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  1. Friday, August 23, 2013

    Friday Show & Tell!

    It’s Friday? And Friday is almost over already? This week has flown by and I’m still not caught up from vacation. I also cannot believe my kids start school next week and that Anna will be in Kindergarten. Where does the time go?

    Time for show and tell this week!

    I made my friend Kristen’s Summer Harvest Salad last night and it was awesome. So simple to prepare and sooooo tasty. It’s a salad made up of ingredients that you normally eat first in other salads because they are so good!

    top 8 sytycd

    I finally voted on SYTYCD this week and I switched from Team Hank to Team Walt.

    20 heavenly hazelnut recipes

    On Babble, I assembled a collection of 20 truly heavenly hazelnut recipes (ranging from sweet to savory), 10 Mexican breakfast ideas you can use this weekend, and I pulled together a piece about how to choose healthy protein bars (reading food labels can be such a bear!).

    As always, please share anything you like! A link to a blog post of your own, something you found on Pinterest, who you voted for on SYTYCD, anything at all!

    Happy Weekend!