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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep: Just Desserts

I think it’s time for dessert! This year we’re making Chocolate Mousse (in fact, my mom is making it as I type!), Pumpkin Pie and Apple Bavarian Torte. Click on the Recipes – Sweet Things page for the Mousse & Torte recipes…as for pumpkin pie, I’m just going to do what the can tells me…unless you have a fantastic pumpkin pie recipe to share!

And feel free to share any other dessert recipes. There were some pretty fantastic-sounding desserts on your Thanksgiving menus, so I think it’s time to share recipes!

Quick note: if you are going to make this mousse recipe, you need to make it one day ahead.

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  1. Thanks for the recipes. I’m certainly going to try them out.

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