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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Menu 2013

Hi everyone! I was going to post my Thanksgiving menu on Monday, but then I was thinking, we’re all probably doing a bunch of our grocery shopping this weekend, so it’s time to get planning for the Thanksgiving feasts NOW. Let’s get to it!

2013 Thanksgiving Menu by @janemaynard at

Here is what we are having for Thanksgiving this year. I can’t WAIT for Thursday!

Dessert is still up in the air. We’re going to have a serious discussion about it once everyone is in town, but there will for sure be Pumpkin Pie and something with chocolate. And maybe makes-its-own-crust apple pie. And maybe even more than that. Who knows? It might get crazy around here.

P.S. I didn’t get any cooking done ahead of time besides the cranberry sauce. So much for being organized and ahead of the game!

Click here to see all the Thanksgiving Prep posts I’ve published over the years for even more inspiration.

And, as always, please share your own menu plan for next week’s Thanksgiving feast! If you have recipes or links to recipes, share those, too!


  1. 1

    Sounds like the perfect menu! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 2

    Thanksgiving Breakfast
    Date Bread

    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Roasted Chicken
    Prime Rib

    Butternut Squash
    Brussels Sprouts
    Cranberry Sauce
    Eggplant Parmesan
    Mashed Potatoes
    Sausage Dressing

    Dinner Rolls

    Mango Cobbler
    Mincemeat Pie
    Seven-up Cake

    Pitcher of Water with sliced cucumber

  3. 3

    OOPs! I don’t know why I typed “soup”, the Gumbo is the soup.

  4. 4

    I’m making your slush! It’s become a McClain/Daines family tradition thanks to you!

  5. Have room for 1 more at your CA table?! Looks delish! Happiest Thanksgiving to you & your family!

  6. I’m going to make your green bean casserole – that sounds perfect!

  7. 7

    Thanksgiving dinner:

    Turkey (recipe from Thanksgiving book by Sam Sifton)

    Cornbread dressing
    Stove Top Stuffing (for sister-in-law)
    Candied yams
    mashed potatoes (recipe from Sam Sifton’s book)
    Green beans
    Mac and cheese
    corn pudding
    cranberry sauce with dried cherries
    Can of cranberry sauce (for husband)
    Sweet Potato pie
    Pumpkin pie
    Pecan pie
    Coconut pie
    Chocolate chess pie
    Pineapple chess pie
    Buttermilk pie
    Lemon chess pie
    Jello salad

  8. Sounds delicious! I might have to add some cream cheese to my potatoes now too.

  9. 9

    I think we are actually going to go out to eat for Thanksgiving this year!! I kinda can’t believe it, but we are alone as usual this year and it always feels so… lonely! We are thinking maybe a decent buffet somewhere surrounded by people will be nice, as well as different. Plus, no slaving away in the kitchen all day, cooking and then cleaning. We’ll see how it goes! 😉

  10. Your post is a good reminder to take my turkey out of the freezer! 🙂 There will only be 6 of us, so I’m going to scale it down. I try to incorporate new recipes, but my family is full of staunch traditionalists for Thanksgiving. So, the usual cast of characters it is!

    – Roasted 12-lb bird (I’m brining this year for the first time)
    – Whole cranberry sauce
    – Roasted cauliflower with parmesan
    – Homemade crescent rolls
    – Pumpkin pie

  11. 11

    We made the cranberry slush last year and my kids have already requested it for this year. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  12. Delicious menu! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  13. 13

    Fancy cheese platter
    Bacon wrapped dates

    Deep Fried Turkey
    Cornbread stuffing
    Parmesan mashed potatoes w/ gravy
    Glazed carrots
    Green bean casserole
    Cranberry-jalapeño relish

    Pumpkin pie
    blueberry pie
    Turkey cookies

    • Lisa

      Forgot to mention my 5-yr-old’s favorite turkey day dish…Thanksgiving pasta! Every year I make a fall festive pasta dish because he loves pasta! This year its bowtie pasta w/ roasted butternut squash, scallions, & bacon. 🙂

    • Jane Maynard

      that is sweet of you to do that for your son…and that pasta sounds divine!

  14. My menu seems so small compared to everyone else’s!

    traditional turkey
    brussel sprout gratin
    green bean casserole
    mashed potatoes
    spinach salad
    caramel apple streusel pie

  15. 15

    Tamarind Glazed Turkey
    Smoked Brisket
    Sage Sausage Cornbread Dressing
    Citrus Glazed Kale Salad w Shaved Beets & Candied Walnuts
    Collard Greens
    String Bean Casserole topped w Fried Shallots
    Black Eyed Peas
    Yellow Rice
    4-Cheese Mac & Cheese
    Rutabaga Puree
    Candied Yams
    Ocean Spray Cranberry Sc (we NEVER digress!)
    Sweet Potato Pie
    Pecan Pie
    Peach & Blackberry Cobbler
    Apple Cake w Browned Butter Sea Salted Caramel Sc
    Cinnamon Bourbon Whipped Cream

  16. 16
    Lynn BB

    Traditional menu with a brined turkey, sausage foccacia stuffing (Williams Sonoma), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, from scratch green bean casserole, spinach madeliene, orange jello souffle, pumpkin and apple pie and a chocolate sheet cake.

    Extra special this year with the girls being home from college!

  17. 17

    Here’s mine…all gluten free
    Turkey brined in a version of alton brown brine
    Ina Garten sausage/mush stuffing w gluten free bread
    Roasted sweet potatoes
    Roasted broccoli
    Corn Souffle – GF using bob’s red mill mix
    Cheese tray for apps
    Salad w pears & blue cheese
    Cranberry Cabernet Sauce (new recipe i’m going to try) – basically homemade cranberry sauce with red wine – how can that not be good ???
    dessert = pumpkin cheese cake cupcakes w cin cream cheese ice cream and a caramel apple tart
    sadly i didnt find a gf roll recipe that looked good without having to buy more GF flours so i will skip that but that’s ok.

  18. 18

    I have so much to be thankful for this year!

    Turkey, brined and roasted
    Sour Dough, sage, and butternut squash dressing
    Corn Casserole
    Streussel topped sweet potato casserole
    Green bean casserole
    Garlic mashed potatoes/gravy
    home baked yeast dinner rolls
    cranberry/pineapple relish
    home baked Sweet potato, pumpkin and pecan pies

  19. 19

    Your menu sounds delicious:
    Here’s mine:
    Fresh Fruit & Monkey Bread
    Chips, Salsa & Guacamole, Chips & Dip, crackers & cheese ball(my sister’s fav) and Spinach Artichoke Dip w/Bacon
    Good Eats Roast Turkey
    Homemade Cranberry Sauce
    Savory Sausage Stuffing
    Mashed Sour Cream and Scallion Potatoes
    Pan Gravy
    Sweet Potato Casserole w/Pecan Topping (Trying new recipe in crock pot!)
    Cranberry Punch (non-alcoholic)
    Pumpkin Pie and Whip Cream
    Apple Pie a la mode
    and my husbands famous Pecan Pie

  20. 20
    Jane Maynard

    thank you all for your menus – they look amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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