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Friday, February 24, 2012

The greatest liquid and soft foods list in the world!

I need your help today. As you know, I had oral surgery yesterday. Not only did it take ALL DAY (which we were not anticipating) but YOWZAH my mouth hurts. Also, I sound like a crazy person when I talk. Just ask Helen Jane. I called her last night to get some help on work and she literally laughed when she first heard me. Rightly so, my friends, rightly so. Don’t feel bad for me. If you were Helen Jane, you would have laughed, too.

cup of green smoothie with a straw

Anyway, back to the help-from-you part. I have to “eat” a liquid diet for two days and then soft foods for one week. I’ve got chicken broth, green smoothies (thanks, Cherisse!) and ice cream all ready to go, but certainly there must be other options, right? So, I’m coming to you for advice. Share your best ideas for liquid and soft meals…especially if you’ve been in this boat in the past and have experience. And if you have strong opinions on things I should not eat at this time, share those, too!

Our goal is to create the greatest liquid and soft foods list in the world! Pretty awesome goal, eh? When some poor soul like me searches “liquid and soft foods to eat after oral surgery,” I want them to find your beautiful and comprehensive list. It’s a public service we’re performing here, folks. Now, share those ideas!

Update 2/9/2017: I had NO IDEA when I threw this post up five years ago that the comments section would literally become the greatest liquid and soft foods list in the world. The public service worked! There are so many wonderful comments below with ideas from people in all kinds of situations. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Good luck to those of you who landed here looking for ideas. And, as always, feel free to keep the comments coming with more tips and ideas for liquid and soft foods!


  1. Too bad you don’t live closer to Seattle, because I have a freezer full of homemade baby food that I’m sure my 10-month old would love to share! I just put a big batch of slow-cooker chicken and dumplings through the food processor last night. 🙂 I hope you feel better soon! I had six wisdom teeth (yes, I know, I’m a freak of nature) and went through some pretty wicked oral surgery several years ago. I lived on pistachio pudding and super-smooth mashed potatoes — more of a potato puree, rather.

  2. Oh love!
    Sometimes a giggle is all we can muster when things (in your case) get so piled-atop-crazy.

    Sending you all the best healing thoughts — my favorite softies from my mouthwork included acorn squash soup and mashed potatoes.

    Avoid clam chowder, those clams can be murder on tender gums.

    • Jane Maynard

      I’ve got squash in the oven now…

      And I also have clam chowder in the fridge, but will promptly put it in the freezer for later! 🙂

  3. 3

    How about some soft polenta/grits? I can remember from my various oral surgeries and from when my husband and son had their tonsils out recently that most readily available soft foods are sweet. I did a lot of mashing and blending of regular foods for them so they could get some savory and protein. you can also add protein powder to oatmeal or other foods if you’re feeling particularly weak/depleted. Oh, and avoid citrus and tomatoes, those sting!

    best of luck for a speedy recovery.

    • Jane Maynard

      you’re so right, so many of the soft foods are sweet. today I drank some chicken broth and it was like heaven just because it was salty! thanks for the good suggestions

    • Kris

      1. This may be helpful: because of chewing problems, I created an e-book of 200 home-style soft recipes – “Simply Soft Food: 200 delicious and nutritious recipes for people with chewing difficulty”. I use the cookbook all the time. Simply Soft Food is endorsed by Ira B. Lamster, D.D.S., M.M.Sc., Dean Emeritus, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. You can look inside the book at Amazon’s Kindle store to see if it will help you at . If you don’t have an e-book reader, Amazon has a free Kindle app that you can download onto your computer or mobile device.

    • thanks for sharing that, kris! I’m sure it will come in helpful for folks when they come here for ideas!

  4. 4

    Lots of soups can be put in the blender and turn out great. Chickpea leek is a favorite around here, really anything with beans or lentils would work well. Honestly I often mean to do this just because I like it.

  5. 5

    Pudding, mashed potatoes (white or sweet), yogurt, milkshakes, aforementioned soups, soft poached eggs, cream of wheat.

  6. 6
    Olivia H

    I tried all of these with good success after I got my wisdom teeth out a few years ago! Hopefully they’ll add some variety to your diet!

    First few days:
    Mashed potatoes (or yams, or sweet potatoes, or butternut squash)
    Split pea soup
    Jello (you can make some pretty interesting flavors using gelatin packets & fresh fruit)
    Tofu (i like it plain, uncooked mixed up with some teriyaki…that may just be me, though)
    I would also suggest throwing in some silken tofu with smoothies for added protein over the next few days!

    When you’re a bit healed up:
    Pastina (that tiny, tiny, tiny pasta!) Just make sure you cook it well!
    Scrambled eggs
    Sauteed spinach, just make sure to chop it really finely first

  7. 7

    Pioneer woman’s butternut squash lures is SO good, and I like cauliflower put in the food processor with coconut oil and salt–kind of a mashed potato substitute.

    As for what NOT to eat, when you start feeling better ahead of schedule, do NOT try to eat a steak. I learner the hard way the night after I had my wisdom teeth out that no matter how good I thought I was feeling, I was not ready for that type of chewing.

    • Another great fill up soft food is a bottled milkshake, Ensure. They sell them in 4- and 6- packs. In great flavors, too. My personal favorite is Butter Pecan Milkshake. It has 9 gr. protein per bottle and 24 essential vitamins and minerals. It costs 7-9 dollars. I’ve been living on Ramen, Ensure, Campbell
      Noodle soup, and Lifesavers and Bread.

  8. 9

    After a miserable seven days of liquid, I had no groceries and foraged through the pantry shared with my roommates.

    I made mashed potatoes and topped it with canned Hormel chili. I don’t like chili much, especially from a can (gross!…but soft!), but this really hit the spot (once I was able to manage soft food).

    • Jane Maynard

      SEVEN days of liquid?!?! that would be miserable!!!!

    • KayteeKat

      Try eating only liquids for a year. I keep my sanity by chewing up solids and spitting it back out just to enjoy the texture and flavor. I have a partial bowel obstruction and i have an NG tube that sucks out my stomach contents to prevent vomiting from being unable to digest. My nutrition comes liquid in a bag which is pumped into my vein 24/7….needless to say. Im friggin miserable. And im too weak to do anything in life. My life is on hold until i gain enough wieght back for drs to even think about fixing me. Its been a hard year. Especially watching everyone else stuff their faces with whatever thwy please infront of me like its nothing.

    • Heather

      Kayteekat…wld u email me? I have something to send u via email…

    • Cathy Canen

      Hi honey, I’m on a liquid diet for life due to gastroparesis. I have a Facebook page for folks on a liquid diet, Soft Foods Digest. I’m not selling or promoting anything, just connecting people who live like we do.
      Any recipes I share or food I recommend is paleo or low carb, because starches make us sicker. You have a friend! XO

    • Tashia

      What is the name of your Facebook page

    • I didn’t get this note until now. I’m so sorry!


    • sandy

      Send fb so I can get liquid diet recipes plz. I broke my jaw n have to keep wired shut for 6 weeks. Would greatly appreciate the help

    • Sandy, forgive me for not seeing this til now!


    • Deborah E Martins

      I just had reconstructive tongue and the removal os a tumor on my tongue.
      Please send me you fb page.


    • Here you are, Deborah. I have lots more recipes than what I have on the site. Let me know if you need more!


    • Davida Lawler

      You poor thing, that is just terrible, I hope you are doing better now. I will say a prayer for you. I was feeling sorry for myself because I just had all my teeth pulled.

    • Stephanie

      I actually just had to do 2 weeks (yep 14 days) of a strict liquid diet. It was pretty miserable. I had the same thing with everything tasting sweet. I can’t tell you how good it tasted to have some homemade chicken broth.

    • Tashia, forgive me for not getting back to you. It’s only been a year, right? (soo embarrassed…)

      My blog is I’ve just relaunched this month (Jan 2017) and I’m still filling it with posts, but my subject is the liquid-soft diet and the lifestyle that goes with it. I’m on a liquid-soft diet for life due to an incurable stomach disease, so it can’t just be about diet. We gotta talk about clothes, right?

      Find me on fb at

      and MANY thanks to Jane for letting me post my URL here on your lovely site.

    • cathy, of course! thank you so much for sharing the link!!

    • Jane, you’re the best!

    • Cathy Canen

      Davida, oh, I’m just so thankful to be healthy again! Liquid-soft food for life sounds awful to some, but not to me. Beats living the rest of my life on the sofa in front of the television. That would be true YUCK.

    • Jane, with your previous permission, I’ll give her this info., but feel free to remove it if it’s too much about my site.

      Sandy, I’m so sorry to hear about your jaw! Please feel free to contact me at, on my Facebook page,, or find me on Twitter. We need to help you meet your protein requirements each day and still make your food taste good! It’s possible!
      Best to you, honey.

  9. 10

    After my son got braces, he couldn’t chew for the first few days as his jaw was so sore. I didn’t relish a growing teenage boy existing on sugar alone, so I went back to his favorite baby foods.

    Mashed kiwi sweetened with mashed bananas
    zucchini sliced and steamed with garlic and Parmesan
    Roasted bell pepper puree over creamy polenta
    cottage cheese with applesauce

    Feel better soon!

  10. 11
    Sarah H.

    When I had my tonsils out I had to eat soft foods for 2 weeks. Not sure if the diet is the same or not, but some of my favorites were mashed potatoes and gravy, scrambled eggs, cream of wheat, and pierogies (boiled not pan friend. I hope you feel better soon!

  11. 12
    Jane Maynard

    two of you mentioned cream of wheat – I always forget about that stuff and I loved it as a kid – putting it on the shopping list!

  12. 13
    Jane Maynard

    THANK YOU everyone for so many great suggestions – seriously, every comment is so helpful. thank you thank you!

    please keep it coming! 🙂

  13. 14

    Hummus straight up from a spoon 🙂

  14. 15

    I made pistaschio pudding last night (and by making, I mean whisking milk and pudding mix together)…and it was really good!

  15. 16

    Unfortunately, I can contribute to this list. I somehow contracted what my doc believed to be hand foot and mouth disease when I was 7 months pregnant and it was mostly all centered in my mouth! I was on a full liquid diet for 8 days, which would not have been bad had I not been 7 months pregnant! I lived on the following things:
    1. Soups, fully pureed. My hubby did not know what an immersion blender was before but he sure knew what one was after I was healed. 2. Ice cream and milkshakes, but I was really sensitive to temperatures so by the time I could stand it, it was more like soup 3. Yogurts 4. Mashed potatoes 5. Jello 6. Ensure drinks, only because I kept losing weight and my doc made me drink 3 a day
    Once I started feeling a little better, it was on to refried beans, rice, mac and cheese, applesauce, oatmeal, cottage cheese and other soft, but more nutrtious foods.
    I hope your liquid diet does not last as long or is as painful as mine was. The first thing I ate when I felt better was a donut because I had made the mistake of watching a donut special on the food network while I was sick and those donuts were all I could think of. Give yourself some motivation by thinking of your healed meal…maybe it will help!

    • Jane Maynard

      that sounds completely miserable, erin! I’m in sort of the same boat – still breastfeeding and feeling like I really need to get nourishment and fluid into my system. luckily my liquid diet phase is only 2 days…8 seems so hard!!!

      thanks for all the great suggestions…so helpful!

    • Jane Maynard

      oh, and I love the idea of planning out my first real meal to look forward to! 🙂

  16. 17

    How about some mashed carrots? I peel, then boil the carrots and some onion until they’re super soft, then add a tablespoon or so of honey, ginger, and however much of chopped cilantro. It’s yummy! 🙂

  17. 18
    Megan Flowers

    My husband discovered that mashed potatoes could be flavored up with all kinds of stuff when he has his wisdoms removed. Bacon/ Cheese/ Herbs
    Cottage Cheese with sweet or savory additions.
    Cream soups
    Miso Soup
    Mashed Beans
    Pureed Squash

    Feel Better!

  18. 19

    I had my wisdom teeth out when my third child as 5 months old and went into the surgeon’s office feeling pretty confident I would make it through the recovery period…until I had to sign a paper saying I WOULD NOT USE A STRAW FOR A WEEK!!! I honestly just about walked out of the office! What was I going to do?? It was awful. I like fruit smoothies but was dieing for something savory. Unfortunately I had a kindergartener, toddler, and infant and was at least a thousand miles away from anyone who would help me! I survived on two things…the first was KFC mashed potatoes and gravy (drive-thru KFC made this possible even when I was not dressed), the second thing I did was to buy the best canned soup possible and drink/spoon slurp the liquid. Any homemade pureed soup would be great but at that time in my life having that kind of time was a luxury! I remember being so hungry for solid food I could’ve CRIED! I hope you’re back to crunching in no time!

  19. Oh I am so sorry! Oral surgery just bites the big one! No pun intended actually! I don’t have much to contribute, but wanted to stop by and say hello and I hope you are feeling better soon!

  20. I hope you feel better soon!

    I had oral surgery when I was 15 and was on a liquid/soft foods diet for 6 weeks. It was LONG! I remember eating a lot of broth/soup, ice cream and carnation/slim fast type instant breakfast drinks. Eventually I really missed eating good food and convinced my parents to get some lo mein from our favorite Chinese restaurant so I could taste the noodles and then swallow them without chewing. (gross, I know)

    The one thing that still makes me gag was when my mom ground mac and cheese into a semi-liquid form. It was disgusting and after that she mostly let me decide what to eat!

    • Jane Maynard

      semi-liquid mac & cheese sounds like child abuse to me! 😉 6 weeks is a LONG time, by the way. glad you survived!

  21. 22

    I know this might be late…
    1. Mashed potatoes.
    2. Rice, cooked with cream of mushroom. I dunno… its a comfort food.
    3. Scrambled eggs
    4. Pudding.
    5. Soup or Chicken and dumplings.
    6. Smoothies.
    7. Oatmeal.

    Good luck. Been there a few times. 🙁

  22. 23

    What about the pastini with peas from Meal Makeover Moms, it is delicious and super soft! I love all the other ideas!

  23. 24

    I would blend regular soup recipes like vegetable soup and chowders. I hope you heal quickly.

    Monday-BBQ chicken in crock pot (trying a new recipe from pinterest), roasted cauliflower, cornbread
    Tuesday- Potato Bar (eating this at a church function)
    Wednesday- Tangy pork chops, butternut squash, roasted asparagus
    Thursday- Tacos or taco salad
    Friday- Easy Chicken Enchiladas (with green sauce) from cafe johnsonia, salad
    Saturday- Italian vegetable soup (my favorite soup recipe), biscuits
    Sunday- Spaghetti with marinara & meatballs, green salad

  24. 25

    Thank you so much for this blog….. I just brought home my 14 yr old son home from the hospital…. He was hit by a car (really he hit the car) and both his top and bottom jaw was broken, they didnt wire his mouth because all the bones are in the right place…. He was sent home with NO CHEWING orders…. with that said Im here looking for some suggestions and I have found some wonderful ideas…. Thank you for all the do’s and don’ts.

    • Jane Maynard

      I am so happy that this post will be o helpful! yay! much love and happy positive healing energy to your son!!!

  25. 26

    Thanks to everyone here for great suggestions and useful information. My husband had oral surgery and was getting awfully tired of yogurt and cream of wheat, basically. I had considered trying to smush up some mac-and-cheese, so now (after reading these comments), I know not to do that! I did give him some clam chowder … but I blended up everything except the chunks of clams which I made really really tiny. Also, we found that he could eat polenta and refried beans. He asked for Kefir. And he likes Tapioca pudding. I also made him a pound cake, which was soft enough and gave him a bit more variety. Appreciate the many ideas of many folks!

  26. 27

    Our 19 yr old had all 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday. Scrambled eggs with grated melted cheese, oatmeal, applesauce and tapioca have been going down O.K. Now he’s craving savory and salty foods.
    I’m going to try a baked custard my mom used to make. Baked apples are really soft and yummy. Any other ideas?

    • Jane Maynard

      hope your son is feeling well! hopefully the comments above gave you some good ideas! 🙂

    • Judith Perryman

      Discovered PANCAKES with warm syrup.My husband loved it. I made extras he could heat in microwave if I was gone.

  27. 28

    Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I had oral surgery yesterday for an impacted wisdom tooth AND a cracked tooth on top of that wisdom tooth. Have been in excruciating pain for over a year. Finally found a competent dentist and oral surgeon. Anyhoo, I laughed when he told me i would only be able to eat soft foods for 6 weeks. My first thought was, “finally, I might reach my weight loss goal. I’ll be using these ideas and upping my water intake to get a few lost pounds out of the deal. Wish me luck. Hopefully my other impacted wisdom tooth will behave. I wish you all a speedy recovery.

  28. 29

    Love this posting! I am having five molars removed Thursday and will be having a full mouth extraction in December. So eating will be difficult at best.i have been looking for recipes and food ideas. I recently visited Lancaster county in Pennsylvania. I had an amazing cracker pudding that I found the recipe for and will be ale to eat after surgery. I also hope to lose some weight in the process…looking for the bright side of things!

    • Mary Beth

      I just had a full mouth extraction on Monday. Hope all goes well and I don’t starve. There are some great ideas here.

  29. 30

    Hey Jane,
    It’s so great that you took the time and care to put this together. The folks have been so gracious to share their ideas with all of us and it will be very helpful when I go for 4 dental implants ( after bone grafting 2 years ago ) on Sat. Sept. 1st. I already had problems but falling off a ladder face down 3 years ago did not help. ( I’m more careful on a ladder these days…..well mostly I don’t get up on ladders anywhere…….for some reason I don’t like them much )
    Here’s a little laugh for everyone.
    I was just invited to the First Annual Corn Roast and cold dish Pot Luck supper with some of my business associates on Sunday Sept 9th to celebrate a new and exciting phase of our company.
    That will be interesting……after a 2.5 hour drive to get there I will be eating something soft and mushy and COLD……..forget the mashed potatoes for this event. Time to get creative. My husband wonderful man and talented cook that he is, has already offered to help.
    His suggestion with it being fresh eggplant season……….Babaganoush …..since I can’t chew on pita bread I will sprinkle a couple of the best black olives on it cut into teeny tiny dice for that kick of texture and salty flavour we all crave
    …or another take on it which includes sun dried tomatoes……..YUMMMMMMM!!!
    find a recipe above……….and all sorts of other great recipes as well
    don’t care for eggplant?……substitute zucchini instead
    Another dish you can try is zucchini ribbon pasta which is soft and lovely or ultra thin zucchihi pasta with basil marinara or any favourite pasta sauce with grated cheese or Alfredo sauce.
    Enjoy and thank you all!

    To everyone who needs healing many blessings and hope for a full recovery.

    I am looking forward to the first annual Corn Roast and dreaming of the 2nd annual one when all of my dental work will be complete and I can eat delicious solid food……..Yeah!

    • denise

      hi good luck i had 4 implants over the past 2 years. and just completed the last 2
      but they just told me no herbs in sauce and no seeds. be careful hope all went well
      i go back to C my oral surgeon on 9/25 so im on soft foods til then

  30. 31

    I had the last 5 of my upper teeth pulled yesterday. Have to go for 2 months before I get my upper plate so it is lots of soft foods. I have a vita mix and I took fresh tomatoes, celery, bell pepper, carrots, cucumbers, onion,lemon juice and italian seasoning and blended it up, thinned it with water and put in fridge. It is really good and the tomatoe did not make my mouth hurt. Had oatmeal for breakfast, some of the veggie juice and peach jello for lunch. I am going to make wild rice soup for dinner. Jello is 1 large or 2 small pks of jello, 2 cups boiling water stir and then add a can of peach pie filling and 1 cup sour cream. really good. chop the peachs up smaller by running a knife up and down in the can after you open.

  31. 32

    I just had a tooth pulled last weekend. The first couple of days I couldn’t eat more than oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce & pudding. By Monday I had to go back to work though, and eat something a bit more substantial. I got Ramen noodles, mac & cheese cups and soup to take to work. We had mac & cheese for dinner last night & tried pasta with tomato sauce tonight. Both worked OK, just chew slowly & take small bites. Rinse really well after eating too, my surgeon recommended 1/4 tsp of salt mixed with 8 oz warm water to rinse with. Tastes gross, but helps keep things clean. Good luck!

  32. 33

    i thought i was only one lacking a list
    i had oral surgery (2 in 5 days) i did the pasta/ricotta and smoothies
    thanks for this list!!!

  33. 34

    o and no bread for a week this is the worst I love pizza!! o wel tuesday go back to
    surgeon Tuesday nite pizza night!!!

  34. 35

    I had all my teeth (21) removed 4 days ago and am in agony.
    I’ve been eating mashed potatoes with various gravies, yogurt and milkshakes. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I have immediate dentures in and it makes even swallowing hurt my mouth. No chewing at all! My friend just loaned me her blender and I’m off to the fresh produce isle for some good healthy soup makings. I wonder if it would blend a steak? Hmmmm.

  35. 36

    i just got oral surgery like 20 min. ago and im in soo much pain! i dont know what foods to eat besides icecream, milkshakes, potatoes, and soup. any other ideas would be very helpful to know about. 

    • Shannah

      Are you eating soft foods now? Try cottage cheese, eggs, pancakes soaked in syrup, canned yams, cranberry sauce.

    • Jane Maynard

      hannah – definitely read through all of these comments, there are great suggestions in them! good luck!!!

  36. 37

    I had two impacted wisdom teeth out on my lower jaw on 10-4-12. I am SO paranoid about getting dry socket or food particles stuck in the holes (they were not stitched) that I am making myself go on a liquid diet for a while until I am comfortable with soft foods. I am still in discomfort, throbbing and aching comes and goes. I have been eating:

    Tomato Soup (I soften bits of bread or crackers in it and swallow whole)
    Pureed Soups (Chicken Corn Chowder not bad)
    Cream of Wheat
    Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream n Gravy
    Pureed Spaghettios
    Mashed Broccoli n Cheese
    Anything I don’t have to chew is on the menu for me.

    Also, I know how difficult it is to eat or drink anything after surgery, but please do not put it off. After I got home on the day of surgery I took my medicine with a little broth. After about 7-8 hours after surgery, that night, the bleeding finally stopped and I took out the gauze ready to get something in my stomach since it was about 7:30 pm. I went to the kitchen and pulled out the yogurt while my mom was making french toast for herself. I didn’t even have time enough to eat a whole tablespoon of it before this intense heat wave washed over my entire body several times and I went limp and lightheaded barely making it to the dining room chair. I then felt incredibly weak, barely able to lift my arms to rest them on the other chair, and also felt nauseated. It was too difficult to speak so I was not answering my mom’s questions of how I was feeling. She thought I was lightheaded from not eating all day and thought I was just sitting/resting. In actuality I was going into shock and my body was gradually shutting down. She came over after I was unresponsive from not being able to answer her questions and noticed that my face and body was covered in perspiration. She finally realized what was going on- I had low blood sugar and needed sugar fast. She immediately gave me some syrup on my tongue and it immediately started making me feel better enough to whisper “icecream”. She went to the back fridge and spoon fed me icecream until I was able to take over myself. I felt weak the rest of the night and next day, but will never forget that experience and how my mom pretty much saved my life. I would have blacked out and went into a coma and eventually died without help. So, please eat what you can after surgery!!!

    • Jane Maynard

      my goodness! that is crazy! so glad your mom was there – and thanks for all the great suggestions.

      I was so paranoid about dry socket when I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago as well – it’s freaky thinking about it! good luck with the healing!

    • Kat Knapp

      I had a similar problem. I had a full mouth extraction last month with immediates. After the surgery I was told to immediately eat something upon getting home. However due to error, I was sent home without gauze and felt like I was going to bleed out on the way home. When I got home I found some gauze and packed it in my mouth and it was another couple hours before I could even take the gauze out long enough to sip water. By the time I could eat, I was almost too sick to eat.

  37. 38
    Debbie Current

    Thank you so much for this post. I am going to have oral surgery soon and I was looking for foods so I could be prepared. Also, nice to know I’m not alone and read the stories from others. I see you posted this in February, so I am surprised and happy that the post is still going strong.

    • Jane Maynard

      good luck with your surgery! and, yes, I get a comment on this post about once a week, it’s wonderful! 🙂

  38. 39

    Going through oral surgery recovery now. Make a batch of split pea soup, load it up with onions, garlic, carrots, celery, green pepper and use chicken broth instead of water. When everything is cooked to a soft stage, puree it in a blender or food processer. Zuchini squash and onions can be cooked to a soft stage and zuchini bread without nuts is doable.

  39. 40

    I am having oral surgery involving 6 lower jaw implants on Wednesday. Liquid diet for 2 weeks. Very helpful suggestions here, but it would be nice to see a single comprehensive list that is easy to copy. Does this exist on this or another website? Thanks to all!

    • Jane Maynard

      sorry it’s not all together in one list, but we have it in comment format so that it can be updated anytime when people come on and have new suggestions. I’m sure you could google around and maybe find a list, but I would definitely read through the comments and just take note on your favorite suggestions, there are some very good ones! 🙂 good luck with your surgery on wednesday – happy, healthy vibes going your way!

  40. 41

    I had all my teeth pulled this last with no dentures in sight, Friday so far like others I got tired of sweet foods and wanted real food hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes was my savior and even though someone mention no tomatoes I didn’t have an issue with spaghetti,made sure no big chunks of hamburger. Also the sauce was from scratch. Tonight i am going to try strongoff using the same principal.

  41. 42

    Hello Jane and well done on starting this post.

    Have been in agony for past 5 weeks with an ulcerated, very painful mouth.

    After one misdiagnosis or another I found an oral surgeon who has tentatively diagnosed Oral Lichen Planus.

    I’ve just had a biopsy to confirm this and to rule out anything else. Am trying to cope with the stitches and a swollen, bruised face. I miss smiling! : )

    Eating is well nigh impossible so stumbled upon this site while tying to find new soft food recipes.

    One thing I’ve found to be really helpful is to make an egg flip. Just wizz some milk and an egg along with any flavouring you like and it makes a nutritious and easily ‘eaten’ breakfast.

    All the very best to all who stumble upon your site.


  42. 43
    Alice E

    It has been quite a while since I’ve needed a soft diet, but came over to see the suggestions. No one has mentioned one of my favorites, milk toast. Basically you just make toast and butter it and pour hot milk over it. I usually cut up the toast in small squares to simplify eating it, and sometimes add extra butter and some salt. You should, of course, use a soft bread with no hard bits from seeds or such. I also just heat milk with a little bit of salt and butter and crumble up cracker in it, then eat after the crackers get real soggy. This can be seasoned a bit more with onion or garlic powder if you want. These aren’t sweet and provide milk protein as well. Also I sometimes use the unflavored gelatin and fruit juice, which has more vitamins than the jello in a box. When my kids were little I sometimes gave them jello water, just regular jello made with about a quart of water, so it didn’t set up and they could just drink it.

    • Jane Maynard

      I know I’ve heard of milk toast so I’m surprised no one else suggested it, either! thanks for your comment. and good idea on the jello!

  43. You just mention a list of soft foods … i didn’t found anywhere…
    Also can you guide me for tonsillitis. which soft foods should i take..
    Any suggestion immediately …Thanks in advance!!!!

  44. 45

    Thanks for such a Wonderful list.
    I had major dental surgery, almost two weeks ago.
    Still have the stitches & lots of swelling.
    I have tried almost everything I see here, but wanted
    to add my 2cents worth;
    Because of nausea my stomach has been picky.
    So, one day its soft cooked eggs, the next it’s applesauce.
    I also made a crust-less spinach quiche, cooked gently with cheese, eggs & butter.
    I didn’t see anyone mention fish? A gently baked filet is so tender, you don’t need to chew. Lemon dill sauce.
    Tonight I am making a Mexican stew, I have been cooking the ground beef for hours to tenderize & beans, hominy with enchilada sauce & beer. Not sure about the hominy, but after hours it should be tender. Even if I can’t chew, I can enjoy the broth. Or put it in the blender, LOL!
    I plan on a gumbo tomorrow, comfort food for me, I plan to gently cook the chicken till it’s falling apart & dice very small, add seasoning veggies, simmer & Serve on soft rice.
    Contemplating pate, but not sure what to put it on?
    Really craving protein…

    • Jane Maynard

      thanks for your additional ideas – and hope you feel better soon…and get to have some protein soon!!!

  45. 46

    Oh I’m so glad I found this!! My husband just had MAJOR oral surgery last night and is on a liquid diet for 8 WEEKS!!!!! He can’t have anything that he has to chew even a little bit. Some of these suggestions are awesome, thank you!!!

    • Jane Maynard

      good luck over the next 8 weeks – it’s so hard to do a liquid diet – especially at the holidays! happy healing vibes for your hubby!

  46. 47
    Rosemarie Stupel

    Here are some additional options in addition to all sorts of soups from curried cauliflower to split pea to mulligatwany to avocado to cream of zucchini to lentil to squash to cucumber to black bean:

    mashed parsnips
    pureed turnips
    winter squash souffle (butternut or acorn are good)
    sweet potato casserole
    mushroom souffle
    eggplant casserole

  47. 48
    Stefanie K.

    My mom (Leah) wrote this cookbook for people with swallowing problems and she spent a year creating and perfecting every recipe. It got me through TWO oral surgeries.

  48. 49

    Great foods to eat when having mouth pain:

    Apple sauce
    Refried beans
    Mashed potatos with or without gravy
    Tomato soup
    Canned peas
    Grapefruit / Oranges slice in half and dig out fruit with a spoon.
    Soft breads without crust
    Chicken/Beef soup cubes

    Experiment with as many foods as you can by walking down each isle of the store and think to yourself if it is a food you Have to chew, or can take tiny amounts of and swallow whole.
    I just got all my teeth pulled and I’m never hungry because I see food in a whole new way. You don’t have to bored of limited food. Even broth cubes taste great and fill you up.
    I ate spaghetti 2 nights ago!
    Good luck to everyone.

  49. 50

    When my teeth were in pain from spacers (pre-braces) I would suck on cheese curls. You don’t have to chew them and it feels like you are getting something in to fill you up.

  50. 51

    I hope your recovery went smoothly and that you didn’t die of hunger. I have just recently had jaw surgery and I have been put on a liquid/mush diet for two weeks and I’m only two days in and I’m dying for something with flavor. I’ve been eating puréed fruits and baby food but I really love your ideas of mashed potatoes but I might put some spices in it to give me some flavor. I’ve also been told no dairy for two weeks so I’ve been having a lot of soy milk mixed with proteins and it didn’t taste too bad but I’ve added strawberry flavoring. for all my med taking they have been crushed and added to a glass of mango nectar and it’s delish. being a chocoholic I’ve been cutting cubes of chocolate and sliding them into my mouth between the elastics and just sucking on them and it is like heaven. I can’t wait til I can have real food but for now I am looking forward to some of these suggestions.

  51. 52

    I know we are a year later than the original post but I found this site and after 4 very long weeks on a liquid diet, thought I would share my findings (I still have 2 more weeks to go) I had my entire upper palate (hard and soft) removed and reconstructed so I don’t even get to use a straw.
    1. Mashed potatoes as mentioned above with different things mixed in for flavors – ranch dressing, cheese, bacon bits, onion, chives, sour cream, cream cheese.
    2. I took plain old tomato soup and stirred in chili seasoning, taco seasoning – really any type of prepared seasoning that would work with a tomato base would be good.
    3. Puree some ground hamburger that was seasoned for tacos and mix it into Fiesta Nacho Cheese soup – it was really good.
    4. The cans of chunk chicken can be pureed and mixed into just about anything – mashed potatoes was my favorite.
    I created some bean soups and then used the immersion blender to get them fine enough to “eat”
    5. Chocolate Cream of Wheat with some melted chocolate chips was yummy and filling.
    6. Another favorite of mine is to puree some diced ham and crushed pineapple with pizza flavored sauce and then heat it up with mozzerella cheese – Canadian Bacon and Pineapple Pizza.

    I am lucky that looking at the food pureed doesn’t bother me, enjoying the weight loss but looking forward to starting soft foods soon.

  52. 53

    I will be having oral surgery on March 12, 2013. I went on the web looking for good protein shakes and found this posting! How wonderful not to live on protein shakes. I love all of the ideas! Hummus, hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, baked butternut squash…I was only coming up with sweet things, milkshakes or ice cream. I hadn’t considered the fact that I might start craving the savory after the fun of sweets wore off. I wanted to be prepared and have liquid and soft foods on hand so I didn’t have to think about what I could eat when into the kitchen. I’m making my grocery list now. I have time to prepare soups and mushy things that I can freeze in meal size portions. Then just pop them in the microwave when I’m not up to making a fresh meal. When I’m feeling up to cooking I will have meals and ingredients already on hand and thought out.
    Thank you for starting this post!! It has been most helpful to so many of us! And is still as relevant today as it was when you started it a year ago. I will try to come back after my ordeal and post any new insights I might come up with. Good luck to all of you who will find this post in the future…and thank you to everyone who contributed to the post in the past!

    • Jane Maynard

      love your comment, jeannette! and I’m so glad this was a good resource for you – and we’ll definitely look forward to your follow-up later! 🙂

  53. My surgery is next Friday. I love all these great suggestions!

  54. 55
    Dorien Peterson

    My husband had periodontal surgery today. About 4 days liquid and then soft for 7 weeks. Lots of good ideas. We made jello in gladware containers to take to work – cheaper and more quantity than store bought. Tonight. I mixed tomato soup with cheddar cheese soup. Also, an egg nog. Blend egg, milk, a little sugar and vanilla. Tomorrow, sweet potato – apple curry soup.

  55. 56

    Egg drop soup – chick broth, bring to a boil, beat an egg, drop slowly in while stirring mixture, add a tad of cornstarch.

    Cream of Potato Soup – peel and cut into cubes 3 potatoes, boil, when soft, drain. mash, add some milk, butter, salt, pepper, and a tad of sour cream.

    Protein Shakes!! I use EAS brand, taste pretty good.

    I’m going to be doing a liquid and soft food diet just for the weight loss for the most part. Also to cleanse my pallet. I would just do a juicing, but I don’t have gut to do that. 🙂

    Good luck to everyone! Here’s my food list that I’m going to do…

    any soups
    mashed potatoes
    protein shakes
    grapefruit juice

    I’m going to do this for at least a full 2 weeks and see where it gets me. 😀

  56. 57
    Melody Durso

    Thanks for this helpful site. I’m on a soft food diet plus must avoid salt,spicy,acidic for 2 weeks, which makes it very boring. Plus I am a vegetarian (eat fish) and low-glycemic person so it’s been hard to find non-sweet foods. Also since I can’t brush my teeth I hate the taste of garlic in my mouth. Many good ideas here. I have mixed smashed canned tuna with cottage cheese, also smashed tuna with mashed avocado and greek yogurt. A soup made with fake chicken broth and buckwheat noodles and a little liquid aminos is tasty; you can add raw egg to this for an “egg drop soup” effect. I’ve been able to eat baked tilapia and spaghetti squash as well. Today I’m going to try mashed cauliflower pure. I bought some of the precooked polenta and will have it with soft eggs fo breakfast this morning. Keep the ideas coming!

  57. 58

    Baked Potato, leak, and white bean soup…throw into chicken or vegetable broth, heat then purée.
    Soft white fish…grilled Talapia is great
    Protein shake…soy milk, non fat Greek yogurt, banana, protein powder
    Baked yams
    Any puréed soup made from your favorite vegetables (for protein, add beans before puree or bring to a boil again and drop a fresh egg or two in for egg drop soup). Top with avocado or cheese for a twist.
    Turkey loaf

  58. 59

    Just want to say thanks for this great list/post.
    I have just finished radiation for throat cancer. I have been unable to eat for two months now. I’ve basically been surviving on IV fluids. I am just starting to eat a little now am looking for ideas to kick start my appetite, but be gentle on my throat and mouth.
    My first food has been chicken broth and now that I’ve mastered that I’m ready for something new. I have to be careful of things that burn too. No acidic foods or I’m in a world of pain.
    Thanks again for a great list of ideas. It’s much appreciated.

    • Jane Maynard

      I’m so glad this list was helpful for you. congrats on finishing radiation – hope you are feeling better and good luck with everything!

  59. 60

    How about tomato soup! Its pretty much drinking! Haha and the best part, it’s so easy to cook! 😉

  60. 61

    Grits and scrambled eggs are another good idea for a soft food breakfast.

  61. 62

    Imagine doing this for 4 months. Looking for a little more diversity than simple carb solutions.

  62. 63

    Ensure is a good food for dem sore things. I’ve been living on Ensure, Soup, Ramen, and Bread.

  63. 64

    My wife is having titanium plates removed from her face in a couple of days! She had to have her jaws broken due to a jaw deformity, she couldn’t eat for 3 months with jaws wired, I don’t think the removal op will be as bad but I want to be prepared as last time she went down to.a size 6 (uk) and that is unhealthy! She was 18 at the time and her parents didnt really take care of her very well afterwards. She was in surgery for 8 hours and had hip bone and titanium plates in her face- around 26 of them. A few are starting to poke through after 13 years so out they come! I want to have a good choice of foods in as she lived on unhealthy cuppa soups for the most part. Thanks for all the suggestions , this will make shopping a little easier!

  64. 65

    Just got surgery today!my mouth is still so numb after four hours! Once the numbing goes down I’ll definitely be trying some of these!

  65. 66

    Like others – glad I found this site. Stomach surgery & a liquid diet for 2 weeks & I am ready for other soft foods. Lots of suggestions here that I will try. My thoughts with all of you having eating problems for what ever reason. Will send hubby to the store with a list for better stuff. I, too, did mostly sweets for first 2 weeks & want real food now. Thanks again

  66. 67

    I love fish and broiled or baked fish fits the bill when on a soft diet. I am on one now and have been enjoying baked potato, broiled and baked fish, and biscuits drenched in butter and honey or syrup. All are very soft and easy to eat with minimal chewing. I especially have enjoyed the fish; I was getting sick of pudding and yogurt!

  67. 68

    I’m currently on a liqud diet for six weeks…and, by liquid, I can only eat or drink things through a syringe. No straws or spoons, as my jaw is wired shut.

    Ensure or Boost is great! Also, you can liquify many things to a milk like consistency that can go into a syringe.

    I’m in week 5 and can vouch…it really is do-able, even a straight thin liquid, no straw diet.

  68. 69

    Hi there. I just had two wisdom teeth removed this morning and feeling really good considering. I just made the best dinner and wanted to share! Mashed polenta using beef broth, topped with shredded cheese, refried beans ( I used the green chills lime flavor) warm in microwave and top with mild taco sauce, mashed avacado and source am. Soo yummy!

  69. 70

    Thank you Jane for this awesome post! And your comments/responses are so positive too. That’s refreshing!

    Lots of good ideas here from everyone else too!

    I stumbled upon this site while looking for ideas for soft foods to help out my step-son and daughter-in-law. From the sounds of it, what they’re going through is considerably minor compared to many who visit here. My step son is having ear surgery later this week and his wife is having teeth pulled the same day. They have an 11 month old baby at home to care for too (hey! Maybe they can share food! lol). They live a considerable distance from us so I won’t be there to help out but a couple other family members will be. I wanted to send some meals that they could just pop into the oven so no one has to worry much about cooking. BUT I wanted the meals to be appealing to everyone there–not just the two who are healing.

    I’ve found a couple good ideas that I think will work for both. Thank you everyone 🙂

  70. 71

    I’m reminded of a recipe I got just last week from a good friend. If the nuts are omitted then it would probably be easy to eat–and offer some protein too! (And it can be frozen and eaten later). It might sound gross, but it really is good!

    1 lb sausage
    1 1/2 cup brown sugar
    1 1/2 cup granulated sugar
    2 eggs, lightly beaten
    3 cups flour
    1 tsp. baking powder
    1 tsp. ginger
    1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (OR 1/4 cloves + 3/4 cinnamon)
    1 cup strong cold coffee
    1 tsp. baking soda
    1 cup raisins
    1 cup nuts (optional)

    *Beat sausage and sugars well.
    *Add eggs and mix well.
    *Stir baking soda into coffee
    *Mix flour, baking powder, and spices
    *Add flour and coffee mixtures alternately to sausage mixture. Stir well to combine.
    *Let raisins stand 5 minutes in boiling water (She says this is what makes them plump and soft) Drain well and stir into batter with nuts, if you used them.
    *Bake 1-1/2 hours at 350* or until tester comes out clean

  71. 72

    I’ve been going through a few rounds of oral surgery (extraction… then bone graft… then implant). I found it easier to do one quadrant of my mouth at a time. The downside is that I get to go thru the fun process repeatedly, but the upside is that I can at least chew on one side of my mouth, and am not so swollen that I’m miserable/can’t talk/etc.

    Through trial and error, here’s the food that has been my salvation:

    – Odwalla protein shakes (bottled)
    – hummus (just off a spoon, no pita bread)
    – scrambled eggs, poached eggs, soft boiled eggs
    Рomelets with cheese and very soft fillings (saut̩ed, diced mushrooms, etc)
    – quiche (but don’t eat the crust)
    – pumpkin pie (but don’t eat the crust)
    – yogurt, pudding, applesauce
    – mashed potato/mashed sweet potato
    – lo mein (i pick around the beef/chicken and just eat the noodles)
    – vegetable fried rice (so nice to get a savory taste!)
    – split pea soup
    – blueberry pancakes (no syrup)
    – pureed carrot soup
    – hamburger patty eaten in small bites with knife/fork)
    – spinach and artichoke dip (no chips, eat with knife/fork)
    – risotto
    – croissants
    – slightly soggy rice krispies or corn flakes (be careful with this one!)
    – pasta dishes with very small noodles
    – tex-mex casserole with refried beans, cheese, etc.
    – creme brûlée (sweet, yes, but high in protein, lots of eggs)
    – consumme, aspic
    – broccoli cheese rice (available in mixes, just add water/butter and cook for 7 minutes

    If you’re looking at more than a week of soft food diet, I recommend buying an immersion blender. With chicken/veggie stock and steamed or boiled veggies, you can make a pretty decent pureed soup very quickly.

    I’ve been eating a LOT of scrambled eggs, mainly because they’re quick and have lots of protein. I also personally think that egg yolks are great for healing. I mix it up by using different shredded cheeses to give myself a little bit of variety. Eggs with cheddar taste different than eggs with parmesan or feta.

    The Odwalla protein shakes (bottled) are great. They taste pretty good (strawberry and vanilla almond are the best flavors, IMO) and they’re easy to take to work for lunch. They’re not cheap, they’re usually close to $3 a bottle/single serving size. I find they taste better than Ensure or Muscle Milk. I also find them handy for when I need a bit of something in my stomach to take some medication.

    Good luck to anyone going through extended periods of a soft diet due to oral surgery. You can get through it! (Even if you occasionally fantasize about licking a steak or sucking on a piece of bacon).

  72. 73

    Im having some oral surgery later this week and I can’t see that I will be on anything but soft food for the next five months, so I shall be referring to this discussion many times during that time, I can see! I actually now feel less alone after reading what people are saying, and less anxious about what to eat. I don’t want to be a bore about it to my family and friends – but I am so pleased to hear from others who have been there already and coped with it. There are worse problems to have to deal with in life, I know, so I’m keeping it in perspective as I can see everyone else is doing on here, but it’s good to have support. Many thanks!

  73. 74

    My husband had oral surgery last wednesday. I made him noodles with brown gravy and broke up cooked hamburger in it. the only other item I didn’t read here are oreo cookies soaked in milk, took care of his sweet tooth when he was sick and tired of pudding!!

  74. 75

    Thank you, Jane, for starting this. I’m having all upper teeth removed on Tuesday, along with implants and temporary teeth all done the same day. I’Ill be on a soft diet for 6-8 months as everything heals. All these comments and suggestions have been invaluable to me! Even though my surgeon said “soft foods like meatloaf”, I’m expecting that the first several weeks will have to be softer than that. I’ve made my grocery list from all the comments and will hit the store tomorrow! Thank you, everyone, for your contributions.

  75. 76

    Im 17, and just got 4 wisdom teeth and 2 others pulled out March 3. Im actually going to do fried oreos; it will be just soft enough to let it melt in my mouth. Im also sauteeing mushrooms, onions, and steaming carrots and potatoes, to meet the vedgie requirments. And for the meats, well i think im going the salsbury steak way. Soft and easily mashable. Also if course Wendys chocolate shakes with protein powder. Ugh, here comes a week and a half of swollen cheeks and stiches coming out this side and that side. Wish everyone in the future who reads Ms.Janes blog the best recovery.

  76. 77

    So happy to have found this resource! Was feeling glum, dreading my implant surgery tomorrow. Sad to say I am woefully unprepared for a soft food diet. Concerned about my breastmilk . Have breastfeeding mums gone through a soft food diet and found no change in their milk production? Thanks!

    • good luck with your surgery, ros. there are a million awesome ideas in the comments here that should be helpful. I was also nursing back when I wrote this post and needed the soft foods – my milk production was fine. stay hydrated for sure and drink lots of green smoothies!!!!! 🙂

  77. 78
    Kat Knapp

    Thank you so much! This is all so awesome. I had a full extraction a month ago with immidiates and due to a cut on my tongue and a few bad sores my dentist called tramatic ulcers all due to the immidiates, I am still on a soft-ish, mostly liquid diet. Swallowing anything solid, regardless of size, is difficult and I don’t have the tongue dexterity without pain to guide or mash soft foods around my mouth. For the past 30 days or so my diet has been nothing but water, juice, beef broth, chocolate milk, runny mashed potatoes made with beef broth and melted cheese, tomato soup, pudding, jello & yogurt. It looks like a lot when listed but its getting old fast. Our blender isn’t strong enough to handle strawberries and milk, so I may need to invest in one if this keeps up. Thank you for the suggestions.

  78. 79
    Vicki Campbell

    I currently reside in Laos – having several sessions of intensive dental work done in Bangkok – on a soft diet for past week and another 5 to go – oh for a lamb chop!
    I made several soups up the day I got back – minestrone, cream of broccoli, chicken vege and beef and barley – this has given me a few different options.
    Also made lasagne with many grated vegetables added – I cut this up into very small pieces that don’t need chewing.
    Am going to make up a casserole with chicken and veges and small pasta tomorrow – as long as the pieces are very small and well cooked there are many recipes you can adapt.
    Living in Asia there is so much choice of rice and noodle dishes – rice is easy to swallow but has a tendency to get caught in sockets – noodle dishes not so much – again just cut everything up really really small – I love spicy food and had red fish curry with udon noodles for dinner – you guessed it – cut up teeny tiny.
    This is a great forum for ideas – hope everyone out there is on the mend 🙂

  79. 80

    I just had oral surgery to remove 2 bottom molars that were under an old bridge, one resting on the main jaw nerve. Today, day 2, I woke up to partial numb partial swollen jaw, and pain. Up to now my diet has been cinnamon applesauce, mac & cheese cut into 1/4 inch pieces, and scrambled eggs. At this point cold or lukewarm is good, not ready for hot yet. I was looking for alternatives to sweet foods (jello & pudding) when I found this site. Now I’m going to try mashed potatoes with melted cheese, mashed sweet potatoes, ramen soup, and pastina. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband to help me through this!

    • I hope things are going well and I’m glad you could get some ideas from this comment chain. yes, it’s nice to not have everything be sweet when you’re on a soft food diet! and, three cheers for helpful spouses!

  80. 81

    Thank you so much everyone! I am in a hotel room recovering from oral surgery that took all day. (I live in a place that doesn’t have these kind of dentists.) Feeling very alone and sorry for myself. Luckily there is a food store across the street so I will venture out and look for this stuff. More importantly, my surgery does not sound as bad as what many of you have gone through, so I will buck up and try to get over it. Thanks and hope you all feel better soon!

  81. 82
    Allison G

    After many years of orthodontia and gum grafts, I have some ones that haven’t been mentioned. I’m a huge fan of cream cheese, and I found it great to just eat that plain when I had a hard time chewing. It may sound gross to some, but I found it fills me up. If you’re looking for a little desert, I would sometimes just eat frosting. (Come on, we’ve all done it)If you get sick of eating vanilla/chocolate ice cream, there are often frozen yogurt shops that offer many different and exotic flavors.
    Other than that, all my usuals have already been listed. Things like smoothies, yogurt, chicken broth, tomato soup, and cut up scrambled eggs are all good.

  82. Hi all-
    Had to have my jaws wired together about 2 weeks ago – got probably 6 more weeks to go too. I have to eat everything through a straw, no pulp, seeds,and very thin. Having something sweet most of the time is getting very old as is my very swollen bottom lip and the wires poking into my cheeks (suggestions in that area.)
    I have lots of cream cheese and the flavored blends that I would like to do something

  83. didn’t get to finish! Dunno what I did. As I was saying, I would like to do something with all my cream cheeses that would be thin enough to suck through a straw but yet tasty. I am also craving real food or at least something that is not sweet. Didn’t care for the squash, or liquefied French onion soup, have done the cream soups and potatoes but no meat. Somehow the recipes I have seen for the liquefied meats only cause a wave of nausea with no desire to waste my time trying to make it tasty!
    Between my, badly swollen lip,the inside of my mouth feeling like I’ve chewed on razor wire, and the constant diarrhea I’d say I’m doing okay if you overlook the spells of irritability.
    I send my best to all of you out there. This experience one can not appreciate unless having gone through it themselves. A speedy return to normal for all,

    Can you really suck grits through a straw?


  84. 85

    My son shattered his jaw. Horse kicked him in the mouth. It’s so hard. He loved hash browns with red chile, cheese and water blended until thin enough he could suck it through a straw. Also spaghetti with marinara blended.

  85. 86

    My son had all 4 wisdom teeth out, two were impacted. He’s been so swollen and in so much pain. He’s been living on matzoh ball soup and liquid yogart which you can buy in individual containers. I made a pot of soup that can last a couple of days, then I made another pot. Seems to do the trick. The matzoh balls are so soft and easy to eat.

  86. 87

    My husband had full mouth extractions & immediate full dentures 3 days ago. He’s doing pretty well, but the soft food diet is a toughie for a dedicated carnivore like him. I started him out on eggs scrambled with a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese melted in as they cook – nice and soft. Jello, puddings & soups like chicken noodle & cream of mushroom have been winners. Last night for dinner I sauteed Dover sole in a little olive oil and served with a Stouffer’s spinach souffle – nice & soft, but real food on a plate. Even got him to try a simple fresh strawberry/banana smoothie this afternoon.

  87. 88

    Hi, I am having gum surgery next week and I was wondering if anyone knew how long you have to stay on a liquid/soft diet and if rice will mess anything up. I will wear a plastic retainer-like thing for a week to cover up the hole in my palate so I don’t think rice will get in there but I’d rather not risk it. Especially after I don’t have to wear that thing anymore…I still don’t want rice in there. Also, does anyone know if the seeds from raspberries, strawberries, etc. will mess anything up if I put them in the blender to make a smoothie?

  88. 89
    Karen Farris

    Thanks for all the good tips. My husband has Alzheimer’s and he tends to pouch his food in his cheeks like a squirrel, but then chokes on it later. This has given me a lot more ideas for food that doesn’t need to be chewed. Thank you so much!

  89. 90

    Hi again!
    I have gone thru 5 implants, next a gum grafting, several root canals….and today I just had one of the root canal teeth extracted and bone grafting after braking it in haff.
    Iike I had mentioned earlier in my process in another post, I have made soups ahead to have on hand after I can start on warm foods again. For this week I’m to be on frozen cream, shakes, Popsicles, but like I found out last time, that they get tiring real fast!
    A bit expensive, but we bought a vitamix this weekend. So now I can whir up fresh fruits and add spinach & kale & beets to my smoothies and not taste them but get the benefits of their vitamins and roughage. Everything is blended into a smooth consistency with no noticeable bits! Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, no bits to get stuck in stitches or pockets! When I can have warm, there are lots of soups that can be made right in the vitamix since it heats things up.
    I am told to stay away from rice and small bits of things for several more weeks…then when my tooth goes into transplant I will be at this again, so it was totally worth the price of the unit. I’ve been at this almost 2 years and have another 1 year to go. I truly feel for everyone out there who has a chewing or eating disability.
    Consider a vitamix, I got mine at Costco, it will bring needed nutrition back to the smoothie, mooshy diet! And tastes great too…I hate spinach, but had it in a smoothie yesterday morning with an orange, pineapple, small bit of lemon, banana, and a big hand full of spinach, with lots of ice to make it cold and smooth. Yumm! Go to the vitamix site and look at all the recipes. Lots of great things for when you are off the smoothly diet too.
    Thank you agin for this website! You can see what a help and inspiration it is for all of us!!!

  90. 91

    I am having oral surgery -removal of 12 teeth. Love all the ideas. I have a Nutribullet and have been making green smoothies of all kinds and love them.
    I also am thrilled with all the other ideas everyone has listed on this website. Thanks so much to all of you.

    I usually go to Costco to buy big bags of fruit and vegies to blend but need to get the protein in. Bought some protein powder but find it to be gritty even when blended. Any ideas about how to make it not gritty?

    Thanks again for the fantastic website.

  91. 92

    Wow. Thank you to all the contributors. My husband will be on a soft diet for several months, until all his dental work is completed. It occurs to me that lentil loaf (instead of meat loaf) might work for many people. And we like Indian food,much of which is already soft. When the sockets heal and he can eat rice, we’ll do a lot of that.

  92. 93

    oh my gosh, these all look so wonderful! I’m 15 and just got all four wisdom teeth out yesterday. I think everything went well in surgery, but i’m already sick of scrambled eggs. I can’t wait to try some of these out, and good luck to those in recovery!

  93. 94

    For Guys.
    Had 9 teeth knocked out by my surfboard, major dental surgery and cannot chew for a while. You need to get 1500 calories and 50 grams of protein a day and some fiber. I bought an immersion blender and literally just create dishes and then puree them, the whole deal together. Scrambled eggs, onions, spices, avos and cheese. Cheese enchilladas, refried beans. Finely cut chicken with mashed potatoes with broccoli and BBC sauce. Peanut butter, milk, Graham crackers, banana and chocolate syrup. etc. Zero visual appeal but easy and tasty. If you need more energy bump up the calories and protein with store bought drinks like Ensure even MooMilk (25 grams protein). Maybe a guy thing though. My wife says it’s gross!

  94. 95
    Brenda Hindsman

    Thank you all so much for these wonderful posts! I am having a full on, non removable denture procedure done in early April, and was not sure what I would eat for the ten day liquid, two month soft food diet. This has given me so many great ideas, and I am so grateful! Best of luck to each and every one of you who will also be experiencing this inconvenience!

  95. 96

    This has has become my new favorite post. I’ve bookmarked the page and everything! I had all of my wisdom teeth removed not even a full day ago and I’m already sick of jello and pudding. It doesn’t help that I’m at college right now and there’s not much I can make in the dorm that I can eat. I’m down to powerade and jello/pudding. Spring break starts today, so I can go home to my parents house for a week of rest and soft savory foods I’ve found on this page.

    Thanks so much for saving me from jello overload!

    • I’m so glad you get to get off campus and go home – can’t imagine trying to do soft food diet at school! good luck and so glad this post is going to be helpful – when I first posted it I didn’t realize just how awesome it would be for so many people, makes me happy. feel better!

  96. 97

    Jane, thank you so much for this post.

    I had my 25 remaining teeth pulled last Sept and 8 dental implants done on the same day. They also put in the upper and lower plates that are made of resin, so not as strong as the permanent porcelain ones will be.

    We thought I was progressing ok, but last week the doctor did a new x-ray and found that I would need 3 of my implants replaced, as they weren’t healing after 6 months. I have severe fibromyalgia so we were afraid of this complication.

    So, I had surgery on Monday. Three holes filled with bone grafts and three new ones drilled. Back to square one, pretty much, except i don’t have to recover from the extractions this time.

    All I cou remember from before was yogurt, pudding and Boost drinks. Now I have so many more ideas. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

    A couple of other things… I bought a NutriNinja blender and it does a great job for me. I like to get beef egg foo yung from my local Chinese restaurant and blend it up in there. It’s not pretty but it tastes wonderful. Same with chopped BBQ beef from Rudy’s. I don’t eat out much, but you have to have “real food” once or twice a month.

    You can also try pimiento cheese spread, deviled ham mixed with mayo, or even peanut butter if you stir it briskly with a fork first. Not everyone can tolerate that consistency, I know, but if you are able to get to the soft food stage, those can be good savory changes occasionally from all the green smoothies and ice cream.

    Hope that helps someone at least a little. Heal well, everyone.

    • oh lori – sending you all kinds of healing vibes! thanks for the great suggestions and I”m so glad that this is helpful for you. good luck with everything!

  97. 98

    I am on day five after gingival graft surgery, and I have found that even my little Magic Bullet helps a lot when it comes to finding things to eat. I have a lot of my usual recipes that I just purée, and they taste amazing. For example, I made Mongolian beef in the crockpot for the rest of my family, and blended some up with a little bit of water in the Bullet. I made instant mashed potatoes (they are much smoother then any I could make myself, and can be very liquid as needed if you add more milk) and the puréed Mongolian beef mixed with the mashed potatoes was absolutely heavenly. I found meatloaf to be a little too difficult to eat, but smashing it into the mashed potatoes was helpful. My staple has been making an egg custard and a strawberry purée (fresh raw strawberries puréed with some sugar and a bit of lemon juice) and that or ice cream has been my dessert every day. Cream of wheat I also found was a little too gritty, as I found it could get under my dressings, but even oatmeal made simply with oats that have been ground into a fine powder in the Bullet is a fabulous breakfast. I also find that if you grind up ham and cook it into scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese you have a good solid soffit breakfast. Protein shakes taste a lot better if you put a banana, cocoa powder, vanilla, and peanut butter – any or all of these, if you wish – in with the milk or pre-made shake, and blend it up. Any vegetables can be cooked soft enough to be almost a purity. Ice cream is wonderful. Tomato soup can be drunk out of a cup, as long as you don’t make it too hot and of course depending on what temperature you’re allowed to have. And of course, a delicious risotto can’t be beat. I made a huge pot full and it lasted me several days. And like I said, any usual recipes can be puréed in a Magic Bullet or blender, and if you just get past the way it looks, it tastes amazing. Somehow even the toughest of meets taste delicious when they are tenderized into a mush!

  98. 99

    Oops, talk to text messed me up. *sofr breakfast, not soffit, and *almost a puree, not almost a purity.

  99. 100

    I am having oral surgery this week…tooth extraction, clearing of an abcess, bone graphs and, of course, stitches. I’ll also have to wear a “flipper tooth” while the area heals and the graphs take. I’m looking for any support regarding the flipper tooth. How you handled it? Did you eat with it all those months while healing, or did you remove it anytime you ate? I know only soft foods and dairy are allowed until the stitches come out. How are you managing with the flipper and foods for the many months since your procedure? The various lists of foods are a big help and I so appreciate them. Thanks for all suggestions and support that you can pass along regarding eating with a flipper tooth!!

  100. 101

    Linda, years ago I had a ‘flipper’ tooth after having braces put on. I kept my case with me at all times so I could slip the flipper into the case, then eat quickly…sip some water to rinse my mouth, then slip the flipper back into my mouth behind a napkin.
    I found that too much food residue went under my flipper and irritated my gum tissue. I didn’t ‘bite’ into anything at the time since my flipper was one of my front teeth. I would cut everything into smaller pieces. It was easier to keep my lip down around my teeth to conceal the gap.
    My last (6th) implant is ‘marinating’ now. I’m scheduled in June to see if it is ready for the crown. It is in the back, so I’m going with the empty space this time.
    Hope our stories help you. You will look and feel great when your smile is fully restored!!

  101. 102
    Kathy Frantz

    I’ve tried going on a puréed diet as I need extensive dental work. No one has mentioned this, but I have horrible abdominal cramps and bloating without some solid food. Also feel very weak and shaky a lot of the time ,. as many of the foods you have mentioned don’t have much nutrition in them. I’m almost always hungry, except when I’m really bloated, but then I’m only full of air, not food, and it hurts so badly. Have any of you who have been on these soft food/puréed diets for any length of time had these same problems and how did you deal with them ? I’m desperate!

    • Cherisse Lunt

      HI, Kathy! Jane forwarded me your comment but I don’t feel qualified to give you any advice! My daughter has been living on a liquid diet for almost 7 years and she does have a lot of gas but we are able to vent it via her g-tube in her belly. She mostly eats fruits, veggies and grains, blended with pediasure with fiber. She isn’t able to move on her own so I am not sure if she would feel the same way that you do (shaky and weak). I would talk to a GI doc or a dietician. Good luck, I do feel for you as I have watched my girl struggle with bloating and other stomach pains.

  102. 103
    Bobbie Zelinka

    Wow and double WOW!! What a great website. I am an 84 young years old gal and all I could think of was milk toast and jello. I had extensive oral surgery four days ago with the promise I will be very happy with the results.
    I better be!! My sister (90 young years old)gave me a “Bullet” blender ages ago but I have been ignoring the new fangled thing. Well… works great and is a saving grace right now. Here’s a recipe. Cut up chunks of fresh apples and peaches. Par boil in small amount of water with touch of vanilla, cinnamon and sugar for about 15 minutes. “Bullet” or blender until consistency of applesauce. Top with Cool Whip. Yummy! Thanks again Kathy for a wonderful and encouraging site. Blessings to you for being a ministering angel.

  103. 104
    Roberta Zelinka

    Wow and double WOW!! What a great website. I am an 84 young years old gal and all I could think of was milk toast and jello. I had extensive oral surgery four days ago with the promise I will be very happy with the results.
    I better be!! My sister (90 young years old)gave me a “Bullet” blender ages ago but I have been ignoring the new fangled thing. Well… works great and is a saving grace right now. Here’s a recipe. Cut up chunks of fresh apples and peaches. Par boil in small amount of water with touch of vanilla, cinnamon and sugar for about 15 minutes. “Bullet” or blender until consistency of applesauce. Top with Cool Whip. Yummy! Thanks again for a wonderful and encouraging site. Blessings to you for being a ministering angel.

  104. 105
    Pat whelan

    Had uppers pulled a week and a half ago…lowers next week…rice got stuck in stitches. ,,McDonald’s hot cakes …tuna salad…shrimp cut in small pieces…eggs… ensure/boost.and pureed soup..worked best for me.

  105. I realize that YEARS have passed and I hope you had great success. I started a blog to help with my care of my dad with soft food and learned so much through trial and error. Did you come up with favorites? We have over 2 months to go…so I still need to keep the creative juices flowing!

    • hi tiffany! I keep thinking I should start a soft food blog…if only I had the expertise in it! people comment on this post all the time, there is definitely a need out there! anyway, thanks for sharing your link! and beyond all the great ideas in the comments above, I got nothin’ new for ya! 😉 good luck taking care of your dad – hope all is well with him.

  106. 107

    I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to chew for 3 months! I’ve read all the ideas on this site and I want to share a few of my my favorites. There are a great variety of boxed soups in the health food section at my grocery. I blend in a 12 Oz can of chicken (that I drain and rinse to reduce salt) until smooth. The result is filling,flavorful and I don’t even taste the chicken. I found I can enjoy a lot of vegetables after cooked and put in the food processor. I’ve tried:
    Baba ghanoush
    crackers like Ritz melt in my mouth; chips not so much
    caramel flan
    Protein powder enriched smoothies
    Canned tamales with chili on top
    Fluffy soft omelet filled with ground cooked salmon

  107. 108

    Hi Jane, I’m about to have oral surgery done and I am so happy to have found this blog. Thank you for this post, I was beginning to worry about what to eat during the healing process and this post is a really big help. 3 years later you are still impacting lives. Thank you!

    • awww, vernette, thank you! and I just love how helpful this post has been for so many people, does my heart good. I had no idea how awesome it would be when I hit publish! 🙂

      good luck with your oral surgery! much love!

  108. 109

    This has been great!! I got all 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday and as much as I LOVE custard it’s just not a dinner food. I’m restricted to cold foods and drinks only for the first 3 days to prevent my gums from bleeding. I’m going to whizz up some mashed potatoes and maybe throw in some store bought baby food. (As I don’t have any babies to make food for) then eat it cold.

    This site has really helped me with some meal ideas! Yesterday I couldn’t even use a straw or fit tablets into my mouth I had to dissolve them (gross!!)

  109. 110

    What an amazing list! I had my lower teeth pulled (except for one molar on each side) and four implants, uh, implanted in my lower jaw on Friday. I came to find out today (Monday) that I shouldn’t be chewing on ANYTHING and that even talking pulls on the stitches and the gums and slows down healing. So now it’s no talking for a couple of days, and liquids only for me for a while. (I’m not sure which will be harder.) Thanks, everyone, for pitching in your ideas, and Jane for kicking this off. Now all I have to do is go back through the almost four years of posts above!

    • sending you lots of healing vibes! and I’m so glad this is helpful for you – and, yes, there sure are a lot of comments to read through – pretty great! 🙂 good luck with recovery!

  110. 111

    I’ve had laser dental surgery and am on 2 weeks liquid then 2 weeks soft. I’m totally at a loss for what to eat that has more protein than sugar or salt. Any suggestions? Nothing spicy as I can’t tolerate. I’ve had the usual: jello, smoothies, pudding, some tv dinners that are blended, soups. Thanks

    • hi tina! you need to read through all of the comments above – it is an amazing resource of suggestions and I’m sure you’ll find non-spicy foods suggested. good luck with your recovery!

  111. I broke my jaw and 9 teeth 8 weeks ago and have been on a soft food diet ever since
    You need lots of protein for recovery, so lots of milk, eggs, baked beans. Tomato soup is good for vitamins and for your 2 serves of veg. I can also eat rice pudding, mince beef dishes eg chilli, rice, mousse, cheesecake, lemon meringue all good in protein. Basically you can eat anything you can swallow whole. If you like milk shake, add peanut butter (personally I hate it but that is what the dietician said). Porridge or weetBix will go soft with warm milk. Also add the up and go breakfast shakes to normal shakes gives you extra vitamins and protein. You should be looking at 5 meals a day. Flaky fish is also edible and I like the ones with sauces – not with batter. Mashed potato obviously is a staple. Lastly , chocolate like small flakes that will melt and ice cream and normal cream and trifle. Basically all the things you normally avoid in the pudding area.

  112. 113

    Wow. So glad I have found this! I haven’t even had my wisdom teeth out yet due to ulcers and feel like I have a long road ahead. I am so sick of icecream and this is a wonderful find! xx

  113. 114

    Flavor mashed potato, noodles etc with vegimite/marmite the B vitamins are great for your mouth and teeth plus the salt helps with healing too 🙂

    Jaw relaxation exercises help a lot with pain after big surgical procedures.

  114. 115

    I got braces 2 days ago and found this recipe very helpful, it’s not liquid but soft food.

    This can easily be further ‘mushed’ together after it’s served and barely needs chewing. Obviously adjust ingredient measurements to your own taste.

  115. 116
    Kathy Lamb

    A great way to get things down before you can actually get on soft foods is to buy a plastic bottle from the grocery store, this will look like the old fashion mustard or katsup bottles with the pointed plastic tip and cap. My bottle is clear and cost $1.50. My son said it was so much easier than the syringe he came home with (he had upper jaw surgery) and once he started using this to eat he was able to increase his calorie intake. The tip is long enough to get it to where it needs to be in his mouth and it helped a ton!

  116. 117

    So thankful for this post! I had a stone (much like a kidney stone) the size of a kidney bean form in my salivary gland that got stuck in the duct and had to have emergency surgery to remove it from under my tongue. I won’t be chewing for days and these suggestions are so helpful!

    • that is so crazy, amber! I hope you feel better soon, and I’m so glad this post was helpful! it is quite the resource with all these great comments! 🙂

  117. 118

    Jane, Thank you for setting this page up. The oral surgeon and dentist have been working on my mouth for a while. we stopped for a while because my insurance does not cover implants and I have to have part of the work done then stop to save up money to do more. We even refinanced our home a few weeks ago and got a little extra for more work. So far, I have 3 implants on the bottom jaw area. This past year, I had to have 5 teeth cut out because they broke off at the gum line. They were a bridge that had been put in about 1970.I also had 2 others that had to be cut out. All these were in the top of my mouth. I have already had 2 implants put in the left upper with teeth on them. Now, they are going to have to take those teeth off and add 5 more implants and then I will get a plate that will clip onto the implants. Never heard of it before but I have a great Oral Surgeon. He informed me last week that as they do all this work it is probably going to be over a year before I get the plate in. I have to decide if I want a temporary bridge or just be without teeth for over a year. I just cannot afford a temporary bridge. Thanks to all that made comments about foods.

  118. 119

    Thank you sooo much for the yummy-delicious ideas!,

  119. 120

    For 5 days these smoothies were my meals:

    1: Avo, banana, sweet potato mash, almond milk (added ginger in one)
    2:Greek yogurt, smooth almond butter, sweet potato mash (one with Avo and no yogurt)
    3: water melon, spinach, cucumber (added banana in one, fresh squeeze lemon too)
    4: Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, squeeze one half lemon, some raw sugar
    5: pinnaple, cucumber and spinach

  120. 121

    My husband has had a full set of implants necessitating him to have a liquid only diet for a month and a soft diet without anything to chew or bite for a further 2 months. We have looked at the food groups and come up with some interesting meals that should be nutritious, tasty and filling. Initially home made soups with real meat stock, thickened with rice or pasta before being blitzed to make smooth enough to drink. Broccoli and stilton, with the blue cheese crumbled over the top so it can feel almost like having real cheese. Cream of mushroom soup. ( also leek and potato, tomato, muligatawny and vegetable. Porridge (blitzed) and served with stewed apples and cinnamon, pureed fruit mixed with greek yogurt. Creamy chicken pie filling, (blitzed) served with soft buttered mash potato. Pureed swede and carrot. He is nibbling on cream cheese spreads, fruit fools, mousse and blitzed rice pudding. As fruit acid is a problem his drinks are melon based with added strawberry and banana. Another great dessert is pureed banana with a home made Creme Anglaise and soft cheesecake mix which has less gelatine added so stays runny and can be serves as a mousse layered with different fruit. Hope this gives you some ideas. For those first 24 hours when you have no teeth at all, a paper cup you can shape is ideal, pour the liquid onto your tongue and it runs down the throat.

  121. 122

    Well lots of peole have said rice , pudding and mashed potatoes ……. i had three teeth removed and rice gets stuck in any hole anywhere ! Good luck cleaning that out , and pudding and mashed potatoes required a lot of tounge movement which hurt so bad i had to wait hours to try and eat again . Jello was amazing to eat ! Very easy just put it past your lips and swallow ! And ensure drinks are great .

  122. 123

    Where would we be without the internet. I am currently going through some major dental work and will be needing soft food ideas for awhile. Glad I found this some great ideas for sure.

  123. 124

    The first comment disappeared so this hunt and pecker will try again. Thank you for this “public service”. My soon to be “need” for liquid meals should start next week. after surgery to remove a lesion inside lower lip. It is apple seed size and gets caught in teeth with true food. The amount of days – just liquids and or soft foods are unknown at this point so am researching. I would try chewing on the opposite side but lost a filling and any kind of food gets caught in it. I so enjoy this post that I may not even look into Mayo clinic’s advise.

  124. 125

    Soft foods list: (I typed as I read – but just things I plan to try)

    Mashed potatoes, gravy
    Pistachio pudding?
    Cream of wheat
    Scrambled eggs, or soft-cooked – w/ cheese or cream cheese
    Pierogies (boiled)
    Soups Рpur̩ed
    Refried beans
    Mac and cheese (later)
    Meatloaf – later
    Cracker pudding?
    Zucchini ribbon pasta w/ marinara sauce
    Split pea soup, puréed
    Warm milk, salt, butter, crumbled crackers
    Baked butternut squash
    Egg drop soup
    Pumpkin pie – without crust
    Cream cheese

  125. 126

    I will be having 1 molar extracted tomorrow and just realized that I should shop tonight. I am almost excited to be able to eat anything because for the past 3 days the only things that don’t send my broken, nerve exposed tooth to send me blinding pain surges are water, (black) coffee, and banana. I am so hungry, I need protein! I am very anxious about the surgery but I will be so excited to get past the pain and feel normal again. Thank you so much for this thread.

  126. 127
    Jerry B

    Thank you so much to everyone who has commented on this article, and to the author of this article, Jane Maynard! I have an appointment on the 8th of June in a couple of weeks to find out what they are going to do to restore my teeth. I already know by looking in the mirror it is going to be extensive, probably have all upper teeth removed, some on bottom, and HOPEFULLY get dentures all in the same day. Hopeful! But I have anxiety disorder as well as IBS and mild lactose intolerance and am super worried about eating, sleeping, pain management, everything. My dad is disabled and I usually take care of him but for a few weeks I imagine he may have to do the care-taking. I’m trying to prepare everything myself now and I’m not used to doing this for ME. I’ve never pureed anything and generally don’t eat soups or liquids for food. It’s a different ballgame when I have to make sure everything is right the first time because I have no one I can just send out to the store to get something if I forget it. Thanks to all the comments on this page, I’ve made a little list of things I might like and my stomach can handle. I’ve had braces in my life, each wisdom tooth pulled out individually, one that couldn’t be fully numbed, and others pulled, as well as living with virtually nothing but broken nubs on top for a couple of years now. I shouldn’t be this scared, but I’m terrified. I wish I didn’t smoke, but I have cut it down to 1/3rd of what I was smoking in preparation, but every time I think about the potential pain, I end up smoking more again. Tried to quit smoking 8 times in my life so far. Wish I never started! Own my own business selling flower seeds I produce, but am worried my flowers won’t survive if I’m too weak to water daily and fertilize them… but most of all I’m just worried about my dad’s needs. Prayer is helping a lot and I know I’m very lucky and blessed, so hopefully this will be one more miracle to survive.

    Here is what I have so far (taken mostly from comments on this page):

    Soft Scrambled Eggs
    Mashed Potatoes with or without gravy, or with Sour Cream n Gravy
    Tomato Soup (soften bits of bread or crackers in it and swallow whole)
    Pureed Soups (Chicken Corn Chowder not bad)
    Icecream (if they have the non-lactose kind)
    Protein Shakes like Ensure Enlive/Protein Plus which is suitable for lactose intolernace (you can have up to 3 per day according to their website)
    Yogurt (get the kind with high protein)
    Cream of Wheat
    Pureed Spaghettios
    Mashed Broccoli n Cheese
    Refried beans
    Canned peas
    Soft breads without crust
    Chicken/Beef soup cubes
    I took plain old tomato soup and stirred in chili seasoning, taco seasoning – really any type of prepared seasoning that would work with a tomato base would be good.
    Puree some ground hamburger that was seasoned for tacos and mix it into Fiesta Nacho Cheese soup – it was really good.
    The cans of chunk chicken can be pureed and mixed into just about anything – mashed potatoes was my favorite.

    Again, THANK YOU ALL so much! I feel less terrified now than I did before I found this web page!

    Jerry B

    • you are so welcome, jerry!

      and sending prayers and calming vibes your way – you can do this!

    • Jeannette Brighton

      Jerry, since you are lactose intolerant, have you tried the Almond Coconut milk in the cold dairy section?? I make my smoothies with it. Add more ice and it makes soft serve ice cream.
      I put the “milk’ in the blender then add a spoon of nut butter (almond; cashew; peanut) chocolate syrup, chocolate protein powder, and 5-6 washed spinach leaves topped off with a glass full of ice. Whir it up till smooth. Eat with a spoon till your sockets are healed…no sucking in straws yet!!
      Sounds gross, but the chocolate over powers the spinach….it does turn a bit greenish, but it is soooo good! Gets some vitamins in there for you. Good luck!
      I had 6 dental implants and a gum surgery, so I drank this for 2 years. I love it now and have it most days for breakfast!
      My dental work was completed over a year ago and I’m so glad to have done it. You will too…and the confidence you’ll have when you flash your smile will be very rewarding.

  127. 128
    Jerry B

    Thank you so much Jane for your encouragement, prayers and calming vibes 🙂

    Thank you Jeannette for that idea! I had never seen Almond Coconut milk before but after I saw your comment I went and checked into it at Walmart this past weekend. I love coconut milk and am currently going through a major Coconut Oil / Coconut Sugar / Coconut Milk / Coconut Water obsession. Have been reading the book “The Coconut Oil Miracle 5th edition” by Bruce Fife. While the claims in that book seem to be a bit over the top, I already love sweetened coconut flakes in every form, and the coconut water helped me restore potassium when I got sick a while back, so I’m interested in anything coconut lol. Thank you very much for the time you took to share that recipe, much appreciated. Congratulations on your completed work and thank you so much for your encouragement!

    So glad I found this website 🙂 Feeling more confident already, and grateful for everyone here!

  128. 129
    Vicki Uehling

    Thanks for all the ideas. I have a graft tomorrow on a tooth and needed ideas for what to eat and got lots and lots of them for these posts. Just wondering where I can find Butter Pecan Ensure. That sounds good. And I never thought of a well-baked sweet potato. The one thing I don’t think I can do is the pureed spaghetti-o’s. That just sounds gross. I can’t even eat un-pureed spaghetti o’s! Thanks again.

    • I hope your graft went well, vicki!

      I did a quick google search and it looks like walmart carries that ensure…and amazon has it, too! among others.

      and I agree with you on the spaghetti-os! 😉

  129. 130
    Peg Clendenin

    These are great ideas, but some don’t really qualify as liquid. Following dental surgery, my husband has to be on a liquid diet for 4 days, then soft, mushy food for 3 days. Lots of mushy ideas here, but what about liquid other than broths and jello? Thanks!

  130. 131

    He can drink a “meal in a bottle” like Boost. After my dental surgery, chocolate Boost plus some chocolate ice cream in a blender made what I liked to call a Wicked Health Shake! Yes, I survived.

  131. 132

    Has anyone tried creamed Salmon? Its a white sauce, cooked until thick and add canned salmon. Can also make with canned chicken, tuna or mashed boiled eggs.

  132. 133

    It’s been 6 days since I had oral surgery and after the first 2 days of only really soft foods (best was eggs with provolone cheese) I have tried numerous foods. I tried Angel Hair spaghetti with meatballs but that was a huge mistake. Even cutting up the spaghetti didn’t work plus the marina sauce in the pre made meatballs turned my mouthguard orange. The effort was overwhelming and food disappointing. Mostly yoghurt, mashed potatoes (made with milk simmered with garlic), steamed broccoli and cauliflower, matzoh balls in broth (used a mix and worth it as they are savory, soft and fluffy and can be added to any soup or broth), tiny pieces of deli cooked chicken, swordfish grilled with oil, lemon juice minced mint, basil and garlic was my highlight so far. Fresh whole wheat bread broken into tiny pieces no crust with chopped liver was pretty good. Lots of creamed spinach yikes on the calories! Tonight I made pulled pork in the pressure cooker and I was able to eat a taste. Saving for tomorrow night for my 65 birthday. I just really miss salads but a small price to pay to wait a few weeks to have strong bone to hold my teeth in place! To summarize: broiled, grilled or baked fish fillets perfect, mashed potatoes and steamed veges perfect, polenta not great so I would assume grits as well, stay away from pastas, yoghurt terrific as long as it doesn’t have seeds, afraid to try rice, fresh whole wheat bread broken into small bites ok no crust, deli chicken and probably ham etc broken into small pieces ok and of course vanilla ice cream the bomb for the sweet tooth.

  133. 134

    I am so happy my Internet search helped me find this treasure trove of ideas. My beloved goes in for dental surgery Monday and will be on soft foods 3 to 5 days. I needed some ideas, and boy howdy, did I get them here! Thank you to all who posted!

  134. 135

    This site is a treasure trove of ideas. Won’t bore you with details but just had my pallets replaced with a leg bone. Still have a feeding tube, but try to eat “normally” as well. Very limited diet. Does anyone know of any cracker that will REALLY melt in your mouth? Cheese puffs work if I cut them very small, but I miss a cracker. What I miss the most are salads, English muffins, and a filet every now and then.
    Has anyone suggested M&MS?? “They melt in your mouth and not in your hand.” Tootsie pops are great too when you crave sweets. The lollipop part…I can’t swallow the tootsie part because I can’t chew

  135. 136

    Ok, I’m happy I found this, it has a lot of great suggestions, but I’m needing different foods, I’m a picky eater and I’m dying for food.
    I just had full mouth extraction including wisdom teeth with bone grafts and implants surgery on Monday. My mouth is full of stitches and tomorrow I get temporary dentures but at this point they’re just for cosmetic reasons, no chewing or gumming for 8 weeks.
    I’ve been sustaining on soup and sherbet. So many of the foods mentioned I can’t or won’t eat. I’m lactose intolerant, so no ice cream, milkshakes, cheeses, yougurt, etc. I cannot eat eggs, do not like protein shakes or jello so this leaves a lot of these suggestions out for me. I really don’t care for soup either but it’s what’s getting me through the first couple days.
    I have no idea how I’m going to get through 8 weeks of this.
    Any suggestions for foods that require no chewing or gumming that will actually satisfy my hunger would be greatly appreciated.
    I’ve noticed that even swallowing tiny smidgeons of food, like little pieces of peas, are giving me reflux.
    I’m such a mess, hungry and in so much pain.
    I’ve tried some of the lactose free products like ice cream and cheese but can’t mentally get them down because I guess I associate those foods with discomfort, I know it’s all in my head but it doesn’t help with my stomach.
    I’ve only made it 3 days and don’t know how I’m going to be able to do this for 8 weeks.
    Help please.

  136. 137

    This may be a good time for your head and stomach to have a heart-to-heart! I’ve heard that food biases are among the hardest to break, but perhaps your head and stomach can declare a truce during this time of emergency. Also, I know some lactose-intolerant folks who can eat ice cream, for example, if they take a med. Obviously, I can’t know if this is workable for you, but look into it – it may be a case where you could trade eating some things in exchange for a little (more) discomfort. One of the things that got me through my post-surgery was milkshakes made with ice cream and Boost.

  137. 138

    I had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth out a few years ago and currently had dental surgery to remove a broken root canal during the week. The liquid phase is hard, but quiche is a lifesaver when you get to the soft stage. Rice pudding for dessert and baby pasta with whatever sauce you like is also great.

  138. 139
    taytum riley

    i just wanted to thank the OP and everyone on this thread for their suggestions. i just had my wisdom teeth out today and am dying to eat some solid food. my mouth is still kind of numb and i am on pain killers so i am feeling zero pain and it feels like it would be totally ok to eat some mac & cheese….even though i’ve been instructed to do liquid diet for 48 hours (ack!)

    my main problem isn’t that i have to eat liquid- it’s that i’m supposed to do it EVERY 6 HOURS because i have to take my medication with food…which makes it so difficult because i literally DON’T want to eat the same things 4 times a day.

    it really is true that most liquid/soft foods are sweet though. i went to the market and bought yogurt, pudding, jello, green juice…

    thanks for the KFC mashed potato suggestion!!! i would’ve never thought of that nor do i have patience right now to make mashed potatoes or gravy at home…the KFC sounds delicious!!

    also the miso soup suggestion- i would’ve never thought of this! can’t wait to get a big bowl from my nearest sushi place tomorrow.

    anyway, thank you everyone- i will get back to you if i come across some good liquid/soft foods

  139. 140

    Needing to be both gluten and dairy free, I choked when the oral surgeon’s recommendations were 60% dairy.

    For a taste of chocolate, I recommend Nutella.

    Cereal doesn’t have to be sweet, and any grain can be made into a super smooth congee. Rice congee with melted goat cheese, almond milk, ground tumeric (a natural anti inflammatory) and garlic powder. You can add a blended green vegetable, like broccoli or spinach, as well.

  140. 141

    Thank you soooo much. My daughter is having her 4 wisdom teeth out next week. I felt sooo clueless. This really helped

  141. Thank you for this great post, I had my 2 wisdom teeth removed 9 days ago and still having pain with eating solid foods. Oral surgeon says I can move onto solid foods, but the chewing hurts. Any ideas for semi soft foods that won’t hurt to chew?

    Lots of great ideas above I lived on the following for the first 6 days post operation. ….

    Baby food – the fruit and custard type ones. The vegetable meat ones didn’t look appetising. My favourite is the banana custard flavour.


    Jelly / jello

    Mashed potato or with cheese grated and melted in.

    Cream cheese off a teaspoon.

    Mashed booked vegetables like sweet potato or carrot or parsnips

    Cut up finely bits of soft foods like avocados or those small “cherry” tomatoes. (The baby tomatoes).

    Spinach is good in smoothies for an iron boost.

    Coconut water, spinach, and a protein powder work well too. My protein is vanilla flavoured but it tasted fine.

    You can also buy jello cups with fruit bits which are easier to chew too when you’re ready for a bit of solid food that is.

    Stewed meat and vegetables on the overcooked stage of things. Slow cooker is perfect for this.

    Eat with a teaspoon and cut things up really well or blend them.

    • B

      I’ve recently had dental surgery and am vegetarian so cannot eat some foods suggested here. I also am not allowed anything with salt added or acidity so quite a challenge!

      Whilst I do eat dairy, it’s only a small part of my normal diet, so having to eat a lot of it is quite difficult and off-putting.

      I hope my below suggestions are helpful:

      Puréed potato or sweet potato, butternut squash, pumpkin and puréed avocados are a life saver. They are filling, liquid, and go with everything. Today I had cold potato and spinach purée and it was delicious.

      I also suggest puréed chick peas + tahini to make a nice hummous.

      Cold lentil soup is also very filling, healthy and hearty.

      I’m not based in the US so I’m not sure of the names of certain things, but here in Europe I have been eating very finely milled oats whizzed in the blender with oat milk and chopped banana. I added cinnamon and cloves (just a tiny little bit, as cloves help with tooth pain!) That is a nice sweet and filling dairy free treat.

      I also like fruit compote – just stewed fruits.

      Tonight I will try some chilled silken tofu and see how that goes.

      Thanks to Jane for this great thread!

  142. 143
    Shirley G

    Thanks to all for such good ideas and info! My son is having his teeth extracted (all 28!) a quarter a time over 5 weeks (Easter stat holiday week off!) then has to wait 8 weeks to heal before he can start with dentures. Even tho’ he is 53, always a Mom, I’m on deck trying to make sure he gets enough nourishment. We’re in week 3 and I’m already out of ideas! Thanks especially for the veg & protein ideas!

  143. 144

    Interesting ideas. Throat surgery for a swallowing disorder has me wondering which items are easier to swallow…

  144. 145

    my son is on a liquid diet for 3 – 4 months after extensive jaw and pallet surgery. Thanks for this list. I need to keep him in a variety of food so he doesn’t get frustrated and depressed.

  145. 146

    I’ve got a friend who just had oral surgery, and is on a “no chew diet” for at least a week or two, so I ended up here looking for something I could make her to cheer her up. I ended up making a soup that I hope she will like, hearty and delicious but drinkable.

    1 liter chicken broth
    2 liters water
    1/2 cup of leftover roasted chicken
    2 slices of bacon uncooked
    1 pound of potatoes (450grams)
    1 large green onion
    2 cloves of garlic
    2 table spoons of cream cheese
    1 table spoon of butter
    1/2 cup of milk
    1/2 cup old cheddar cheese
    2 teaspoons of salt
    1 teaspoon black pepper

    In a large pot add the chicken stock and the water, set the stove on 8 or 9 till it starts to boil then turn down to 6-7. In the meantime chop up the chicken as small as you can, the two slices of bacon, garlic and green onion add them to the broth. I microwaved the potato and once it was cool shredded with a cheese grater, add it in too. Add in the rest of the ingredients, and let it simmer for about half hour to an hour, stirring it occasionally. Finally I used an immersion (stick) blender to make sure there weren’t any solids left.
    I just winged this adding stuff I like and making sure there was meat and veg and dairy in it. I cant believe it but its the best soup I have ever made.
    I hope this will help you get over your eating issues wile still providing a drinkable, filling, savory, healthy meal.

  146. Cathy Canen.
    My neighbor is on very very soft/liquid diet for the rest of her life. She is having a hard time finding food to eat and getting very weak,maybe your web site or FB page could help her. I thank you for any help I can get Tressa

  147. 148
    lauren ray

    I’m so happy that I found this for ideas. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed a week ago. They were so large that I’m now having complications. I should be able to eat solids by now but when I tried I almost blacked out from the pain. I’ve been on almost pure liquids. Anything more solid then mashed potatoes/popsicles is like being stabbed in my mouth/ears! I’m so grateful for all the ideas on here.

    Has anyone suggested stovetop stuffing made in the microwave so it gets mushy. Cranberry sauce is flavorful and kinda melts like jello.

  148. 149

    I am currently scheduled for some oral surgery and eventually for dentures due to the bone moving away from my teeth. We will start with remaining molars, let those areas heal and then eventually all remaining teeth with immediate dentures. The problem with bone moving away from my teeth surfaced in my late 20’s after having braces removed. So being able to keep my teeth for 40 more years was great but now it has become time to remove them and move to the next phase. After reading all posts I made my grocery list from here. Go to the store and allow plenty of time to look in all of the isles. I found twice baked potato’s with no skin with bacon & cheese or sour cream and chives. These can be prepared in the oven or microwave and are pretty good. Very soft and no chewing required but with some flavor. I, like everyone else, could only think of sweet foods, soup and oatmeal or cream of wheat. This site was the best of every other one I looked at for food ideas after oral surgery. Blessings to the one’s that had jaws wired shut or even worse injuries or cancer. Hope all of you got thru those problems and hopefully feel much better. Thank you for this site! I have passed this site on to my Dentist to link on their website if they so choose.

  149. 150

    Thank you so much for this post and all the comments! I’m having disk surgery in 3 days. My surgeon just told me I’ll be on soft foods at least two weeks and maybe up to four weeks. When he cuts into the front of my neck and moves the esophagus and voicebox aside to access the spinal column for surgery it can result in swallowing difficulties and pain with any textures. Can’t express how your post has helped me deal with knowing I have choices f o r food. Writing them down for family so that if I lose voice it will be easier to tell them what I want ins t was of playing charades. LoL Really appreciate that you’ve kept the post open.

  150. Not everyone can do Ensure. Very high sugars and has splenda. Gave me headache, dizzy, and diarrhea. Ovaltine and milk was better.

  151. 152
    summer davis

    Does anyone have any suggestions, for sensitive teeth and a broken jaw. Nothing cold seems to work. So healthy smoothies, are out the question. My mouth is wired shut, so liquids are my only intake right now.

  152. 153
    Rachel Philbrick

    Just found out I have an esophageal ulcer along with 3 biopsies which I haven’t heard from and have to be on a soft diet.I have read a lot of the comments and wonder if fish is something that would be considered soft enough for me to eat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  153. 154

    Wow! What a list! Years in the making! I’ve had a very painful salivary stone for about ten days- waiting for surgery next week (soonest they could get me in). Not only having problems chewing/moving my tongue, but anything with too much flavor just kills! It’s similar to having a small case of the mumps I think. I also have food allergies- but I did find some helpful ideas on here! So thank you for keeping this post going! Even just hearing about others in pain and struggling with eating is helpful.

  154. 155
    Cindy Cowles

    Stumbled across this site and comment section on a search for soft foods 12 days after getting all my remaining top teeth pulled because my COPD meds were weakening them. No dentures yet so it’s a challenge and I want to say thank you so much for this page and these comments. It’s wonderful!

  155. 156


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