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  1. Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    This Kitchen Tip Will BLOW YOUR MIND and Give You the Power to Tackle Any Plastic Wrap or Foil In Your Path

    Nate’s Aunt Linda shared today’s kitchen tip with me last week on the Cape. She saw it on Facebook recently and everyone she’s shared it with since has had the same reaction I did: “DUH! How did I not know that?!?!”

    Are you ready for this life-changing, super simple, we-all-should-already-know-this kitchen tip?

    You know how when you need to dispense aluminum foil or plastic wrap from the box you kind of have to hold the lid closed just the right amount so that you can still pull the plastic or foil without pulling out the whole roll and it’s always kind of finicky and annoying? (I think Virginia Woolf would be very proud of that amazing run-on question. 10 points for liberal arts majors!)

    trick for dispensing plastic wrap and foil |

    Okay, look at the ends of the box and you’ll notice a little spot that says something like “Press here to lock roll” or “Push tab” or something like that. Guess what? You just have to push those tabs in on both ends and that holds the roll in the box for you. VOILA! No more battling the roll! I’m thinking these tabs have probably been around FOREVER.

    How many of you already knew about these handy tabs? How many of you were just as clueless as the rest of us?

    trick for dispensing plastic wrap and foil |

    You better believe I’ve pushed all the tabs in on my boxes!

    Happy Rolling!