delicious. The texture was good and I liked the subtle almond flavor paired with the chocolate.

Like I said, so far so good!  The new milks are serving me well!

This post is sponsored by Silk through Martha’s Circle. All opinions are my own.


  1. 1
    Heather G

    Try the Silk Almond Dark Chocolate milk. Truly a treat! As long as the Almond or Soy Silk milks are vanilla flavored I like them. The plain soy isn’t a favorite.

    • Jane Maynard

      everyone keeps mentioning the chocolate…I think I need to grab it next time I’m at the store!

  2. 2

    Chocolate Silk is where it’s at!

  3. I caught Dr. Oz earlier this week, and he was featuring Almond Dream Lil’ Dreamers dessert sandwiches as a great non-dairy dessert option. I know they’re a different brand than your current challenge, but if you’re looking for something sweet while you’re off dairy, you might want to check them out!

  4. 4

    OOh I’m so glad you did this! I’m lactose intolerant and really miss eating cereal and such! Maybe I’ll get the confidence to try Silk now!

  5. I recently noticed that I can’t have a lot of dairy anymore and it is so disheartening because I love cereal! My mom didn’t get her lactose intolerance until pretty late (her 40s) and I was hoping it would wait that long for me, but no such luck. I have heard a lot of good things about Silk, even from my mom, and am definitely for trying it. It is a little spendy though, which is very hard on a tiny budget, but sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself! Do you know if Silk has a long shelf life?

    • Jane Maynard

      I don’t know the shelf life exactly, but I think it’s similar to milk and I am pretty sure it says on the side of the box.

      now that alternative milks are becoming more popular, I’m starting to see them in places like Costco and Trader Joe’s, so I think they may become more affordable – keep an eye out! 🙂

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