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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Little Flower That Could

I love it every spring when the daffodils hit the shelves at my local grocery store (Safeway, Trader Joe’s…take your pick).  They are CHEAP, so I don’t feel guilty buying bunches of fresh flowers for no reason.  And they make me happy.

This year was no exception.  I grabbed a few bundles, had the checker bag them for me and carried them separately and safely in the front of the car.  Then promptly forgot about them!  THREE days later I spotted them on the floor of the car…and, believe it or not, they survived!  Yes, they may have been a little more “crisp” looking had they seen water earlier, but seriously…Go Daffodils! Those are some resilient flowers!



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    So pretty! I got lucky at the grocery store this weekend. They usually have bouquets of half-dozen roses for $3.99. I found them with a B1G1 Free sign on them. A dozen multicolored roses for $3.99. I love it. There is nothing like having fresh flowers on the table, especially when I can get my kids to leave them alone!

  2. Go Daffodils is right!!

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