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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Goods: Toaster Oven Strikes Again!

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in today’s post… like pizza, baked french toast benefits greatly from being reheated in the toaster oven!!!I know some of you aren’t quite sold on this indispensable kitchen appliance, but I’ll keep plugging away until you’re all converted!

Same “recipe” as reheating pizza… heat leftover french toast in microwave first (to get it hot), then put in toaster oven on ‘toast’ setting (definitely use the tray on this one!). Here is why this method rules: if you just did the microwave, it would be hot but soggy. If you just did the toaster oven, it would be burned on the edge before it was hot enough. You gotta do both. Everyone can thank Nate (my husband) for this culinary stroke of genius.

My friend Jenn (who infamously bought a toaster oven last week) also made a good point…the toaster oven uses a lot less energy than your full oven, so you’re helping the environment. I should really be working for the toaster oven lobby in D.C.

Picture disclaimer: This pic isn’t so pretty, but toaster oven wanted to represent! You can see it’s old and well-loved, and I’m not even letting you see the whole thing…

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