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  1. Friday, February 24, 2012

    The greatest liquid and soft foods list in the world!

    I need your help today. As you know, I had oral surgery yesterday. Not only did it take ALL DAY (which we were not anticipating) but YOWZAH my mouth hurts. Also, I sound like a crazy person when I talk. Just ask Helen Jane. I called her last night to get some help on work and she literally laughed when she first heard me. Rightly so, my friends, rightly so. Don’t feel bad for me. If you were Helen Jane, you would have laughed, too.

    cup of green smoothie with a straw

    Anyway, back to the help-from-you part. I have to “eat” a liquid diet for two days and then soft foods for one week. I’ve got chicken broth, green smoothies (thanks, Cherisse!) and ice cream all ready to go, but certainly there must be other options, right? So, I’m coming to you for advice. Share your best ideas for liquid and soft meals…especially if you’ve been in this boat in the past and have experience. And if you have strong opinions on things I should not eat at this time, share those, too!

    Our goal is to create the greatest liquid and soft foods list in the world! Pretty awesome goal, eh? When some poor soul like me searches “liquid and soft foods to eat after oral surgery,” I want them to find your beautiful and comprehensive list. It’s a public service we’re performing here, folks. Now, share those ideas!

    Update 2/9/2017: I had NO IDEA when I threw this post up five years ago that the comments section would literally become the greatest liquid and soft foods list in the world. The public service worked! There are so many wonderful comments below with ideas from people in all kinds of situations. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Good luck to those of you who landed here looking for ideas. And, as always, feel free to keep the comments coming with more tips and ideas for liquid and soft foods!