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  1. Tuesday, November 1, 2016

    Poverty is Sexist! (And that time I met Bono at Bob Dylan’s house)

    Hello, friends. I’ve been dying to tell you about something since June and today is the day when I get to finally spill the beans! I met Bono. At Shangri La, the house Bob Dylan and his band bought and transformed into a recording studio that is now owned by Rick Rubin. And take a picture with Bono and a group of badass women activists. For Glamour magazine. SO CRAZY!

    Glamour's Man of the Year: Bono for ONE and Poverty is SexistPhoto credit: Sam Jones

    Each year Glamour honors “Women of the Year.” This year Bono is being honored as their first “Man of the Year” for his work through ONE specifically supporting ONE Girls & Women and the Poverty is Sexist campaign. I had the chance to hear ONE co-founder Jamie Drummond speak a few years ago. He talked about how ONE came about and how Bono initially got involved. To sum up what he shared, Bono is the real deal, who totally knows his stuff and chooses to work on issues that are complex and generally not well understood by the general public but have massive positive impact on millions of people. Meeting Bono was an honor and when I mentioned to him that I had traveled with ONE and Heifer International to Malawi, he started talking in detail about what is happening in Malawi right now. (PS: Things are not good. Currently severe drought is causing a food emergency. Click here to learn more about what is happening. If you would like to donate specifically to help the people in this country I hold so close to my heart, click here. I just donated myself, in fact. All the cool kids are doing it. PEER PRESSURE!)

    Glamour gathered a small group of women activists to pose in a photo with Bono for the article and I was lucky enough to be one of those women. It was a really amazing group and I loved hearing all the different ways they support both ONE and RED, through businesses they run to university campus work and much more.

    There you have it. Bono and I are besties! In related news, I’m pretty sure they didn’t use the photo where we were all holding hands because I probably looked super stressed because “what if I move my pinky finger or squeeze his hand or something weird and he’ll for sure feel it and oh my goodness hold STILL and just keep holding Bono’s hand.”

    The article will be featured in the December print issue of Glamour, which hits newsstands today! (I think my parents may buy them all, so if you want a copy, hurry.)

    I have to finish this blog post with a plea for you to check out the Poverty is Sexist page, where you can learn more about the campaign, read ONE’s full report on how poverty disproportionately affects girls and women and sign the letter showing your support!

  2. Thursday, March 12, 2015

    Friday Show and Tell: So Much to Show, So Much to Tell!

    I have THREE things to share today, all of them packed to the gill with great stuff.

    First, ONE just launched their “Poverty is Sexist” campaign and I am so happy to help spread the word! ONE shared a blog post to kick things off and there is also a petition you can sign that calls on world leaders to put girls and women at the heart of the development agenda. They are over halfway to their goal for signatures, let’s help get the 100,000!

    Sign ONE's "Poverty is Sexist" petition to world leaders #povertyissexist

    ONE created a full report for this campaign, with great information and policy recommendations.  Coming out around the same time, the Clinton Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released their report on the status of women and girls in the world. Both reports are fascinating, somewhat depressing and simultaneously inspiring. We still have a long way to go, but we’ve come so far there is oodles of hope to tap into.

    Second thing to share today: I got to talk to Tituss Burgess on the phone yesterday! Okay, so it was a conference call and there were other reporters on the call, but I still had the opportunity to gush and profess my love to Tituss, so it’s all good. If you don’t know who Tituss Burgess is, that means you aren’t watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. And, if that is the case, you need to remedy the situation immediately! Nate and I are loving the show and are almost done with the first season. Kimmy is a lot like 30 Rock (similar sense of humor, same quirky music, etc), only the characters are completely lovable, which in my opinion makes this show even better than 30 Rock.

    interview with tituss burgess from unbreakable kimmy schmidt by @janemaynardPhoto credit: Netflix

     Tituss the actor who plays Titus the character was darling on the call and I want to adopt him. He talked about what it’s like being on a show that people can binge watch (i.e. it’s strange working for months and months on something that someone can watch in 1 day), that he loves the social commentary woven into the show and that that is where really great comedy is born, and that he is nothing like Titus the character (Tituss the actor is an introvert who HATES attention). Tituss also said that House of Cards is his obsession and that whenever a new season comes out he just orders take out for a few days to power through the episodes. The only reason Nate and I haven’t gotten to House of Cards ourselves is because we’ve been too busy watching Kimmy!

    The third thing I want to share today is my weekly list of food links! 

    On Babble I did my monthly 3 Kids, a Mom & a Kitchen post. The kids and I made Cranberry-Orange Irish Soda Bread Buns and they were AWESOME. Cate said she wants me to serve them at her next birthday party. Definitely check the recipe out! It was also a great cooking project to do with the kids.

    recipe for cranberry orange irish soda bread buns from @janemaynard

    For Parade’s Community Table I had 2 posts this week!

    That’s it! PHEW! Some weeks I have nothing to share, other weeks I’m bubbling over! As usual, everyone gets a turn at Show and Tell! Share your own blog posts/finds/random-whatevers-you-want-to-share, tell us if you’re loving Kimmy Schmidt as much as I am, or let us know if you signed ONE’s petition to support women and girls!