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  1. Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    Homemade Amish Pretzels

    I grew up in New Jersey, just a couple hours from Amish country in Pennsylvania. Amish country was one of the spots we would frequently take visitors, as well as New York City. About the only thing those two places had in common was that they both served giant pretzels! And, you know what, the pretzels in Amish country were 10,000 times better than the ones in New York (sorry, street vendors).

    homemade amish pretzels from @janemaynardhomemade amish pretzels from @janemaynard

    Those Amish pretzels really were to die for. Warm, soft, buttery, with a nice slightly crisp exterior. HeavenNeedless to say I am perfectly fine with the explosion of Auntie Anne’s and Wetzels Pretzels in every mall in America – saves me a trip to Pennsylvania when I get a craving.

    homemade amish pretzels from @janemaynard

    My kids also love Amish-style pretzels, so I decided we should try making them at home. We made the recipe below for my column 3 Kids, a Mom & a Kitchen on Babble and it was a great success! Not only were the pretzels soooooo good, but this is a really fun and painless cooking project to do with kids. Check out my post on Babble for details on how to get children of all ages involved with this recipe.

    cooking with kids: homemade amish pretzels from @janemaynardmaking homemade amish pretzels from @janemaynardcooking with kids: homemade amish pretzels from @janemaynard

    A few notes on the recipe. First, I basically cobbled together a bunch of different recipes to make this one, with most of the best tips coming from this video series by Jay Stewart of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. Second, I used a mix of bread flour and self-rising flour and really like how the texture came out. I give instructions in the recipe below for how to make self-rising flour (which is a combination of cake or pastry flour with baking powder and salt). I’m sure some of you will ask if you can use all-purpose flour – you probably can, but then you’d need to figure out how much baking powder and salt to add to the recipe and also the protein levels will be different. So, basically, you’re on your own if you go that route! 😉

    homemade amish pretzels from @janemaynardhomemade amish pretzels from @janemaynard (>> Find out more…)