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  1. Friday, October 21, 2011

    New Sandwich Flavor: Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Cream Cheese

    Today I want to simply share a great flavor combination I recently discovered (just like the apple bacon pizza).

    We’ve all had the classic turkey and cranberry sandwich so you may be thinking I’ve got nothing new for you today. But I do. Bear with me. We’ve been eating at Cafe Borrone fairly regularly lately, and right now tomatoes are in season, which means that I order their amazing basil melt every time I go. But the other day I finally got a little tired of it. (I didn’t think that was possible!)

    One of the “regulars” on their menu is a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, sprouts and cream cheese on a sweet baguette. I was kind of in the mood so I ordered it. And…it’s my new favorite. I really like the addition of sprouts. But what I really love is the cream cheese combined with the turkey and cranberry sauce. SO good.

    So, here’s the “recipe.” And, unlike the basil melt and many other items at Cafe Borrone that I will forever be trying to replicate, this is one you can easily recreate at home!

    New Sandwich Flavor: Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Cream Cheese
    Cafe Borrone knock-off
    Recipe type: Main Dish, Sandwich
    • Baguette (or other bread you like better – I love the baguette)
    • Sliced turkey breast
    • Jellied cranberry sauce, sliced or spread on the sandwich
    • Cream cheese (big ole slices of it, no less)
    • Sprouts
    1. Slap it all together and eat! YUM!