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  1. Friday, January 23, 2015

    Friday Show and Tell: Orange Monkey Bread

    I just have three words for you today: Orange Monkey Bread.

    orange monkey bread from @janemaynard

    orange monkey bread from @janemaynard

    Over the long weekend last week the kids and I did some baking together and created a recipe for orange monkey bread. The monkey bread was easy to make and it made for a great kids’ baking project. Plus, it was scrumptious. Even Nate, who isn’t that into treats, declared our monkey bread “dangerous.” I consider that success. To get the recipe, check out my post on Babble!

    Show and Tell time! Please share your own stuff from the week! Remember, anything goes! A simple comment with something you accomplished, a link to something funny/delicious/inspiring/crazy, or a link to your own blog posts, all of it is welcome!