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Monday, March 31, 2008

Song of the Week: Inaudible Melodies

I’m sure you all have this week’s song on your iPods already, but that’s just because it’s awesome: Inaudible Melodies by Jack Johnson.

I drove to Phil’s BBQ last night and turned on Brushfire Fairytales for the ride. The very first chord of the very first song, Inaudible Melodies, immediately transports me back in time…back to our first years in San Diego, back when we were younger and MUCH cooler, back to days at the beach, back to those fun times before you have kids and can be a bit more spontaneous, back to when Nate surfed all the time, just back.

Fun story…Jack Johnson was playing at UCSD years ago and we had tickets. Nate went out for a surf that morning before the show and was late coming home. I, of course, was annoyed we were going to be late…Nate wasn’t worried because he knew Jack was going on later…how did he know this? Jack told him. Yup, he totally ran into him out on the water and talked with him between waves. Needless to say, I wasn’t so mad when I found out WHY Nate was late. 🙂

This is definitely the kind of music I need to listen to this week. First off, I have so many happy San Diego memories tied to those tunes. More importantly, it’s CALMING, which is what I need right now. “Slow down everyone your moving too fast.” That’s right, Jane – slow down & enjoy your last moments in this beautiful city.


  1. 1
    Shane and Becca

    Ahh, Jack. I wish he could be my hometown rock star. New Haven’s most famous musician is Michael Bolton. Nice.

  2. 2
    ben belnap

    That is my dream. I don’t think I really get star-struck with people, but I definitely would with Jack. “Inaudible melodies serve narrational strategies, unobtrusive tones help to notice nothing but the zone.”

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