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Monday, November 8, 2010

“The Food Matters Cookbook” Giveaway Winners

First off, LOVED all your comments for the Mark Bittman giveaway. I wanted to respond to so many of them but just ran out of time. So, just want to say how great I thought they all were!

Second, I had one reader email me with a concern. Basically, she feels a lot of the food discourse lately attacks hardworking farmers and ranchers. We had a good, constructive and positive email exchange. I told her that for me this isn’t about meat vs. no meat or conventional vs. organic. It’s much more complicated than that. In fact, after watching Food Inc., I was furious on behalf of the farmers…the system (and the big companies controlling it) have so much control over these farmers, it’s infuriating.

Mark quoted some other famous person at the event in San Francisco saying, “Organic junk food is still junk food.” I loved that! For me it’s all a message of moderation. It’s not that eating meat is bad. It’s just that the demand for meat per capita has increased significantly over the last generation. It is simply not  sustainable environmentally. The reader who emailed mentioned that they purchase a whole beef each year from a local, conventional cattle farmer. I think that’s wonderful! Oftentimes local will have more of an impact than organic. ANYWAY…I’m blabbering and could go on all day. Bottom line – processed food takes a toll on the environment and our bodies, and we’re demanding more meat than we need. I haven’t cut meat completely, but I am much more thoughtful about how much we eat, how it is produced and/or where it comes from. Also, I really think a lot about packaging nowadays. One small example, I try to buy mushrooms in bulk rather than in a container with plastic wrap.

I’m going to stop now. We could talk for days on the topic, and there are facts and opinions on both sides. For me it boils down to moderation and thoughtfulness. And cooking! The clearest message from Mark Bittman and Ruth Reichl the other night was people need to cook and not be afraid to cook. Amen to that!

I think it’s time to announce the two lucky winners of “The Food Matters Cookbook” giveaway!

Jessica Lee, who said, “Oh wow! I want this book. I love cooking, and have come to realize that food from a box is horrible for you! I do all that I can to eat from scratch and to have a book help me along the way would be great.”


Kaitlin, who said, “Oh, I would probably geek out too if I were to talk to Mark Bittman. Or Ruth Reichl. Or several other folks in the food writing industry. As for more sustainable eating”¦it’s incredibly frustrating, because my mother “knows” best. And so, when she tells me that it isn’t worth buying garlic from the farmer’s market or having our eggs delivered by someone we know, it is frustrating. But then, she came for Thanksgiving (in Canada”¦we’ve had ours already!), along with my father and my in-laws (all six of them), and I cooked. And I cooked some more. I made dishes from local brussel sprouts and potatoes, and made the pumpkin filling for the pumpkin cheesecake from scratch (ie. from a real pumpkin, not a can). And it was so fulfilling, the process. But, it was mostly fulfilling when I mentioned this all to my mother and she said it had been the most delicious Thanksgiving meal she had eaten and perhaps maybe eating with a conscience wasn’t such a bad thing. Perhaps this isn’t so much about how I came to eat more sustainably, but how I’ve helped her to do the same?”

Congratulations, ladies! And thanks to everyone else for entering! 🙂


  1. 1

    I thought about entering your contest, but then realized – duh I already have the book!

    I also need to tell you how much I appreciate your writing about Mark Bittman and the whole less meat more veggies thing. It was after reading your blog that I got interested in Mark Bittman and bought his book(s). Our family is starting to think more about all of this, and it started with you.

    Thank you!

    • Jane Maynard

      you’re most welcome, cindy! I’m so glad that you’ve appreciated the posts and love mark’s books! thanks for your sweet comment 🙂

  2. 2

    Thanks for the words, Jane! Did you get a chance to browse the link I sent you?

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