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  1. Friday, May 23, 2014

    Friday Show and Tell

    Happy Friday! I have a few fun things to share today!

    derek on netflix - my new favorite show!

    First, how did I not know about Derek before this week? SO GOOD. Derek is a comedy-drama from Ricky Gervais that is on Netflix and I watched the whole season in one day. (I was sick in bed and Derek was the only upside to that incredibly boring day!) I’m gonna say it even though it’s cheesy – this show will make you laugh and it will make you cry. And cry some more. I seriously love this show.

    Second, I discovered a cool website started by a friend of a friend called With Love, From Brooklyn. The friend of a friend is chef Dara and her site features gift sets made of artisan treats from Brooklyn. The site is filled with all kinds of deliciousness and super cool stuff, including some really fun ideas for Father’s Day. So fun!

    Here are my posts on Cosmo this week!

    I’m done! Now it’s your turn to share!

  2. Friday, February 28, 2014

    Friday Show and Tell

    Happy Friday! It is rainy and windy and awesome here in San Diego today – we are reveling in the rain!

    the lunt family

    A few things to share with you today. First, remember my miracle friend Lucy? Today is International Rare Disease Day and my friend Kristen from Rage Against the Minivan wrote a blog post, sharing several people’s stories, including Lucy’s. I am honestly teary eyed looking over the post, feeling grateful and inspired. And I am so grateful to Kristen for helping to get Lucy’s story heard and spread the word about SMA.

    On to less important stuff…

    I wrote a guest post for KitchenAid’s blog Kitchenthusaist about simple and elegant winter entertaining. Check it out!

    On Babble, I talked about time travel foods, beef stroganoff and a night with my kids (a little color behind the recipe I shared here earlier this week!).

    Here are my Cosmo posts for the week!

    Have a wonderful weekend and here’s to more rain in California!

  3. Friday, February 7, 2014

    Friday Show and Tell!

    Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t tell you how happy I am the week is over. Not that it was a bad week, I’m just ready for the weekend!

    Time to show and tell a few things with you all. As always, please share your own stuff in the comments! Whether it’s links to things you discovered or just a little tidbit from your own life, anything goes!

    new column: 3 kids, a mom and a kitchen by @janemaynard

    I started a new column over on Babble called 3 Kids, a Mom and a Kitchen. The kids and I are going to try out different recipes and then report back on how we like them, complete with a ranking system involving smiley and frowny faces! My first post went up this week (we made lemon pound cake) and it was a lot of fun. I’m excited to do more of these posts and my kids are loving the idea of helping me write a column!

    Here on This Week for Dinner I’m finally getting my recipes all ship shape (it’s about time, right?). Pretty soon individual recipes will have a much better format, with the ability to rank and save them. I also finally created a master Recipe Index page (it’s at the very top of the site). It’s not totally updated yet, but we’re getting there. I also now have a mobile version of the site, so it will be much easier to navigate This Week for Dinner on your phone or tablet and you’ll be able to get to the recipe index lickity split.

    cilantro sour cream scramble from @janemaynard

    Here are a few of my “babbles” from the week:

    My posts on are in full swing, too. I haven’t done show and tell in a couple weeks, so I won’t barrage you with a bunch of links, but there are some fun posts on there. Click here and scroll down to check them out – it’s easy to see which posts are mine. (P.S. It’s still cracking me up that I’m writing for Cosmo. I think the greatest challenge yet was coming up with punchy blurbs about kale recipes because, you know, kale is super sexy.)

    Happy Friday! Please share your own stuff!