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  1. Friday, February 14, 2014

    Friday Show and Tell + Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter your feelings on this oft-beloved and oft-detested holiday, I hope it’s filled with chocolate and cookies!

    happy valentine's day from @janemaynard

    I have a bunch of stuff to share today. Get ready!

    Netflix Stream Team | @janemaynard

    First, I’m now officially a member of the Netflix Stream Team (basically a bunch of bloggers who like Netflix). Our family uses Netflix ALL the time, so I am happy to be working with them! Also, I started a TV blog to help alleviate the guilt associated with my excessive TV watching because I love TV, so obviously I have no problem talking about television shows and movies! To kick off my stream teaming, just a few quick things:

    • If you aren’t using Netflix already, you DO know it’s only $7.99 a month for the streaming service, right? My friend Rebecca loves TV as much as I do but hasn’t signed up yet. When I told her it was only $7.99 she was like, “That’s it? I had no idea!” and I think she might have even stopped at Best Buy to get a Roku that night. So, I’m just making sure those of you who have no idea how inexpensive Netflix streaming is now know. Totally worth it, even if the only thing you ever watch on there is Breaking Bad (please note that you should only click that link if you’ve seen the last season or you might hate me forever).
    • Netflix profiles are the best. You can set up profiles for different members of the family. This, in my opinion, was the greatest improvement to the service that Netflix could have made. Now we always make sure the kids login with their account, that way Nate and my queue isn’t filled with kids’ shows and the kids never get inappropriate content (ahem, Breaking Bad) suggested to them.
    • House of Cards season 2 is back today. Happy. Valentine’s. Day. To. You. WOOHOO! (Even Pres. Obama is down with Frank Underwood.)

    20 chocolate and pretzel recipes from @janemaynard on Babble

    Here’s all my Babble stuff from the week!

    And my posts on Cosmopolitan this week!

    My kids don’t have school today, so I’m off to quickly finish work and then have some fun! We started the day with stuffed French toast and chocolate from Mimi. It should be a good day!

    As always, please share anything you would like – links to funny/interesting/sad/inspiring stuff you found on the Internet this week, links to your own blogs, or just tidbits from your lives, it’s all good!

  2. Friday, October 4, 2013

    Friday Show and Tell!

    How is it already Friday? I think I say that every week, but every week Friday’s arrival surprises me all over again!

    NH macintosh apple |

    My mother-in-law Pat mailed us a box of New England autumn, which arrived yesterday, complete with Macintosh apples, caramel apple kit, maple candies, New England-style hot dog buns (just for me!), and PRETTY LEAVES. This is the time of year when I really really really miss the east coast.

    NH macintosh apples |

    Here are my “Babbles” for the week:

    And in the world of TV (which is suddenly very busy!):

    Lastly, I love Jenny’s take on the government shutdown. Very uplifting and empowering. Also, much love to any of you out there who are not being paid right now as a result of the craziness. I am constantly thinking of you.

    You know the drill! Show and tell time! Share whatever you want!

  3. Friday, September 27, 2013

    Friday Show and Tell!

    I can’t believe it’s already Friday and that Friday is almost over!

    I spent my birthday morning on Wednesday watching lip-sync videos from Jimmy Fallon. They are pure awesome and Stephen Merchant is my new favorite person.

    And if you haven’t seen this #hashtag video yet, hop to it. More pure awesome.

    A few of my “Babbles” from the week:

    Let’s talk TV for just a second:

    As usual, everyone gets to share! Your turn!

  4. Friday, September 13, 2013

    Friday Show and Tell

    I cannot believe it’s Friday already! We have a fun weekend ahead. Our good friends Brandon and Wendy are in town with their kids, and my mom and sister come later today. It’s a party at the Maynard’s! As a result of the impending visitors, my house is spic and span clean. Feeling good!

    apple pumpkin fig roundups |

    Here are some of my “Babbles” from this week!

    Nate had me watch a documentary called The Crash Reel this week and it was fantastic. Click here to read more about it. Everyone should see it, especially parents and teens/young adults who play sports.

    Dexter and Breaking Bad are both killing me right now. In a good way. Mostly. (I think I may have increased blood pressure by the time these shows are done.)

    The very first song that I posted on Kitchen Tunage was from this totally cool music video by a Norwegian singer. It wasn’t on Spotify so I couldn’t ever listen to it except if I put the video on. I discovered this week that it’s now available on Spotify! Woohoo! (I think I might be the only person in the world who cares about this, but I am really excited!) Also, I am once again posting almost daily on the music blog, so the playlist keeps getting better and is keeping me great company when I cook!

    Enough rambling from me (man, I’m talkative today!). Please share anything you’d like! Your own blog posts, stuff you found this week that you love, whatever!

  5. Friday, August 23, 2013

    Friday Show & Tell!

    It’s Friday? And Friday is almost over already? This week has flown by and I’m still not caught up from vacation. I also cannot believe my kids start school next week and that Anna will be in Kindergarten. Where does the time go?

    Time for show and tell this week!

    I made my friend Kristen’s Summer Harvest Salad last night and it was awesome. So simple to prepare and sooooo tasty. It’s a salad made up of ingredients that you normally eat first in other salads because they are so good!

    top 8 sytycd

    I finally voted on SYTYCD this week and I switched from Team Hank to Team Walt.

    20 heavenly hazelnut recipes

    On Babble, I assembled a collection of 20 truly heavenly hazelnut recipes (ranging from sweet to savory), 10 Mexican breakfast ideas you can use this weekend, and I pulled together a piece about how to choose healthy protein bars (reading food labels can be such a bear!).

    As always, please share anything you like! A link to a blog post of your own, something you found on Pinterest, who you voted for on SYTYCD, anything at all!

    Happy Weekend!