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  1. Monday, January 18, 2010

    Pesto Tortellini Soup

    I received this recipe from Sarah Arnett, one of my lovely readers! She said that it’s a hit every time she serves it and I can see why. I made this soup last week and it was fantastic!

    easy, fast and delicious pesto tortellini soup from @janemaynard

    I must admit, this was the first time I have cooked with vegetable broth. I’ve always been a bit suspect that the flavor would not be as robust, but it was.  I was very pleased with the results.

    easy, fast and delicious pesto tortellini soup from @janemaynard

    Bonus – this is an EASY and FAST recipe. You’re going to love it.

    Pesto Tortellini Soup
    From Sarah who got it from a friend who got it from a vegetarian cookbook”¦we apologize to the cookbook for not knowing who you are!
    Recipe type: Main Dish, Soup
    • ½ small onion, chopped
    • 2 cloves garlic, minced
    • 1 T butter
    • 6 C vegetable or chicken broth
    • 1 9-oz package tortellini
    • 2 C frozen mixed vegetables
    • ¼ C prepared pesto
    • Fresh grated parmesan cheese
    1. In a large pot, saute onion, garlic and butter until onions are translucent.
    2. Add broth and bring to boil.
    3. Add tortellini and cook 1-2 minutes less than the package directions.
    4. Add the frozen vegetables and simmer soup until vegetables are heated through.
    5. Stir in pesto and serve. Garnish with parmesan cheese.